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Days of Our Lives Transcript;  Canada- Monday 6/25/01; U.S. Tuesday, 6/26/01

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Jennifer: I'm just saying now that I've seen a side of you that I really respect, I think it's going to be a lot easier living with you, Jack.

Jack: That's good news.

Jennifer: And I'm so proud that you are Abby's father. Look, what I'm trying to say is, I don't know, I think maybe I was wrong about you.

Jack: Moi?

Jennifer: Oui, toi. I think I judged you pretty harshly.

Jack: So where does that leave us now, Jennifer?

Philip: You wanted to see me?

Victor: Sit down.

Victor: Here. As you can see, it's a letter from your school. You're in big trouble.

Kate: Well, well, well, if my day keeps going this well, I'm going to be able to buy that pack of gum I've been saving up for.

Roman: Hello, Kate.

Hattie: I feel so terrible about lying to Roman. I should have told him the truth. Changing my face, trying to become Marlena -- what was I thinking?

Hope: John... Look, we can't be polite about this. We can't worry about being awkward. This is my son we're talking about. You remember everything -- the words, the feelings. I don't have anything to remember -- nothing.

John: I'm sorry about that.

Hope: No, that's not what I'm looking for. I don't want an apology. I want to know what happened. Please, you have to tell me everything.

Jennifer: Well, I'm not really sure what you're asking me, Jack.

Jack: The truth is I'm not sure, either. You tell me I'm like this comic book superhero -- car-balancing man.

Jennifer: That is not what I said. Now, don't make this flip. Really, I said that you were a true hero.

Jack: Well, it's easier when I'm flip. I'm going to make fun of myself being a hero before anybody else does.

Jennifer: You know what? No one else is and no one else would, Jack.

Jack: The only time that you're going to hear "Jack" and "hero" in the same sentence is with Salami and Mayo.

Jennifer: Okay, more jokes. I see where we're going.

Jack: And why do they shred that lettuce up like that? Because it just falls into your milk, and you just -- if you're wondering why I ramble on like this and joke, it's 'cause I can't

believe you said what you said, because what you said means so much to me.

Jennifer: It does?

Jack: Sure, and see -- I'm sorry. If I can't joke, I can't talk.

Jennifer: Okay, well, listen. Maybe -- and I know this is going to be very hard for you, okay? -- But maybe you can just tell me what you are honestly feeling and thinking.

Jack: All right, I'll try. You see, a man wants to be a hero to the woman he -- to the -- to the little girl of... He has with his ex-wife.

Jennifer: And me. You want to be a hero to me, Jack.

Jack: Yes.

Jennifer: And you are, and I am so very proud that you are Abby's father.

Jack: Well, you know, I wasn't exactly honest before. I do know exactly what I'd like to ask you.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: Well, since you think I'm a hero and you're proud that I'm Abigail's father, does that mean I get to play on the team again?

Hattie: Well, I may have made a million mistakes, but I do wish I'd had a chance to get to know Roman better, even just as a friend.

Marlena: Sam, I don't know what I have that you want it so badly.

Samantha: Well, I don't know. I-I don't know, but you always were studying all the time and I was out having fun. I was always the popular one. Wasn't I?

Marlena: Yes, you were.

Samantha: Well, then, why?

Marlena: I don't know what it is that you want.

Samantha: I want you to be you. I -- I mean, I -- I want to be like you.

Marlena: She sees me and pretends she doesn't? I'm done playing this game.

John: I think we've been through this before, haven't we?

Hope: And I still don't know anything.

John: And I think it's better if you don't.

Hope: Better not to know anything about the conception of my own child?

John: All right. I'll tell you this much. It wasn't sex, Hope. We made love. I knew you weren't Hope. I wasn't myself, but at that moment whoever we were at that time, we were in love, and that's all you need to know.

Hope: No, it's all I needed to know when I wasn't strong enough to handle the truth. Now I am. John, I don't just want to know. I have to know.

Philip: Well, it's not all that bad. Your b-plus average drops to a "C." The school wants to know if there's anything going on at home that could have led to this decline, and you say it's not all that bad.

Philip: Oh, I don't know. Would you say your father feigning death or dumping your mother would constitute problems at home? Don't get smart with me, Philip. Not now.

Philip: Well, maybe I'm asking you to cut me some slack. My house burned down, you and mom don't even talk --

Victor: A Kiriakis doesn't make excuses.

Philip: I'm not, okay? I studied hard for finals. I'm bringing my average up to a c-plus.

Victor: And you expect me to be satisfied with that?

Philip: You're not satisfied with anything I do.

Victor: You're on very thin ice, Philip. Popping off is not going to help you at all.

Philip: Well, maybe it will help preserve my self-esteem.

Victor: I don't give a damn about your self-esteem. All I care about is your grades, your SATs, your college acceptances.

Philip: Yeah, and that's all you care about.

Victor: Because you don't seem to care about them at all.

Philip: All right. All right, I'll work harder. I'll do better, okay? Is that what you want to hear?

Victor: You will work harder and you will do better at the boarding school I'm sending you to this summer.

Philip: No way. No, no. Do you hear me? No way!

Roman: Sorry I scared you, Kate. You okay?

Kate: Oh, yeah. You know, I'm great. I'm really great. I have cops coming up behind me, yelling in my ear, my profits are scattered all over the sidewalk. I'm just terrific.

Roman: You know, it's nice to have constants in your life. No matter what, you're always in the same mood.

Kate: Oh, I was hoping you saw me as sweet and perky.

Roman: All right, Kate, so how are you -- I mean, health-wise?

Kate: Fine.

Roman: You still on the medication?

Kate: Oh, my God. I do not need this, okay?

Roman: Did you go back to the doctor?

Kate: Oh, God. Okay, fine. I went to the doctor. The medicine seems to be working. He thinks my problem is clearing up, okay? Now could you get the hell out of here so I can enjoy part of my break by myself?

Roman: No, sorry about that. There's more. I do have more questions for you.

Kate: You know something? My personal life is my business, all right? So why don't you go out and catch a bad guy or a movie or something?

Roman: You know what? These questions are not about your precious personal life. These questions are about Sami.

Hattie: Whoa.

Marlena: Not so fast, sister. You and I are about to have a talk.

Hope: When J.T. was so sick, when I really thought that I was going to lose him, yes, I was afraid of knowing, remembering everything that took place, but I'm not afraid anymore, John. Nervous, maybe. Vulnerable, maybe, but I'm not afraid.

John: Still doesn't mean it's a good idea. It could hurt you in ways you don't even know about.

Hope: You would never hurt me. John, you have been such a rock through everything I have been through with J.T. When Bo couldn't be there for me, you were there for me to lean on. And when Bo decided that he was ready to be a father to J.T., you stepped back.

John: Then you trust me right now when I tell you the past is best left behind.

Hope: John, you're being naive. We made a child together, and you yourself said that we were two different people, and I need to know about those two people. Please, I need to know about John and Gina, and you're the only one who can tell me.

John: Damn it, Hope, look --

Hope: And I'm not leaving until you do.

Bo: Okay. It is you, isn't it, John? You're J.T.'s father.

Philip: Dad, I cannot believe you're doing this.

Victor: I couldn't believe those grades.

Philip: You're throwing away my whole summer.

Victor: You did that when you blew off all your responsibilities.

Philip: I passed every class!

Victor: That's not enough.

Philip: For you it's not, and last time I checked, it's my life.

Victor: You've proven you're not mature enough to handle it.

Philip: And again and again, you prove that you just like to control me, and never mind that I have plans, that I have a girlfriend.

Victor: Your girlfriend took you from a "b" to a "C."

Philip: Yeah, that's right. It's Chloe's fault. I mean, I have this stable, loving home life. It must be her influence.

Victor: I don't want to hear that. Besides, why you failed is irrelevant.

Philip: I didn't fail.

Victor: All that matters is that we turn you around. If we have to put you into a controlled environment to do that, then that's what we'll do, but your grades will go up. It will happen.

Philip: You take me away from Chloe just watch what happens.

Victor: Don't you ever, ever threaten me again.

Kate: Listen, officer, if you think I'm going to spend my break talking about that piece of trash you call a daughter, then you are dumber than I thought.

Roman: Well, that could be, Kate, but I'm not backing off. I need to know --

Kate: What you need to know is that questions about her are dangerous, and not to me -- to her and to Will.

Roman: What are you talking about, Kate?

Kate: Reality, Roman. If you want her to keep custody of Will, you will keep your mouth shut and you won't ask me any questions.

Roman: Let me get this straight. Am I supposed to be scared now?

Kate: No, not unless you want her to lose custody. Now, I know that she told you we have a deal. Well, she got what she wanted, but I didn't get what I wanted because I didn't want a vile, disgusting woman taking care of my grandson. But, hey, c'est la vie.

Roman: You know what, Kate? You knock me out. I mean, you sound truly, sincerely indignant.

Kate: Well, I am, because she ruined my son's life, okay?

Roman: You, who would let a young girl die just to get what you want.

Kate: Ooh, you think I'm a bad person. How am I ever going to live?

Roman: You know, the facts proved to me that, uh, since Sami has Will, that she's got the goods on you, lady, as they say, and whatever deal you made with her means squat to me.

Kate: Not to Sami.

Roman: And if I do get proof that you were responsible for my daughter being strapped down in that death chamber, I will bury you.

Jack: You don't seem anxious to answer my question.

Jennifer: No, you just, uh, you took me by surprise.

Jack: Well, that's what happens when I say what I really think and feel.

Jennifer: You know what? I don't think I'm ready to have this conversation right now, Jack.

Jack: Does that mean you're not prepared now or ever?

Jennifer: Look, Jack, we have known each other for so long, and we have been through so much together, and there's going to be certain times in our relationship as parents, because we're always going to share Abby, that we're going to feel this certain closeness, okay? We might fall back into rhythms and patterns that we had before, but that doesn't mean we can sugarcoat the truth about our relationship.

Jack: I joke, and you use a torrent of psychobabble.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: You talk like a psychiatrist when you want to hide from me emotionally.

Jennifer: That's not... That may be true.

Jack: Hey, relationships, like all relationships, have their ups and downs, but there's a big difference between sugarcoating and saying, "hey, I think we just had an up here." I think you're afraid for something good to happen between us.

Jennifer: That may be true, too.

Jack: But dealing with the whole enchilada, that's what commitment is all about. I mean, just learning to accept people for who they are.

Jennifer: Well, maybe that's what I'm trying to say.

Jack: What?

Jennifer: At this point, maybe I don't accept you for who you are.

Marlena: Why are you acting like you don't see me?

Hattie: Leave me alone.

Marlena: Who are you?

Hattie: Who are you? Who are you to come and harass me like this? I've every right to be here. It is a public place.

Marlena: Why are you doing this? Why do you want to change yourself to look like me? Is Stefano DiMera behind this?

Hattie: I'm sorry, but I'm sure I have no idea to what you're referring, and I look nothing like you at all, a fact for which I am very grateful.

Marlena: Don't try to con me. It's as plain as the identical noses on our faces you want to look like me. The question is, why?

Hattie: Oh, you think you are very special. You think everybody wants to look just like you. You think if you don't like what a person's doing, that you can just come into a public place and harass them.

Marlena: I want an answer.

Hattie: Well, stuff it. You can't demand that I change my life just because I make you nervous. If you don't like who I am or how I look or what I do, that's too damn bad.

John: I feel like I'm on dangerous ground here.

Hope: And I don't understand why you do.

John: Because if I told you who John and Gina were, if I told you what they were about, the truth, you would never look at me the same way again.

Hope: Did we do such horrible things, John? Were you and I such horrible people that you're afraid that if I really know the truth, I can't live with myself?

John: No, it wasn't that.

Hope: Then why are you so damn afraid to tell me the truth?

Jack: So you mean to say a comic book hero isn't going to cut it with you.

Jennifer: No, I said you're a real hero. I told you that. But I can't let myself be fooled by the fact that I feel so close to you right now, Jack, because part of me wants to throw my arms around you, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me, for our family, when you saved my life.

Jack: That would be okay by me.

Jennifer: But I can't let myself do that because then that may be a moment that I can't turn away from, Jack.

Jack: Don't you hear what a specious argument that is? I can't feel what I feel because then I actually might feel it. If you can't turn away, Jennifer, maybe you weren't meant to turn away. Good Lord, we're not talking about controlling cholesterol! We're talking about love!

Jennifer: Jack.

Jack: Please, please.

Jennifer: I can't, I can't. I can't do this.

John: The love between John and Gina... Was magical. It was exciting and dangerous... Of time... Even death. It was almost as if... We were destined to be together to conceive our child.

Hope: As if it was meant to happen.

Philip: Dad, hey, I wasn't threatening you.

Victor: I'm so glad to hear that.

Philip: But doesn't it bother you that if you keep me away from Chloe, I'll be miserable? And that's not going to help my grades or test scores.

Victor: You're not being rational.

Philip: Okay, here's a rational request. I know something that will help me focus, help me get my life back in order.

Victor: Boarding school.

Philip: No, dad, just listen, okay?

Victor: I'll listen, but if it's got anything to do with Chloe, the answer is no.

Philip: It's not about Chloe. It's about mom.

Victor: What?

Philip: I just hate that she doesn't have any money and that she's working in that dump.

Victor: That's her choice.

Philip: Well, it's not mine. Okay, dad, I can't stand it. It's embarrassing.

Victor: It's what?

Philip: Some of the kids already know about it. You know, and summer's coming up. They're going to be going to the lake, and they're going to all go into that diner.

Victor: So?

Philip: So they're going to see her there working, sweating, smelling of grease. Dad, it's humiliating.

Victor: So what do you think I can do about it?

Philip: Well, isn't it obvious? Give her some money.

Roman: You know, Kate, if you did what I think you did to Sami, I won't rest until you pay for it. I saw how you felt about Lucas. I feel that same way about Sami.

Kate: Okay, I understand that. Then let me tell you something.

Jack: Okay, got it. No hug. But what does that mean now, Jennifer? Does that mean we're going to go into therapy for two years, talk to some stranger about all this, and then decide it's okay to accept each other for who we are?

Jennifer: You know what, Jack? I have got to be strong, and maybe I will never be able to accept you for who you really are.

Jack: What do I have to do to make it right?

Jennifer: Jack, you don't have to do anything. Just be the person that you are, but maybe the person that you are is not the person for me but magic for somebody else.

Jack: Whoa. Rejection really sucks, you know?

Jennifer: I understand if you're really hurt and angry right now.

Jack: No, stupid. I just feel stupid.

Jennifer: But I don't want you to blame yourself. Jack...


Jennifer: There's something else to say. I could certainly understand, if after all of this, if you don't want to live in the same house with me anymore.

Hattie: Why the hell would I want to be you? Why would I want to walk around all the time with my nose stuck up in the air like I'm so special? You know, I ought to call my friend Roman Brady and tell him that you are harassing me.

Marlena: Oh, yes, that would work.

Hattie: Oh, you think you still have him wrapped around your little finger. Well, let me tell you something. He's so much better off without you, you -- you who'd just run off with your John Black, leaving poor Roman in the dust.

Marlena: Why would you say a thing like that? What, are you investigating my life? Is that it?

Hattie: Oh, don't flatter yourself. Everybody in town knows how you stomped all over his heart, tore your family to shreds while you moved on to have this James-Bond fling with that John Black.

Marlena: How dare you say that to me?

Hattie: I didn't want to have this conversation. You're the one who came and attacked me, remember? Saying that I wanted to look just like you. Well, let me tell you something. I

want no part of the sordid mess that you call a life.

Hope: You didn't tell me I took you captive. I already knew that, John.

John: See, the truth is, once I got on that submarine, I didn't feel like a captive. That was part of the plan. I was a willing participant, more than any other time I was ever with Gina. I can't talk about this. I can't. I feel like I'm betraying Marlena. I know that doesn't make any sense.

Hope: Maybe not, but I understand.

John: What we did... What we did was so intimate, it was so...

Hope: Erotic?

John: If I make you remember, it would stay with us until we die. The memory will be a part of the two of us forever.

Hope: Maybe we don't have a choice.

Victor: Skipping over the fact that I can find practically no correlation between your mother's financial status and your grades --

Philip: It upsets me, dad. It really bothers me.

Victor: Giving your mother money is not an option. Besides, even if I offered, I don't think she'd accept.

Philip: Well, I think you're wrong, and I think you have to try. You have to do something to help her.

Victor: So you won't be embarrassed? I don't think so.

Philip: What, it doesn't embarrass you? It doesn't upset you that you're here in this office and that this suit cost more than her yearly salary?

Victor: I see what she's up to here -- a little blackmail.

Philip: This isn't blackmail, dad. It's human decency.

Victor: Bull. You just don't want your friends laughing at her. Do I have to remind you that you're a Kiriakis and you have nothing to be embarrassed about?

Philip: That's not it, that's not it. Look, dad, I know you're rich and cool and everything, but she is my mom. I hate to see her suffering like that.

Victor: You were more effective when you were honest. You don't care about her. You're only worried about how it affects you.

Philip: That is not true.

Victor: Did your mother put you up to this?

Philip: No. She doesn't know anything about it, okay? She said she wanted to start her life over, and that's how she was going to do it. It just doesn't make any sense.

Victor: It doesn't have to. Philip, you have to treat your mother as if she were quicksand. If you go anywhere near her or her problems, she'll pull you down, and you've got enough problems of your own right now.

Philip: I can't ignore my own mother, though, dad.

Victor: But you can use her as a diversionary tactic, huh? You know, it hasn't escaped my notice that we started out talking about your grades and Chloe and the future, and all of a sudden you were struck with this great compassion for your mother's plight.

Philip: You son of a --

Victor: Hey, watch it. You know, I keep having to remind you that underneath this expensive suit, you've got a Greek peasant for a father, and I'm very proud of that. I'm proud of the discipline and the responsibility that goes along with that heritage.

Philip: Well, I'm sorry.

Victor: You should be. Now, tonight is the Last Dance of the year. I would suggest you make it the last date with Chloe.

Philip: No, dad. Dad, please, just give me one more chance, okay? I'll study hard for the SATs, I'll get a private tutor, whatever you want, just don't send me away.

Victor: My father would have never given in.

Philip: Dad, please.

Victor: I'll think about it.

Philip: Look, I know I can't spend as much time with Chloe as I did, but I'll just hang out with her on the weekends. That's it. Just don't send me away.

Victor: I said I'd think about it. Now I've got work to do and so have you.

Philip: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.

Victor: Yes, I think that now you will do your work.

Roman: Very nice, very nice. Very underplayed. The question is, did the audience buy it? Was it believable?

Kate: Sami did find something out, but not about me -- about Lucas, about something he'd done.

Roman: Ah, Lucas is the weakest link.

Kate: Something that if you found out about it, he would have spent the next 20 years in prison, so I caved.

Roman: Oh, my dear, you're telling me that my daughter's withholding evidence about a crime?

Kate: Oh, pretty shocking, isn't it, that she could do something like that, huh?

Roman: But if Lucas had broken a law, he should pay for it.

Kate: Don't you think he has already? Roman, please, don't say anything about this conversation. If you do, it could jeopardize... My son's future and Sami’s custody.

Kate: Or play Mr.. Law and order and see what happens to your precious daughter. Either way, I don't care. Just get the hell out of here and leave me alone, will you?

Roman: You know, Kate, three more minutes of sincere and vulnerable, and you just might have had me.

Kate: Well, now we'll never know, will we?

Roman: And I'll never know whether you're telling the truth.

Kate: Oh, officer, you doubt my word?

Roman: Yes, I do, but if what you say is true, if you did try to help Sami --

Kate: Oh, please. Spare me the heart and flowers. And next time you come to grill me, don't ask me about my healthy first, because my life is none of your damn business, okay?

Jack: Was this all a big setup just to get me out?

Jennifer: No, no, Jack. I swear it wasn't.

Jack: Okay, okay, then here is my answer. Of course I still want to live with you. There is only one reason that we're in that house, and that reason has not changed just because I'm disappointed with your answer. Jennifer, I want to get our family back on track. I'm going to hide or deny that, but Abigail was my main concern and she still is. When we started having problems after she was born, it had nothing to do anymore with your happiness or my happiness or our mutual happiness. That all has to take second place now to the love and happiness that we share for our child. That's the way it'll always be with me.

Jennifer: For me, too.

Jack: So I think that we should continue our living arrangement.

Jennifer: Okay, okay. I think we should, too, for Abby.

Jack: Good. I think we should shake on it.

Marlena: I will not defend myself to you. I will say that you have no right to judge me.

Hattie: Judge? You're the one who judges people. You're judging me right now. You know, I think you owe me a great big apology, or I'm going to the police department and I'm going to swear out a restraining order against you.

Marlena: Against me? Have you lost your mind?

Hattie: Oh, no, but I think you have. You see? You can't even apologize like a decent human being.

Marlena: I see that I made a mistake trying to talk to you.

Hattie: Well, not exactly warm and fuzzy, but I do accept your apology. You made a great big mistake. It was a doozy. Now leave me alone. I'm just trying to be a good person and do the right thing, and I don't need you flipping out around me.

Marlena: Look, I was hoping we wouldn't have to get into this, but apparently there's no other way. There's a rather large amount of medication missing from my office, and you just happen to have been there today.

Samantha: And you think that I took them. You think that I went into your office and I stole your lousy pills. Well, that is something. I mean, my own sister accusing me of something like that. You think that I would stoop to -- oh, I don't need your pills, Marlena, I don't need your money, and I darn well don't even need you! You can go straight to hell, Marlena Evans!

Marlena: [Thinking] History does repeat itself.

John: I'm sure that you understand that I worry about what could happen to you and Bo.

Hope: I don't feel like I'm betraying Bo because I don't have any memory of being with you.

John: If I told you about it, that would change.

Hope: How? John, it'll be like reading a book. You'll be telling me about someone else's experiences, not mine. It's not like I'll connect with that other person.

John: You don't know that for sure, do you? What if what I tell you just triggers something?

Hope: Don't you think if there was a possibility of that, I would have remembered by now?

John: I sincerely don't know. I just don't think the risk is worth it. Hope, everything that you do and say tells me nothing is more important than your husband and your family. Do you really want to gamble with all of that? Aah, there's my little sugarplum, ooh...!

Philip: You have always gotten your way, dad, and you're used to it, but I will not give up Chloe and mom will not be working in a diner. You're not the only Kiriakis in town.

Victor: I can get the kid to hit the books, but Kate's got her hooks into him. I can tell. Well, she can twist him around like a pretzel. She's not getting a dime out of me, and Nicole will be at the dance tonight... Chaperoning. Well, she'll at least be able to keep an eye on Kate. I'm not going to let her get away with using Philip against me. I'm not going to let her get away with anything.

Kate: Well, well, well, that was fun. Maybe Roman can come and tell me off on all my breaks. No, no, because I'm getting out of this joint. Now tonight, when Philip sees his poor, old, pitiful mom, he'll convince Victor to give me all the money I need.

Jennifer: Oh, what the heck?

Marlena: You know things about me, about my past. Why do you want me to remember? Why are you trying to torture me?

Hattie: Whoa. You are bonkers, lady, and I'm out of here.

Marlena: Oh, John, what are you doing here? Oh, I see.

Hope: John, my family is the most important thing --

John: Hold on. Marlena’s here and she's on her way over.

Hope: I need to know about this. Promise you'll tell me later.

John: I'll call you.

Hope: John --

Marlena: Hello, you two.

Hope: Hey. Hi.

John: Hi, honey.

Hope: John and I were just talking about the weather and how hot it is, yet you look fresh as a daisy.

Marlena: You looked pretty intense to be talking about the weather.

Hope: Well, we were talking about a lot of things. Actually, I was telling John how it felt to finally have my life back on track. J.T. is doing much better.

Marlena: Oh, it's so nice of you to update John on his son.

Hope: Bo's son.

Marlena: Oh, yes, yes, I'm so sorry. Watching you two together, I thought you might have forgotten that.

John: Marlena.

Marlena: John.

Hope: I have to get going. John, thank you for listening. Marlena... Goodbye.

Marlena: Goodbye. So this is the body language of people talking about the weather.

John: Stop it.

Marlena: Stop what?

John: You know what I mean. I think we all need to calm down so we can eventually get past me, Hope, and whatever happened.

Marlena: A consummation devoutly to be wished.

John: Let's go home. 

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