Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/20/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/20/01

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Marie: Hello, Brady, you look like you're moving around a little bit better.

Brady: Yeah, I'm getting a little better.

Marie: You're here to see your grandfather?

Brady: I am, yes.

Victor: He's here for a private meeting with me.

Kate: Oh! Damn it. Damn you, Victor, damn you.

Fay: The boss is on the warpath again.

Kate: Oh, really? What's the big tycoon's problem now, huh?

Fay: Oh, he's got some tax forms to fill out. He needs your address, Kate.

Fay: Kate, where you living? What do I tell the boss?

Philip: Hey, Chloe.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: Happy last day of school.

Chloe: That is so sweet.

Philip: Well, we have a lot to celebrate -- the start of summer vacation, big dance. It's going to be a great night.

Jan: Oh, look at those lovebirds. Flowers. When is the last time some guy brought you flowers there, Mimi?

Mimi: No one ever has. Thanks for asking.

Jan: Well, I bet Philip won't be bringing the girl flowers anymore after he sees the naked video she's selling on the internet.

Jan: I wish we could find a way to ruin another couple's dream date.

Jan: Shawn and Belle? Actually...I got an idea. Interested?

Shawn-D: Hey.

Belle: Hey, Shawn.

Shawn-D: So, what time should I pick you up tonight?

Belle: I don't know. Whatever time you think, I guess.

Shawn-D: What's wrong? You seem like you're down about something. Belle? What happened? Did you change your mind about being my date?

Nicole: So, you want me to get lost?

Victor: If you would be so kind.

Nicole: You're the boss. Nice to see you, Brady.

Brady: You, too, Nicole.

Victor: Marie, hold all my calls.

Brady: Oh, she's so hot.

Victor: Ha ha.

Brady: She must be giving you some pretty good ideas now that you're not attached anymore.

Victor: Oh, don't be silly. She's young enough to date you.

Brady: Maybe she likes older men.

Victor: Now that's enough of that. I'm not here to discuss the dating habits of the, uh, xyz generation or whatever it is you call yourselves these days.

Brady: So why the hell did you get me out of bed so early? What's the mystery?

Victor: I would like a progress report on your undercover operation.

Brady: Oh, you mean operation get-Philip-to-dump-Chloe?

Victor: Any success?

Brady: [Sighs] It's hard, grandpa. They're stuck together like white on rice, and the more Philip sees her, the more possessive he gets.

Chloe: Philip.

Philip: What's wrong?

Chloe: Don't you remember the rules? And, besides, shouldn't you be studying? We have a big history exam in about two hours.

Philip: Oh, come on. I'm cool. What are you looking at?

Chloe: What's up with Belle? She looks upset.

Belle: No, I'm not having second thoughts about dating you at all. It's just that --

Chloe: Belle, are you okay?

Belle: Not really. I'm having problems with Mimi.

Shawn-D: Whoa. What's wrong with Mimi?

Belle: It's kind of personal, but she's mad at me.

Philip: Why, because the four of us are going to the dance and she's not?

Belle: It's not that. It's the fact that I didn't tell her Shawn asked me to go. I was going to, but the whole school found out first. Now I'm afraid she's never going to talk to me again.

Mimi: No, I couldn't do that to her, not to Belle.

Jan: Well, you know what they say, Mimi -- don't get mad, get even.

Belle: Hey, Meems.

Shawn-D: Let me talk to her. Mimi, hey. Hey, wait up. Come here.

Mimi: Let go of me, Shawn.

Shawn-D: Okay, why are you acting like this?

Mimi: It's not really any of your business.

Shawn-D: Look, Belle is really upset that you wouldn't talk to her.

Mimi: Oh, well, Iím sure Belle can console herself, knowing that you care so much.

Shawn-D: Come on. You and Belle and I -- how far do we go back?

Mimi: Just forget it, okay?

Shawn-D: No. No. All right? I want to settle this. Now, are we friends or not?

Mimi: You just don't get it, do you?

Belle: Mimi, please. We need to talk in private.

Mimi: There's nothing to say.

Belle: Yes, there is. Come on.

Fay: Your son Austin was in, asking about you. He's worried, too.

Kate: Look, I just want to keep my job, okay? Would you let me work?

Kate: Roman, you can take that table right there.

Roman: Kate, how you doing?

Kate: Oh, fabulous, now that the boys in blue are here.

Man: I never thought Iíd see Kate Roberts working in a joint like this.

Roman: Well, the mighty do fall. She's hurting, too. Looks like she's too proud to ask anybody for help.

Fay: Kate, why won't you tell me where you're living? Look, if you want to keep your job, you got to give burke an address.

Kate: I don't have an address.

Fay: What do you mean you don't have an address?

Kate: I live in a homeless shelter, Fay. Okay? Are you satisfied? Are you happy now?

Fay: Oh, my God, Kate. I'm so sorry. I had no idea.

Kate: So go on and tell the boss, okay? Go on.

Fay: I'll tell the boss what he needs to know.

Kate: What does that mean?

Fay: As of tonight, you are staying with me. [Bell dings]

Kate: Forget about it. I'm not going to live with Nicole Walker's mother.

Fay: Look, Kate, I know you're covering up 'cause you don't want to take charity, but sometimes we got to let other people help us. You can owe me one.

Kate: No.

Fay: You are staying with me tonight, and that is final. [Bells dings]

Burke: Somebody, get that order!

Kate: Thanks, Fay.

Fay: You're welcome, Kate, and when you come home with me tonight, you're going to take a nice hot bath and relax. You could use a little pampering.

Kate: Actually, I have something to do tonight.

Man: Check these out yet, Captain?

Roman: What?

Man: Mobile messengers -- supposed to revolutionize police work.

Roman: Well, this is all I need right here. Got my little notepad that works.

Man: No, Captain, technology -- it's the key to survival out there on those mean streets.

Roman: No, you're wrong about that. Key to survival is true grit. Take a lesson from Kate Roberts. The key is grit.

Fay: So, uh, what are you doing tonight that's so important? Got a date maybe?

Kate: Oh, yeah, Donald Trump is flying me to Paris.

Kate: So, ready to order?

Roman: Uh, you bet we are. How you doing, Kate?

Kate: You know, I'd really love to chat, but I want to keep my job. So I need to keep moving. What do you want?

Roman: Two coffees, two specials.

Man: Wow. It's a little icy, isn't it? She better put on the defrost button.

Fay: Hey, there, Roman. Nice to see you again.

Roman: Nice to see you again, Fay. Nice to see somebody smiling around here. How's

Kate doing?

Fay: Well... Not good. Not good at all, Roman.

Kate: I can't get sick tonight -- not tonight.

Kevin: So, did it get there -- the dress you ordered on-line?

Susan: Yeah. I called my mom this morning. She said it just arrived.

Kevin: Cool. Then you'll be at the dance tonight to help out.

Susan: Hold on. Remember what you said yesterday about not living your life for other people?

Kevin: Sure, as in not going to the dance because you're afraid about the other kids ragging on you.

Susan: Right, you said I shouldn't care what they think because I'll never see these people again after high school.

Kevin: Exactly. Tell them to take a hike. Show them that you're impervious to their insults.

Susan: I'm not. Kevin, that's just it. I try not to let it get to me, but it does.

Kevin: Then stop them. There is a way, you know.

Susan: What way?

Kevin: Susan, the only reason people get away with rude and offensive behavior is because nobody wants to bust them on it.

Susan: Everybody's afraid.

Kevin: But why? Why be afraid of a bunch of brainless bullies?

Jason: You going to look hot for me at the dance tonight?

Jan: Not now, Jason, okay? I'm busy.

Jason: Doing what?

Jan: Just leave me alone. Okay, would you?

Jason: You know what? I'm sick and tired of your attitude, and if you want me to be your date, you better start showing me some respect.

Jan: Don't pull this on me, Lockhart. It is too late for second thoughts.

Belle: Mimi, I feel terrible. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt you. I love you. You are my best friend.

Mimi: Yada, yada, yada. You said that on the phone last night, but it still doesn't change the fact that you went behind my back, you made a date with Shawn, and you never told me.

Belle: Mimi, I --

Mimi: And I had to hear it from Jan, of all people. Do you know how that felt? Now everybody's talking about it.

Belle: So what? What do you care what other people say?

Mimi: Like you donít. Like you wouldn't mind everyone thinking you're a loser.

Belle: No one thinks you're a loser.

Mimi: Yeah, well, I do, okay? My God, how could I show my face at the dance?

Belle: No, no, Mimi, you have to go to the dance. It wouldn't be the same without you.

Mimi: Yeah, right, except that you'll be having such a great time with the cutest guy in school, you won't even notice. You two will get all the attention. You'll probably get named King and Queen of the dance. So why would you want me there?

Belle: Because... I love when you laugh louder than everyone else, and...I'd miss going to the ladies' room with you so that we could gossip and check out each other's hair. The worst part would be I wouldn't get to call you when we got home, so we could talk about everything that happened. Mimi, my life would not be the same without you.

Mimi: What's wrong with me? I'm being a jealous, awful person.

Belle: No, no, okay? You are not awful. You're disappointed in me, and I can understand that. I should have told you about my date with Shawn before I told anyone else, but there is nothing I can do to change that now. All I can say is I am sorry. I know it's no excuse, but when Shawn asked me to go with him, oh, so much was going on. His little brother was coming home. We had to go get presents and a cake. We were so excited. It was -- it was kind of overwhelming, you know?

Mimi: It's okay, Belle. I mean, if Shawn had asked me, I probably wouldn't have been thinking straight either. [Clears throat]

Belle: So are we friends again? Mimi, I care so much about you.

Mimi: You, too. I-I love you, and I'm sorry for getting jealous.

Belle: I love you, too, Meems. Come on.

Belle: So we're going to forget about all this, and you're going to the dance tonight, right?

Shawn-D: Hey, you guys.

Belle: Great news -- Mimi's going to come to the dance, right, Meems?

Mimi: No, actually, Iím not.

Belle: Come on, Shawn. Convince her to go.

Shawn-D: Look, we're all friends, right? And we're going to have fun no matter who's going with who. Come on. It's just like a party, a celebration.

Mimi: [Sighs]

Shawn-D: So what do you say Belle and I swing by and pick you up?

Philip: I don't get it, Chloe. Why do you feel responsible for what is going on with Belle and Mimi?

Chloe: Well, one of the reasons they're fighting is because it's tough for Belle to be friends with Mimi and me at the same time.

Philip: So? After what Mimi has done to you, I mean, why would Belle even want to be friends with her?

Chloe: The point is now that Belle is going to the dance with Shawn, Mimi really feels like an outsider, and I know what that's like.

Philip: You're amazing, you know that? You're just so understanding and sensitive.

Chloe: I wouldn't exactly say that.

Philip: Why? What are you thinking about?

Chloe: I'm just thinking about last night at Belle's house.

Philip: Yeah, what about it?

Chloe: Well, I was talking to Brady, and he just has a completely different take on me and what my future should be.

Philip: Why do you listen to him, huh? You're always running into Brady, hanging out with Brady. This has got to stop, Chloe.

Victor: I was afraid that that Philip would become too dependent on Chloe, especially with everything that's been happening the last few months.

Brady: Yeah, Philip's had a tough time. I know that.

Victor: Well, he lost the house that he grew up in. He lost his mother. It's why Philip's been so needy. That's why he's turned to Chloe. She, of course, has taken full advantage of the situation, leading him around by the nose. [Sighs] You've gotten to know Chloe,

Brady. What do you think of her?

Brady: Chloe? Well, she's not your typical teenager. She has some talent, loads of ambition.

Victor: Yes, I recall she claims to be a singer.

Brady: Yeah, opera singer. She's some diva, too.

Victor: Teenage opera diva... Strange.

Brady: Now, that is the understatement of the century.

Victor: Well, too strange for my son. I won't have anything or anybody holding Philip back in life. If Chloe gets in his way...

Brady: What? What are you going to do?

Victor: Well, don't worry. I know how to handle ambitious young women.

Nicole: Marie?

Marie: Yes, Ms. Walker?

Nicole: What do you know about Victor's grandson?

Marie: Just that Mr. Kiriakis was very upset when he was hunted down by the police. Brady was innocent, of course, and he sued. Well, you must know all that. It was all over the news --

Nicole: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yes, what else do you know?

Marie: Mr. Kiriakis is very protective of his grandson. Um, Brady is Isabella's son. She died of cancer shortly after he was born. So tragic.

Nicole: Victor told me about Isabella. They were very close.

Marie: Oh, he adored her. Everybody did. She was a lovely woman.

Nicole: Who was Isabella's mother? Do you know?

Marie: Yes, actually, I do. A woman by the name of Loretta Toscana. She was very beautiful.

Nicole: Was Victor married to her?

Marie: Ms. Walker, I think these are questions for Mr. Kiriakis.

Nicole: Marie, I am the President of Titan. So when I ask a question, I expect an answer.

Marie: I don't really know the answer to that question.

Nicole: I see, but you do know about Victor's daughter and John Black.

Marie: Well, yes, of course. They had a wonderful marriage from what Mr. Kiriakis said.

Nicole: Mr. Black sure does get around, doesn't he?

Marie: Well, he's very attractive.

Nicole: Are you kidding? He's hot. Has he ever hit on you?

Marie: Of course not. He's also very married.

Nicole: [Laughs] Oh, like that means anything. Speaking of hot, John's son is pretty hot, too, hmm?

Marie: And very young, and as the grandson of the C.E.O., he's off-limits.

Roman: Bill, go put something on the jukebox.

Bill: Oh, sure. Excuse me.

Roman: Fay, I think you need to keep an eye on Kate. I don't think she's got a lot of friends.

Fay: No, I don't think she does either. Roman, look, you got to promise not to tell Kate I told you this, okay?

Roman: Tell me what?

Fay: She's been living in a homeless shelter.

Roman: What?

Fay: It's true, but I convinced her to come stay with me, starting tonight.

Roman: Well, that's a nice thing to do, Fay. That's a real nice thing to do.

Fay: Well, I always say -- there, but for the grace of God...

Roman: Oh, yeah, Kate. How the mighty have fallen.

Fay: All right. I got to admit it. My curiosity's got the best of me. Come on, Kate, can't you tell me where you're going tonight that's so important?

Kate: Well, my son has a dance tonight. Months ago, before I was estranged from Victor, he and I agreed to chaperon. Now, I know he doesn't want me to be there, but I am going to be there for my son, and no one can stop me.

Chloe: You know, I wish you would stop throwing such a hissy fit every time I bring up Brady's name. How are we going to enjoy ourselves tonight if you keep acting jealous? How are we going to enjoy doing anything?

Philip: All right, all right. I won't freak out, okay? But just tell me what he said to you.

Brady: So, how is every little thing with you and Philip?

Chloe: Uh, none of your business, but since you're obviously dying to know, it's great. He treats me like a Queen.

Brady: Yeah, he's nuts about you. I feel sorry for him.

Chloe: Philip doesn't need your sympathy. I make him very happy.

Brady: Not for long. Aren't you the same diva who's going off to music school sometime soon?

Chloe: Uh, a year is not soon and, besides, who knows how things will turn out? My immediate plans involve making enough money so that I can afford that music school.

Brady: A summer job? Wow, Chloe, good for you. Don't just sit around on the beach, be productive. I like it.

Chloe: Yeah, you mean like you, rich kid?

Brady: Ouch. No, honestly, Chloe, about Philip -- don't get too serious with him, all right?

Chloe: Brady was just asking if Belle and I thought that maybe Jan and Jason would try to pull something at The Last Blast like they did last year.

Philip: Well, let them try. If anyone goes after you or even looks at you funny, they're going to answer to me.

Mimi: No, I can't show up at the dance with you guys. It's too lame.

Belle: But we did that last year, and we all had a great time.

Shawn-D: Right, yeah, we'll pick you up and then, once you get to the dance, you can do your own thing.

Belle: What do you say?

Mimi: I just don't want to horn in on you guys, you know? It's like I-I feel dumb.

Shawn-D: You're not. Belle and I, we're going to have time to do our own thing, but when we show up together it's going to be like the three musketeers. You know, it's practically turned into a tradition. Cool?

Chloe: You should go, Mimi. It's obvious that they really want you to.

Mimi: Like I care what you think.

Philip: That is such a screwed-up attitude, Mimi. She's just trying to help. Don't you get it?

Chloe: It's okay, Philip. Look, Mimi, I know that you hate my guts, but I just want you to understand that I can relate to what you're going through. I know exactly how it feels.

Mimi: Yeah, right. You were the Queen last year. What do you know about not having a date?

Chloe: Before Philip asked me to the dance, I'd never had a date to anything my entire life, and, besides, it's not about having a date.

Mimi: Oh, really? What is it about?

Chloe: Actually, it's really about having fun and celebrating the end of the school year. So I just think that we should all go together and have a good time.

Belle: Sounds great. What do you say?

Mimi: I don't -- I don't know.

Chloe: Come on. It won't be the same without you there, Mimi... For me either.

Mimi: How can you say that? Why would you care if I show up or not?

Chloe: Look, I know you've done stuff to me and I've done some stuff to you, but I was just hoping that we could put it in the past and move on.

Mimi: You really mean that, don't you?

Chloe: Yes, I do really mean that.

Belle: So, Mimi, will you go with us?

Shawn-D: What do you say?

Mimi: Okay, Iíll go.

Belle: Yeah!

Mimi: You guys can pick me up, but when we get to the dance, we split up.

Belle: Oh, except for our gossip trips to the ladies' room. This is going to be so great. We're all going to have so much fun.

Mimi: I've got to go.

Jan: What the hell was that all about? You're not trying to back out on me now, Mimi, are you?

Kate: Oh, God, I look like hell. Fay?

Fay: Yeah.

Kate: Could you cover my -- my orders for a few seconds. I have to make a phone call.

Fay: Sure.

Kate: Thanks.

Kate: My plan just needs a little juice, that's all. [Telephone rings] [ ring]

Marie: Mr. Kiriakis' office.

Kate: Marie, it's Kate. Put me through to Victor. Ms. Roberts, Mr. Kiriakis isn't taking any calls at the moment.

Kate: Oh, he'll take mine. It's about our son.

Victor: What do you want?

Kate: I'm reminding you that, months ago, we signed up to chaperon the dance at Philip's school tonight.

Victor: I hope you didn't call to ask me out. I never want to see you again.

Kate: The feeling is mutual. I just wanted you to know that I plan to be there for our son tonight, and I wanted to make sure that you weren't going to be there.

Nicole: What the hell did Kate want?

Marie: She didn't say.

Nicole: Ooh, I would like to be a fly on the wall in there.

Victor: That was Kate, reminding me that I was supposed to chaperon Philip's dance tonight.

Brady: Oh, really? You're going to The Last Blast Dance, huh?

Victor: No, actually, you're going in my place.

Nicole: I have to find a way to get in there.

Marie: I've been around here for a long time. Can I give you some friendly advice?

Nicole: Lay it on me, girlfriend.

Marie: Don't push too hard. Look where Kate wound up.

Nicole: I'm not Kate, am I?

Marie: [Sighs] You're more like Kate than you know, Nicole.

Kate: Thanks for covering for me, Fay.

Fay: Sure. Is everything all right?

Kate: Well, it will be if my little plan works out tonight. By tomorrow, things could be looking up.

Bill: Why are you so interested in her, Captain?

Roman: You ever heard of the Franco Kelly case?

Bill: Yeah, sure.

Roman: Well, Kate knows a whole lot about that, and I want to find out just what.

Bill: What, are you going to reopen the case?

Roman: In my mind, it has never been closed.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Georgia: What?

Ashley: That's Philip's mom, isn't it?

Georgia: Look at the grease stains on her uniform.

Heather: So rich boy's mama is working in a diner. Wow, kind of kills his image, doesn't it?

All: Ha ha ha.

Chloe: This, and this section is really important. I hope you studied this.

Philip: I studied. I studied.

Boy: Phil.

Philip: What's up, Henry?

Henry: What's up? Congratulations, man.

Philip: On what?

Henry: Just got the word -- you made first team all-state. Go, Philip. Hey, dude here just made all-state, and he's R.B.I. champ to boot.

Philip: All right.

Henry: You the man, Phil.

Chloe: Whoa -- super jock. Ha ha ha.

Philip: Well, you know what's really going to impress everybody?

Chloe: Hmm, dare I ask?

Philip: When I walk into the dance with the most beautiful girl in Salem High.

Belle: So, this is what's going to be on the test. Do you get it?

Shawn-D: I think so.

Henry: Belle.

Belle: Hi. Okay, okay.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I know Henry was going to ask you to the dance.

Belle: And what a tough choice I would've had -- you or Henry? Hmm.

Shawn-D: Yeah? Yeah? Well, all I can say is I am very glad that I am going with you.

Belle: Me, too. I just hope Mimi's okay.

Jan: What are you doing talking to little Miss Pollyanna anyway, after she sneaked around and scooped up Shawn as her date for tonight?

Mimi: She didn't mean to hurt me.

Jan: Right.

Mimi: She didn't, Jan.

Jan: Oh, yeah. Right, Mimi. She's a 2-faced backstabber, and if you would come to your senses, we could plan to get some revealing shots of her to add to our video. How can we get Belle in the showers before the end of the dance tonight?

Mimi: No way. I am not going to hurt Belle, and I'm not going to humiliate Chloe, either. It's over -- totally over. Forget it!

Philip: What's going on here, 'cause we heard you in the hall.

Jan: Nothing.

Chloe: Mimi, everything okay?

Mimi: Yeah, itís...Fine.

Girl: Hi, Philip.

Philip: Hi, Cynthia.

Cynthia: Congratulations on making All-State.

Philip: Thanks. Thanks.

Cynthia: Save me a dance tonight, huh?

Philip: Uh, sorry, but I think Chloe has got them all.

Cynthia: Oh, well. There's always Shawn Brady.

Jan: Are you out of your mind? After all the work we've done? The plan is set and ready to go.

Mimi: But Chloe was actually nice to me for the first time in her life.

Jan: Nice to you? Mimi, she glued your hair to a rat's nest. She stole your best friend. Let the fur fly. Tonight, she pays, and if Belle gets in the way, she pays, too, and unless you want naked pictures of yourself going out all over the internet, I strongly suggest you get with the program.

Kevin: Look, you're twice as smart as Jan and Mimi and all those troglodytes who call you names.

Susan: Do you really think so?

Kevin: Someday, Susan, you can rule the world or at least your own world, if you want to.

Susan: Of course I want to.

Kevin: Then the first step is don't let anyone put you down. Come to The Last Blast. Have a cool time.

Susan: But they'll make fun of me.

Kevin: And if you react, they'll see it gets to you and they'll do it even more.

Susan: How do I not react?

Kevin: Just remind yourself that they're a bunch of ignoramuses going nowhere in life.

Jan: Susan, you're blocking the hall.

Susan: It's never going to stop.

Kevin: She is definitely up to something -- some devious plot for tonight, I suspect.

Jason: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on back here. What's going on with you? Why do you keep avoiding me?

Jan: I'm not.

Jason: Well, then would you like to go get something to eat with me?

Jan: No, thanks. All the action's right here.

Belle: Shawn, this looks great.

Cynthia: Hey, Iíll see you at the dance tonight, Shawn. Save one for me.

Belle: She hits on everybody. You know, I hope you remember who your date is.

Shawn-D: Well, how could I forget?

Belle: Thanks for being so good with Mimi.

Shawn-D: We're all friends, right?

Chloe: Going to Julliard will be really expensive -- that's if I even get in. You know, I just don't feel close enough to Nancy and Craig to ask them to send me to music school.

Philip: Well, maybe you can get a scholarship.

Chloe: Well, whatever happens, I'll still need money. I need to make some serious cash this summer.

Philip: What kind of job are you thinking about getting?

Chloe: If I was old enough, I'd get a job as a cocktail waitress. They make really good tips.

Philip: Hey, look, Chloe, I don't want you working in some sleazy bar, getting hit on by creeps all the time, okay?

Chloe: You don't have to worry about that.

Philip: I just want people to know you're my girl.

Chloe: People do know, Philip.

Philip: I mean, forever. Come here.

Brady: Chaperon a high school dance? I don't think so. No way. No.

Victor: I need you to keep an eye on Philip and Chloe. I have to know how serious this thing's getting.

Brady: No offence, granddad, but just hire a kiddy spy or something. High School Proms aren't my thing. I didn't even go to my own.

Victor: I really need you to do this for me, Brady.

Brady: [Sighs]

Victor: Come in, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh -- ha. Um, how did you know I was about to knock?

Victor: I have a sixth sense about these things. Cancel all your plans for this evening.

Nicole: Oh. We'll be working late?

Victor: No, actually, you and Brady will be working late.

Nicole: I'm going to be working with Brady?

Victor: Yes, both of you will be chaperons at the Salem High School Dance tonight. Since Brady won't go by himself, he can escort you.

Nicole: Why would I want to baby-sit a bunch of teenagers?

Victor: Because Kate's going to be there.

Nicole: Oh. So, Brady, what time are you picking me up?

Georgia: Do you think Philip knows about this?

Ashley: How could he not?

Heather: So the King's got a little secret. His mom works at a greasy spoon.

Fay: It's nice of you to chaperon for your son's dance.

Kate: Oh, I have to be there for Philip and his friends. I have a wonderful plan.

Shawn-D: Mimi will have a good time. I mean, there's plenty of people that are going just as friends.

Belle: Yeah, but having a date's definitely better.

Susan: A while back, I was at .Com. I overheard Jan and Mimi making threats against Chloe.

Kevin: I'm not surprised.

Susan: They were behind that stink bomb incident, weren't they?

Kevin: They pulled some prank with blood.

Susan: Right. They ripped off that movie "Carrie."

Kevin: See? These people have no originality.

Jan: There is a little taste of things to come.

Jason: It's good to have you back, babe.

Jan: Don't worry. I'm all yours.

Jason: This is going to be an amazing night.

Jan: [Thinking] Yeah. Chloe and Philip will never be the same.

Nicole: So, Brady, are we on?

Jan: Chloe's last few hours of happiness. She better enjoy them while she can, 'cause after tomorrow night...

Mimi: Philip will never want to lay eyes on her again.

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, why not?

Victor: Thank you, Brady.

Brady: All right, Mata Hari, I'll catch you later.

Nicole: You got it. I'm looking forward to this. If Kate thought our fight in the ashes was down and dirty, just wait for tonight.

Fay: What do you mean, you've got a plan?

Kate: Let's just say that I want my life with Philip to be what it was before, the way it used to be.

Roman: I got a feeling she's setting herself up for a real big fall.

Georgia: Poor Philip Kiriakis.

Ashley: Oh, he is never going to live this down.

Belle: [Giggles] Looks good.

Mimi: The only person worse off than I am is Susan, having to settle for that super nerd. At least I haven't sunk that low.

Mimi: He sure was a great kisser, though. Maybe he wouldn't be such a bad date. No, I am not that desperate. Just because everyone else is hooked up...

All: [Laughing and talking]

Belle: I am not telling you what Iím wearing to the dance.

Mimi: Some Last Blast Dance this is going to be.

Jan's voice: You know what they say. Don't get mad. Get even. [Voice echoing ] Get even. Get even. Get even. 

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