Days of Our Lives Transcript Thursday 7/12/01



Days of Our Lives Transcript Canada--Thursday 7/12/01; USA--Friday 7/13/01

By Stephanie
Proofread By Niki

Greta: I'm telling you, Jack, the pillow is going to match.

Jack: I'm insecure. I need for you to see them together.

Jack: Oh, Jennifer's here. Let's go on in and say hello.

Jack: You're not Jennifer. What have you done with her?

Jennifer: Oh, I can't believe Abby made these. These are so delicious.

Alice: She obviously inherited the Horton baking gene.

Jennifer: Well, it must have skipped a generation, Gram. But you know what? I remember having so much fun baking with you.

Alice: Well, we had so much fun today. I've never seen Abby so happy.

Jennifer: Mm, right.

Alice: And, um, how are you adjusting to living with Jack?

Jennifer: Fine, just fine.

Alice: We'll try it again. The truth this time.

Jennifer: Well, Gram, let's see. I feel like I'm living a lie, and I don't know if can do it any longer.

Kevin: Thanks for waiting for me. I'll take you home now.

Susan: Actually, there's somewhere else I'd rather go.

Philip: I have to know why you did this, Chloe.

Philip: I know why you did this. You did this to make money.

Mimi: Belle. Oh, thank God I found you. I really need to talk to you. I'm in big trouble and you've got to help me.

Belle: What kind of trouble?

Mimi: I'm the one who put those slides of Chloe in the projector tonight.

Belle: I wish I was surprised.

Brady: Chloe, can you hear me? I had nothing to do with those pictures tonight, believe me.

Chloe: I believe you.

Brady: Chloe, wait. I need to talk to you, okay?

Chloe: No, you don't. I said I believe you.

Brady: Chloe, please, all right? It's very important. It's important to me.

Chloe: What do you mean?

Brady: I have a problem, and I need to talk to you about it, all right? Chloe, please.

Chloe: I'll meet you in the back yard.

Jack: Explain yourself, Madam.

Girl: I was about to. I'm Anne Dodd. I live down the street. I'm babysitting for Abby. I'm expecting Miss Horton back very soon.

Jack: Oh. You're, uh... Miss Horton is out.

Anne: I assume you're Mr. Deveraux?

Jack: I am indeed. We're here about the pillow. We're not sure that it matches the drapes.

Greta: Yes, well, I'm sure it does. And you know what, Jack? I'm going to sleep so much better knowing that that pillow matches your living room and your living room is color-coordinated.

Jack: But you just said that you'd stay to talk to Jennifer.

Greta: Yes, that's when I thought that she was here in the living room.

Jack: But Ms. Dodd said she'll be right back. Ms. Dodd -- Ms. Dodd, you're still here. It's all right now. I'm here. You can go. It's nice to meet you.

Greta: Jack.

Jack: I'm just going to make some coffee for you, me, and Jennifer.

Greta: Yes, I think Anne is waiting to be paid.

Jack: Oh. Oh, right. Sure. Sure, sure, sure, sure. Sorry. Sorry. How much?

Anne: $25.

Jack: $2-- Jennifer left Abigail alone with the sitter all day.

Anne: No, for two hours.

Jack: Two hours? Two hours for $25?

Anne: I charge $10 an hour, except if I'm called on short notice. Then it's $12.50.

Jack: Babysitting is so much less tiring than highway robbery. You do get paid in dollars?

Greta: Ahem. Jack, I think she's waiting for a tip.

Jack: Oh. Café au lait to place in the third at Hialeah.

Greta: I don't think she finds you amusing.

Jack: I don't really care. She got her $2.50 extra for short notice, and she gets to meet a real Princess. You do realize, of course, that you are haggling in front of the Princess Amberg.

Anne: Oh. I didn't know. Good night, your Majesty.

Greta: Good night, Anne. It was nice to meet you. Whoops. Don't forget your books.

Anne: Thanks. Wait till I tell my boyfriend.

Greta: Good Lord, Jack, you could have given her a tip. She's probably working her way through college.

Jack: She lives down the street. Her parents are supporting her. And if she has a boyfriend, she's clearly not a serious student. I don't think she's a good influence on

Abigail. So, about that coffee --

Greta: No, Jack, not for me. I really am, I'm going.

Jack: But you just got here.

Greta: Yes, I came to make sure the pillow matched, and it does, so now I want to go home.

Jack: Please, please, don't, Princess. All right, the pillow was a ploy. The truth is...I'm lonely. Abigail's asleep. I really don't have any friends in Salem anymore. I live with a woman in this house who hates me half the time. Damn it, I wasn't going to say that.

Greta: Is it really that bad?

Jack: You don't know what it’s like when someone that you really care about treats you like... Like you're not even there.

Greta: I know exactly what that's like.

Jack: Tell me. Tell me all about it.

Alice: How can you be living a lie, darling, when from the very beginning you've been absolutely honest of why you're living with Jack?

Jennifer: Well, I've tried, Gram.

Alice: And Abby seems quite clear that you two have a lot to work out.

Jennifer: Well, Gram, in theory, yes, but whenever I'm around her, I pretend that Jack doesn't annoy me. So that just makes me feel like a fraud.

Alice: Even if the result is to make her happy?

Jennifer: Gram, I really don't believe that all of this is going to make her happy. I mean, did you ever lie to grandpa?

Alice: Oh, I hate that question.

Jennifer: Is that a yes?

Alice: Well, there are some things a woman never tells a man, but... There is one big lie, and it still bothers me.

Jennifer: Gram, what was it?

Alice: Well, first, there's something that, um, I want to get for you, and, uh... Then I'll tell you.

Chloe: Brady, are you just going to stare at me, or are you going to tell me what your problem is?

Brady: Um, my problem is...

Chloe: Yes?

Brady: Chloe, I'm worried about you.

Chloe: Really. You're worried about me. So far you've always acted like I could hold my own in the W.W.F., and now you're worried about me? What, you think I'm going to curl up and die after tonight?

Brady: No. I know that you're strong, and I know that you can take care of yourself, but I also know that the truth is very important to you.

Chloe: And you told me the truth. You said that you didn't put the slides in the projector, and I said I believe you, end of discussion.

Brady: No, Chloe, I'm talking about a different truth here, a truth that is more important than who did what where.

Chloe: I'm losing you.

Brady: It's like "Manon" by Massenet.

Chloe: I know who wrote it, and I know that the truth got her a tragic ending.

Brady: Maybe. Maybe the ending was only tragic to the audience. Maybe the truth is what finally set her free.

Greta: Jack, I don't want to talk about my personal problems. I want to go home and go to bed and go to sleep. It's late.

Jack: But you're a Princess. You could stay up as late as you want and sleep as late as you want in the morning.

Greta: You mean I can stay up as late as you want me to stay an idle rich Princess.

Jack: My point exactly.

Greta: Your point?

Jack: Exactly. We are in complete agreement. You are wasting your abundant talents. I think you should seriously consider getting involved in a business. You have a very funny look on your face.

Greta: It's weird because I was, um, I was just thinking the same thing. I do, Jack, I do. I want to do something. I just -- I don't know what.

Jack: That's what friends are for, to make coffee and discuss choices.

Greta: This is one of those times, isn't it, when I shouldn't argue with you.

Jack: You know something? That is most of the time. Okay, so you park it right here, Princess, and I'll be right back.

Alice: This is for you.

Jennifer: Gram, what is -- [gasps]

Jennifer: Gram, I can't take this. Grandpa gave you this ruby on your 30th anniversary.. This was his mother's, mother's.

Alice: This is not that ruby.

Jennifer: Well, how many rubies do you have, Alice Horton?

Alice: This is a copy.

Jennifer: A what?

Alice: I wanted to change the setting for years, and of course your grandfather, being a male, didn't think anybody should change anything, so I got the bright idea that if I changed it and then showed it to him, he'd see that I was so right.

Jennifer: I see. And you thought that, that would work.

Alice: Well, he always let me do whatever I wanted to.

Jennifer: And vice versa.

Alice: Now, I really didn't want to take advantage of his good nature, so... I did want things my way.

Jennifer: That's an age-old story, Gram.

Alice: After years of debating with myself, I decided to go ahead and do it. Because a Mr. Anton, a wonderful jeweler, had opened a place in Salem Place, so I took them into him, and he designed a setting I knew Tom would love.

Jennifer: Grandma, what? What happened?

Alice: Darling, it broke my heart.

Mimi: You guys just going to stare at me all night?

Belle: For a long time now, I've been saying that you were up to something. Now that I know I was right -- you know -- do you know what's really hard to believe, Mimi? That a girl would do this to another girl. So much for sisterhood.

Mimi: But you know what Chloe did to me.

Belle: If you even begin to tell me that Chloe had this coming, I swear I will never talk to you again.

Philip: Well, here I am. You guys want to tell me what the big deal was that I just had to come down here?

Belle: Go ahead, Mimi. You did it. You own up to it.

Philip: Did what?

Mimi: I put the slides of Chloe in the projector at the dance.

Philip: What?

Mimi: It was me.

Belle: And Jan. Let's not forget our lovely Jan.

Mimi: I'm not going to accuse anyone else.

Shawn-D: We know you and Jan were in on this together.

Mimi: Guys, if she knew I was talking to you --

Belle: What would she do, put naked pictures of you up all over school? Right now,

Mimi, I don't even think you deserve that.

Philip: Tell us the truth, Mimi, and I mean the whole truth.

Mimi: This is the end of our friendship, isn't it? You're going to hate me. Now everyone's going to hate me.

Belle: Would you stop thinking about what everyone else thinks of you? What do you think of you?

Shawn-D: This was Jan's idea, wasn't it? So how'd it all start?

Mimi: When -- when -- Chloe put the superglue in my shampoo, Jan came up with this idea. But I'm not going to blame her because, you know, I went along with it.

Belle: Why don't you just tell us the whole story? I think at least Philip deserves to hear it.

Mimi: Okay. Jan set up an experiment in the Chem. Lab to make Chloe's hair smell, but the explosion -- that wasn't part of the plan. That was an accident.

Philip: Why would she want to make Chloe's hair smell?

Mimi: So... She'd have to take a shower.

Philip: Chloe -- she didn't set up the web site.

Mimi: Of course not.

Belle: Philip?

Craig: What I want to know is how they took those pictures of Chloe. I mean, where was the hidden camera? Was it at school, in her locker, in the bathroom? And why haven't we heard from that principal, hmm?

Nancy: I don't know, but I have his number, so I'll find out.

Craig: Good idea. [Doorbell rings]

Nancy: Who can that be? I'll get it.

Nancy: Ye-- I remember you.

Susan: Yeah. I'm Susan Adamson, and this is my friend Kevin. Do you think, um... Can we talk to Chloe?

Nancy: She was quite upset when she got home. She's gone up to bed.

Susan: I know it's late, but we know more about what happened tonight and why. Do you think we can talk to you and Dr. Wesley about it?

Craig: I'm Dr. Wesley. Why don't you come in and... We'll talk inside?

Susan: Thank you.

Craig: Go ahead.

Susan: We know who put the pictures up there.

Kevin: Or at least one of the people.

Susan: Her name is Mimi Lockhart.

Chloe: I thought I was the only one in the whole world that thought that way about poor Manon.

Brady: I believe that there are a lot of things that we think about the same way.

Chloe: All right. Tell me this truth that you were talking about.

Brady: I think that, um... You're just stringing me along. I mean, you're saying that you believe me, but I don't think you do you understand why. I mean, all along, I've been dissing you and Philip. So has my grandfather. But, Chloe, I did not show up at that dance tonight to humiliate you. I'm not, by any means, a great person. But I would never do that -- not to you.

Chloe: Oh.

Brady: I have a pretty good idea who did do it.

Jennifer: Gram, okay, so you brought the ruby to the store to be re-set, and what happened?

Alice: Somebody robbed the place.

Jennifer: [Gasps] They took your ruby? Oh, Gram, what did Grandpa do?

Alice: Well, since Tom didn't know that I had it changed in the first place, it wasn't easy to tell him the truth.

Jennifer: How did he take it? You didn't tell him.

Alice: Well, I didn't tell him the whole truth. I decided to have the jeweler make a copy and keep my mouth shut.

Jennifer: You didn't tell him any of the truth.

Alice: That's what I decided to do.

Jennifer: Gram, what about the ruby? Did you ever get it back?

Alice: It makes me mad, believe me. Every time I'm out with a bunch of women, I look at them to see if one of them is wearing it.

Jennifer: Stop. Gram, this is so simple. We'll talk to Roman and Bo about it. I mean, if you don't mind me telling your deep, dark secret.

Alice: Oh, darling, it was so long ago and... I wouldn't want to be a bother.

Jennifer: Oh, yeah, you would be a bother. 'Cause Roman and Bo, you know, they wouldn't want to do you a favor. Come on, Gram, they would fall all over themselves to prove what good cops they were to you.

Alice: Isn't it lovely how men will do that?

Jennifer: Oh, Gram, how could I be so dumb about men when I had you as a role model?

Alice: You should take notes.

Jennifer: Okay, I need to go. The Salem High dance is going to get out, and I'm going to hit all that traffic.

Alice: Now, darling, promise me you'll be patient with Jack.

Jennifer: I will try to be patient, and talking with you always helps me so much, Gram. Give me a big hug.

Alice: Oh.

Nancy: Mimi? You are telling me that Mimi Lockhart did this horrible thing to Chloe?

Susan: She admitted it to us.

Nancy: Craig, she lived here with us. We were --

Craig: Calm down.

Nancy: I was wonderful to her.

Craig: Of course you were.

Susan: We think it was revenge for when Chloe put glue in her hair.

Craig: Yes, of course, of course. It was some vicious revenge, don't you think?

Kevin: We think it was Jan Spears who had the idea, and Mimi just went along. And "vicious" is Jan's middle name.

Craig: Ah. Well, according to Chloe, she thinks it's somebody else.

Kevin: She probably thought it was Brady Black, and she probably thought that because I said so. I'm really sorry. I was only trying to help. Believe me, I would never hurt Chloe.

Shawn-D: You thought Chloe put those pictures of herself on the internet, didn't you? You thought Chloe did that.

Philip: Well, she was talking about making a lot of money and fast, and she wasn't telling me how she was going to do it.

Shawn-D: Oh, man.

Philip: When the pictures went up, the name of that web site was on it, and Chloe didn't even react.

Belle: Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that perfect? The worst moment of her life -- of any girl's life -- when she was being completely humiliated, when the whole school was laughing at a naked picture of her, at least she had her boyfriend, the love of her life, standing right next to her... Believing the horrible lie.

Philip: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Belle: You are, Philip -- so totally sorry.

Brady: I'm pretty sure it was Jan and Mimi who set you up, Chloe. I overheard them a while back at .Com talking about it, and something was going on. Tonight at the dance, Mimi was spending an awful lot of time around that slide projector. I was just checking out what she was doing, and... I put Kevin under the impression that I put the slide in the projector. Then I saw your picture up on that screen. Chloe, I tried to stop it, but it was too late. I would have done anything to stop it, and that's the truth.

Jack: So I realized it was a golden opportunity. You're always looking for a new market -- to fill a void, be the sole supplier, and there it was. A vast untapped market -- huge population with no fast-food burger joints.. Research is also important. Did you realize there's a reason there's no fast-food burger joints in India? You see, it seems that the Hindus believe that the cow is sacred and shouldn't be eat--

Greta: Jack, Jack, please, would you just stop talking?

Jack: Oh. Seems my business stories aren't quite as interesting as I thought. No wonder why so many dates end up with the woman sleeping. Here. [Car approaches]

Jack: Oh, uh, uh... Hello, hello, hello, hello. Greta, Greta, did the Carters really say that? That is so amusing.

Greta: What?

Jack: Well, even when you cock your head like that, you are so adorable. You really are, really.

Jennifer: Hey, Jack, why don't you just let her sleep?

Jack: Jennifer, I didn't hear you come in.

Jennifer: Yes, you did. That's why you're pretending Greta's awake.

Jack: That's ridiculous.

Jennifer: Were you telling business stories? We are never going to be able to wake her up. Those stories could give MacBeth a good night's sleep. Greta. Greta, it's okay, honey.

Greta? Hi. Hi.

Greta: Oh, uh... Oh, yeah, what time is it? I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Oh, no, no need to be sorry.

Greta: Um... Now that Jennifer's here, can I please go home?

Jennifer: Yes, yes. You can go home. Greta, would you like me to give you a lift?

Greta: Oh, no, no, no. I'm -- I'm going to be fine. I just want a, um... A cup of coffee. I don't know what happened to me.

Jennifer: Oh, I know what happened -- Jack was talking supply and demand, right?

Greta: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. All I can do is yawn.

Jennifer: Really? I understand completely.

Greta: Jennifer, I really want to get together sometime, but right now, I just -- I need to go home and go to bed.

Jennifer: I completely understand how you're feeling.

Greta: It's fine. I can walk myself out.

Jennifer: Okay.

Greta: Bye-bye.

Jennifer: Bye-bye.

Philip: Belle, I know I was wrong, okay?

Belle: I don't think you get how wrong, Philip. You have been obsessing on Chloe. You wouldn't let her out of your sight.

Philip: But I love her.

Belle: That is not love, because when you love someone, you have a clue as to what they're like, and if you even thought Chloe would ever do what you think she did, you obviously have no idea who she is.

Shawn-D: Belle, Chloe was being a little weird about her plans to make money.

Belle: Don't defend him, Shawn. What Jan and Mimi did to Chloe was horrible, but what you did...

Philip: Oh, my God. The things I said to her, guys.

Belle: How long has that web site been set up?

Mimi: For a couple of weeks, but none of the pictures that we showed are on it yet. Jan saved them for the dance. She figured that, um... Once you saw them, that you'd never see Chloe again, that you'd be so embarrassed you'd dump her.

Philip: You thought that about me?

Belle: They certainly had you pegged, didn't they? You didn't have one second's doubt that Chloe didn't set up that web site, did you? Did you?

Brady: Chloe, if I wanted to hurt you, I'd be out celebrating right now, wouldn't I?

Chloe: But if you wanted to break me and Philip up, then you would come here all upset, and that would be the perfect cover-up.

Brady: Think about it. Belle and Shawn have been saying for a long time that Jan and Mimi were up to something. So have you.

Chloe: Yeah, but --

Brady: All right, listen to me, one last shot -- and this is truth that I've been talking about. Yes, I-I rag on you, I fight with you, but do you really think this is something I would do? I mean, really?

Chloe: No.

Brady: Thank you. Look, I'm really sorry that this happened to you tonight.

Chloe: It doesn't matter. It's just the way that things are.

Brady: Chloe, it does matter, and I'm pretty sure it matters to Philip, too. He's probably out right now nailing Jan and Mimi as we speak.

Chloe: You don't know? How can you not know?

Brady: Know what?

Chloe: He dumped me. He thought that I made that web site to make money. He bought the whole story, hook, line, and sinker. .

Craig: So, tell me, do you know how they took those pictures of Chloe?

Kevin: I think they put a camera in the ceiling of the locker room at school.

Craig: They actually went to all that trouble just to hurt her?

Susan: Welcome to Salem High. They have advanced placement classes in making other kids miserable.

Craig: Well, we are certainly getting an education here tonight, aren't we? Uh, I want to thank you both for coming over. I really appreciate it, and, uh, I will make sure that we tell Chloe you came by and that she's got some very nice friends, okay?

Susan: She's always been really nice to both of us. Tell her if there's anything we can do...

Kevin: And that we're sorry.

Craig: I will. I will. Stay calm. I want you to stay calm.

Nancy: Don't worry, sweetheart. I'm not going to overreact. We now know who did this to Chloe, and I am going to see that they're prosecuted. I'm going to ruin their lives, Craig. I'm going to ruin their lives just like they tried to ruin my daughter's.

Kevin: Susan, there's something I have to tell you.

Susan: Yeah?

Kevin: I'm really ashamed to admit this, but... I was part of this whole thing.

Susan: Y-- what happened tonight?

Kevin: No, not tonight. Remember the day in Chem. Lab? I was the one who made Chloe's hair smell.

Susan: Kevin, why?

Kevin: I didn't know her then. I didn't know how nice she was.

Susan: And the fact that you didn't know her justified doing whatever you wanted to her?

Kevin: No, it was Jan. She -- she said she needed to get Chloe in the shower. I didn't know why, and I didn't know what they were going to do.

Susan: You did that for Jan? Again, why?

Kevin: Because men are weak.

Susan: And what is that supposed to mean?

Kevin: Can we just leave it at that, please? Look, all I can say is that I swear I'll never get suckered like that again. I swear. Let's go.

Philip: So, you were really sure that I was going to dump Chloe?

Mimi: Well, it was clear you two didn't belong together.

Philip: Why? Why was it so clear?

Mimi: Duh. You know how you are.

Philip: No, I don't.

Mimi: Philip, you don't seem to get that not everyone is like you, okay? You're Captain of the Football Team. You have a really rich father. You screw up your grades, and everyone knows you're still going to get into some Ivy League School.

Philip: So? What does that have to do with me dumping Chloe?

Mimi: Well, it's just like, you know, you were playing around with her, you know? If any trouble ever came your way, you'd just end it because...

Philip: Why? Why would I just end it?

Mimi: Because you -- you don't do anything that doesn't come easy. You don't do anything that doesn't work out well for Philip. You said you wanted to know.

Philip: Well, I was wrong.

Philip: But you're right. You know, I-I did hurt Chloe more than any of you could have 'cause she loved me. I don't deserve her.

Belle: No, you don't.

Jack: Where have you been?

Jennifer: Where have you been? I had to hire a babysitter to go out.

Jack: A babysitter that I had to pay for. Do you have any idea what that girl charges?

Jennifer: Yes, I know exactly what she charges. I also know when Abby's dental appointments are, I know what shoe size she wears...

Jack: I don't want to hear it. Jack/Jennifer argument number 739, subsection "c" -- Jennifer's the only responsible person in the world.

Jennifer: Fine. Let's not have this conversation.

Jack: But can we at least agree to coordinate our schedules to save money?

Jennifer: I thought that you were supposed to be home earlier, Jack.

Jack: What can I say? When I'm out with Greta, time flies.

Jennifer: How can time fly when she is asleep half the time?

Jack: Well, that just means that she's comfortable with me.

Jennifer: Oh, well, I'm so glad. You know what? I'm not playing this game with you. I am going to bed.

Jack: Good idea.

Jennifer: No, I am going to my bed, and you are going to your bed.

Jack: That's what I meant.

Jennifer: That's never what you mean.

Jack: You're right.

Jennifer: And as far as this whole thing with Greta, I mean, is this some sort of ploy or something?

Jack: Maybe.

Jennifer: All right, then why don't we just cut to the chase? Forget the ploys, forget the games, and tell me what you are trying to accomplish.

Jack: I don't want to.

Jennifer: Why not?

Jack: Because I'm pretty sure it's not what you think you want to accomplish, and that being the case --

Jennifer: And that being the case, then that means we need to have a little discussion about how this whole arrangement is going to work.

Jack: I'm not sure I'm going to like this talk.

Philip: Look, guys, I-I know I probably did take for granted the things but I did love Chloe. I do love her. But now... Now she's never going to love me again. I've lost the best person that I ever met or ever will meet, and it's all my own fault.

Belle: With a big assist from you and Jan.

Shawn-D: You can say what you want about Philip, but he loves Chloe. I mean, he did everything he could to make her happy. And look at the two of them now.

Belle: I know. As mad as I am at him, I still feel sorry for him. Look at what you did, Mimi. Look how sad everyone is. I can't believe you did this.

Mimi: I'm so sorry. I really am. Do you guys think you'll ever be able to forgive me?

Shawn-D: I don't think we're the ones you're going to have to worry about.

Chloe: You know, we may have some things in common, but that doesn't mean that you know how I'm feeling.

Brady: Chloe, do you remember a while back at .Com when you said that you knew me, and if I ever needed somebody to talk to, you'd be there?

Chloe: Yes, Brady, I remember, but I was young and in love, and I thought I had all the answers.

Brady: And what, now you're old, mature, and cynical?

Chloe: Look, I don't have the energy for this right now. I'm really tired, so I'm going inside.

Brady: Chloe, wait a second. Just don't go yet.

Jack: I think this arrangement is working very nicely.

Jennifer: Really? Well, I don't.

Jack: And about that 25 bucks for the sitter -- it's on me.

Jennifer: Jack, you have got to understand that there are going to be some nights when I am not going to be here with you when Abby goes to bed. Okay? I have -- I've got to get on with my life, or I'm going to go insane. I can't just live in limbo like this.

Jack: With a man you don't love anymore.

Jennifer: I said I just can't live in limbo.

Jack: I think you're misreading my intentions, Miss Horton. I'm talking about working this out for Abigail, not for us.

Craig: Please, Nancy, just -- will you remember what happened last time you overreacted? You almost lost Chloe when you made her accuse Philip of rape.

Nancy: This is not the same thing, Craig, and I won't do anything without Chloe's full consent.

Craig: Promise me.

Nancy: All right, I promise.

Nancy: All I'm going to do, Craig, I'm going to call Mickey Horton and find out exactly what charges can be brought against Mimi and that little Jan. Oh, and exactly how much prison time the two of them can serve.

Craig: You've got to be kidding. Prison?

Nancy: Oh, you're damn straight, Craig. I'm going to see that those two little girls are locked up till their hair turns white.

Mimi: Why did you say that? What's -- what's going to happen to me?

Belle: Well, you and Jan invaded Chloe's privacy when you took those pictures.

Shawn-D: And I'm pretty sure when you put pictures on the internet without someone's permission, Mimi, it's illegal.

Belle: And I can't believe Mrs.. Wesley wouldn't press charges, so you're going to have to convince some judge that you are really sorry.

Shawn-D: Yeah, and pray you don't go to prison.

Mimi: Prison. I-I --

Belle: I feel sick.

Shawn-D: I know.

Belle: Do you remember when we were at the dance and I handed Susan that trophy? Everyone was clapping. Everyone -- everyone was so happy.

Shawn-D: Yeah. Seems like it didn't even happen.

Belle: Just -- I don't understand. Shawn, the good things seem so simple. Why do people have to ruin them?

Shawn-D: I don't know. Just don't know.

Brady: So this is another part of that big truth that I've been talking about. If you ever need me, I'm here, okay?

Chloe: Maybe someday I will, Brady, but not tonight. I don't need anybody tonight.

Brady: Damn you, Philip Kiriakis. You don't deserve her, but I know what you do deserve.

Alice: I know my dear ruby is out there someplace... And maybe Jennifer will help me find it.

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