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Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 7/24/01--Canada; Wednesday 7/25/01--USA

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Jennifer: Okay, got that.

Abby: Is my teddy bear in there?

Jennifer: Yes, baby, and I got your towel, okay? Oh, and your permission slip, okay? I'm going to put it right here in the side.

Jack: You didn't finish your cereal. Come on. [Horn honks]

Abby: Daddy, I'm going to be late for camp.

Jack: Uh-huh. The bus driver knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And what's the first thing we do when we get out of the swimming pool?

Abby: Reapply the sun block.

Jack: Uh-huh, with...

Abby: Special attention...

Jack and Abby: To ears, nose, and toes.

Jack: Good, very good. Good, good, good. And so, Miss Camp Kiss-Me-Mama, you have a splendid day and be kind to all those other little campers, especially when you kick their butts in the 3-legged race.

Abby: Daddy, I'm late.

Jack: Okay, and remember, camp spirit means acting like you're nice while doing everything you can to win.

Jennifer: Baby, you just have fun, okay? I love you. Bye, baby.

Abby: Mommy?

Jennifer: Yeah, honey.

Abby: Please try not to fight with daddy while I'm gone, okay?

Jennifer: Okay.

Bo: Whoa. Whatever happened to traveling light?

Shawn-D: Dad, I need all of it.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Okay, honey, I think this is everything you'll need.

Bo: Looks like everything he owns.

Hope: Just kidding.

Bo: Yeah, thanks. You need some help folding this?

Hope: Please.

Bo: I don't believe this belongs to Shawn. I think it's our other little boy's.

John: So, does this bring back memories for you -- dancing close, first love and all that?

Hope: It does... But not the memories I'm looking for. John, you said you would tell me everything. What happened when I was Gina? How was J.T. conceived?

Bo: Hope... You're staring at this like it's something Betsy Ross stitched together.

Bo: What's up?

Hope's voice: You're making my decisions for me. You're deciding what I should and shouldn't know.

Brady: Hey, dad, how's it going?

John: Yeah, it's going pretty good, kid, pretty good.

Brady: That's good to hear. So, how's that new company of yours coming along?

John: Well, final negotiations.

Brady: Well, I'm sure when you close the deal, you'll be walking on air.

John: Yeah, I'll be walking on air.

John: My God, Brady, you're walking! Look at you.

Brady: You noticed. I'm about ready to do a handstand.

John: My God, look at you, son. I knew it was going to happen. When Marlena and Belle see you...

Brady: It's pretty good, huh?

Belle: Okay, this is definitely not going to close. I'm going to need the other suitcase.

Marlena: Honey, the letter from school says you may only take one suitcase.

Belle: But, mom, I can't fit everything in just one bag. I'm going to need two pairs of sneakers just in case one gets wet, and I'm going to need all of these outfits because I'm not going to be able to do laundry while I'm there, and if I don't bring all of this, I'm going to be stuck wearing dirty, icky outfits, which I absolutely refuse to do, so you can see why I can't eliminate anything.

Marlena: Are you worried about making an impression on Shawn?

Belle: An impression? No. I mean, just because Shawn and I went on a date doesn't -- okay, I guess that's what this is about.

Marlena: Honey, you've known Shawn your whole life.

Belle: But, mom, don't you understand? Things are really different now... Totally different.

Chloe: Face it, girl, it just wasn't meant to be. What you have to do now is get over it, and you will. You're getting away from him. You're going to forget him. [Knock on door]

Victor: Do you need any help?

Philip: No, I'm fine.

Victor: Listen, son, I know you're not too happy about this, but I think it's going to be a very productive summer for you.

Philip: I know you do.

Victor: And I think you're going to be very surprised at how much fun you end up having.

Philip: Dad, I need to tell you something.

Victor: There's one more thing I want to say. Look, Philip, I know Ive been very hard on you, but I think we finally got things straight between you and me, and I'm glad. So, what was it you wanted to say? [Car alarm chirps]

Paul: For such a fancy building, the security here sucks. Good thing I'm just your loving daddy.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Paul: Your own parking space -- I'm impressed.

Nicole: You scared me half to death.

Paul: Come here. Step this way. I wouldn't want the big shot Exec embarrassed by her jailbird father.

Nicole: I am not embarrassed, I am angry.

Paul: Angry? You used to get mad, but now your vocabulary's as fancy as your car, your clothes. Must be a very sweet scheme you got going.

Nicole: This is not a scam. I do my job damn well, and Victor -- Mr.. Kiriakis knows that.

Paul: Yeah, he knows a lot about you, doesn't he? Seeing as how you're in a cohabitation situation.

Nicole: How did you know that?

Paul: Remember, I used to tell you knowledge is power.

Nicole: Before you went to jail as a 2-bit crook...

Paul: Don't talk to me like that.

Nicole: And almost took me along with you?

Paul: The cops had nothing on you. I always protected you.

Nicole: Protected me?

Paul: That's right.

Nicole: You abused me and made me do terrible things.

Paul: I just wanted what was best for you.

Nicole: Oh, right.

Paul: Hey, I was trying to help you get to where you are right now, to get your a great big piece of the pie.

Nicole: You used your own daughter to make a cheap buck.

Paul: No, I -- ay!

Nicole: Daddy.

Belle: Mom, it's pathetic, isn't it? Here I am going on this wonderful educational experience, and all I am doing is worrying about whether or not I'm going to look all right in front of Shawn.

Marlena: If you were just worried about this wonderful educational experience, I'd be a little worried about you. And you do -- and you'll always look all right to everybody because you're a beauty inside and out.

Belle: You're just saying that because you're my mother.

Marlena: I'm saying it because it's true.

Belle: I really like him, mom.

Marlena: I really know, honey.

Belle: Yesterday he just reached out and took my hand. He didn't bother to look around and check and see if anyone was looking at us. He just -- I don't know. I have known Shawn my whole life, and now I'm just seeing him differently.

Marlena: And now the two of you are going on this great adventure together, and it's very exciting.

Belle: Exciting and scary in a great way.

Marlena: Yes, great. And as great as that is, there's still some things we ought to talk about.

Shawn-D: [Thinking] I know how much this means to you, Gran, and now your great-grandson's going to get it back for you.

Bo: What's up, Fancy Face?

Hope: Oh, Shawn, could you get your jeans out of the dryer, honey, before they shrink?

Shawn-D: Yeah, mom. Just one second. Yeah, the dryer?

Hope: Yes. Thanks, honey. Oh, what?

Bo: What's wrong? You've been preoccupied.

Hope: Of course I am preoccupied. My oldest son is going off on his own. I'm preoccupied.

Bo: You've been excited about that, not worried.

Hope: And I'm still excited about it, but it's a big deal, you know.

Bo: Of course it's a big deal.

Shawn-D: Thanks for drying these, mom.

Hope: Oh, honey, look. I need to help him fold those things, okay?

John: So, Brady, how did this just happen? What, right now? That's it, you can walk?

Brady: No, no. I've known for quite some time. I just wanted to surprise you, that's all.

John: And you're, what? You're, like, fully recovered just like that?

Brady: No, not really. I feel a little bit of a twinge every now and then, but I can get through it. I just can't wait to get outside and throw the old football around, you know what I'm saying?

John: Oh, yeah, right. Well, I need to see you throw those around. [Doorbell rings]

Brady: You know, why don't I get that for you, father? I'll just walk on over to the door.

John: Well, son, I'd like to watch you just walk on over to the door.

Brady: See this?

Mimi: Hey, Brady, Mr.. Black.

John: Hello, Mimi.

Mimi: Um... I know you didn't expect me, but I'm just here to apologize.

John: I see.

Mimi: I realize it's not just what I did to Chloe. I hurt all kinds of people, and I...

John: You okay, Mimi?

Mimi: No, because that's it for Belle and me. She won't be friends with me anymore, and I don't blame her.

Victor: You were going to say something, son. What was it?

Philip: Nothing, nothing important.

Victor: Look, I know you might be angry at me, but I think it's going to do you a world of good to have some time away from Chloe, just to give you some perspective.

Philip: And while I get perspective, mom gets her life back, right?

Victor: That was the deal and I'll stick to it. You know, it made me very angry when you stuck up for your mother like that.

Philip: Yeah, I could tell.

Victor: It also made me very proud.

Philip: Well, she always loved you.

Victor: Yeah, well, you find it easier to forgive than I do.

Philip: Dad, it shouldn't be that hard. If you really love someone, you should be able to get past anything, right?

Victor: Are we talking about your mother and me, or are we talking about you and Chloe?

Philip: I don't know if she ever loved me. She never said so. Maybe it was all in my head.

Woman on radio: Predicting a record heat wave.

Chloe: Oh, good news.

Woman on radio: And in local sports news, the Salem river bandits bested the Duluth cargos 4-3 in 10 innings. Johnny Lombardo and Charlie Consuelos combined to go 6 for 8 with 2 homers, a triple, and five rebounds.

Chloe: Hey, sugar. I can't take you with me, but I wish I could because you always know when I feel sad, don't you, girl?

Woman on radio: And now here's a special song for a very special person. [ Romantic song playing] I don't need a lot of things I can get by with nothing of all the blessings life can bring Ive always needed something but Ive got all I want when it comes to loving you you're my only reason you're my only truth I need you like water like breath, like rain I need you like mercy...

Chloe: May I have this dance? There's a freedom in your arms

Chloe: Hey, sugar, I have a confession to make. I never told Philip, but I did love him. I still do. I love him with all my heart. What am I going to do? What am I going to do?

Nicole: Daddy, are you okay? Talk to me.

Paul: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm fine, I'm fine. It's just I came on so strong, I didn't think you'd want to speak to me. I -- sorry. I do everything wrong.

Nicole: Okay. It's okay.

Paul: Look, I'll go, okay? I'm so sorry.

Nicole: Daddy, wait.

Paul: Yes, honey?

Nicole: Have you seen mom?

Paul: Oh, yeah. Nic, things went a lot better than I had any right to expect. And now, I know you think I was bad to your mom, but things just -- well, some things between us haven't changed.

Nicole: She said she wouldn't have anything to do with you if you came back.

Paul: Your mom and I said a lot of things that weren't true. We communicate in other ways.

Nicole: You didn't.

Paul: Nic, some things are private between man and wife, okay? Now, don't get mad at her, will you? We just love each other, that's all, okay? Now speaking about your mom, I have a favor to ask you.

Nicole: Money.

Paul: No, no, no, no. It's actually a little sentimental. See, what I need is I buried something in the lot next door, and I told your mom that I would dig it up for our 20th anniversary. Well, anyway, they built this house on it. I talked to the people that live there, and they say that some kid dug it up, and I was hoping that maybe you knew him. Name's Brady, Shawn Brady. [Door closes]

Jennifer: [Whistling]

Jack: You only poured one cup.

Jennifer: Only wanted one cup.

Jennifer: Would you like to share the newspaper?

Jack: When I'm done with it.

Jennifer: Oh, this is childish.

Jack: Whoa! Ol! You know, actually, I'm looking through the "help wanted" ads. Perhaps you'd like to join me.

Jennifer: No, you know what? I wouldn't like to join you. Isn't that what you do with your little friend Greta, you circle ads and you shop for jobs together?

Jack: Actually, it's true. Both Greta and I are in the job market together. Maybe you'd like to join us. You know, I'd hate to see you get bored and take Abigail off to Ireland


Jennifer: Why would you even say something like that?

Jack: Why would you make a crack about Greta? No, that's okay. You don't have to answer. I know. Jealous.

Jennifer: You know what, Jack? That is just preposterous.

Jack: That is an accurate assessment of the situation.

Jennifer: I am not jealous. I am -- I am disgusted, okay? And I do not have to stand here and listen to this drivel.

Jack: But why go off now? I'm just getting warmed up, and so are you.

Jennifer: You know what? Maybe I don't want to hurt you with the truth.

Jack: The truth?

Jennifer: Yeah, the truth that I am not jealous of Greta or any other woman, that if anyone has a reason to be jealous, Jack, it's you.

Hope: These clothes are going to be a mess.

Shawn-D: I can do it, mom.

Hope: Sorry. Didn't mean to invade your privacy.

Shawn-D: No, no. It's just, uh, because I'm going on the trip alone, and I can do my own packing. It's all part of being independent, right?

Belle: There we go. I almost didn't make it.

Marlena: Done. Well done.

Belle: Mom?

Marlena: Hmm?

Belle: I know you're determined to be a great mother, but we don't have to have the talk again. You already told me everything.

Marlena: I know, but it's different when there are powerful -- wonderful -- but powerful feelings involved.

Belle: Mom, lots of kids at my school have had sex, but I'm sure you know I haven't. I would have told you by now.

Marlena: I know you would. What I want to say about this is that when you feel close to somebody you like and it's the first time, it isn't like the slides and the lessons from health class. I want this trip and your relationship with Shawn to be something that you look back upon with great, great joy, not as an opportunity to do something you're not ready to do.

Belle: Meaning you don't think I'm ready.

Marlena: No, I don't.

Belle: You know, mom, one of the reasons I like Shawn is that he's a great person. He would never do anything that would end up hurting me.

Marlena: Good, because I'd have to kill him.

Belle: I love you, mom. You are weird, but I love you.

John: I'll tell Belle that you stopped by and that you're sorry, but, Mimi, I don't think this is a good time to talk to her right now. Maybe she needs a little bit of time.

Brady: He's right. You shouldn't push it, Mimi. I mean, you're going to have plenty of time with her on the trip.

Mimi: You're just trying to cheer me up, but what you're really saying is that she never wants to see or talk to me again, right?

John: Mimi, just --

Mimi: No, it's okay. I can't say I blame her. You know, I wish I could change what I did and I wish I could get my best friend back, but I can't.

Belle: Was that Mimi?

Chloe: I never said I loved Philip out loud before. I can only tell you, sugar, because you're the only one who really understands how I feel. I know you love me and understand me.

Woman on radio: And that was "I need you," dedicated to -- [turns off radio

Chloe: Philip, why did this have to happen?

Nancy: Baby? Chloe, honey? Sweetheart, everything's going to be okay.

Chloe: This is all your fault.

Philip: I know Chloe's never going to talk to me again.

Victor: Then it's a good thing you're going away. Maybe you'll meet somebody else.

Philip: What, like you did, you mean?

Victor: What do you mean?

Philip: After you and mom split up.

Victor: I still don't know what you mean.

Philip: I spoke with Nicole yesterday. She seemed upset, like something was really wrong.

Victor: Well, do you know about what?

Philip: I figured it had something to do with her father coming home, but I don't know. Maybe it was you.

Victor: Me?

Philip: Tell me something, dad. Are you and Nicole an item?

Nicole: Yeah, I know Shawn Brady. He's a nice kid, a nice kid whose father is a cop. I'd be careful.

Paul: And this nice kid has a cute blond girlfriend named Belle, right? And they hang out with this chick Chloe -- big eyes, great bod.

Nicole: Hey, how do you know all this? How long have you been back?

Paul: Look, I need to know more about these kids, okay, and how they got a hold of my, let's say, possessions.

Nicole: What possessions?

Paul: A gift for your mom, okay? It's a piece of jewelry. I was going to dig up the can, give your mother a great big surprise, okay? A beautiful present for our anniversary.

Nicole: Why don't you just ask for it back?

Paul: Well, it's not that simple.

Nicole: With you, nothing ever is. I'm sorry. You're out of luck.

Paul: No, no, no. Now don't tell me that.

Nicole: I just remembered. These kids, they're going on some trip this summer.

Paul: How many are going?

Nicole: Why? What are you going to do to them?

Paul: I asked you, many kids are going? Answer me right now! Now!

Nicole: What are you going to do, daddy -- beat it out of me?

Paul: Sometimes I think you try to get me mad, don't you? Okay, okay. I just -- all I want is to know what you know about these kids, that's all.

Nicole: They're going on a trip to Puerto Rico to study Ecology.

Paul: Damn. Have they gone yet? How did they get there?

Nicole: They're taking a commercial jet, then there's a charter boat to some deserted island.

Paul: Yeah, well, when? When are they going?

Nicole: Today. You know, maybe you should get out of Salem, too, okay? Because I know you're not here 'cause of me or mom or Brandon. So why don't you just leave and let us live our lives in peace?

Paul: Look, I'm -- I'm sorry. I-I never meant to hurt you, okay, baby? Look, if you want me to go, if that's what you really want, I'll go. Okay? But would it be all right if I -- if I stayed in touch?

Nicole: Dad, can you understand I have a new life now? I have so much to lose.

Paul: I know, yeah. I get it. I do. I really do. Your mom, she -- she wants me gone, that's for sure. I'm sorry I didn't get to see Brandon.

Nicole: I'm sure he'll be all broken up about it.

Paul: So I'll -- I'll just do what's best for my family. Hasta la vista.

Nicole: Bye, daddy.

Paul: Now if anyone wants to know why I left town, it'll be because my daughter asked me to. Thanks for the alibi, Nic.

Nicole: [Thinking] Mother, you stupid fool, you took him to bed, didn't you? And I had to get rid of him like always. I am never going to be like you, Fay. Never!

Philip: Well, I can tell by the look on your face I shouldn't have asked that question, and I know the answer anyway. I mean, you'd never hook up with anyone that young, right?

Victor: I told you Nicole and I work very closely together. That's all.

Philip: Good. Good. I mean, you know, she's pretty close to my age so if you were seeing her, then... Anyway, I won't ask that anymore. It's none of my business, right?

Victor: You better get going, son.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, I think I'm just about ready. Let me get this.

Victor: Like I said, this trip is going to be very good for you. It's going to show you that there is life without Chloe.

Philip: Yeah.

Shawn-D: And, you know, while we're on the subject of my independence... You know, my dating Belle, it's not going to change anything, not on the trip, not anywhere.

Hope: Meaning what, exactly?

Shawn-D: Uh, you know, that we could go our own separate ways when we want to, if we want to. Uh, well, you know, I-I forgot my compass. I'll be right back.

Hope: Oh, I love you, Brady. Oh, and my feeling makes me so happy. It makes me feel so strong and confident, so much so that --

Bo: That what?

Hope: Bo, Ive been doing some thinking lately, and I feel that I've healed enough from all the trauma of the last couple of years, and the time is finally right, that I could handle remembering my time as Gina.

Bo: I see. Does that mean you're strong enough to handle knowing who J.T.'s biological father is?

John: Yeah, sweetheart, that, uh, that was Mimi, and she wanted to apologize. You know, you can catch her if you want to.

Belle: I don't want to. In fact, I can't imagine myself ever wanting to talk to her again.

John: Belle --

Marlena: We have had success. Success. We've got -- oh!

John: Whoa! Oh, I got it. I got it, I got it, I got it.

Marlena: Belle's clothes into one single -- count it -- one suitcase.

John: No way.

Marlena: Way. I'm telling you -- way. Honey, our little girl is all grown up, and she's leaving us now

John: Well, I hate to break it to you, but our little girl is a mature responsible young lady now.

Belle: Mature responsible Belle.

Belle: I bet you are, dad. And you, Brady. You keep plugging at that therapy about that,

Belle. I think I'm going to quit.

Belle: Brady, why?

Brady: Because I can walk again!

Belle: Oh, my -- Brady, that is so great! I told you you could do it, and -- and you did! You really did it!

Marlena: Brady... I'm so happy, and I'm so proud of you. You did all this yourself.

Belle: That's right. Brady, nothing is stopping you now.

Chloe: This is all your fault. It all started with you giving me away, and it's been downhill from there. You never gave a damn about me! Sorry. I shouldn't be taking this out on you, this awful longing I have right now. It's Philip. He just hurt me so much.

Nancy: Honey, it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. I promise you.

Jack: Are you saying there's another man in your life?

Jennifer: Maybe. Maybe I am.

Jack: Well, as long as you don't expose him to Abigail, simply continue your sordid little back alleys and cheap little gin joints.

Jennifer: Why do you say things like that? It's not like that at all.

Jack: Really? What's it like, then?

Jennifer: It's sophisticated and it's very elegant.

Jack: If you can treat him to sophisticated and elegant, you need the want ads.

Jennifer: You know what? I don't have to pay for anything, Jack. He insists on treating me like a Queen.

Jack: I don't know if I like this. Sounds predatory to me.

Jennifer: Well, you really don't have any say in the matter, do you?

Jack: I want you to break it off.

Jennifer: Oh, good. Well, you let me know when you break it off with the Princess.

Jack: It's not the same thing. Greta is just a friend. I don't object to your seeing Hope.

Jennifer: What? Hope is a girl. She's my cousin. What do you mean, you don't object to me seeing her? You're totally going off the subject!

Jack: I don't understand why you fly off the handle at the mention of Greta's name.

Jennifer: Because I fly off the handle because you presume to tell me --

Jack: I have a friend who happens to be a woman. I wish you'd be evolved enough to understand that gender roles are changing.

Jennifer: Evolved enough? You're giving me a lecture on feminism -- the man who wants me to pour him a cup of coffee.

Jack: You're the one who says that we really don't have a future here.

Jennifer: What does that have to do with any of this?

Jack: Maybe if you were in Ireland and I was here in Salem, and you didn't see me with a

woman, that would be okay.

Jennifer: Would you stop talking about Ireland?

Jack: Why? What happened there, Jennifer? Did you have a male friend? Did it all end horribly like some turgid Irish drama?

Jennifer: I can't stop thinking about this Colin.

Hope: Oh, and that would be the idiot you followed to Ireland, the one that blew you off.

Jennifer: Yes, that would be the one. Okay, I'm sufficiently embarrassed. You just listen to me. I don't want you to bring up Ireland again. Do you understand me?

Jack: Well, well, well. Seems I've struck a nerve, haven't I?

Bo: Could you handle finding out who J.T.'s biological father is?

Hope: I -- well, if I remembered my life as Gina, I guess I would probably remember that. I don't know.

Bo: I want you to know something. No matter what you remember, what you find out, it's not going to hurt us. Nothing is going to change what you and I have together.

Hope: God, I am so lucky to have you. I love you, Brady. You know, just the other night I was telling Jen I wish she could find a man who made her just as happy as you make me.

Jennifer: All right, can we just stop doing this?

Jack: Stop doing what?

Jennifer: Stop driving each other crazy.

Jack: I'm not doing that. You are.

Jennifer: Oh, come on, Jack. It's mutual.

Jack: Then you admit that your behavior isn't exactly rational.

Jennifer: How am I supposed to be rational when I am around you?

Jack: I think that you need some help, someone to talk to.

Jennifer: I don't need anyone to talk to. I don't need a therapy--

Jack: I'm talking about Greta. I'll tell you what. I will back off, and you can be her friend. Then we can resolve this whole crisis as long as we never talk about Ireland again. Then you can have everything you want.

Jennifer: First of all, what does any of that have to do with what I want?

Jack: Jennifer, everything that happens in the house is about what you want. When you don't want me around and out of your life, you want me to go. When you want me back in your life, I can't have a girlfriend. Either way, it's about you, and you get what you want.

Nancy: Well... If, um, you're all finished packing, maybe I can make you some tea.

Chloe: Do you have any more of that pineapple upside-down cake?

Nancy: Of course I do.

Chloe: I'd like a piece of that.

Nancy: Okay, um, would it be all right if I joined you?

Chloe: That would be nice.

Nancy: Okay.

Victor: I thought you were going to the office. What's wrong?

Nicole: I saw my father. Victor, you have to protect me.

Victor: Don't worry. I'm never going to let anyone hurt you ever again.

Jack: Jennifer, temper, temper, temper.

Jennifer: Jack, you want to see temper?

Jack: Oh!

Jennifer: I'll show you temper.

Jack: You're not jealous. You're homicidal!

Jennifer: You're --

Jack: Oh!

Jennifer: No. No, no, no. Okay. You know what? Maybe I will get friendly with Greta, and I'll find out exactly what is going on with you, Jack Deveraux.

Paul: I'm going to get down to that island before those damn kids do and get my treasure back. [Makes kissing noise]

Philip: [Thinking] Chloe, I'm going to make you forgive me if it's the last thing I do.

Chloe: It's over, Philip. I need to get away from you.

Nancy: Honey, it's for the best.

Maureen: There you are. You've got to get going for your trip.

Mimi: I can't go.

Maureen: What?

Mimi: Belle won't talk to me. The whole trip's going to be a nightmare.

Shawn-D: Got my compass. Belle and Brady are going to be here any minute.

Hope: Give you $1 not to go.

Shawn-D: $1?

Hope: I'll give you $20.

Bo: $20?

Hope: Okay, I'll miss you.

Shawn-D: I'll miss you, mom.

Hope: Oh, have a good time, honey.

Bo: Be a good, sailor man. Make us proud of you.

Shawn-D: Yeah, well, I'm going to try.

Bo: Okay.

Shawn-D: Oh.

Belle: Mom, please don't be sad. I won't be gone long and I promise I will be careful.

John: We're going to hold you to that, okay?

Belle: Okay.

John: Okay. I love you, sweetheart, and I'll miss you.

Belle: Me too. I don't know why you two are being so serious. Nothing bad is going to happen.

Paul: Adios, Salem. Buenos das, Puerto Rico  

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