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Philip: Chloe, I wish I could be there for you today.

Chloe: Thanks.

Belle: Wow, we're the first ones here.

Shawn-D: Yeah, we are pretty early. You want to go get something to eat? Or I can bring something back.

Chloe: No, thanks. I'm fine. I don't need anything. I already went through the worst humiliation of my life. Now it's Jan and Mimi's turn. [Footsteps]

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.

Faye: I'm tired, Paul. I barely slept all night.

Paul: That's desire talking, baby.

Faye: I'm just not used to having you in bed with me anymore.

Paul: And I'm sorry about that, babe. I'm sorry I haven't been here for you. But I'm going to be a good husband to you now. Oh, yeah, in more ways than one 'cause your Paul is back, baby. You know Iíve changed. You could tell right here in this bed last night, right?

Huh? I could feel it.

Faye: How many times have I heard that before, Paul?

Paul: Yeah, well, this time, I'm going to prove it to you, all right? Oh, no, look at the time. I didn't realize it was so late. I got some business to take care of. I'll be back.

Faye: What kind of business?

Paul: I said I'll be back.

Philip: You know, it could work out great for the both of us. I could spend the rest of my life making you happy.

Chloe: Okay, I can get behind that.

Philip: And not just happy. Secure. So you know you're loved.

Philip: I love you. I love you.

Philip: Happy one-year anniversary, baby, and it keeps getting better.

Philip: How could I let this happen?

Shawn-D: Um, why don't we go sit down?

Chloe: Um, no, thanks.

Mimi: Come on.

Jan: No. You go sit. I -- I have something I want to say to Chloe first.

Mimi: Please don't.

Cameron: Come on, Mimi. It's okay. It's fine.

Jan: Chloe... I have something I want to tell you. I promised myself I wasn't going to cry. I'm sorry for what we did. I mean... I don't know how it went from some glue and a rat to this.

Chloe: You don't know how.

Jan: Okay. I'm the one that started it. I mean, even before all that stuff, I was calling you names, but I -- we all were. I -- I don't want to blame anyone else, though. I just want to make up for what Iíve done.

Chloe: And you will.

Jan: Look... I know you guys are friends with Chloe, and I totally understand if you never speak to me or Mimi again. That's... That's all I wanted to say.

Cameron: Here, dear.

Jan: Thank you.

[doorbell rings]

Maureen: Hi.

Paul: Hello, Mrs.. Lockhart. I'm sorry to bother you again, but I was wondering if you'd had a chance to speak with your daughter. Or if she's home, maybe I could --

Maureen: No, she's not, and I'm sorry, I'm a bit flustered. I'm running a little late, but I found out who has your can. It's one of my daughter's friends -- Shawn Brady.

Paul: Oh, great. Well, thank you so much. I don't suppose you could tell me where I could find this Shawn. I was -- I really wanted to find this thing today.

Maureen: Well, I'm sure he'll be at the courthouse with all the rest of the kids.

Paul: The courthouse?

Maureen: Like I said, it's a long story. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude. I really have to get going.

Paul: It's fine. Fine. Thank you so much. Hmm. The courthouse is not exactly one of my favorite places, but for that can, I will go anywhere.

Faye: Whew. You're back.

Paul: Told you I would be.

Faye: Yeah. So, um, how'd it go, whatever you were doing?

Paul: I believe my ship's about to come in.

Faye: Oh, no. I know what that means, Paul. You just got out of prison.

Paul: Oh, baby, that's sweet of you to worry, but you're stuck with me. So... What are your plans for today?

Faye: Oh, uh, you know -- work.

Paul: That's it?

Faye: Paul, don't start this again.

Paul: Start what?

Faye: Look... Paul, I -- I think you need to find another place to stay.

Paul: Come on. Oh, you. I love you, babe.

Mr. Woods: Hi.

Chloe: Mr. Woods. It's summer. You didn't have to come.

Mr. Woods: I'm here as a friend.

Belle: Susan, Kevin.

Chloe: Hey, guys.

Susan: Hi.

Kevin: Hi, Belle. Belle, I'm sorry I accused your brother of placing those slides in the projector at the dance. Now that we know what really happened, we want them to pay as much as you do, Chloe.

Chloe: Thank you.

Susan: Well, good luck, not that you need it.

Mr. Woods: Let's have our seats.

Mimi: Why'd you ruin your makeup with all that crying? It's not going to get you anywhere. Chloe's still out for blood.

Jan: Yeah, that's vampira. But Shawn's cool.

Jan: He totally bought it.

Mimi: Oh, my God.

Shawn-D: So, Chloe, Jan coming over here -- that didn't make you feel any better, I guess.

Chloe: Are you serious?

Shawn-D: Well, I'm just kind of surprised that she apologized.

Chloe: Yeah, because her lawyer told her to sound really sorry.

Shawn-D: Chloe, she was crying, too.

Belle: Do you believe everything a beautiful girl tells you?

Shawn-D: Well, I believe everything you tell me.

Belle: Good answer.

Chloe: Did you hear how happy Jan was when she thought she was going to have a chance to make up for what she did? Well, let's just see the look on her face when she finds out what her punishment is. Then we will see the real tears come.

Philip: No, forget this. Chloe, I'm sorry, but I can't stand here anymore.

Jan: Would you chill?

Mimi: Why don't you chill? Hello -- neither one of us should chill. This is the worst thing that's ever happened to me. I mean, besides being homeless, but even then, I knew it wasn't my own stupid fault. Even if we're not going to jail, but we could definitely --

Jan: Shut up.

Mimi: Whoa. I've never seen this side of you.

Jan: What, impatient and bitchy?

Mimi: Nervous.

Maureen: Mimi?

Mimi: Mom?

Maureen: How are you doing, sweetie?

Mimi: Better now that you're here.

Maureen: Your dad called. He was really sorry he missed you. He said to give you a kiss. He wanted to be here so badly, but...

Mimi: New guy on the job can't be cutting short his business trip. I would feel so bad if he had to do that because of me. Like you guys didn't have enough problems before I went and did something so dumb.

Maureen: You are our daughter. You have a problem, but you are never a problem. We love you no matter what.


Jason: Jan.

Jan: Oh, hey, honey. You're here. You didn't, um... happen to see my dad out there anywhere?

Jason: Jan, I'm really -- I'm really sorry.

Jan: No, it's all right. He's probably just running late.

Jason: No. No, Jan, he's, uh... He's not coming.

Jan: No, he said he would.

Jason: I-I know. Some business thing came up or something. I don't know. But your mom -- she's going to be here, right?

Jan: Are you kidding? Miss weekly manicure?

Jason: Well... I'm here.

Jan: Yeah.

Jason: Hey, come here.

Belle: This ruby is very beautiful, Shawn, but are you sure it's the same one that belonged to your Great-Grandmother?

Shawn-D: Of course. I've seen the fake one a million times, and it looks exactly like the real thing.

Belle: I just find this whole thing so weird. I mean, out of everyone, you are the person that ends up with the key to that locker that has the map and these pictures.

Shawn-D: I told you the can was following me around for a reason.

Belle: No, not again.

Chloe: You know what's really weird is how this island looks like it's so close to Puerto Rico.

Belle: Which happens to be where we're going on our school trip. I know.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I just hope we're right about that last part.

Belle: But with all these coordinates, this map is so confusing.

Chloe: Yeah, it's like someone deliberately tried to make it more complicated than it had to be.

Shawn-D: Why not? It's a treasure map. It's supposed to be challenging. I mean, we already know that this jewelry is obviously stolen.

[Car door opens] [car door closes]

Faye: Abe, I can't thank you enough.

Abe: Now, tell me, what's wrong?

Faye: It's Paul. You know how I told you he was going to be getting out soon?

Abe: He's back.

Faye: Yeah.

Abe: Faye, did he touch you?

Faye: No. No, not -- not really.

Abe: What do you mean? What happened?

Faye: I'm his wife, Abe. He expected me to...

Abe: He forced you?

Faye: No! No. I was just...So scared.

Abe: He was back yesterday, wasn't he? Why didn't you tell me then?

Faye: I don't know. I just thought -- I just didn't think he was going to go to my house.

Abe: You know, it's his house, too, Faye. You do know this is the 21st century. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, married or not.

Faye: If I said no? I shouldn't say that. He didn't threaten me, and he promises me that he's changed. I know. I know what you're going to say, Abe, but maybe this time he really has.

Abe: Faye, you went to bed with this man because you were so frightened, so you say, and now you're telling me you think that he's just a swell guy after all. So which is it, Faye?

Abe: Oh, my God. My God. Why are you doing this to yourself again?

Chloe: Shh!

Shawn-D: What?

Chloe: That guy behind us -- I think he was listening.

Shawn-D: Who?

Chloe: The guy wearing the sunglasses in the suit.

Paul: [Thinking] My God, those stupid smarty-pants kids. They did it. They have my stuff. But they're not going to get my treasure. Watch your step, Paul. The last thing you need is to wind up back here.

Belle: What did your dad say when you showed him all of this?

Shawn-D: I didn't show him.

Belle: What are we supposed to do with this stuff?

Shawn-D: Look, I really want to find my Great-Grandmother's ruby. It would mean so much to her, but my dad can't help us with an overseas case -- he'll have no jurisdiction there.

Chloe: So what are we going to do, call in the Puerto Rican Police?

Shawn-D: No. All right, how about this? When we go on our trip, I'll rent a boat. We'll find some person there who's familiar with the area and can take me to the island. It'll be much faster that way. Don't you guys think it was meant to turn out this way? All right, well, I do, and my dad has told me that the local authorities down there can be such a pain, and I just -- you never know what's going to happen.

Belle: Yeah, my dad said the same thing.

Shawn-D: We just definitely don't want to get this thing confiscated.

Belle: We? What do you mean "we"?

Shawn-D: You're not going to help me?

Belle: Oh, it's not super Shawn to the rescue?

Shawn-D: I don't know everything there is about treasure maps. Wait, wasn't it you when we were younger who was reading "The Three Investigators"?

Belle: You remember that?

Shawn-D: Yeah, of course I do. So, investigators? Are you with me?

Belle: Si, si.

Chloe: Sounds more stimulating than anything else I'd be doing this summer, but --

Belle: But what? You were so excited about this before.

Chloe: Yeah, I figure that Philip hates school stuff, so he definitely wouldn't be going on a school trip, especially now that we're -- but I'm not sure, and I know that I couldn't face weeks on a tiny island with him.

Belle: It seems kind of stupid not to go because of the 1% chance Philip might be there.

Chloe: Yeah, well, maybe if you could --

Belle: Chloe, if you want me to find out for you, I will.

Chloe: Thank you, Belle. You're the best.

Shawn-D: Isn't she? So, Chloe, I just want to let you know I think it would be awesome if you went with us.

Chloe: Me too. I'd love to go.

Shawn-D: Look, just -- guys, don't tell anyone about the ruby, though, okay?

Belle: Yeah.

Shawn-D: What?

Belle: Nothing, it's just -- when Mimi and I were little, we used to read these mystery books. We were always looking for some case to solve, and now here we are, the three of us with this big adventure, and what's Mimi going to be doing this summer? Why did she do this to you, Chloe? Why did she do it to herself?

Mimi: I wish this thing would just get started.

Jan: I wish it would never start.

Nancy: Here we go, sweetheart.

Craig: Right behind you.

Nancy: Hi, sweetheart.

Chloe: Hi.

Craig: You doing okay?

Chloe: Yeah, I'm okay.

Craig: Good.

Nancy: Did you get breakfast?

Shawn-D: We tried.

Craig: Thanks for being such good friends to Chloe.

Belle: Chloe's a good friend, too.

Nancy: We're going to try to find a seat closer.

Chloe: Okay, I'll be there in a minute.

Nancy: I don't know why we even bother to come if she's going to ignore us.

Craig: Well, she'll come up when she's finished talking with her friends, Nancy.

Nancy: Craig, you took time off of work. I mean, she could at least --

Craig: She's talking with her friends, Nancy. She'll be here in a second.

Chloe: I guess I should go sit with Craig and Nancy.

Belle: Hey, Chloe? Good luck.

Shawn-D: Yeah, you'll do great.

Chloe: Thanks.

Craig: Oh, hey, why don't you sit right here?

Bailiff: All rise.

Bailiff: The court is now in session, the Honorable Katherine K. Christopher presiding.

Judge: Be seated.

Abe: Why the hell did you call me? You said it was police business. Now, was that just to get my attention? Because now you say there's -- there's no problem.

Faye: I didn't say there was no problem.

Abe: Did Paul change or not?

Faye: I hope he has. Hope to God he has.

Abe: How many times do I have to go down this road with you? What do you expect me to do?

Faye: I don't know, Abe. Maybe I just wanted to warn you. You know how Paul gets when it comes to you.

Abe: Well, if he's such a changed man, I guess I don't have anything to worry about, do I?

Faye: Well, he is a lot older now. Maybe age has mellowed him, Abe.

Abe: Yeah. Fine. Then you go back to him and let him beat the hell out of you again. Call the police, and we'll all pray that he doesn't kill you this time.

Faye: Abe, please, don't do this. You're the only one that can help me. You're right. I'm afraid of him, terribly afraid of him.

Judge: We're here to determine appropriate disposition for the minors Miriam Lockhart and Jan Spears, who've admitted to the facts in petition. Before we discuss the actual penalty, I'd like to hear from the victim of their crime. Ms. Chloe Lane, will you please take the stand?

Bailiff: Will you please stand? Please raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Chloe: I do.

Bailiff: You may be seated.

Judge: Ms. Lane, we've solicited your input because nobody understands the severity of this case better than you do. As you've already done with the district attorney, I'd like to ask you to share with this court how you feel these young women would best be served by our justice system.

Chloe: Your honor, first I'd like to thank you. I appreciate the fact that someone cared what I felt about the terrible thing that happened to me and what should be done about it, but I know that we have to work within the constraints of our legal system, and that means compromise. Usually that means protecting the criminals. For example, as minors, Jan and Mimi will be shielded from the media. Their names can't be used or their pictures. Meanwhile naked photos of me were posted on the internet for everyone to see. All my classmates saw them. Now, no one else can ever know how that feels. I wouldn't even wish that on Jan and Mimi. Do I know what should happen to them? No, I don't know. I just know that if they're punished to the full extent of the law, that this is going to be a very long and drawn-out process, and I know that that's not best for me, my family, my friends, or my school. Now, I'm not going to tell you how I really feel about these girls or what they did to me because I'm not going to stoop to name-calling, which started all of this. I'm just going to state the facts. It's not just in Salem High, it's everywhere. If you're popular, "sweet 16" isn't an oxymoron. High school is maybe going to be the best time of your life, but what does it take to be popular? I don't know. For me, it was putting on a red dress and taking off my glasses. And then all of a sudden, I lost my popularity, but that was fine with me because popularity, it isn't a constant comfort, and I don't understand why we spend so much time in our lives chasing something that we can't even define. Is -- is being a cheerleader ex-con popular? Are you going to be adored by all your classmates for making a spectacle of me? Maybe, but look at where it got you in the process. So maybe you had a car when you were 16, maybe you lettered in three sports, and maybe you made fun of me when I sang opera in music class because you thought that it was boring and depressing and doesn't relate to real life, but you know what? I'm happy that I know what happened when Othello killed Desdemona in a passionate rage, and I'm glad that I knew what tragedy was like in a time when I shouldn't have known, when I was a little kid. Now, we -- we all know that hatred leads to tragedy, but what I learned from opera is that love, real love, can do the same.

Chloe: I'm talking about feelings here because rules are great and laws are wonderful, but by themselves they're not going to fix what's wrong. And yes, the school has to do its part, and the courts do, too, but we are the ones who have to make a difference. We have to keep the petty stuff, like disagreements and dislikes, jealousies and such, from turning into violence and crime. Do we really feel so much better when we make other people miserable? When you picked on me, I picked on you right back because I knew that if I let you get away with it, you were going to make things so much worse for me, but look at where it got me and look at where it got you. Now, revenge didn't make me feel any better, and I can guarantee you that Jan and Mimi don't feel better, either. And I didn't come here today to pay them back for what they did to me. No, I just want things to change. That's the only justice that I'm after. When I go back to school in September, I just think that every kid should be able to walk down the hallway without being shoved into a locker or worry that kids are laughing at him behind his back or even have to think that the whole world is against even before he's out of high school.

Judge: [Banging gavel] Order! Everyone, please be seated.

Chloe: That's all I have to say, your honor. Thank you for allowing me to speak.

Judge: Thank you, young lady. You may step down, Ms. Lane.

Judge: Ms. Spears, Ms. Lockhart, I'd be hard pressed to put it any better than Ms. Lane just has. I can only ask myself, girls this smart and this creative, why would they need to resort to such vile behavior? I've looked at your grades. Clearly you've spent more time planning this atrocity than you have on your studies this spring. Is Ms. Lane's humiliation the crowning glory of your high school career, of your life? Maybe you don't know enough to be sad about yourselves, but I'm very sad for you -- two bright beautiful girls, leaders in your school, with good friends, good health. Sure, your lives aren't perfect. Well, girls, you're no exception. There's no excuse for what you've done, and your lives from now on are going to be a lot less perfect.

Jan: Daddy, why didn't you come? I really need you.

Judge: I'll make this short but not sweet for you girls. Regarding restitution -- the court is not particularly sympathetic toward or inclined to spend taxpayer dollars for the purpose of locating those voyeurs who were so anxious to part with their money over the internet, so, Ms. Spears and Ms. Lockhart, the $27,000 shopping spree you'd planned is officially canceled, and those monies will be donated instead to the music program at Salem High school. As for you personally, you will spend your summer with your teachers Mr.. Woods and Ms. Perez on a school-sponsored trip, learning how to protect the environment for future generations.

Mimi: My family doesn't have the money to send me.

Judge: Does your family have to foot the bill for your bad behavior? No. I've, um, I've made a much more satisfactory arrangement. As part of the school's Janitorial staff in your senior year, your salary will work out to be exactly the price of the trip.

Jan: What?

Judge: Bye-bye, carefree high school days, hello, working world. Since you know your way around the locker room so well, you will be responsible for the care of all the showers. As you know, they're used by every athletic team and gym class and must be cleaned daily, and, of course, the toilets, too.

Jan: No way.

Judge: Way.

Mimi: Jan, please be quiet. Just agree to whatever she says. I do not want to go to jail.

Judge: You will also be barred from all extracurricular activities except for those directly related to academics. For example, science club. In case you don't understand what that means... No cheerleading, Ms. Spears, no soccer, Ms. Lockhart, no dances, and especially no senior prom. I detect some resistance to this arrangement, so I will warn you now. If either of you fails to carry out this sentence, you will be remanded to a juvenile facility until your 21st birthday.

Jan: This is the deal you made?

Cameron: Jan, it was better than every alternative, believe me. You were lucky.

Judge: [Bangs gavel] This court is now adjourned.

Maureen: Miriam? Mimi. Wait.

Craig: Hey, you.

Nancy: Sweetheart, what you said up there was --

Craig: Sweetheart, we are so proud of you. You were wonderful.

Nancy: I had tears in my eyes.

Chloe: Nancy, you always have tears in your eyes.

Craig: It's true. You do.

Shawn-D: I'll be outside.

Belle: Okay. Philip, I understand why you wanted to come --

Philip: I know. I shouldn't be here, but... I didn't support her when it really mattered, and I just -- I can't avoid her forever, Belle. I mean, we have to work something out.

Belle: I didn't want to be the one to ask you, but --

Philip: What?

Belle: Chloe wanted to know -- you're not going on the school trip tomorrow, are you?

Philip: Why? She's not going. She has those other summer plans.

Belle: I guess they fell through, and she really wants to go only if you're not going to be there.

Philip: Oh. Yeah, well, okay, I won't go, then, if she doesn't want me there. I don't want to ruin anything else for her.

Belle: Okay, well, I'll see you later.

Paul: Hey, baby. Nicky, it's me. You don't recognize your daddy's voice? Yep, right here in Salem. Of course I found you. Always do, sugar. Don't you know that by now? Mm-hmm.

Boy: Sorry, Jan.

Girl: Sorry, Jase. So, are you going to spend prom night cleaning toilets with Jan? She's always telling me what a sweetie you are.

Mr. Woods: Did you not hear anything Chloe said?

Kevin: We heard it loud and clear, Mr.. Woods.

Mr. Woods: Good. Now that the message is out there, let's start acting on it. There's still room to sign up for the trip. It's going to be a great and positive experience to the extent you make it, and I know you can.

Kevin: So? Did you decide yet?

Susan: I told you, beaches, swimsuits -- not my thing.

Kevin: Oh, way positive, Susan. You know, if you don't go, I'm not going.

Susan: Don't put that on me. Why not?

Kevin: Come with me. I'll explain.

Craig: We're very proud of you.

Nancy: We'll see you at home, sweetheart.

Chloe: Okay.

Belle: Chloe!

Chloe: Hey, you guys.

Belle: You were so awesome.

Shawn-D: How do you feel?

Belle: Um, I don't know. Do you want me to go find him?

Chloe: No. He shouldn't have been here in the first place.

Belle: You know, I did ask him, and he's not going on the trip.

Chloe: Good.

Belle: Chloe, do you still want to go? I mean, even with Jan and Mimi?

Chloe: I especially want to go now. You know they're going to try to find every opportunity there is to get out of what they're supposed to do, and I want to be there to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Shawn-D: Well, I must say that I'm very glad that you're going to be coming to treasure island with us.

Chloe: Thank you.

Shawn-D: Come on.

Belle: Okay, ready?

Paul: Treasure's all mine, and I'm not going to share. Heh heh heh heh.

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