Days of Our Lives Transcript Monday 7/16/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript;  Canada- Monday 7/16/01; U.S. Tuesday, 7/17/01

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[Piano playing]

Lexie: This is my life we're talking about. My child is my life. I need Abe to support me. I need him to be there for me and for the baby.

Brandon: Okay. I'll back off. Lawsuit? Nah, I have a much better way of getting back at Abe Carver.

Brandon: [Thinking] Oh, yeah, a much better way.

Barb: Glen's like a dog about this whole D.N.A. mess. [Sighs] There is something fishy about the whole thing. I should have looked at those lab results before I threw them out. There's no time like the present. Where the heck did he put them? You took out the trash?

Jennifer: Oh. "Salem High." "Salem High scandal"?

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness.

Hope: Hey, Jen. Jen?

Jennifer: I'm sorry. Did you see this, what happened at the Salem High dance? Can you imagine?

Shawn-D: Mom and I had a front-row seat. We were there.

Jennifer: You were there?

Hope: Yeah. I have a feeling the fallout is just beginning. It was awful.

Brady: Hey, yo, Phil!

Philip: Nice catch, bro. You'll be good to go in no time.

Brady: Yeah, that's the plan.

Philip: Hey, uh, look, man, I'm glad I ran into you. I owe you an apology, Brady, a big one.

[Knock on door]

Chloe: Who is it?

Belle: It's me, Chloe.

Chloe: Hey, thanks for coming.

Belle: Duh, you're like one of my best friends. Chloe, I'm so glad you called me. I was so worried about you.

Cameron: I am really having trouble wrapping my brain around this one. Why would two intelligent young women rig up a camera in a girls' locker room, set up a web site, and then project the image of a naked classmate on a 20-foot screen during a high school dance? What in God's name possessed you to do such a thing?

Jan: Possessed? Well, that's the right word, but we're certainly not the ones who are. Chloe lame-o is. She's ruined everything for us, and we hate her.

Cameron: Well, I certainly hope you're pleased with yourselves, because that hatred may see you facing a prison term.

Glen: Don't look at me like I'm crazy. I thought I was doing you a favor.

Barb: Yeah, well, no guy takes out the trash without ulterior motives.

Glen: Mine are so, how about joining me in the shower?

Barb: Ha. See that? Looking for perks already. I'll tell you what. You get started and I'll be in a minute. I just want to throw some stuff in the dryer.

Glen: Okay.

Lexie: Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.

Brandon: No problem. What's up? You sounded strung out on the phone.

Lexie: Yeah, well, that seems to be my state of mind these days.

Brandon: Why? I thought things were cool. The D.N.A. test came back negative and Glen and Barb left town, right?

Lexie: Oh, but I have got more news. I've moved.

Brandon: Out of your house? You left Abe?

Lexie: Don't be ridiculous. With Abe and my baby.

Brandon: So where did you move?

Lexie: My father's house.

Brandon: Whoa. Good old honest Abe can't be too happy about that.

Lexie: That's putting it mildly.

Brandon: Well, how'd you get him to agree?

Lexie: It's called love. Some people will agree to anything in the name of it.

Brandon: While kicking and screaming.

Lexie: Yeah, all the way, and then some. I'm really worried, Brandon. This is putting such a strain on my marriage. I just hope and pray that it's strong enough to withstand it.

Brandon: If you are so concerned about this, Lexie, why did you make the move?

Lexie: Because I'm terrified that we haven't seen the last of Glen and Barb. That's why.

Barb: I've got to find that lab report.

Barb: Ugh. Looks like I'm going to need a shower.

Brady: Why do you owe me an apology, Phil?

Philip: For the way I acted about you and Chloe. I mean, you guys would just talk and I'd get all jealous and everything. I not only didn't trust Chloe, I didn't trust you, and that's wrong. We're family, Brady. I should have known better.

Victor: You know that Chloe is going to hurt Philip. Could I ask you... Could you do what you can to keep her away from my son?

Brady: So, have you talked to Chloe since the dance, Phil?

Philip: No, no. I did get a chance to talk with Dr. Wesley. He said it's probably better if I don't try to see Chloe right now. So I sent her a tape instead.

Brady: A tape? What kind of tape?

Philip: It's me, a tape of me apologizing. I had it delivered to her.

Brady: Why?

Philip: Why? Because I was a jackass. I totally screwed up, man, and I had to tell her. I had to do something, right?

Brady: I don't think so. Did you ever think that things with you and Chloe just might be over, you should just leave it alone? I mean, face it, Phil, you're from two different worlds.

Mimi: My life is over.

Jan: It wasn't much to begin with anyway.

Mimi: How can you be so flip? Between my parents and the judicial system, I might as well just flat line right now, Jan.

Jan: How can you be so self-centered? It's us, Lockhart, us, thanks to your big mouth for dragging me into this.

Mimi: Dragging you? You are such a liar! This whole sick revenge plot against Chloe was your idea.

Jan: Who put the slides in the projector, huh? Huh?

Cameron: Girls, girls, do I have to separate you? I didn't think so. Now come over here and sit down and shut up. Your parents have decided that I'm going to be representing both of you, so the finger-pointing and the in-fighting now, are we clear?

Jan: She started it.

Cameron: Miss Spears, do you have a hearing problem as well as behavioral one?

Jan: There's nothing wrong with my hearing.

Cameron: Then zip the lip. And sit up. Look at you guys. Stop slouching. Sit up straight. Come on, the way you handle yourselves in front of a judge is going to count for a lot. Now sit up. That's a lot better. What the two of you did was beyond stupid. If neither one of you had said a word, a blind man could have followed the clues right back to you. You're joined at the hip, ladies. You will either sink or swim together. Now do you have that? Okay. The name of the game now is damage control. Now, in a case like this, can carry an awful lot of weight. Do either of you know anyone who might be able to convince Chloe to show some sympathy

Belle: Well, your mom said you weren't taking any calls, so...Are you all right?

Chloe: As well as can be expected.

Belle: I am so sorry for what happened to you. I am even more sorry that one of my friends was responsible. I expect this kind of thing from Jan, but --

Chloe: Mimi is a follower, Belle.

Belle: That doesn't make her any less guilty. I just -- I feel terrible.

Chloe: Well, not to worry. Jan and Mimi are going to pay for what they did to me -- pay and pay and pay.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Where is my head? Of course. You go to Salem High. Of course you were there.

Hope: And I was chaperoning. Yeah, it's such a shame that it ended so badly.

Jennifer: You know, my heart just goes out to Chloe. It's just awful.

Shawn-D: I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't go to Salem High next year. How much can one person take?

Jennifer: You know what? Honestly, after everything that I see happening in high schools today, it makes me want to put Abby in a time machine.

Shawn-D: Well, you know, what Mr.. Woods -- he's one of my teachers -- said at the dance, it was really important. He basically put the responsibility on my generation to make things change so when Abby and J.T. go to high school -- yeah, that's right -- things will be better.

Hope: Maybe it will, honey.

Jennifer: You know what? I admire you for wanting things to be different. That's excellent.

Hope: Jen, you said on the phone there was something very important you needed to talk to me about.

Jennifer: Oh, my gosh, that's right. It's about Gram.

Hope: Gram?

Philip: I couldn't leave it alone, man. I was going stir crazy at home. I kept hearing those awful things that I'd say to Chloe play over and over again in my head. No, man, I had to tell her I was wrong. Besides, Chloe and I aren't from "different worlds," as you put it. And even if we were, so what? Love crosses all boundaries. I mean, look at "Romeo and Juliet."

Brady: Phil, your love for Chloe has really changed you, man. Listen to yourself. You're referring to Shakespeare. "Romeo and Juliet"? You're probably making opera references nowadays, aren't you?

Philip: I'm serious, Brady. I'm a better person for knowing Chloe, and even if she never wants to see me again, I needed her to know that.

Belle: Chloe, what do you mean, "Jan and Mimi will pay"?

Chloe: Just that. I've already been contacted by the prosecuting attorney.

Belle: You're kidding.

Chloe: No. What those two did is a very serious offense. I have to give my statement before the judge who's going to sentence them.

Belle: Sentence them? Chloe, could Jan and Mimi go to prison?

Cameron: It's unfortunate that you feel Chloe won't ask for leniency on your behalf.

Jan: Why would she?

Cameron: Because the charges you're facing are very serious ones, legal parameters in a case like this are broad.

Mimi: What do you mean?

Cameron: Well, the penalty could range anywhere from 15 years in prison to simply putting the two of you on probation. Now, while a statement from Miss Lane would be helpful, you do have a number of other things that are working for you -- your age, no prior offenses, and the fact that you told the truth and you cooperated with authorities. Now, that should rule out the maximum sentence.

Mimi: Oh, thank God.

Jan: See? I told you they weren't going to send us to the slammer.

Cameron: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. I did not rule out the possibility of jail time. I just said not 15 years. It could be five, it could be three. But believe me, young ladies, at your age, one week in prison will feel like an eternity.

Shawn-D: What's wrong with great-Gran?

Jennifer: Oh, nothing. I'm sor-- I didn't mean to make it sound grim.

Hope: Okay, so what's up?

Jennifer: Well, Gram told me the most amazing story last night, and I can't stop thinking about it. You remember the ruby that grandpa gave her on their 30th anniversary?

Hope: How could I forget? She used to let me hold it up to the window and watch it sparkle.

Jennifer: Well, it's fake.

Hope: What? That's impossible.

Jennifer: No, it's not. Get this. Grandma told me that a long time ago she wanted to update the setting, you know, and grandpa wasn't crazy about the idea. But anyway, to make a long story short, grandma went ahead and did it anyway, and she brought it to the jeweler. But before she could pick up this new updated version, the jewelry store was robbed, and they took everything, including Gram's ruby.

Hope: And grandpa never knew?

Jennifer: No. The sad part is she couldn't afford to get a duplicate cut, so the jeweler just made her this copy.

Hope: I can't believe Granís been carrying this around with her all these years.

Jennifer: I know. And the sad thing is she's still haunted by it. I mean, she told me that to this day she walks around Salem looking for someone who could be wearing this ruby.

Shawn-D: I would do anything to help Gran find it. I mean, seriously, how hard could it be to track down?

Brady: So, Phil, tell me more about this tape that you sent to Chloe.

Philip: It was pretty straightforward. I apologized and told her that I hoped that she could forgive me someday. Not that I deserve it, but I am hoping that she and I can be friends again.

Brady: Friends. Yeah, that's cool. Listen, I know it's going To be tough and it's going To take some time, but you're going to find somebody else, Phil, I know it.

Philip: You don't get it, do you? I don't want anybody else. I love her. I'll always love her. There's never going to be another girl for me. Never.

Belle: Chloe, I know what Jan and Mimi did to you was horrible, but you really don't want them to go to prison, do you?

Chloe: No. That would be too easy. I want them to suffer the same humiliation that I did in front of everyone. I want them to have to live with the same feeling that I have to live with.

Belle: What do you mean? What do you want to do to them?

Chloe: I really can't say any more.

Belle: No, Chloe, look, I can feel but I think this has to do with more than what Jan and

Mimi did to you. I think you're upset because of the way Philip reacted to all of this. It was horrible.

Chloe: That's why I really needed to see you. Belle, you are truly my friend, aren't you? I mean, I can trust you, right?

Mimi: Well, what happens now?

Cameron: Well, because you both pled guilty, there won't be a trial, but there will be a hearing before a judge, at which time the D.A. will present her recommendation, and I will do the same.

Jan: I've seen this on "law & order." It's where we both look sad, and you tell the judge that we're sorry, it's our first offense, and we didn't really know it was wrong, and yada yada yada.

Cameron: Listen, young lady, in case you haven't turned on the news lately, the current climate in our justice system is to come down hard on minors. Children are killing children.

Jan: So? You're talking about murder. We didn't hold a gun to anyone's head.

Cameron: But the courts have finally decided that they're not going to wait around for the next bloodbath. They want to stop it where it starts -- with pranks, bullying, teasing... With kids like you.

Mimi: Oh, my God. What have I done?

Brandon: Why would Glen come back to Salem? He had his D.N.A. test done. It wasn't a match. He knows he's not Isaac's father.

Lexie: What if he had another test done after the kidnapping?

Brandon: You mean while they were on the run?

Lexie: Look, Brandon, I can't take any chances. If they did have another D.N.A. test done, it will come back positive. Now, Glen may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but it won't take him long to figure out that those babies were switched. No. Ah... Here we go.

Barb: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. He is Glen's son.

Mimi: Just when you think your life can't get any worse...

Cameron: Yeah, revenge isn't always as glamorous as it is at your local Cineplex.

Mimi: Nothing will ever be the same.

Cameron: You're right. Hopefully, it'll be better, because if this hasn't been a major wake-up call, we might as well lock the two of you up and throw away the key.

Shayna: Excuse me. I need to speak with you... Alone... Now.

Brady: Phil, just lighten up, man. You're ready to check yourself into some retirement home. You're only 16 years old.

Philip: Hey, I'm 17 now.

Brady: Oh. Sorry, my bad. Listen to me, man. You've got one more year of high school left, and then you're going to have the entire world at your fingertips, not to mention the whole female population.

Philip: Man, none of that matters. I can't even imagine kissing or touching... Or looking in anyone else's eyes but Chloe's. Look, you know, I only stopped by to say I'm sorry. I accused you of a lot of stuff, and I was wrong about a lot of things. I guess I'm one of those people that has to learn things the hard way.

Belle: Of course you can trust me, Chloe. That's what friendship's all about.

Chloe: Some friend I am. I didn't even ask you how your date with Shawn went.

Belle: It was great. I will give you all of the details later/ Just don't change the subject now.

Chloe: He really disappointed me, Belle. He accused me of such horrible things.

Belle: It's okay to cry, Chloe.

Chloe: No, I don't want to cry about this anymore. And the reason I asked you to come over was to show you something.

Chloe: It's from Philip.

Belle: Chloe... Don't fall for it.

Jennifer: You know what? Shawn is right. We should do this. We should try to help Gram find this ruby.

Hope: Well, yeah. It would be wonderful if we could, but, come on, after all these years, don't you think the trail's run a little cold?

Shawn-D: Mom, dad's a great cop. I don't think any trail is too cold for him.

Hope: My son has a point. I'm gonna talk to your dad about it.

Shawn-D: Uh-oh. I think someone needs to be changed.

Jennifer: Ooh.

Hope: Yeah, yeah, I think so. You don't have to do that. I can do it.

Shawn-D: It's not a big deal. I don't mind. We have a lot to talk about. And so do we, don't we, J.T.?

Hope: Mm, male bonding. Look at him.

Jennifer: You know what? He is a prince, that kid.

Hope: I agree.

Jennifer: When Abby was a baby, that would be the first sign to Jack that he would need to turn on a ballgame or something.

Hope: Come on. Let's sit down. Now that we have some time alone, how's the living arrangements going with Jack?

Jennifer: Oh, just promise me you won't say "I told you so."

Hope: Uh-oh. This doesn't sound good. What did he do?

Jennifer: Well, he's just...

Hope: He's just what? Irresponsible?

Jennifer: No.

Hope: Sloppy? Infuriating? What?

Jennifer: Mnh-mnh. He's perfect.

Lexie: Thank you.

Brandon: Well, if Glen and Barb did have another D.N.A. test done, you've got a problem.

Lexie: Yeah, which is why my father insisted I move into his house. Whether he's in town or not, he can still protect me. Brandon, his security system is virtually impenetrable. I can't tell you the peace of mind that gives me.

Brandon: So, I wonder if there's any way that we can find out if Glen and Barb did have another D.N.A. test done.

Lexie: Not without arousing suspicion. But the more time that goes by without hearing from them, I'd say it's a pretty good sign that they didn't.

Brandon: There you go. See? Don't get yourself all worked up for nothing.

Lexie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you're right. I mean, J.T. has been home for a while now. I'm sure they would have gotten the test results back by now.

Barb: [Sighs] But we had the Brady kid. How can Glen be his father? And why are that Bo and Hope raising him? Wait a minute. Wait...A minute. Hope and Marlo had their babies the same night in the same hospital. Marlo drank like a fish, but Hope's baby was the one that ended up with that problem, that fetal alcohol whatever. It's like that movie on TV. The babies were switched in the hospital. Marlo was faithful. She did have Glen's son. Only the Carvers don't have him, the Brady's' do.

Barb: What am I going to do? It all makes sense. Little guy had that horrible scar he was so cranky all the time.

Glen: I guess I should have taken a cold shower. Yo, Barb? Hello?

Barb: What?

Glen: Why do you have that weird look on your face? What's that in your hand?

Lexie: I feel so much better. I'm so glad you were able to meet with me today.

Brandon: Hey, I am always free for you, Lex.

Lexie: And I don't know why. There isn't a nurse on staff who isn't crazy about you.

Brandon: Hey, careful there. Some of our nurses are of the male persuasion.

Lexie: Ha ha ha. I mean, what can I say? You're a popular guy, Brandon. Ha ha.

Brandon: It's nice to see you so relaxed. Come on. Dance with me.

Lexie: Uh, no, you don't have to do that.

Brandon: No, no, I want to. I want to see you having fun, relaxing, forgetting about your worries for a while.

Lexie: Um...

Brandon: Come on.

Lexie: Okay. All right.

Brandon: All right.

Lexie: Ha ha ha. I can't remember the last time Abe and I went out dancing.

Brandon: Well, you've been going through hell, Lex. I'm sure Abe will adjust and the two of you will be out painting the town in no time.

Lexie: I wish I could be as sure of that. I can't talk to Abe the way I do to you.

Brandon: And why not? He is your husband, Lex.

Lexie: I know. I love him so much. I just don't think that I can trust him.

Philip: Yeah, yeah, I owe my dad an apology, too. I realize now he was right about her all along. I just wouldn't listen. I was too obsessed, you know? Obsessed and jealous. And I lost her because of it. Ah, you know, one more year before I'm off to college, and who knows? Maybe I'll never come back to Salem.

Brady: Can I give you some advice?

Philip: Sure.

Brady: You need to make a decision -- one that's going to get your grades up and your life back on track.

Belle: A roomful of roses would not make up for what that boy did to you. Philip is a nice guy, Chloe, but when his trust was put to the test, he failed.

Chloe: It wasn't just a rose. It came with something else.

Belle: What?

Chloe: Look, you are the only person that I would ever show this to.

Belle: Show me what? A videotape.

Chloe: It's a taped apology, but it's so much more than that. Look, I just -- I really want you to watch it.

Belle: Okay.

Shayna: I see no reason to drag these proceedings out. Let's get this on the judge's calendar as soon as possible.

Cameron: Have you spoken with Chloe Lane?

Shayna: Yes, we've arranged for her to come in and give a deposition.

Cameron: Well, I guess the sooner we wrap this up, the better it is for everyone involved. You want to go to the judge with a deal, make me an offer.

Shayna: No deal. I'm talking jail time.

Cameron: Shayna, wait a minute. We're talking about first offense minors here who came forward and confessed. We're talking probation, community service.

Shayna: No, no. You are. I'm talking incarceration.

Cameron: Well, then you are in for a fight, because there is no way I'm going to agree to send two 16-year-old girls to prison, not for one night.

Shayna: Tell it to the judge.

Cameron: Oh, I will.

Shawn-D: Hey, so you want to go watch a music video or something? Yeah? Oh, you want to play ball? Or you know what? You know what? We'll put on one of your videos. What do you think? Huh? Like "Curious George"? I know you like "Curious George." What about "Aladdin"? You like "Aladdin"? That one always makes you happy. Look at that smile. Look at that smile. You got such a good smile. You cutie pie. You know what, J.T.? Someday -- what? Someday a girl's going to put that smile on your face. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. And you know what? Maybe you'll end up like your big brother and ask her to a dance.

Shawn-D: Man, she did look beautiful. You know, J.T., the dance, it was a bust, but I am really glad I asked her anyway. You know what? You are really strong, that's what. And...We'll have to keep that between you and me. All right? Between you and me, right here on this bed. This is where we'll always talk, okay? Yeah. Yeah. Why? Because you start telling mom these things, she gets all mushy. Trust me. For future reference.

Hope: Jack... Perfect?

Jennifer: No, wait, no. He's not perfect. Or is not what I expected, so I'm very confused.

Hope: Oh. Hmm. I see. So it was easy to remember all the bad stuff when he wasn't around, but now that you're cohabitating, you're remembering the Jack you fell in love with.

Jennifer: But I don't want to do that. Look, I am older and wiser now, and I cannot afford to fall for that same act all over again.

Hope: Maybe it isn't an act. Maybe he's wiser, too, and trying to win your heart back. Think about it.

Jennifer: Well, I'll try. I just -- I can't --

Hope: You can't what? Tell me.

Jennifer: I can't stop thinking about this Colin.

Hope: Oh. And that would be the idiot you followed to Ireland, the one that blew you off.

Jennifer: Yes, that would be the one. Okay, I'm sufficiently embarrassed.

Hope: The guy was a fantasy. And a fool for not appreciating you, I might add. Jen, look at what you have. And a handsome man who just happens to be the father of your child, who's desperately trying to win your heart back. Give him a chance.

Shayna: They can cry and whimper all they want. What they did was reprehensible, and I'll be going for the max.

Cameron: For God's sake, Shayna, they're just kids.

Shayna: Tell that to the parents whose children have been killed in schools all over the country. Their sons and daughters aren't any less dead because the perps were kids. The buck stops here.

Cameron: I am so sorry that you had to hear that. But I promise you I will do everything I can to keep you out of prison.

Philip: Thank you. Brady, man, I screwed up so much, I can use all the advice I can get.

Brady: All right, here it goes, but you're not going to like this. You got to accept the fact that your relationship with Chloe is over. And you got to get on with your life, Phil, and let her do the same. It's not going to be easy, man. I'm not saying it is. And you're going to be tempted to try and work things out with her, I know, but don't. Believe me. You're just setting yourself up for another heartbreak.

Belle: I had no idea Philip could think things like that, let alone say them.

Chloe: I don't know what to think.

Belle: Maybe you should be asking yourself how you feel.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Belle: Chloe, how did you feel when you watched that tape?

Chloe: Loved, mostly. Look, Belle, I know that Philip loves me, but is that enough if he doesn't trust me?

Belle: Philip made a huge mistake. He was shocked at the time. We all were. I think that's why he wasn't thinking straight. And you have to admit, you were being really mysterious about those weird plans you had to make money this summer.

Chloe: I never said that they were weird.

Belle: No, but you did say you would be embarrassed if we found out about them. And Shawn thought maybe you did...

Chloe: He did?

Belle: Yeah, but don't be mad at him.

Chloe: No, I'm not mad. It's okay. It's just that sometimes it's really hard to step outside yourself and see how others perceive you.

Belle: Chloe, people see you as different, and you are... In a good way. Listen, if I took Shawn seriously every time he teased me, we would have never made it to the dance. Sometimes guys don't think before they open their mouths, and they just end up saying something stupid, which is why our brains have to work overtime.

Chloe: But that doesn't seem fair.

Belle: It's not, but what is in the affairs of the heart? I think Philip meant everything he said on that tape. I also think you should give him a second chance.

Jennifer: Look, I just -- I told Jack that I could not live in limbo anymore.

Hope: Isn't limbo somewhere between heaven and hell?

Jennifer: Yeah, well, when Jack's involved, there's only one way to go, and that would be down.

Hope: Oh, Jen. Maybe you should give him a second chance, or in Jack's case --

Jennifer: Yeah, there's too many chances to count. If I give him another chance, it would be another chance to drive me crazy, which he's already doing again. I mean, when I got home last night, Greta was there.

Hope: What? Wait a minute. Is something going on between the two of them?

Jennifer: No! Absolutely not. They're just friends, and when Greta comes to her senses, they won't be friends anymore.

Hope: Are you sure there's nothing going on?

Jennifer: Oh, honestly, what woman would be interested in Jack?

Hope: My final answer? I didn't say it.

Jennifer: All right, well, you know what? You can just blame that on my youth, and that is not why I'm here to talk to you.

Hope: Uh-huh.

Jennifer: We're going to talk about Gram, and we're going to find her ruby.

Hope: Oh, change the subject.

Shawn-D: Does that feel better? All right, all right.

J.T.: [Crying]

Mimi: I'm going to go to prison.

Cameron: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Mimi: But it's possible. I mean, it could really happen, couldn't it?

Cameron: I'd be lying if I said that wasn't true. You heard the D.A. She's out for blood.

Jan: Ours.

Cameron: I'm afraid so. I meant what I said, though. I will do everything I can to help you.

Jan: Please, I mean, you have to help us. Please?

Chloe: Belle, what Philip did and Shawn's teasing -- there is no comparison.

Belle: I know, but it took a lot for Philip to open up like that on the tape. What he said was beautiful. Chloe, tell the truth. Do you think you'll ever be able to forgive him?

Philip: Yeah, yeah, you may be right.

Brady: I am right, Phil. Trust me, it's what's best for you and Chloe.

Philip: All right, well, hey, I'll catch you later, okay? Thanks.

Brady: Anytime. Sorry, Phil, just being honest. You and Chloe -- it'll never work. I know what she needs.

Brandon: You don't trust Abe?

Lexie: Brandon, if he knew that we had Hope's baby, he'd make me tell the truth.

Brandon: At the risk of losing his son?

Lexie: He wouldn't see it that way.

Brandon: See, if I was Abe, I would never do that. I would love you and protect you and do everything in my power to keep our family intact. That's just me.

Lexie: You know what? You are going to make some woman very happy someday.

Brandon: Right now I just want to make my friend happy.

Barb: This? Um... It's just junk mail.

Glen: You're looking at junk mail when you could have been going for a fourth round with me in the shower?

Barb: Yeah, but I still think that third time might have been the charm.

Glen: What do you mean?

Barb: I don't know. It may be a little premature, but, um, I have this feeling I could be pregnant.

Glen: Nothing would make me happier.

Barb: Yeah, me neither. If I am pregnant, I just hope the baby's healthy.

Glen: Yeah. Me, too. I mean, that Brady baby really freaked me out, and all that screaming -- I don't know whether I could do it -- I mean, raise a baby that was that sick.

Barb: Even if it was your own son?

Glen: Don't bring that up again, okay, Barb? I still can't believe that Marlo betrayed me like that. You and I are going to have our own family soon -- maybe very soon, but still, it made me so happy thinking I had a son out there.

Barb: Glen... There is something I have to tell you.  

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