Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/24/97

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/24/97


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Franco: Yeah, our mission is accomplished. Bo and Billie were married in Rome. Oh, yeah, we got back several hours ago, but this is the first chance I had to call you. Yeah, I knew you'd be pleased. Yeah, of course. Hope he's devastated. But I will help her to get over Bo and fall in love with me.

Bo: Agh! Whoa! You turn too--gah! You can't get me! What? What? Something wrong?

Hope: No. Everything is right. Everything... [Sighs] Always seems right when I'm with you.

Bo: Hmm, well, good. 'Cause you're always gonna be with me.

Hope: [Giggles]

Bo: We're gonna laugh and love...and dream. And all our dreams are gonna come true. I sure do love you, fancy face.

Hope: Mm, I love you.

Bo: That's a good thing.

Hope: Do you remember our dreams, Bo? No, you don't. Otherwise, you never would have married Billie. I have to say good-bye. It's so hard.

Billie: Oh, Bo, where are you? I have to warn you, max knows you're working undercover.

Dean: Brady's working undercover.

Max: How do you know?

Dean: I'm with Interpol. I got called in to back him up and make sure he busts king when the shipment comes in tonight.

Billie: I have to warn you before it's too late.

Bo: Come on, captain. Signal king you're ready to dock and unload the drugs. Where is my backup?

John: Excuse me.

Maggie: Yeah. Hey, sweetheart. I'm sorry you had to listen to those accusations all over again, especially today.

Kristen: Will she come back?

John: No, I'm sure that mike and Jennifer have taken her to the hospital. Hey. And no one believe Laura, anyway. She's, um... she's a bit confused. Everybody knows that.

Kristen: I hope so. This day was supposed to be perfect.

John: Hey... nothing is gonna spoil this perfect day for us. I'll tell you what. Why don't we grab the kids and head up on the honeymoon, okay?

Abe: I'll tell you, this whole thing is just like some kind of nightmare. I mean, the rental shop sent over costumes instead of cutaways and gowns. We got Elvis music instead of wedding music, and then... Laura shows up and just goes off the deep end.

Maggie: How on earth did Laura get here from the hospital?

Abe: I have no idea.

Caroline: And why does she believe such terrible things about Kristen?

Shawn: Well, she's just confused, that's all.

Caroline: Oh, she's really gone off the edge. Poor Laura.

Carrie: Poor mike and Jennifer. It must be painful for them to see their mother like this.

Maggie: Yeah.

Laura: You just have to believe me! No, just stop! Will you must try? Try to believe me. Okay? Kristen has hidden Marlena somewhere in that house.

Michael: Mom, you have to calm down. I want to take you to the hospital so you can rest, okay?

Laura: I did not flip out! I was drugged out, and I have had enough rest, thank you very much! Michael, please. Marlena needs us now.

Jen: Mom, Stefano has already taken Marlena.

Laura: No. No, you're wrong. Marlena is here. Look, we can get Abe... to search the house. But we--we have got to stop Kristen and Stefano. It's time to bring the DiMeras down.

Vivian: Stefano, we have to get back to the garden. We can't be seen with you.

Ivan: This will be a great time to leave. Everybody's distracted by Laura's appearance.

Stefano: No, I'm going to find a safe place to hide for now. When john and Kristen leave for their honeymoon, the police will also leave, and then I will go downstairs. I will get Marlena out of the secret room and take her away.

Ivan: But, sir, why not right now?

Stefano: Because security is too tight. Use your head. Besides, what's the rush? I have all the time in the world. Marlena is safe in the secret room.

[Gas hissing]

Lexie: Mom, are you okay?

Celeste: Well, darling, I am puzzled and confused and so very sad for Laura.

Lexie: Ugh, she has lost all touch with reality.

Celeste: I'm not so sure, Alexandra.

Lexie: Mom, you saw her. You heard her.

Celeste: Yes, yes, yes, darling, but...I know that she's correct about one thing, and that is Stefano. I have sensed his presence all day--I know he's here. He's--he's somewhere. [Sighs]

Vivian: Well! Laura's appearance certainly put a damper on the reception. Now people might start coming in here.

Stefano: You may be right. I'll go back to the kitchen. I'll be safer there for now.

Vivian: Are we ever going to get rid of that man?

Ivan: Yes, just as soon as john and Kristen leave on their honeymoon.

Vivian: If I didn't know better, I'd think Kristen was eating some sort of funny mushroom, the way she's behaving is so bizarre.

Ivan: She's been under a little too much pressure.

Vivian: If you ask me, she's snapped.

Ivan: She's behaving more like Susan.

Vivian: Well, she's not Susan. Remember, I pulled her hair. She's not wearing a wig. Besides, if she were Susan, where's Kristen? Never mind, I'm sorry I asked. I don't want to know.

Ivan: Ah.

Abe: What do you make of Laura's accusations? That Stefano was in her hospital room, and that Marlena is right here in this house?

John: Well, I would like to believe that part's true. But the fact is, I think that Laura has lost touch with reality, and it's been going on for some time now. I mean, keep in mind, she's convinced that Stefano and peter kidnapped her. That Kristen helped keep her hostage, and that just didn't happen here. And about the other two suggestions, why in the hell would Stefano go to her hospital room? And doc? What? She's in the house? You and I have checked out every square inch of this house and she's not here, because if she were here, I would know it. Besides, Kristen saw her leave, and we know we can believe her.

Kristen: [Southern accent] That Kristen, she's just mean, mean, mean! She's ruined so many people's lives, I think that sticking her in that dungeon was just the best thing I ever did.

Kristen: [Weakly] John... help. They're... [Sighs]

Laura: We have to find Marlena.

Michael: No, what we have to do is get you to the hospital.

Laura: Ugh, to sedate me again? No. [Crying] It's normal... for me to feel what I'm feeling. My dearest friend is in there, and she's in danger. Now, we need to help her. So...let's go back inside now.

Michael: No. No. The police have searched the house already. Marlena's not there.

Laura: [Scoffs] Well, then, they didn't look hard enough.

Jen: Mom, why don't we just go home and we can talk--

Laura: No, you are just wasting time! Marlena needs us now.

Michael: Okay, then the best way we can help her is to go home and talk this out calmly. Calmly.

Laura: [Scoffs] Well. All right. Let's go home.

Michael: All right. Jen, where's your car?

Jen: On the west side of the house.

Michael: Okay.

Laura: I can't walk anymore.

Jen: It's okay. I'll go get the car.

Michael: And I'll stay here with you.

Jen: Okay, I'll be right back. Mike...don't you think we should take her to the hospital?

Michael: We just promised her we're gonna take her home, Jen. If we break our word now, then she's never gonna trust us again. Okay? We're just gonna take her home and deal with it there. All right? Okay. Oh, je--oh, Jen. She's gone.

John: Listen, sweetheart, I know that it hasn't been easy hearing all this about Marlena, but I want you to know that I promise we are doing everything in our power to find her.

Carrie: I know that, john. And I know that you really care about her.

John: Yes, I do. Listen, Kris and I, we're gonna change and head off to the airport. I think everybody will understand, don't you?

Carrie: Yeah. And I must say, it's been a very strange day.

John: That's one way to put it. Oh, no.

[All shriek]

Kristen: Aah!

Laura: You are not getting rid of me this time! I know the truth about you, and I know Marlena is here. Please!

John: Laura. Come on.

Laura: Please. Everyone. Will you listen to me?

Franco: Hope.

Hope: Franco. Thanks for giving me some time alone.

Franco: Did it help?

Hope: I don't know. I don't know. I thought, once I got home, I'd, you know, I could start rebuilding my life. But this is more difficult than Rome. I mean, everywhere I look, I'm reminded of Bo.

Franco: You know, hope... you can never escape those memories, no matter where you are.

Hope: I just feel like such a fool. 'Cause I didn't let go sooner. I just kept holding on to the... to the hope that Bo and I would get back together.

Franco: Hope, don't be embarrassed. You're not a fool. You love Bo. He doesn't love you. He's the one who doesn't return your love. He's the fool.

Hope: I just realized I have nowhere to go. I mean, I don't have a home anymore. I don't have anything.

Franco: That's not true. I know where you can stay.

Hope: Where?

Franco: Come with me. Come on. To my hotel room.

Bo: Okay, man. Your boat's on its way in. We'll offload your merchandise onto my boat, and Billie and I will head on out of here.

King: I don't think things are gonna play out that way, Bo.

Bo: It's a little late to be changing your plans, now, isn't it?

King: Yeah, well, that's my decision, not yours.

Bo: Well, yeah, you're the--

King: I wouldn't do that if I were you. I warned you not to double-cross me. Now you'll pay the price. I've been coloring Liz's hair for years.

Franco: [Speaks Italian] Make yourself at home.

Hope: Franco, I can't stay here, this is--this is your room.

Franco: So? It's beautiful. It's very comfortable. I'll arrange for another room for myself.

Hope: No, no. I will arrange for a room for myself.

Franco: No, no, you gotta relax, unwind, and not worry about anything.

Hope: [Sighs] That's so sweet.

Franco: I love you, hope. And I will help you in any way I can.

Hope: Franco, I told you--

Franco: Hey, I said I wouldn't pressure you. I just want you to know that I'm here for you.

Hope: Thanks. Thank you.

Franco: Now, you have to relax. So you take a hot bath. There's your robe. You can use it.

Hope: Okay. Thanks.

Franco: You're welcome. Hey, it's Franco. Is everything ready? Oh, of course, she doesn't suspect anything. This will be a total surprise for her. Thanks.

King: Give me your gun, nice and easy. Easy.

[Boat horn blows] You're good, Brady. You almost nailed me.

Bo: What the hell are you talking about?

King: Your cover has been blown.

Bo: Oh, man. We have been dancing this dance for weeks.

King: Save it! I know the score. And just in time. I've got big plans for you and your family. Yeah, I think I'll keep you around long enough to see your son, hope, and Billie die.

Bo: Oh, come on. Where did you get this information, huh? And how do you know it's accurate? Sounds to me like somebody--

King: Shut your trap! You make me sick. You could have had it all, Brady. I would have taken good care of you, given you more money than you ever dreamed about. You could have been sailing back to Salem right now on a yacht. Bought up half the town. Your parents could have retired.

Bo: Yeah, well, my parents like to work. And they'll sleep much better knowing you're in prison. My backup. You're surrounded. So why don't you put that gun down before you hurt somebody?

Dean: I'm dean. I'm with Interpol.

Bo: Just in time, buddy. You can call the rest of your men in. Been waiting a long time to take this scum down. Why don't you go ahead, get him the hell out of here?

Dean: Not so fast, buddy.

King: Sorry there, Brady. The only one going down is you.

John: Doc! Doc. Doc, it's john. Doc, it's john.

Marlena: Oh. Oh, john. I knew you'd save me.

John: It's all right, sweetheart, we're together now. And we're always gonna be together, 'cause I love you so much.

Marlena: I love you too. John, don't leave me. Don't leave me here. John!

Laura: Don't be fooled... by Kristen. Behind that sweet face is someone as evil as Stefano. Hell, they're working together.

John: Laura--

Laura: Listen to me!

John: Easy, easy, easy.

Laura: John, she has been lying to all of us. She knows that peter and Stefano are both alive, and she knows where Marlena is.

John: Laura, please. Laura--

Laura: Listen to me! John... honest to god, Marlena is in that house. And Kristen knows where she is. So tell us where she is, Kristen!

John: Let's go inside. Come on.

Laura: No, not until she tells the truth. Please, john, not until she tells the truth.

Michael: Mom, okay, hang on. John, john.

Laura: No, no.

Michael: I got her, I got her. Mom...Mom... please, let's go home. Okay? Please.

Laura: Don't you care... what happens to Marlena? Doesn't anyone here wanna save her? All you have to do is just... please, just go in the house and just search it again. If you do that, you'll find her.

Michael: Get my medical bag, please.

Laura: Maggie, come on.

Michael: Mom...

Laura: John!

Michael: Mom, it's not good for you to get this worked up. I'm just gonna give you a little something to calm you down, okay?

Laura: Don't you come near me, Michael Horton! You are gonna tell us the truth. You are gonna stop all these lies! Now, you tell us, where have you hidden Marlena? Oh, no, you don't!

John: Hey, hey!

Laura: You just talk! You talk!

[All gasping]

[All gasping]

Caroline: Ew.

[Romantic music]

[Glass clinks]

Hope: Mm.

Bo: Mind some company?

Hope: Not as long as the company's you, Brady.

Bo: Oh, I like the sound of that.

Hope: [Chuckles]

Bo: Ahh.

Hope: [Giggles]

Bo: To us.

Hope: How could you marry her, Bo? How?

Bo: This isn't the first time you've sold out a cop, is it? It's way too easy for you.

King: He obviously enjoys the good life, Brady.

Bo: You're no better than this piece of crap. Letting somebody trust you, think you're gonna protect them, then you sell out to this man.

Dean: Get off your soap box. We'll never rid the world of drug dealers. If king goes down, someone will take his place. Hey, why shouldn't I have the good life too? You could have had it, Brady. You could have bought your wife a big house, pretty clothes, given your kids all the advantages that money could buy.

King: Now, Brady's family and new wife are gonna meet their end. What a shame.

Billie: Oh, dear god, help me save him.

Bo: You do what you want to me, but you leave my family and Billie out of this.

King: Oh, I don't think so. You have to suffer for your sins against me, Bo. Get him out of here.

Billie: Freeze! Drop the guns or you're both dead.

Laura: What is going on?

John: S-S... Susan.

[Hushed chatter]

Caroline: It is Susan.

Ivan: Where is Kristen?

Vivian: Oh, of course. Susan must have put her in the secret room with Marlena.

Ivan: Just when we were trying to be so good, so spiritual.

Laura: I thought she was Kristen.

John: This is DiMera's work. Did he put you up to this? Where is Kristen? Is she with Stefano? Did he take her?

Susan: I don't know. He was here yesterday.

John: He's here.

Lexie: Mom, you were right.

Vivian: We have to leave now. We'll get Stefano out the back way.

Ivan: He's gone.

Vivian: Of course. He's always looking after himself. Come on.

Abe: Look, I want you to seal off all the exits. No one leaves--no one!

Vivian: If we're trapped, Stefano's trapped.

Excuse me, sir. You're not going anywhere.

Stefano: Officer, uh, I am on my way to the nursery, you see. I-I-I took some, um, trays to the staff, and now I'm going to go pick them up again, you see. And then I'm off to another wedding.

Well, you want to be upstairs, you're going to have to ask commander carver for an okay.

Stefano: Well, all right. Fine, I, uh, want to talk to commander carver. Where is he?

He's in the garden.

Stefano: [Sighs] There's got to be a way out of here. I'll be coming for you soon, Marlena. Nothing is going to keep me away from taking you to the island.

[Gas hissing]

John: That's enough. Mickey, keep an eye on her.

Abe: All right, everything's set. No way in, no way out. And I've got all my people searching the house from top to bottom. If Stefano's there, we're gonna find him. And then we're gonna force him to tell us what he's done with Kristen and Marlena.

John: Listen, Mel and Brady are at the pub. John Jr.'S upstairs. Get a cop on him.

Abe: I've already got somebody there now.

Shawn: Abe, I'd like to go back to the pub. Check on the kids.

Abe: Yeah.

John: Thanks, Shawn.

Abe: I'll walk you out.

Laura: Who is that...Susan woman?

Carrie: She's john Jr.'s baby nurse.

Laura: But she...looked just like Kristen. Where is Kristen?

Carrie: Maybe Stefano kidnapped her too.

John: All right, Susan, that's it. Put it down! Now, you're gonna tell me what's happening right now! Why are you disguised as Kristen? Where is she?

Susan: The champagne has made my head wanna bust right open.

John: Susan... what has happened to Kristen?

Susan: John... you don't need her no more. You got me. And I know you love me for who I really am. And that means that you and me and little Elvis are gonna be family.

John: What? Elvis? What the hell are you talking about?

Susan: Oh, Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie. Can someone get Lisa Marie? I want Lisa Marie!

John: Lisa Marie? What? Who-- Susan! Susan... Susan, listen to me. I want you to pull it together. I gotta find Kristen. Where is she?

Laura: What about Marlena? Listen to me! Is she here?

Susan: John, they're gonna burn down Graceland. I had to do whatever I could to stop her.

John: Graceland?

Laura: Ohh.

Susan: They're gonna lock me in a dungeon. They're gonna lock me in.

John: said Stefano was here yesterday. Did you see him?

Susan: Yeah. He's the head vampire, john!

John: Did you see him today?

Susan: Just them vampires.

John: Right there, pal. All right.

Ivan: Oh, come on.

John: Where's Stefano? What the hell has he done with doc and Kristen?

Ivan: Here we go.

[Knock at door]

Hope: Who is it?

Franco: It's me, Franco. I'm back. Are you feeling better?

Hope: Yeah, I'm feeling much better. I'll be out in a minute, okay?

Franco: Don't worry. Take your time.

Hope: Hey, Franco.

Franco: Yeah?

Hope: I really appreciate your friendship. And I really couldn't have made it through this without you.

Franco: I'm glad I could help you.

Bo: Look, I could be wrong about him. But then again, I could not be wrong. Until we know for sure, I'm not gonna let this go. Because my gut is telling me he's no good.

Hope: Bo's wrong about Franco. He's been a really wonderful friend to me. [Sighs]

Billie: Stay where you are. Don't move.

King: Well, if it isn't Billie.

Billie: Drop your guns. Let Bo go.

King: Billie...

Billie: Give me a reason to shoot you, king.

Dean: Bo never mentioned he had a partner.

Bo: And you never mentioned you'd sold out to king.

Billie: Drop your guns now. Oh!

King: Take the gun!

Max: Ah, she's not armed.

King: I warned you not to play games with me. You just don't learn. It doesn't matter much. You're both as good as dead.

John: All right, aunt. Start talking.

Vivian: John, the poor woman is babbling about vampires. I don't understand it.

Susan: They know everything, john, 'cause they work with the head vampire, Mr. Stefano--

John: Where is he? Where is he?

Vivian: Maybe I better call an attorney before I answer any questions.

John: Where is he?

Vivian: I don't know. I swear--he was here, disguised as a waiter, and then he disappeared.

Ivan: Your aunt is telling you the truth--we are innocent.

John: If he's here, I'm gonna find him.

Susan: You know what, john, they wanna put me in the dungeon, but I think they put Kristen there instead.

John: What the hell is all this talk about a dungeon, a secret room--where is it?

Susan: It's right there in the house. There it is in the house, john, and them, and they helped keep dr. Marlena Evans in there too.

John: Doc is here?

Susan: She sure, vampire's--

John: Will you just stop it with the vampires? You're talkin' about Ivan and Vivian, right?

Susan: Bad creatures. They're mean, mean, mean creatures, vampires.

Vivian: It's about that attorney.

John: Is doc here?

Vivian: I--john--

Ivan: Yes, she is. Madame, I can't take it anymore. He's ruining my tie. This is too much pressure. Yes, she's downstairs! Go get her.

John: And what about the secret room? Where is it? Take me to it right now.

Vivian: John, first you have to know, we didn't know anything about Marlena's captivity, and we didn't know about Kristen.

John: Save the speech. I wanna get to doc and Kristen. Take me there right now. Let's go. Both of you! Come on.

[Gas hissing]

Hope: Franco. What is all of this?

Franco: I wanted to do something special for you. I hope you don't mind.

Hope: It's only a setting for one.

Franco: Of course. This is for you. Just for you. I arranged for another room, remember? So you can call me anytime, if you need me. Oh, I brought you also a-- one of my pajama tops, so you can use it tonight. It's clean. Just came from the laundry.

Hope: You've gone to so much trouble for me.

Franco: It was a pleasure. I want you to know how special you are.

Hope: You're the special one. I wish Bo had gotten to know you, made friends with you. Oh, Franco, I'm so sorry for all the pain his accusations caused you.

Franco: That's okay. That's all in the past. As long as you never believed him. Did you?

Hope: No. No, it was ridiculous. It was so obvious that you never had any ulterior motives for what you did. You've been such a good friend to me.

Franco: Thanks. Well, enjoy.

Hope: Thanks.

Franco: Ciao.

Hope: Ciao. [Speaks Italian]

[Door closes] I wish you were here with me, Bo.

Franco: You're wrong, hope. I do have an ulterior motive. I'm gonna make you forget about Bo and fall in love with me.

Billie: [Grunting] Oh, Bo, I'm so sorry. I saw dean with max. I didn't have time to warn you. I--

Bo: Billie, this isn't your fight.

Billie: I couldn't let him kill you.

Bo: Yeah, well... you did the best you could. I'm sorry you're in danger again.

King: Here's the plan. We're gonna unload the drugs, put you two on the ship, and then dump you out at sea. You're gonna leave the eternal city for eternity.

Susan: And everything was goin' so good.

Caroline: Yes.

Susan: Wasn't it? Wasn't it a lovely wedding?

Maggie: Yes, honey.

Caroline: It was really beautiful.

Susan: And I was happy. I never been so happy. [Sobbing] Why couldn't them vampires leave me alone? [Wailing] They ruined everything. They ruined my weddin'.

Laura: I knew Marlena was here. I'm not losing my mind. Thank you, god... for proving it to all of them.

Lexie: Wow. Laura was right all along.

Celeste: Well, she was certainly right about Stefano being here. And I feel his presence stronger now than ever. Darling, he's in the house at this moment.

Lexie: Do you know where?

Celeste: No.

Abe: All right, start searching at the end of the hall. Don't miss a room. Don't miss a closet, an armoire. Don't miss anything. I want Stefano found.

Stefano: There's no way out. [Chuckles] Is it possible... it's all over for me now? [Grunts]

John: Here we go. I've been in this room 100 times since doc disappeared. Where is she?

Vivian: Here's the door.

Ivan: Here. Ah. Good luck, the bottle is stuck.

John: Get out of the way. Doc! Kristen, it's john! I'm gonna get you out of there.

Vivian: It's soundproof. They can't hear you.

John: Is there a way to see 'em?

Vivian: There's a spot here.

John: Oh, my god. They're dead.

[Gas hissing]

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