Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/23/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript;  Canada- Monday 7/23/01; U.S. Tuesday, 7/24/01

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Jennifer: Let's grab the bench. Ahh.

Hope: Okay, we're alone. No one can hear. Tell me everything.

Jennifer: About what?

Hope: Yesterday. After Jack and I left, and it was just you and Greta. What happened? What did you talk about? As if I didn't know.

Jennifer: You know we really didn't get a chance to talk. I left right after you did.

Hope: You're kidding. Why?

Jennifer: Well, you know we just -- Greta and I, we don't click. You know she's really cheery.

Hope: Cheery? Hmm. Well, she does have a nice smile and a knockout figure and a growing relationship with your ex-husband, but is that a problem?

Jack: Hmm.

Jack: Right. Where is she?

Greta: Hey!

Jack: Okay. Royal blood or not, you're in big trouble, Princess.

Nicole: [Gasps] Thank God. Oh! If I have to go one more step carrying all this stuff --

Philip: Well, you could buy less, Nicole.

Nicole: Like I hell I could. I'm an insatiable woman, Philip. Give me money, got to spend it. Make me curious, got to know. In fact, I am dying of curiosity, and you're the only one who can help me.


Kevin: This function key is entirely superfluous.

Susan: Spare me, Kevin. I'm not a techno geek like you are. I mean that in the best possible way. I'm just frustrated that you had to drag me all the way down to .Com just to explain to me why you won't go on the environmental field trip unless I go too. So stop making like a computer salesman and just tell me.

Girl: It's amazing how much better you're looking. I mean, you've always looked good, really good. It's just you're walking almost normal.

Brady: Well, you know me -- almost normal. You look good, too.

Girl: Thanks.

Belle: I would like an iced mocha.

Shawn-D: That's how we know it's summer. Belle starts on her iced mochas.

Chloe: Well, it is hot outside. I will have one, too.

Shawn-D: Can I just get a water? Thanks.

Belle: So, are you glad the hearing's over

Chloe: Glad doesn't cover it.

Shawn-D: I don't think Jan and Mimi are going to be glad about anything.

Belle: At least not for the next year.

Shawn-D: I got to hand it to you and the Judge. You got justice.

Chloe: You make it sound like it's the end, but their retribution -- it's just the beginning.

Philip: I like straight talk, Nicole. You want to know something, ask me.

Nicole: All right. What happened in the office yesterday with your mother? She get justice after all?

Philip: That's none of your business.

Nicole: What happens to your father is very much my business.

Philip: Too much, if you ask me.

Nicole: Get your teenage head out of the gutter. Victor is my boss. He made me President of Titan, and I don't want anything or anyone to jeopardize that.

Philip: That's your problem, Nicole. I know you hate my mom. I just can't believe you think I'd take your side over hers.

Nicole: Sorry, Philip. Kate's relationship with Victor is over.

Philip: She's still my mom and she's suffered enough.

Nicole: Do I have to remind you how much your mother hurt your dad, how she betrayed him? Victor Kiriakis got his heart busted by that woman, and last night after the top-secret meeting, he came home upset, but he didn't want to talk about it, so I thought if I knew what went down, if I knew what deals were made, maybe I could help him feel better about it.

Philip: Dad will be fine, and so will my mom now.

Nicole: So there was a deal.

Philip: Well, my mom won't have to wear that waitress uniform she never should've been working in that dive to begin with, serving burgers and fries to truckers. My mom's a classy woman. Dad should've been helping her all along. Now that I'm sticking around this summer, I'll be able to make sure he keeps his promises to help her.

Nicole: What do you mean, stick around? You're making the island scene, aren't you -- saving the planet with Salem High?

Philip: No, I'm not going.

Kevin: Now, my reasons for wanting you to embark on the environmental expedition are twofold. Firstly I am interested in broadening my understanding of the environmental concerns, hopefully leading to an increased awareness of possible solutions.

Susan: In English, Kevin, or I swear I'm going to walk out of here.

Kevin: Okay. Short version. I am looking forward to the whole science thing. I also like to boogie down. The way I see it, you and I are dream partners.

Shawn-D: When you said retribution, it sounded like --

Chloe: I just meant I'm looking forward to seeing Jan and Mimi cleaning toilets at Salem High all next year, not to mention scrubbing down the girls' locker room every night. I call it sweet justice.

Belle: Hopefully that will teach them they can't get away with hurting other people.

Shawn-D: Yeah, no extracurricular activities, no school da -- it's going to be tough.

Belle: I can see why you said this punishment was going to be worse than going to prison.

Paul: [Thinking] Enough about those dumb kids. Talk about the money, the jewels, the map.

Shawn-D: You know, it's like you said in court -- it's an important message to send to other kids.

Chloe: That's the idea.

Belle: Just like the ecology trip, right? Mr. Woods thinks he can teach us that saving the environment is worth working for, and we get to go to a tropical island. How cool is that?

Shawn-D: I can't believe the two of you are sitting here drinking iced mochas. We're leaving tomorrow, remember?

Belle: Oh, my gosh. I have to pack.

Shawn-D: Just think - tomorrow we're going to be soaking up the rays, eating coconuts and mangos, going on our secret treasure hunt.

Paul: My treasure, you dimwits.

Jennifer: Hope, I am not jealous of Greta. Okay, yeah, she's rich, she's sophisticated, she's gorgeous -- okay, I'm a little jealous, but I'm not jealous of the time that she spends with

Jack. I mean, if she wants him, she can have him.

Hope: Oh, with your blessing, right?

Jennifer: Well, yeah. I mean, the more time that Jack spends with her, the less I have to put up with, right?

Hope: So, it's not like a knife through your heart every time you see them together?

Jennifer: There is no hope for me and Jack. None. Nada. Zilch. Jack has his life, and I have my life.

Hope: Just answer this question for me. Why do you get this strange look on your face every time you hear her name?

Jennifer: Because, Hope, I can't even understand what on earth a Princess could possibly see in Jack Deveraux, that's all. Really, it has nothing to do with being jealous.

Greta: What do you mean, I'm in trouble?

Jack: You're late.

Greta: No, I'm not.

Jack: Two minutes.

Greta: Yeah, well, in Europe, where I come from, anything under 20 minutes is early, so let's see. By my calculation, that gives me 18 minutes. I'm going to run and get a cup of coffee, and I will be right back.

Jack: Oh, nice try, nice try. 10 points for originality, but you're still late, and I expect you to make it up to me in your best royal fashion.

Greta: How about some job prospects? I picked up the afternoon paper and I got the new listings. And let's see, I circled mine in blue and yours in pink.

Jack: Well, well, well. Um... No, no, no, no, maybe, no, no, no, no, no --

Greta: Goof, I didn't even circle that many. I didn't circle that many.

Jack: I was looking for butcher, baker, candlestick maker -- the classic professions -- and I don't see them listed here.

Greta: The thought of you with a butcher knife -- whoa!

Jack: [Imitates "Psycho" theme music]

Greta: Okay, and a baker -- um, you know, I can see that, although you'd probably eat all the cakes and eat up all the profit. And a candlestick maker? Ew, I don't know. Anything out of Colonial Williamsburg...

Jack: Wait a minute. Are you saying that I'm unemployable? You're looking at the most highly qualified man you know.

Greta: Qualified at what exactly?

Jack: I'm still working on it.

Greta: Ha ha! You're fun, Jack, and who knew that?

Jack: Standup comedian.

Greta: How about fall-down comedian?

Jack: Jack "slip on a banana peel" Deveraux. That's what they'll call me. Huh? Come on. Stick with me. We're just getting warmed up.

Greta: Ha ha ha!

Jack: Let's leave off the job hunt until after we've been sufficiently caffeinated and sugarized.

Greta: Sugarized? Why don't we add word invention to your list of talents? Let's just get some coffee and some doughnuts.

Jack: All in good time. Look where we are. This is exactly where I left you and Jennifer yesterday. Just about this spot, isn't it? Say, how did that go? You and Jennifer find much to talk about, did you? I'll bet it was typical girl talk -- clothes, boys, clothes.

Greta: No, no. Not really. In fact she had someplace she had to be, and she left pretty much right after you and Hope did.

Jack: Really? Did she happen to say where that somewhere was, or who she'd be somewhere with?

Greta: No, no. She -- she didn't explain, but then again, I didn't ask.

Jack: I've been meaning to talk to you about your appalling lack of curiosity.

Greta: Yes, and I’ve been meaning to talk to you about how antsy you get whenever the subject of Jennifer comes up.

Jack: Antsy? That's the kind of word you'd use to describe a 5-year-old.

Greta: Yes, and your point being?

Jack: We're on your point about how I get with Jennifer, which is a total fig leaf of your imagination. The woman has no effect on me.

Greta: Right, well, we didn't talk about you, Jack. In fact I don't even think your name came up, although, you know, she was -- I don't know. She was a little weird. Do you think there's any way that she could still have a thing for you?

Jack: What would make you say that?

Greta: I don't know. She, um, she seemed a little uncomfortable with me, almost -- almost annoyed. I don't know, I just -- it's like she doesn't really approve of our friendship. Well, unless...

Jack: Unless? Don't stop now. I'm fascinated.

Greta: I don't know that you're going to like this, but this thought just came to me. Maybe she finds you so difficult that it upsets her, the thought of anyone having to spend time with you.

Jack: Good God. Do you honestly think that... No! No, that's insane. All the discomfort that you described, the -- the -- the squirming -- the -- I can just picture it now. She misses


Greta: She lives with you, Jack. How could she miss you?

Jack: But we don't live as we once lived when we were married. Sharing space is not the same thing as sharing a bed. Trust me. Jennifer misses me.

Greta: I didn't get that vibe, Jack.

Jack: The woman married me, didn't she?

Greta: Yes, and then she divorced you.

Jack: That's just a minor detail. Marriage brands itself upon your soul. Divorce is a glorified hissy fit.

Greta: Yeah, well, I wouldn't know. I haven't been either of the two.

Jack: So, to recap -- what I'm getting from what you said is that Jennifer is bothered by my friendship with you. Good. Great. Excellent. [Chuckles]

Greta: Wait a minute, Jack. Wait a minute. I thought you were interested in a friendship with me, but now I'm getting the idea that you're using me to make Jennifer jealous.

Nicole: What do you mean you're not going, Philip? You have to go.

Philip: I don't have to do anything, Nicole.

Nicole: Are you sure about that? You promised your dad. Your relationship's been pretty rocky this year. I-I thought this was part of your pledge to bring up your grades and be more responsible.

Philip: Look, I... I was going to go, I really was, but then I ran into Belle, and she said

Chloe was doing the trip and wanted to know if I was going to do it.

Nicole: How fair is that?

Philip: Are you kidding? After the way I blew it at the dance, thinking she was going to make money on her body? I acted like a total pig. No way she wants me around.

Nicole: Philip, you're missing out on a great educational opportunity, not to mention all the bikini sightings.

Philip: That stuff doesn't matter to me anymore. Nothing matters to me now. I always wondered what it felt like to be depressed.

Nicole: Philip, guys don't get depressed, and if they do, they don't stay that way. Believe me, you'll be feeling much better soon. Come on, let's go get a nice mocha.

Philip: I don't want to do anything but get in bed and pull the covers over me. I don't want to see anybody or do anything. What do you do to get yourself out of it?

Nicole: Me? Please. Have you ever seen me depressed? Mad, maybe. Upset, throwing things -- yeah, I can get into that. But depressed? No way. You know why? Because it's a waste of time, and it doesn't fix the problem.

Philip: Is something going on with you, Nicole?

Nicole: Yeah, my father's back in town. Problems don't get any worse than that.

Belle: My mom and dad are going to freak when they find out that I am leaving tomorrow.

Chloe: You asked their permission, didn't you?

Belle: Well, of course I did, but I never actually planned on going on the trip.

Shawn-D: Yeah, she was waiting to find out if I was going or not.

Chloe: Uh, no, she was waiting to find out if I was going.

Belle: Chloe's right. So much has been going on I forgot that the island adventure starts


Shawn-D: Oh, about this adventure part --

Chloe: Oh, you mean the palm trees and the ocean breezes?

Belle: The virgin piña coladas...

Shawn-D: Yeah, whatever, as long as this whole treasure hunt stays our secret, that we don't tell anyone. Deal?

Paul: [Thinking] That's right, kids -- our secret, yours and mine.

Chloe: I don't get it. We're going on a school trip with a bunch of other kids from school, kids who have really big mouths and love to run them.

Belle: Yeah, and it's not like Mr.. Woods isn't going to notice the three of us running around digging in the sand with a big map.

Shawn-D: Shh.

Belle: I was just saying...

Chloe: Belle's right. How are we going to keep this between the three of us?

Shawn-D: I've got it all worked out.

Belle: He's got it all worked out.

Shawn-D: Okay, I checked the map and the itinerary that Mr. Woods handed out.

Chloe: And?

Shawn-D: Okay, well, we're not going to be in Puerto Rico that long.

Belle: Well, how long? I was planning on doing a photo essay while I was there.

Shawn-D: Well, long enough to do the tourist things, so after we see the fort and the historical sites...

Belle: That's when we do the ecology expedition?

Shawn-D: Right. But before then, that's when I want to rent the boat.

Chloe: Whoa. Rent a boat. You really have big plans.

Shawn-D: I want to get my Great-Grandmother's ruby back.

Belle: Well, we all want that, Shawn. Just tell us what we have to do.

Chloe: We're on the boat...

Shawn-D: Right. We'll use the map to locate the island, we'll find the treasure, and we'll be back before anyone knows what we're up to.

Chloe: Hmm. Well, they have a travel section over there. I'm just going to go see if they have any books on Puerto Rico and the surrounding islands, so I'll be right back, guys.

Shawn-D: All right.

Susan: You think I'm fun? Since when?

Kevin: Since the Last Blast. You can tell a lot about a person by how they move on the dance floor, and you got down with your bad self, Susan.

Susan: Ha ha ha.

Kevin: I've just realized lately that I need more than book learning to become a fully rounded person. I need a companion, someone on my wavelength to relax with. And who knows? There might be another dance contest.

Brady: Thanks for dropping by.

Chloe: I should've known it was you.

Brady: Chloe, we've got quite a role reversal going on here. I mean, me helping you up for once.

Chloe: Let's not make a habit of it.

Susan: You've been getting so cool lately, Kevin. You don't need me on this trip.

Kevin: Me -- cool?

Susan: Aside from the whole geek thing, or maybe because of it. Geekdom is one of those free-floating conditions. It makes the teen years rough, but the closer you get to getting a real job in real life, the cooler someone like you starts to look.

Kevin: I don't care how I look.

Susan: Of course you do. Everyone does.

Kevin: I don't give a hill of Arabica beans for the opinions of my fellow classmates. You're different.

Susan: This is starting to sound like a line you filched from a guy web site -- "how to make friends and influence"

Kevin: You leave me no choice. If you don't agree to come to the trip, I'll…have to sing.

Susan: Oh, God, no, anything but that. Please!

Shawn-D: If you think about it, it could really freak you out. I mean, this can just keeps popping up in our lives. We never look for it. It looks for us, and it finds us every single time, and now it's going to lead us straight to Great-Gran’s ruby.

Belle: Yeah, you think you've got free will, right? You're making your life happen, and then something like that makes you wonder.

Shawn-D: You mean like... We were just meant to have our first date at this year's Last Blast?

Belle: Instead of last year's dance or at the movies or wherever we might have, you know.

Shawn-D: Yeah, yeah. I think we've both been thinking about it for a while.

Belle: Yeah?

Shawn-D: Yeah, I mean, it's like fate, you know? The can, my Great-Grandmother's ruby, this trip... Us going out. You believe in fate, right?

Jack: I may be many things, Greta -- unpleasant, unsavory, illegal on a few occasions -- but I am not a user. I seek your friendship because you are a nearly perfect Princess who has graciously lifted my day-to-day existence from the pits to the heights. I'm a better man for knowing you. [As Groucho Marx] and you're a hell of a decorator. How could you honestly believe that I would use you merely to make Jennifer jealous? If she happens to find our friendship a bit of a... Thorn in her side, I admit that is a bit of an added bonus, but not, I repeat, not, a primary reason for said friendship. It's all a part of the mystery of marriage and divorce.

Greta: Never having actually...

Jack: Participated in either legal state...

Greta: I wouldn't have a clue.

Jack: Right. You're clueless and dateless, although I can't imagine it would be much longer before some young swain comes along and snaps you up. Not that he'd be good enough for you, mind you. No one's good enough for you. You're a beautiful woman, an all-around good person, and I feel honored that you actually consider me friendship material. I hope you believe me.

Greta: Strangely enough, I do. You know, you are so different than any of the guys I’ve been interested in.

Jack: Interested? As in interested?

Greta: No! No, no, no, no, no. Oh, gosh, oh, gosh, no, no, no. I thought -- I thought I made that clear the other day.

Jack: No, I know, it's just that you said -- I just needed a confirmation because... You must never think of me that way.

Jennifer: You know what? Jack and Greta -- they can get married, for all I care, as long as Jack holds up his end of the carpooling.

Hope: How's Abby doing?

Jennifer: Oh, you know, she's over the moon because Jack and I, you know, are there in the house with her.

Hope: I'm sure she is. Have you heard from Colin at all?

Jennifer: Oh, what is this -- open season on Jennifer?

Hope: Okay, I'm sorry. You said not to talk about Jack, so I just thought I'd take things in a different direction.

Jennifer: All right, well, let's talk about something else. Let's see, we can talk about the energy crisis, global warming --

Hope: Stop right there, okay? Because I recycle my brains out, so don't get on my case.

Jennifer: All right, then stay off mine for a while, please.

Hope: I'm sorry. Hey, Jen, um, last time you were at my house, you said that you've been doing a lot of thinking about Colin.

Jennifer: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I want to talk about it.

Hope: You haven't heard from him, which means, of course, that you can't think about anything but. Am I right?

Jennifer: Yeah. No. I mean, I'm never going to hear from Colin Murphy again.

Hope: You know what? Just his name -- Colin Murphy -- it says it all. No, actually, I can just see his Irish rippling muscles.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, don't!

Hope: Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I-I got the wrong idea. I thought when you said you'd been thinking about Colin, that maybe you wanted to have a little girl talk about him.

Jennifer: No, I think it just reminds me what a fool I made of myself. I mean, I just misread everything he said, Hope. You know, I-I thought that we had this really sweet romance that was going to blossom into fireworks, and it turns out it was all in my mind.

Hope: I hate to tell you this, but it happens to all of us, you know.

Jennifer: Yes, when we were 12 year old. I should be smarter than that, don't you think? And when I think about what I did, Hope -- I uprooted Abby, I took her away from her father, and I dragged her to Ireland. And, you know, I played this moment over and over, you know -- the moment where he sees me standing there like a vision in his dreams and he takes me in his arms and -- aah!

Hope: Colin was a damn fool not to, I'll tell you that.

Jennifer: But can you imagine how mortified I was, you know? I mean, he looked at me like, "what the heck are you doing here?" So not only did Colin not take me in his arms, he looked at me like I came to collect the past-due rent check. I just hope I never have to lay eyes on that man again.

Hope: I know it hurts remembering what really happened with Colin, but, Jen, I mean, think about it. It's better than clinging to a fantasy.

Jennifer: Yeah, I just try not to think about him.

Hope: Though your situation now makes it very tough.

Jennifer: What do you mean -- living with Jack? Please, that situation is always going to be tough.

Hope: Listen to me. You just listen to me right now, okay? Jen, you are a beautiful woman, and if life doesn't work out with Jack, then someone else will come along.

Jennifer: I thought that someone would be Colin, and it turned out that it was wrong. I mean -- and what if it stays that way?

Hope: Now wait a minute. You are not going to spend the rest of your life alone.

Jennifer: Wow, I wish I were as sure as you are right now.

Jack: You and I can never be more than friends.

Greta: Yes, right, I know that, and I agree with you. You know, we discussed this at great lengths the other day. I don't understand your need to talk about it again, unless you think that I'm dense. Is that it?

Jack: No, no, no. It's just that you said --

Greta: I don't even know what I said. Whatever it was, it was a slip of the tongue. This is a great example of why I shouldn't have conversations with men, much less go out on dates with them. I mean, not that this is a date, so please don't get your panties in a wad again. This is not a date. I am not interested in you. We are just friends, okay?

Jack: I'm sorry. I was a cad.

Greta: Yeah. Yeah, you were, but I understand you were just trying to be careful.

Jack: I care about you, Greta. You are hands down my favorite Princess of all time. You put up with me, which is unique for women in this town. I-I just want things between us to be crystal clear.

Greta: They're clear, Jack. They couldn't be clearer.

Jack: Good. Because it would crush me if I knew I was ever the cause of pain in your life.

Greta: Then you'd better never stop being friends with me.

Philip: I thought your dad was in, uh...

Nicole: Yeah, yet. It. It. It. Prison. He was. He's out.

Philip: Have you heard from him?

Nicole: Yeah. Lucky me. He called and said he wants to see me.

Philip: Are you going to?

Nicole: He's my father. How can I say no?

Philip: If it upsets you, maybe you shouldn't.

Nicole: I don't know what upsets me more -- seeing him or not seeing him.

Philip: Was he a good dad?

Nicole: He loved me. He wouldn't win any father of the year awards, but on the other hand, he is the only one I got and people do change, right?

Philip: My dad doesn't think so, but I've changed a lot this year. Although I didn't commit any crimes, unless you count falling in love. I mean, what am I going to do? You know, between you and me, I wasn't too psyched about the whole ecology part of the trip, you know. I'm no science phenomenon, but I wanted to hang with my friends, see the island, you know, get my mind off everything.

Nicole: Chloe being everything.

Philip: Yeah. Mr. Woods did say it would look good on my college applications, but...

Nicole: Do it! Go! You owe it to your future, Philip.

Philip: I can't. It would be too tough on Chloe, and I've already hurt her enough. I don't want to ruin the trip for her, too.

Chloe: I'm not usually so clumsy. Here's your cane. You should be careful where you leave this thing.

Brady: Well, I'm not going to need it much longer. My physical therapist gave me a gold star. I'm going to have full mobility before you know it.

Chloe: Brady, that's wonderful. I've noticed that your walking has gotten much better lately, not to mention your dancing.

Brady: Oh. If you're referring to the dance the other night with Nicole -- that was 80% her. Hey, why are we talking about that? I'm sure the Last Blast dance is the last thing you want to think about it.

Chloe: No, I'm okay. It helps knowing that Jan and Mimi got what they deserve. And by the way, you can tell your grandfather that I won't be corrupting his son anymore. Philip and I are over.

Brady: Wait. Why would I tell him? What do you mean?

Chloe: Neither of you made a secret of your disapproval.

Brady: Sorry if I don't think Philip's the right guy for you, Chloe.

Chloe: Well, you were right, and I'm cool with that.

Brady: I thought this was supposed to be "the relationship of your life."

Chloe: Please. I got carried away with the hype of teenage romance. I know that it's not real. The only thing that's real to me is my singing and how much I want it.

Brady: Oh, so I see. It's up with music, down with people.

Chloe: No, not all people, just guys...For now. Um, life goes on and all that.

Brady: You're a really good actress. I almost believed you that time.

Chloe: What?

Brady: You heard me. What about my little sister? Is she buying any of this? What about Shawn? Does he believe you're not hurting?

Belle: Maybe you should go to your dad and see what the cops think about that whole treasure map/can thing.

Shawn-D: Belle, I told you, going to the cops is going to slow everything down. I mean, there's the whole issue of jurisdiction, like whatever properties are covered on the island, who it belongs to, yada, yada, yada. I mean, they might even confiscate the stuff. I just want to do this on our own, get my Great Grandmother's ruby back, and just cut right through the red tape.

Paul: [Thinking] Smart kid.

Shawn-D: It's important to me, Belle. I just -- I really want her to have it back and just to see that look face, you know?

Belle: It would kind of be like your Grandfather giving Mrs.. Horton the ruby all over again.

Shawn-D: Yeah. She does so much for all of us. I just want to give her something back. Besides, we got the map, we got everything that we found in the locker. You got me. What do we need the cops for?

Kevin: Susan, you're having all these new experiences -- dancing, phosphates. Just think what wonders await you if you go on the trip.

Susan: Giant mosquito bites, heat rash.

Kevin: I'm bringing creams for all of that.

Belle: Susan, please come on the trip.

Shawn-D: Yeah, we're going. It's going to be great.

Susan: For you, maybe. Things are always great for you guys.

Belle: That's not true. Shawn and I have had a lot of rough times personally this year. The only reason we enjoy school is because we're involved in things.

Susan: I don't see the cheerleading squad asking me to sign up for this fall.

Belle: My mom always says find something you love and do it. You're very talented and smart. I'm sure if you joined a club, you'd make lots of new friends.

Susan: Don't pretend you care about us geeks and nerds, Belle. You'll never be an outcast no matter what you do.

Kevin and Shawn: Susan.

Susan: What?

Kevin: You're doing the thing you get mad at everyone else for doing -- putting Shawn and Belle in a box marked "popular" and writing them off. That's not who they are. I should say, that's not all they are.

Susan: I didn't give you a chance, did I? I'm judging you.

Shawn-D: This is tough stuff. We all get caught in these patterns and it's hard to break out of them.

Kevin: But if we don't do it now while we're in high school, it'll just get worse later on.

Belle: It's like Mr.. Woods says -- we have to be the ones to stop it, right?

Susan: I hate admitting I'm wrong, but I was. I'm sorry. I guess the only way to fix it is to go on this trip.

Belle: Right on, Susan! This trip is going to be so great. I can't wait.

Shawn-D: You don't have to wait, 'cause we're leaving tomorrow.

Brady: Chloe, listen to me. I know you can take care of yourself. Life hasn't given you much choice. But you don't have to play the brave soldier anymore. You can ask for help.

Chloe: Happy endings are highly overrated. The only true art comes from suffering. Haven't you always said that my singing was lacking emotion?

Brady: Chloe, I would never wish a broken heart upon anybody. And no matter what you say, I can see that you're hurting. Look, I know we haven't had the smoothest path to friendship. I'm not even sure if we're there yet. But I do recall you saying once if I ever needed someone, that you'd be there. Well, now I think that you're the one who needs someone to reach out to.

Chloe: I've got everything under control.

Chloe: Brady, I'm glad that you're doing so well but I really have to get back to my friends now.

Brady: Chloe, wait a second. If you need me, I'm here for you.

Chloe: Please don't waste your time.

Brady: I'll be waiting.

Nicole: Okay, so you want to be a good guy and not hurt Chloe, but there's two ways you could look at this, you know.

Philip: Not hurting Chloe means everything to me.

Nicole: I got that, but she said she doesn't want you to go.

Philip: Yeah. That's what she told Belle.

Nicole: But if you go on this trip, it might well be the best thing for her.

Philip: How do you figure that?

Nicole: All right, look. We aren't always the greatest judges of what's best for us. You guys are starting school in the fall, right?

Philip: Yeah, I guess.

Nicole: Have you thought about that? I mean, seeing each other for the first time, hanging out with all the same friends, except you guys aren't together anymore?

Philip: I've been trying not to think about that, to be honest with you.

Nicole: Right. Who wants to dwell on the negative, the way you and Chloe will be all freaking summer? But if you go on this trip and you hang out with all your friends, not to mention the sun and fun, I am telling you, Philip, your life will be a lot more bearable for both of you sooner than you know, and you can start being more focused on your grades instead of stuck in relationship hell.

Philip: Maybe you're right. Maybe I should go.

Nicole: Yeah, and your father will be so happy and proud. You'll be keeping your word with him by getting serious about school.

Philip: Oh, my God, I completely forgot about my dad. I promised him that I would stay away from Chloe if he'd take care of my mom. I can't go on this trip. I'd be breaking my word to my father.

Hope: Jen, I know you say you don't love Jack. I'm not arguing that. But when you say you might end up alone -- that just simply is not possible, because you're just too totally fabulous for that. You just have to keep an open mind and an open heart, and you can't give up.

Jennifer: You are the best friend that I could ever have, Hope Williams Brady.

Hope: I know. Come on, let's go to Salem Place. I saw the most adorable little swim trunks for J.T.

Jennifer: Oh, oh, let me buy them for him.

Hope: No, I'm buying them.

Jennifer: No. Let me see them.

Jack: Hmm. Hmm-hmm-hmm. Um, I don't -- well, they're not even made in Belgium. They're made in new jersey. Some kids hit me up, trying to raise money for a good cause. And let's face it, I'm an easy mark. The little round ones are cream-filled. They're not half bad. I've already had three Don't be shy.

Greta: Yeah, well, no, thanks. Jack, I want you to know that all I want from you is a friendship. I promise you that. So if there's anything that you feel like you want to talk about, anything that you want to share with me...

Jack: Hmm? You know, there's nothing here for me, unless I'm willing to relocate to Rhode Island and become a fisherman -- fisherperson. Labels are so sexist. Well, not yours, of course, Prince-- Princess. Hey, tell me, do you royals get equal pay for equal work? You could be the first. You could lead the way for us all, Highness. Hmm? Well, since I'm not going to start a new career toy, let's just catch a game on the tube. Let's do that. And if you're not going to have those, why don't you just pass them over?

Greta: Okay, no problem.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Greta: There you go.

Jack: Thank you.

Greta: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Ah. Mmm. [Muffled] Caramel.

Greta: What'd you say?

Jack: Caramel.

Jack: Mm. Mm.

Greta: Chew, Jack. Chew. Chew.

Jack: Mm! I-I can't. I can't.

Greta: What? Chew.

Jack: I can't. I can't.

Greta: Ha ha ha. What are you doing?

Jennifer: I want to.

Greta: Ha ha ha!

Jack: Mm.

Greta: Like this is helping.

Belle: Are you all right, Chloe? You look kind of upset.

Chloe: Yeah, uh, I just saw that creep from the courthouse again. Do you think he's stalking me?

Shawn-D: Maybe he's stalking me. Did you ever think of that?

Belle: Um, no. Look, Chloe, we leave for Puerto Rico tomorrow. We'll probably never see him again.

Paul: [Thinking] That's what you think. You three are going to lead me straight to my jewels.

Shawn-D: I've got to pack.

Chloe: Oh, yeah, but before I pack, I've got to --

Chloe and Belle: Shop!

Belle: Let's go. Oh, my gosh, Brady, I didn't see you here.

Brady: I didn't see you, either, Belle.

Belle: You know what? You're going to miss us. We're going to Puerto Rico.

Brady: All three of you?

Belle: Yes. It's a school trip. A whole bunch of us from our class are going.

Shawn-D: Yeah, it's going to be awesome. I'm out of here.

Belle: Yeah, I'll see you later.

Brady: You all have fun.

Brady: Bunch of kids, huh? I wonder if that includes Uncle Phil.

Philip: Here.

Nicole: When you woke up this morning, you had no idea Chloe was going, right?

Philip: Yeah, so?

Nicole: And if you hadn't have run into Belle, you still wouldn't know.

Philip: Yeah, but I did. I do. And Dad --

Nicole: Okay, golden rule of teenage life -- what your parents don't know won't hurt them. Go on the trip. Your father won't know Chloe went till it's too late to do anything about it.

Philip: But I finally got my dad to help my mom.

Nicole: Philip, your father is a man of his word, just like you are. He won't go back on his promise to help your mother. Besides, it's not like you're moving to Puerto Rico. Your mother can handle things herself for a few weeks.

Philip: Yeah. Dad did give her a chunk of change to live on.

Nicole: See? Problem solved. Your mother is taken care of, and I promise I will keep an eye on your father. There is nothing standing in your way. Go have an awesome trip, muchacho.

Philip: Thanks, Nicole. Here. Take care.

Nicole: Bye. [Thinking] Sorry, Philip. I hope Chloe doesn't go ballistic on you, but every girl for herself -- that's my motto. I've got to make sure Kate doesn't squeeze Victor for more money, and I can't do that with Kate's loyal son watching my every move. Bon voyage.  

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