Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/19/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 6/19/01--USA; Wednesday 6/20/01--Canada

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Chloe: Brady, I've never had to face what you're facing right now, but I can relate to it, and I know that the last thing that you want right now is pity. I'm just saying that if you ever need anything or if you just need someone to talk to, even if it will make you feel better to diss my singing. Oh, I saw that smile.

Brady: I don't need help from anyone, especially not her.

Susan: If you don't stop pressuring me about this dance...

Kevin: Come on, Susan, it'll be a hoot. And besides, what choice do you have? Woods drafted you, right?

Susan: Yeah, but that doesn't mean I have to serve. There's always Canada.

Kevin: But I've got to have someone with a brain to ride shotgun on the video interface.

Susan: Video? Cool. I could get into being your assistant, but...No. No way I’m going to this dance.

Mimi: It just -- I mean, it may not be smart, Jan. What if we get caught?

Jan: We won't, for the gazillionth time. God, you have been Mimi the meek for 16 long years. Get over it.

Mimi: Jan, you're popular, but mostly 'cause kids are scared of you. I actually have a real friend, and I don't want to lose her.

Jan: Belle is such a twink. Who wants a friend like that?

Mimi: I do.

Jan: She's not your little pal anymore. Everybody realizes it but you.

Belle: Go ahead.

Chloe: Thanks.

Belle: Okay.

Chloe: You know, a year ago, I thought that shopping was for bubble brains, but now I think of it as Zen. It's more relaxing than yoga, but more exhausting than running a marathon. All right.

Belle: Ohh.

Chloe: Belle, what's wrong?

Belle: It's no good, Chloe. I-I totally blew it.

Bart: Must be tough for you, Rolfski, having the hots for this Hattie babe.

Rolf: I am not ruled by my anatomy the way you are, Bart. If Hattie incriminates Stefano, I will personally see to it that she doesn't live long enough to testify in court.

Bo: Hattie, the whole town's going to be grateful.

Roman: All right, Hattie, Bo’s got the tape recorder here. Now, tell us everything that you remember about the day you saw the body at the mansion.

John: [Chuckles] Wow. Hope told you that she knew who the father of her baby was?

Lexie: John, don't act so shocked. I know it's you, so let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Can you live the rest of your life in Salem without claiming your son?

Mimi: I'm not going to beg. If you've got something to say about Belle, hit me with it.

Jan: How can you be so out of it and still live?

Mimi: Okay, you're officially freaking me out. Did Belle find out? Does she know about the naked Chloe video? Damn it, Jan, tell me! Does she know about opera

Jan: Shut your hole, okay, Meems? Our secret is safe. God! It's your friendship with Little Miss Perfect Cheerleader that's on the rocks.

Mimi: Why? I mean, she doesn't know anything.

Jan: Well, I wouldn't say that. She knows she has a hot date for the dance.

Mimi: What?

Jan: Oh, yes. You see, your best friend Belle Black went behind your back and got Shawn Brady to ask her to The Last Blast.

Mimi: You lie.

Jan: Everybody's talking about it. You're the only one that hasn't heard.

Belle: It's a huge mistake, Chloe. It's all wrong, and I hate it.

Chloe: You hate... What, the outfit?

Belle: It's not me. I feel like I'm pretending to be someone that I’m not.

Chloe: Okay, hold it right there, Belle Black. There are many sides to you, and this outfit is just an expression of one of those sides -- all of which Shawn Brady finds absolutely fascinating.

Belle: Yeah. How can Shawn find me fascinating? We used to play in the sandbox together.

Chloe: Uh, he asked you to The Last Blast. I rest my case.

Belle: When did I become so shallow?

Chloe: Belle, every day doesn't have to be about saving whales. You're entitled to go to a dance with your --

Belle: Shh! Don't say it.

Chloe: Say what?

Belle: That "b" word that you were just about to say. Please don't say that.

Chloe: Buddy? I was going to say sandbox buddy.

Belle: Okay. It's just, I want to look great so Shawn will...

Chloe: Fall at your feet?

Belle: Well, that might be a little extreme. I just want him to look at me in a new way, the way Philip looked at you last year.

Chloe: I bet that you and Shawn will be crowned King and Queen this year.

Belle: Please do not give me another thing to be nervous about. Changing the subject... Why didn't you get that silver dress you tried on? It looked amazing. Of course, everything looks amazing on you.

Chloe: Thanks. I don't know. I guess I'm just superstitious. I mean, last year I picked out a dress the last minute, so I figured I’d do the same this year. Besides, today was about making you feel special. I know how much it meant to you that Shawn asked you to the dance.

Belle: That is so sweet.

Chloe: I really did like that silver one, though.

Belle: It was a cool -- quite the diva dress, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Brady, are you spying on us?

John: Kind of sounds like you're accusing me of something. What are you doing, trying to deliberately make trouble for me?

Lexie: Look, it's just that this information could alter the lives of people that I care about, okay?

John: It's not going to change your life at all, so what do you care? Why is it so important to you who the father of Hope's baby is?

Hattie: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Roman: All right, Hattie, Hattie, let me run through this again. The dead woman's name was Marlo. Glen here identified her from a composite sketch, so we know who she was. Now, we believe she was brutally murdered. Her decayed remains surfaced in the canal behind Bo’s house on Christmas.

Bo: During my wedding reception.

Hattie: I had nothing to do with none of it!

Roman: And after that her body was stolen right out of the morgue. Woman lost her life here, Hattie. Now, I know you've got a big heart, and I know you want Marlo to get justice. You can give her that. You can give her that by telling us the truth.

Hattie: Roman, I feel so bad for that Marlo woman, and I feel terrible about your wedding reception getting all busted up by that corpse, and I think it's just awful that Mr. DiMera’s been so mean all of his life,

Bart: Killing Hattie after she squeals will be too late, Rolfski. If she spills the beans about Marlo, that's one hot trail that could lead directly to you and me. Remember, we're the guys that tossed Marlo’s body overboard that night, but I was dressed as a dame. No one can pick me out of a line-up without a blond wig and pantyhose. And by the way, my legs still itch from that nylon. But you, doctor -- what if Hattie fingers you?

Rolf: You know, that's the difference between you and me, Bart. You worry about things that will never happen, while I, I make sure they will never happen. If Hattie wants to live a long and healthy life, she knows she'd better keep that gorgeous kisser of hers zipped.

Roman: Hattie, Hattie, what important detail are you talking about? Are you all of a sudden an expert on dead bodies?

Hattie: I'm an expert on smells, okay? I mean, I spent years working at that greasy diner. I know smells.

Bo: Get to the point.

Hattie: The body didn't smell. That's the point. I mean, who's ever heard of a body that's been dead for -- for months, didn't you say? -- That's been long dead that doesn't stink? My friend must have been right all along. That body was just a decoration left over from Halloween.

Bo: You said it was January. Who leaves skeletons and mummies around that long?

Hattie, you're lying.

Hattie: I left my Christmas tree up until March last year, okay? Roman, now, you asked me to go back and recall all those details of that day, and I did, and I'm sorry if what I recall doesn't meet with your approval.

Bo: She's covering for this friend of hers.

Roman: Hattie, why in the hell didn't you tell me this before?

Hattie: Because I didn't remember it before. I wish you would just believe me. The skeleton that I saw at Mr. DiMera’s house must have been plastic. You know how those kids are at Halloween. I mean, they just dress up in all kinds of crazy costumes like Hannibal Lecter and Freddy Krueger. You know, Halloween used to be such a fun time, but all these crazy costumes just ruin it for a poor woman.

Roman: Well, I guess she could be right.

Hattie: You're darn tooting, I am, and I think somebody owes me a big, fat apology.

Susan: Leave it alone, okay, Kevin? I can't go to the dance.

Kevin: Susan, the poplars may have the looks, but we've got the brains. The only way they can rule the world if we geeks and nerds let them.

Susan: Sorry. Can't. Bye.

Kevin: Wait a minute. You keep saying "can't." Is this a case of parental stupidity? Like, they won't let you go?

Susan: Are you serious? If I told my mom I was going to the dance, she'd call channel 12 with the news.

Kevin: Then what's the problem?

Susan: It's...Personal.

Kevin: Oh, God, is someone in your family sick? Are you okay? This isn't going to be like a movie of the week, where you tell me you're dying from some awful disease, is it?

Susan: Like you or anyone would care.

Kevin: Of course I care. We outcasts have to stick together. You want a carrot stick?

Susan: No, thanks. You just revel in your nerdiness, don't you?

Kevin: I like carrots. No, one day I'll wearing designer clothes, but for the dance, I'll be wearing a suit I got at a thrift shop. It's pretty cool, though. It fits really well.

Susan: Don't worry. I won't tell anybody.

Kevin: I wouldn't care if you did.

Susan: I will take a carrot.

Susan: So, if you must know, I can't go to the dance because... I don't have a dress. Happy now?

Kevin: So get one.

Susan: The dance is tomorrow, Kevin. It's too late. Look, can we end this pointless conversation now?

Kevin: Problem solving is my life. Come with me.

Mimi: I don't believe you about Belle and Shawn.

Jan: Ask anybody. Ask him.

Mimi: Kevin, hey.

Kevin: While your face has a certain sparkle, as I’ve told you before, Mimi, you're just not my type.

Mimi: I'll try to restrain myself. Question -- do you know who's taking Belle Black to The Last Blast?

Kevin: Is this a trick?

Mimi: Do you or don't you?

Kevin: Shawn Brady’s taking her. It's today's hot teen topic -- how shy Shawn finally got it up to ask his Belle to the dance.

Brady: [Grunts] Why would I spy on the two of you, huh? Granted, I did hear something about a dress -- or was it shoes? Anyway, it didn't really hold my interest.

Chloe: Brady, you're walking without a cane.

Brady: Down to one.

Belle: Taking the stairs again, Brady. Very proud of you.

Brady: Yeah, well, I have weights in my room, but dad has the good workout equipment upstairs. [Cellular phone rings] [ring] [ring]

Belle: Hello? Oh, hi. Hold on.

Brady: So, you still going to the dance with Philip?

Chloe: Of course I am. Do you have a problem with that?

Belle: Meems, I am glad you called. I'm sorry I couldn't get together with you today after school.

Mimi: Really? What were you so very busy doing?

Belle: You sound strange.

Mimi: Oh, do I?

Belle: Yeah, you do. What's wrong?

Mimi: Oh, just a little thing like my so-called best friend stabbing me in the back. winning rave reviews for his new movie "sexy beast". Today

Brady: I'm not the one with the problem, Chloe. So, how is every little thing with you and Philip?

Chloe: None of your business, but since you're obviously dying to know, it's great. He treats me like a Queen.

Brady: Yeah, he's nuts about you. I feel sorry for him.

Chloe: Philip doesn't need your sympathy. I make him very happy.

Brady: Not for long. Aren't you the same diva who's going off to music school sometime soon?

Chloe: Uh, a year is not soon. And besides, who knows how things will turn out? My immediate plans involve making enough money so that I can afford that music school.

Brady: A summer job? Wow, Chloe, good for you. Don't just sit around on the beach, be productive. I like it.

Chloe: Yeah. You mean like you, rich kid?

Brady: Ouch. No, honestly, Chloe, about Philip -- don't get too serious with him, all right?

Mimi: Some friend! I just found out everybody knew about it but me.

Belle: I was going to tell you, Mimi. That's why I wanted to talk to you earlier -- to tell you that Shawn asked me to go to the dance with him, and I said I would.

Mimi: And you were so busy you couldn't pick up a phone and tell your best friend. Oh, but I guess you did tell your best friend -- the one you were yukking it up with at .Com -- Chloe.

Belle: How did you know I was at .Com?

Mimi: I was there. I saw you.

Belle: And you didn't come over? What is going on?

Mimi: You're asking me what's going on? That's funny. When did Shawn ask you, huh?

Belle: Just today.

Mimi: When today?

Belle: This morning, right after his little brother came home. I have never seen Shawn so happy.

Mimi: Oh, God, spare me the details.

Belle: About his brother, not about asking me to the dance. Look, Mimi, do you remember in Paris, when we said we would never let a guy come between us?

Mimi: How can you even bring that up? Shawn kissed me in Paris.

Jan: Gigantor and chemical boy. Is this a date?

Susan: Here. Three companies I buy clothes from. My address, phone, and credit card numbers. Why do you need to know all this, anyway?

Kevin: Prepare to be amazed, Susan. Okay, first web site... Semiformal. Wow. Décolletage.

Susan: They have even more on the internet than they do in their catalog.

Kevin: Size?

Susan: Like I’m going to tell you that.

Kevin: You do it. I won't look. Go ahead.

Kevin: Can I look now?

Susan: Do you like this one?

Kevin: Great color. Good cut. It's perfect.

Susan: But how can I get it by tomorrow?

Kevin: Susan, it's the 21st century. With the click of a mouse, some lightning-fast typing action... And the all-important credit card number...

Kevin: You, Susan Adams, can have your heart's desire by morning.

Susan: Tomorrow morning?

Kevin: For an overnight delivery fee. You're all set.

Susan: I hate you, Kevin. You took away my excuse. Now I have to go to the dance.

Jan: Hey, nerd face, I need you. Now?

Rolf: Hattie is a resourceful woman, Bart. I'm sure she will find a way to convince the boys in blue that what she saw was merely a leftover Halloween decoration.

Bart: Well, I hope you're right, Dr. Demented.

Rolf: I hope so, too... For Hattie's sake.

Bart: For all of our sakes. What if Hattie's a lousy liar, and the Brady boys don't buy whatever story she cooks up? Huh?

Hattie: I think you both owe me an apology -- sticking me in this hotel room and coming in here and giving me the third degree and treating me like I’m some kind of Ma Barker.

Glen: I know just what you mean, lady. That one over there -- he promised me and my wife immunity if we brought his baby back. Next thing you know, we're in handcuffs, being brought downtown and being questioned about some DiMera guy.

Bo: You're not under arrest, Glen, even though you took a baby that didn't belong to you. That's called kidnapping, so stop your whining. Be glad I didn't press charges.

Barb: You know what? A couple of hours ago you were offering us birthday cake. Now it's threats. So what's next, police brutality?

Roman: The reason that we're asking about Stefano DiMera is not just because we are curious. A woman was murdered here, folks, and the only damn reason you're in town, Glen, is because you thought Marlo was the mother of your child. The fact she was murdered -- doesn't that interest you enough to maybe help us nail that bastard who did it?

Glen: Barb and I told you everything we knew about Stefano DiMera, which wasn't much. It's not our fault that you guys don't have enough evidence to pin Marlo’s murder on him. Look, can we go now?

Roman: Yeah, you can go. You can get the hell out of here. You're free.

Barb: Oh, I can't wait to see the back of this town and everyone in it.

Glen: Not until we get the paternity test done on Marlo’s baby. And if it turns out he's mine, I'm not leaving Salem without him.

John: I'm trying to figure you out here, Lexie. I mean, you got a good thing going on here. You got yourself your happy family, you and Abe are tight, you got Isaac, so why do you give a damn who the father of Hope's baby is? Lexie, why do you care so much?

Lexie: Look, John, I have the same concerns you, Marlena, and Hope have. I want to keep my family together!

John: So how does me being the father of Hope's baby have anything to do with you and your son?

Brady: Chloe, you've got the rest of your life to live. You don't have to settle down with somebody right now. Philip is ready to put a noose around your neck. Oh, wait a second. I meant a ring around your finger.

Chloe: You just love to hear yourself talk.

Brady: What happens when you get tired of him?

Chloe: What is that supposed to mean?

Brady: Philip is dazzled by you -- your looks, brains, sophistication -- all the reasons that he's not going to be good enough for you anymore, despite his eyes and his dimples.

Chloe: You are trying every little thing to convince me that Philip’s not the right guy for me. Why? Why, Brady? What's in it for you?

Belle: Mimi, I'm sorry if you feel hurt.

Mimi: Hurt... Doesn't cover it.

Belle: Look, Mimi, I didn't do anything, honest. Okay? I had given up on going with a date, and then Shawn just asked me all of a sudden.

Mimi: You really don't get why I'm upset, do you? I mean, you're Miss Perfect Popularity. It's only right that you should go to the dance with Shawn, just like it's only right that Mimi the loser should go alone. After all, I'm not a cheerleader, I'm not best friends with King Philip and Queen Chloe. Come to think of it, I'm not best friends with you anymore, am I? I'm not cool enough.

Belle: Mimi, you are one of my best friends.

Chloe: Tell me why, Brady!

Mimi: Is that Chloe? Is she there?

Belle: Yes, but --

Mimi: Shut it, Belle. I don't need you in my life anymore. I've got new friends, too.

Belle: Oh, right. You mean Jan.

Jan: Ah... You always show up right when I need you, Kev.

Kevin: What favor do you want this time?

Jan: Don't be so suspicious. I just want to know if you were going to be in charge of the video wall at The Last Blast.

Kevin: Who else could get the job done? Of course.

Jan: So, what kind of stuff are you going to show? I want to know what to expect.

Kevin: It'll be live shots mostly. Some kids will be going around with roving cameras, and when I want to take a break, I've got a slide show from this whole last year.

Jan: Oh, I bet some of those slides are pretty outrageous.

Kevin: I even got some stuff after the explosion in the lab.

Jan: Yeah? You got any shots of me there, Kev?

Kevin: You'll see.

Jan: So, where's all this video equipment stuff going to be, anyway?

Kevin: You're way too interested in my equipment, Jan. What's up with that?

Bo: Go on, get the hell out of here. DiMera skates again.

Hattie: I'm sorry.

Bo: Yeah, I’ll bet you are.

Hattie: I wanted to help.

Roman: I know you did, Hattie. Bo's frustrated. So am I.

Bo: It's weird how much she looks like Marlena.

Roman: I don't care who in the hell she looks like. We didn't get the proof we need to get DiMera, and that's what's going to be keeping me up nights. Bye, Hattie.

Hattie: That's it? You're leaving?

Roman: Yeah, we're leaving. So are you. You're welcome to go right on home now. All right, Hargrove, you're off this detail. Thanks. Well, here we are again -- nowhere. I mean, we almost had DiMera. Instead, he's free and clear. Hattie gave us nothing.

Bo: I'm not giving up, Roman. I'm going to Ireland to get the goods on that bastard, or die trying. I've got to, for my kids -- for their future.

Rolf: You may very well die trying, Bo Brady, but you will never get the goods on Stefano DiMera.

Hattie: Why, Dr. Steiner. I thought I'd seen the last of you. You know, it's been one man after another walking out on me today.

Rolf: Well, Hattie, I can't find my watch. I thought perhaps I left it in your room.

Hattie: I haven't seen it, but you're welcome to look.

Rolf: Thanks. Appreciate it. Let's see, uh... Maybe I left it over... Uh...uh... Well, no. I don't see it, either.

Rolf: Um, Hattie... Would you consider having dinner with me sometime?

Hattie: Well, a girl's got to eat. Hey! Why aren't you grilling me about what I told the cops?

Rolf: Hattie, Hattie, I-I have faith in you. I trust you.

Hattie: Oh, you have faith in your ability to scare the daylights out of me by threatening my life!

Glen: Hey.

Roman: We're through with you, Glen.

Barb: Yeah, well, maybe we're not through with you.

Glen: Look, we helped you out, told you everything you wanted. Maybe you guys can help us out and have the police department supervise my paternity test.

Barb: The last time Glen tried to have the test done, the East Side Lab got blown up. Remember?

Glen: I want those samples protected this time. I mean, you've both got kids. You can understand a father wanting to know who his own son is, right?

Roman: All right, fine. Check in here at the police department's expense, all right? I'll see to it personally the test is done right.

Barb: The sooner this mess is over the better.

Roman: Call the forwarding number to the lab, get a hold of a technician. Tell him the Salem P.D. wants a test as soon as possible. Use my name. I'll back you up.

Glen: Thanks a lot. My wife and I just want to do the right thing.

Bo: Yeah. No matter who handles this, Lexie’s not going to be happy about Isaac having to get tested again.

Lexie: John, come on. Our families are so closely connected. We share so much together. Do you blame me for wanting happiness -- not just for myself, but for my friends as well? Look, I-I am so sorry. I mean, when I called and asked you to meet me here, I was feeling very protective of Bo and Hope, and... I just didn't think about what you must be going through. Oh, boy. Now I can see what this is doing to you.

Lexie: Look, you don't have to worry, okay? I won't tell anyone that you're J.T.'s father. You can trust me.

John: Yeah. So now you are... One more person who knows the truth. You know how it works. The more people who know, the better the chances are that this will get out somehow.

Lexie: No, John, it can't. No one can ever find out.

Jan: I'm just a curious girl interested in the world around me. Technology is the universal language.

Kevin: The only thing you're interested in is making trouble.

Jan: I had a big payoff for you there, video man. You do remember my kisses, don't you?

Kevin: I remember a lot of things, like the way you got me to spray that compound in Chloe's hair in chem. lab.

Jan: That is something to forget immediately. You got it?

Kevin: Yeah, and what's my reward for developing this sudden case of amnesia?

Jan: Keep your mouth shut.

Mimi: Jan's got nothing to do with you and me. I mean, I can't stand Chloe, and that hasn't exactly stopped you from hanging out with her, has it? But I suppose you think your taste in friends is better than mine. You think everything about you is better.

Belle: Mimi, come on. You don't mean these things. You're just upset.

Mimi: This is how upset I am.

Chloe: Tell me, what's in it for you if I stop dating Philip?

Brady: Chloe, I don't give a damn who holds your hand at the big picture show, but the fact of the matter is you and Philip are in two different universes. You know that. He doesn’t. That's why this case of true love ain't gonna last, folks.

Mimi: Would you save a little space for the rest of us, Susan?

Kevin: It's a hierarchy, Susan. Someone rags on her, so she rags on you.

Susan: You're defending Mimi?

Kevin: No way, but I understand her. The populars kicked her around last year when she was homeless. Now she's making sure it never happens to her again by kicking you.

Susan: I guess.

Kevin: Don't let it stop you from going to the dance. It's your school, too.

Susan: So I’m just supposed to let them be as mean to us as they want?

Kevin: I didn't say that. Let's do something about it.

Susan: Like what?

Jan: These ought to heat up the nerd's slide show.

Jan: Don't get mad, Meems. Get even. Let's make Chloe Miss Nude Internet of Salem high.

Chloe: What qualifies you to give advice on relationships? Who is your girlfriend? Oh, wait. I'm sorry. You don't have a girlfriend, do you? Well, I have a boyfriend, and we're very happy. So thank you. Okay.

Brady: Wait, Belle.

Belle: Ooh!

Brady: What's wrong? Who was on the phone?

Chloe: Did Shawn back out on you?

Belle: No, that was Mimi, and she's really upset.

Chloe: Oh, because of you and Shawn?

Brady: Okay, wait. Now you got me curious. What about you and Shawn? Did he finally break down and ask you to the dance?

Belle: Yes, and Mimi's had a crush on him all year, and now she's furious with me.

Chloe: Well, hello, it's not your fault that Shawn likes you and not her.

Brady: No, listen, don't try to reason with a woman scorned. In Mimi's pathetic little universe, Belle stole her man.

Jan: Chloe's last few hours of happiness. She better enjoy them while she can, 'cause after tomorrow night...

Mimi: Philip will never want to lay eyes on her again.

Brady: In my experience, a rejected woman can be very dangerous.

Chloe: What experience?

Brady: Anyway, so, Belle, do you think Philip will get doused with another bucket of chicken blood this year?

Belle: No way. Philip and Chloe are a couple now. Kids respect that. There's nothing to worry about.

Brady: What about you, Chloe? Are you as sure as Belle is?

Chloe: Are you asking because you care about what happens to me, or is this just more of your abuse?

Brady: I just believe in being prepared, Chloe. So answer my question. Are you scared of what might happen?

Belle and Chloe: Nothing's going to happen!

Chloe: Thank you, Belle.

Belle: Look, Brady, no one is going after Chloe this year.

Brady: What, they don't call you any more names? The whole "ghoul girl" phenomenon's over? You girls are in denial city.

Chloe: Look, the name-calling phase is mostly over. It kind of got bad for a while when Philip was out of town looking for a rehab center for Lucas, but it's really been quiet lately.

Brady: Oh, I see. It all comes clear. Philip's popularity is your protection. That's why you're with him.

Chloe: Your brother is the most obnoxious guy I know, Belle. Hey, look, don't let Mimi ruin everything. You were so excited about going to this dance with Shawn.

Belle: Yeah, I got a date. I just lost one of my best friends.

Brady: [Sighs] Those girls are so clueless. I'm sure Jan and Mimi have a plan to bring Chloe down.

Mimi: I want ghoul girl to suffer. I want her senior year to be a disaster. I want Belle and Shawn's first date to be a total nightmare.

Jan: You got it bad for Shawn. Not that I blame you. He is totally hot. Way out of your league, though.

Mimi: Shut up.

Jan: Ooh. Let's put that hostility to work. Come on. Go through these slides.

Mimi: [Wolf whistles] The Chloe/Philip/Shawn/Belle double date is going down in flames.

Kevin: We outcasts -- we'll take back our school. We'll demand respect, and we'll get it.

Susan: I'm not cut out to be a geek freedom fighter.

Kevin: It's time to take back our school, Susan. Trust me. I know exactly how to do it.

Rolf: Look, Hattie, you are no longer in danger.

Hattie: Oh. Oh, thank goodness.

Rolf: Unless...You consider my physical advances too hard to handle.

Hattie: Well, why don't you give me a call sometime, and we'll discuss it?

Hattie: You do know how to call, don't you? You just pick up the phone and...Dial.

Rolf: And... and, uh... Yes. Oh, yes.

Rolf: Ohh. Ohh. Mmm.

Hattie: [Gasps] I kind of sort of lied to the cops to save my neck. I sure hope I won't regret that.

Rolf: I have got Hattie eating out of my hand. There is no way she would incriminate

Stefano now. I can't wait to tell Stefano he's free to return to Salem.

Bo: Sooner or later, the clock's got to run out on DiMera. I mean, the dirt's out there, and I'm not going to stop till I dig it up, no matter how long it takes. Let's get the hell out of here.

Barb: Who would have thought the Salem P.D. Would pay for your paternity test, huh? I sure I wish I hadn't wasted all that money on the D.N.A. test for Bo and Hope's kid.

Glen: Yeah, there's no way that test will turn out positive.

Man: Hey, we got a match on this one.

Man #2: Remember the woman who dropped the samples off?

Man: Sure. Blonde, great figure. Ha ha ha. Who could forget?

Man #2: Not her body. She was hyper, real anxious to know the results.

Man: Well, I'll -- I'll give her a call.

Man #2: Your wife wouldn't like that. I'll mail the results. Blondie will just have to wait.

Lexie: You can trust me. I won't say a word. Don't worry.

John: Yeah. No, that would be the best thing.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

John: Yeah, I’d like to trust you, Lexie. Something just doesn't feel right, though.

Lexie: Right. I choose my family over my friends. I choose my son. Isaac's mine, and I'm keeping him, and I will never let John or Hope take him away from me, no matter what I have to do.

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