Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/15/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Canada--Friday 6/15/01; U.S.--Monday 6/18/01

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Proofread By Niki

Jack: Ooh!

Jennifer: Ooh!

Jack: Ooh, oh. Cuidado la cabeza, SeŮorita tickle-your-feeta, huh? Home sweet home.

Jennifer: Well, at least it's home.

Jack: Not sweet enough, huh? All right. Contessa empty calories, we need to put our thinking caps on to rectify the situation. If it's not sweet enough, the solution is...

Jack and Abby: Ice cream!

Jennifer: Now, wait a minute. That is your solution to everything. Come on, and you know what?

Jennifer and Jack: After all that cake that you had at the party...

Abby: Please, Mommy, I won't ask till I ask again.

Jennifer: Hmm, where'd you learn that from? I'll go get you some ice cream.

Abby: No! Daddy and I will. We know just how you like it.

Jennifer: You do, don't you?

Jack: Okay. Shall we? Isn't this great? Isn't this just terrific? J.T.'s home safe and sound.

Jennifer: Yes, yes, it is a great day, Jack.

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Abby: Stop talking, Daddy.

Jack: Oh, ho. One thing you got to learn about me -- Abigail, I never stop talking. Oh, I'm all right, all right.

Hope: Is this not the most beautiful mess you have ever seen?

Bo: Yeah. Absolute chaos.

Hope: Oh, forget it.

Bo: You ready?

Hope: This is the happiest day of my life, Brady.

Bo: Yes, it is.

Hope: Hey, you know what?

Bo: What?

Hope: This is a great date. I really like this date because exactly one year ago today --

Bo: Mm-hmm. Was the second happiest day of my life.

Bo: Yes, our secret wedding. You know what that means, don't you?

Hope: Well, that could mean any number of things.

Bo: Oh, want to play ball? [J.T. Cries]

Hope: Look, sweet pea, look.

Bo: There he goes. I think this is a time for a toast.

Hope: A toast? Oh, my favorite.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Brady.

Hope: Happy Anniversary, Mr. Brady.

Glen: I should've known better than to trust anyone in this godforsaken town. Like they were just going to let us walk away, right?

Barb: What choice did we have? Should we have kept a baby that wasn't ours? [ Door opens]

Glen: You son of a --

Roman: Hold on there, hotshot. You and I are going to have a nice, long chat.

Hattie: It's okay to be a little nervous about this. I just wish I could shake the feeling that there's something a little bit off about this whole situation.

Rolf: She's taking precautions at her age?

Bart: I'm here, and I am ready t-- damn it, Rolf, did you already kill her?

Hattie: [Gasps] Something is a little off. Somebody thinks that, that guard under the blanket is me and that dr. Steiner is here to kill me. I think so, too.

John: Damn, doctor. It hurts worse than when Stefano whacked me. What are you doing?

Marlena: Well, we can't risk an infection with this. Now you got any headache, blurred vision, nausea?

John: Yes, no, no. And the headache is my anger because Stefano got away.

Marlena: Well, look at it this way -- you were the only person that got hurt. That's good news. And J.T. is home, safe and sound. Okay.

John: Yeah, and the man who caused it all is free as a bird, isn't he?

Marlena: Yeah, I can't believe that he used his own daughter for a hostage.

[ Telephone rings]

John: I got it.

Marlena: No, no, honey, I'll get it. John? [Ring]

John: John Black.

Lexie: Don't say who this is. We have to talk. Are you alone?

Hope: Boo! Ha ha ha!

Bo: This is great. It's his birthday, and I get all the presents.

Hope: Yeah, wait a minute. That's his basketball, not yours. This is yours, yes.

Bo: I'm not talking about the basketball. It's seeing you guys together.

[ J.T. coos]

Bo: It just doesn't get any better than this, does it? Ha ha ha!

Hope: Oh. Seeing J.T. again -- I thought my heart was going to burst. [J.T. Giggles]

Bo: Yeah, I know what you're saying.

Hope: Ha ha ha!

Bo: You know, for a sweet-tempered little guy, he sure is a fighter.

Hope: Yeah.

Bo: Aren't you?

Hope: Every way that matters...

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Hope: He's a real Brady.

Bo: Well -- [J.T. giggles]

Bo: He's got the Horton good looks.

Hope: Yes, I would say that he does, yes. Ha ha.

Bo: I love you guys.

Hope: That's your "I love you, but..." Tone of voice, Brady.

Bo: I don't want to go, but I got to head down to the station, follow up on this whole DiMera thing. Going to put that monster away for good, so he doesn't hurt anybody else the way he's hurt us.

Hope: You just take care of yourself, okay? Will you promise me that?

Bo: I promise I will always protect you -- ouch. Ha ha! -- And our two boys.

Bo: I love you.

Hope: I love and now I am going to get our son ready for bed and give him a bath. And you know what? I just might get myself ready for bed -- seems to me we have an anniversary to celebrate, Brady.

Bo: You give new meaning to the word incentive.

Hope: Yeah?

Bo: I'll be back as soon as I can.

Hope: Well, do you have to leave?

Bo: Ahem.

Hope: Ahem. We'll be waiting.

Bo: Yeah, good. See you later, buddy.

Bo: I got to go.

Hope: You might want to button up.

Bo: Yeah.

John: I don't really have time for this right now.

Lexie: Make time.

John: For what? What's it about?

Lexie: John, you know what this is about. Your son, the littlest one.

John: Oh, Iím sorry, I think you misunderstand.

Lexie: Look, we both know that's not true. So, listen, Abe is going to be tied up at the station for most of the night. Be here in 10 minutes.

John: Sorry, can't do that.

Lexie: You have no choice.

Marlena: What was that about?

John: Business, business, business. You know that new company Iím starting up, right?

Marlena: Do you feel well enough to go over to Bo and Hope's? It might be the right

thing to do to stop in and offer our congratulations. What do you think?

John: I think you're right. I think it's the right thing to do. But to be honest with you, I'm pretty wiped out right now.

Marlena: Really? Surprise me, huh? I'll turn down the bed.

John: Yeah, I should get some rest, but -- tell you what. Why don't you go? It would mean a lot to them and mean a lot to me.

Marlena: I'm not going to leave you alone.

John: I would rest better knowing that you were over there letting Bo and Hope know how happy we are for them, really.

Marlena: If you'll call me on my cell if you need me.

John: Cross my heart, hope -- I promise you, yes.

Marlena: All right. I won't be long.

John: Ow.

Marlena: I'm so glad you're all right. Love you.

John: I love you.

John: Where is my son?

[Baby cooing]

John: Lexie? , Doc -- business I got to take care of.

Roman: Now get the hell over there, and you stay there. And you behave yourself, you understand that? With what you two just pulled off, I would strongly recommend you be on your best behavior.

Roman: Now, good evening Iím captain Roman Brady.

Glen: Brady?

Roman: Bo is my kid brother.

Glen: Yeah, well, your kid brother and the Commissioner promised us immunity, so you have no right to hold us here.

Roman: I'm real surprised, Glen, that you're in such a big hurry to get out of Salem. I would think you'd want another D.N.A. test done.

Glen: First of all, that's none of your damned business. Second of all, how am I supposed to do anything if we're locked up in here?

Roman: You're not locked up here, you're just being detained for questioning.

Barb: Without a lawyer? This just isn't fair. We were honest about the baby. We kept our word.

Roman: As has the police department.

Glen: Bull. We were brought here against our will.

Roman: You're right. You do have immunity for J.T.'s kidnapping, but that's not what this is all about.

Glen: Then what the hell is this all about?

Roman: This is all about your ex-girlfriend Marlo and the investigation of her murder.

Abby: You're doing it again. I can tell.

Jack: And you keep sneaking up on us, Miss Mata Hari.

Abby: You keep fighting.

Jennifer: Baby, we are not fighting. This is just how we talk. Isn't that right? Stop it,

Jennifer. For God's sake, don't be a fool. It's ridiculous.

Jack: And so there is no indicator of character more reliable than how a person likes their ice cream. Take your mommy -- please. Light on the chocolate sauce but loves nuts -- indicates a very refined personality, very gentle, but not stuffy, more to her than meets the eye. Mm-hmm.

Abby: What's mine mean, Daddy?

Jack: Well, let's see. Um... [Sniffs] mmm, practically perfect in every way except needs a pet.

Jennifer: You are not starting that again.

Abby: A pet can develop respo--

Jack: Responsibility.

Abby: Responsibility and positive values in a young child.

Jennifer: That's very good, Jack. Um, but you know what? You guys just team up on me all the time, don't you? And I already told you why we can't have a pet. You see, we already have Daddy who needs to be walked and groomed and disciplined.

Jack: Another brilliant idea from Mommy, yes! Daddy will be the dog. [ Barking] mmm, yum.

Jennifer: Do you know that no one in the history of the world has to deal with what I have to deal with?

Abby: Ha ha! I want to be a puppy, too! [Panting]

Jennifer: No, no, you can't be a puppy, because people don't -- look, you have to have some manners, okay?

Jack: Oh, now.

Jennifer: Okay, fine, fine. I'm going to go out of the room. You do what you want, 'cause I don't want to watch her be a puppy. Go ahead.

Jennifer: She's mad.

Jack: No, no, no, no, she just wants more nuts. I'll tell you what. Instead of a puppy, I'll be a horsy. This way. All right. [Neighs] that's, uh, palomino for "climb on." All right, now, I need a name, a name, a real horse name.

Abby: Rainbow.

Jack: Rainbow? But rainbow -- does that capture my fiery nature, my incredible speed, my unbridled power!

Abby: I like rainbows.

Jack: All right, good enough. Rainbow.

Jennifer: All right, sweetie. Okay, you know what? It's time for bed.

Jack: What?

Jennifer: Come on, chop chop. Bedtime.

Abby: Upstairs, rainbow.

Jennifer: No, no. Daddy and I need to talk for a minute, really.

Jack: Tell you what. You brush your teeth, we'll be right up.

Abby: I don't think you want to talk. I think you want to have another fight.

Glen: I want a lawyer.

Roman: Just to answer a few questions?

Barb: Well, so much for your word of honor.

Roman: It's out of Bo's hands. It's not about J.T., it's a murder investigation. And how long you two are here depends on your willingness to cooperate.

Bo: Roman, lighten up. They're decent people. They did the right thing.

Barb: Gee, which one is the good cop?

Roman: Don't make me any madder, lady, you understand that? And I disagree, Bo. Decent people don't steal babies, and decent people don't work hand in glove with Stefano DiMera. Bingo.

Rolf: Oh, shut up, you demented dummkopf. Hattie is in the bathroom, very much alive.

Bart: Then who's under the blanket?

Rolf: The police guard, and he isn't dead, either.

Bart: Well, you're not much good at this, are you?

Rolf: He's drugged. She's trapped. You know, everything was going fine until you barged in. You are like Larry, Curly, and Moe all rolled into one.

Bart: Hey, Rolf, that means a lot.

Hattie: Oh, don't whisper. I can't hear you.

Hattie: Oh. Oh, Kate Moss couldn't get through that thing.

Hattie: [Locks door] Okay, okay, that's better. Now he'll have to shoot his way in. Now think, Hattie, think. I think I'm going to throw up. No. I'm going to arm myself.

Hattie: Yes. I have not yet begun to fight.

Bart: You know what's funny? I've never seen you with your jacket off. Oh, my -- no wonder you were ticked I barged in here. You were going to do her before you did her.

Rolf: Oh, don't be crude. But you might explain just what the hell you're doing here.

Bart: Yeah. Uh, the boss wanted me to give you a message.

Rolf: Well, you know, now might be an excellent time to tell me what it is.

Bart: Right. Right. What the hell was it? Right. Don't off the dame.

Jack: Listen, miss yippee-ay-yai-yay, or in this instance, miss grumps, why do you think everything's a fight? We're not fighting here. We're discussing. This is when we discuss nuclear disarmament and what's our favorite kind of cookie.

Abby: Promise?

Jack: Promise.

Abby: All right.

Jennifer: Okay, baby, we'll be up in a minute, okay?

Jack: So, oatmeal raisin, ginger snaps, and then, uh -- so what do you want to fight about now?

Glen: Look, Iím going to repeat myself. I want a lawyer.

Roman: You haven't been arrested, but obviously you know something about Stefano DiMera.

Barb: Who the hell is DiMera?

Roman: Cut the act, lady. I saw you two check each other out when I said his name.

Glen: We checked each other out because neither one of us has a clue as to what the hell--

Roman: Don't you lie to me!

Bo: Calm down, Roman, calm down.

Roman: They're not going to get away with it, Bo.

Bo: They're not going to tell you anything with you screaming at them. Take it easy. I'm sorry. Listen, I don't understand something. I mean, don't you care about what happened to Marlo? Doesn't it bother you that this woman who you say is the mother of your child -- well, she was tied up, and god knows what else happened to her, her body dumped in a river.

Glen: Wait a minute. Okay, yes. Yes, it bothers me, okay? I don't know anything about it. I swear.

Bo: Okay. Okay

Roman: What the hell's the point, Bo?..

Barb: Tell them, Glen. Just tell them.

Glen: This DiMera guy -- I don't know him. Really, I donít.

Bo: All right. What does Barb want you to tell us?

Glen: Right before Marlo left me, she mentioned this guy, a relative of hers, an uncle, I think. She said that he could help her out.

Bo: DiMera?

Glen: No, the uncle, but, uh, I can't remember his name.

Roman: All right. That's it. Glen Reiber, you're under arrest.

Glen: Listen, let me finish, okay? It was a weird name, it was German or something.

Roman: Bo, this is such bull!

Bo: Would you let him talk?

Glen: Marlo said that this guy, the uncle, the one with the German name, she was thinking about seeing him, him and Stefano DiMera.

Rolf: You are sure? You are sure that is what he said?

Bart: Yes. Yes. He said that since she already squealed to Roman Brady, if she turns up dead, they'll blame him for that, too. You know, Rolf ski, sometimes I think the boss is losing his edge.

Rolf: What took you so long? I almost went through with it.

Bart: Well, since you didn't go through with it, maybe now you can have that roll in the hay. [Guard groans]

Rolf: Oh, get out of here. Get out of her quickly, before he sees you.

Bart: You know, I hear some of these rooms have hot tubs.

Rolf: Time is of the essence. I must act, and act quickly. [Hattie unlocks door]

Rolf: Please, Hattie, don't scream, please. [Doorbell rings]

Hope: Marlena.

Marlena: Thank God he's safe. I'm so pleased for you.

Hope: Thank you.

Marlena: Your little boy is home. He's all right, and that's all that matters.

Hope: Yes. I am very fortunate.

Marlena: You must be exhausted. I'm sorry that we missed the celebration. Look, if it's a bad time, I can go now.

Hope: No, actually, I -- uh, your timing is perfect. I wanted a chance to talk to you...Alone. [Knock on door]

Lexie: John. Come on in. How you feeling?

John: Don't even start with that, Lexie. You didn't give a damn how I was feeling when you demanded I come over here.

Lexie: Look, we need to talk.

John: Yeah, about these delusions you're having. I don't know how you got it in your head that I am J.T.'s --

Lexie: Look, John, don't play games with me. We Both know I am not delusional. I know exactly what's going on.

John: Okay, Iím sorry, all right? I don't mean to jump down your throat. I know you're under a lot of stress with this Glen guy hanging around. And what, you got another D.N.A. test coming up?

Lexie: No, John, it won't work, okay? Nothing you say can change what I heard. I was there when you broke down the door, burst into the room, grabbed my father, and demanded to know what he had done with your son.

John: Mm-hmm.

Lexie: Well, you were referring to the child who had been kidnapped, to J.T. You called Bo and Hope's baby your son.

Jennifer: I don't want to fight with you, Jack.

Jack: What do you want? Why are you so unhappy that we have a good time?

Jennifer: I'm not unhappy.

Jack: Oh, I can see that you're having a ball.

Jennifer: Just listen to me, okay, please. I feel like you maneuver everything to make it look like Iím the heavy -- you know, Daddy's the fun one, and Mommy's the downer, right?

Jack: Just listen to me for a second. We would love it if you would be included with us. We would love for you to have a good time, too.

Jennifer: That worries me, don't you see that? I'm worried that it's like lying to Abby, that she's going to think she has this wonderful happy family with no problems, Jack.

Jack: So rather than give Abigail a false impression, let her know damn well how unhappy we are, right? Well, as far as tonight goes, mission accomplished.

Marlena: You obviously have something on your mind. What is it?

Hope: It's not as easy as I thought. I owe you an apology.

Marlena: I was not expecting that.

Hope: I treated you so unfairly at Tuscany the other night.

Marlena: Oh, let's just forget about that, all right?

Hope: No, let's not.

Marlena: You were under a lot of pressure then.

Hope: We know this goes back to way before J.T. was missing. You said that I was selfish, and you were right.

Marlena: Well, of course I was kind and gracious.

Hope: Don't let me off the hook -- not just yet, okay? Losing J.T. was awful. It was a nightmare. But it put things in perspective. It made me realize what's important and what's not. And you're very important to me. Marlena, I know this -- this last year -- it has been very difficult for you and painful and... It didn't stop me from blaming you, though, and judging you. I slept with your husband, okay, and I wanted you to act like it didn't happen, but it did. It happened.

John: I want you to listen to me. You read that whole situation wrong.

Lexie: Don't play games with me, John.

John: I know you've been upset lately, but --

Lexie: I heard you! You asked where your son was.

John: Not J.T. I was talking about Brady. I was supposed to meet with him. He never showed up, and your daddy had been asking me a lot of questions about him lately. Now, after everything Stefano has done to my life, when something really goes wrong, I come looking for him! I thought he did something with my son -- my son Brady.

Lexie: Not bad, John. Not bad at all. But I am not buying one word of it.

Bo: Come on, man, at least let the guy talk.

Roman: All right, Bo, but they answer every one of my questions, every single one of them.

Bo: All right, all right. You better start talking.

Roman: For starters, tell me everything Marlo said about DiMera.

Glen: I'm telling you, she didn't talk about him. She mentioned him once, okay -- once -- when she was talking about that uncle with the unusual name.

Roman: And you expect me to buy this crap?

Glen: It's the truth!

Bo: All right, hold on. What about this guy -- the uncle? What did Marlo say about him?

Glen: Well, she was drunk.

Barb: What a surprise.

Glen: She was drunk most of the time, but she kept rambling on and on about how he was going to be her meal ticket. Like, uh, well, the impression I got was he owed her a lot of money or something.

Roman: Why? What did she ever do that was worth a lot of money?

Glen: I don't know! I mean, do you think if I was going to lie, I would make up something a little bit better than this?

Bo: All right, calm down. When Marlo was talking about him, was this around the time she disappeared?

Glen: Well, now that you mention it, yeah, she was talking about him and the money, and, uh, not too long after that, she was gone.

Bo: There you go. Who is this guy with the German name? Who the hell is Marloís uncle?

Hattie: You stop or Iíll spray.

Rolf: No, Hattie, Hattie, darling, please don't scream. Our friend the guard is having a nightmare. He keeps screaming that I had killed you.

Hattie: That was him?

Rolf: But how could I even think of harming the woman I adore above all others? But now, my dearest Hattie, it's time to put down the hairspray, so we can talk.

Hattie: You want to talk?

Rolf: We have to, for I have something very, very important to tell you.

Marlena: Yes, you and John did sleep together.

Hope: I didn't say that to hurt you. Marlena, Iím trying to acknowledge what you had to deal with. Oh, gosh, look, what I am trying to say is that even though John and I were not ourselves when J.T. was conceived, I wanted you to act like it never happened, like two other people hurt you, not us.

Marlena: You know, in my head, I knew that, but in my heart, it still hurt.

Hope: I am so sorry. I have seen the way you and John have put your feelings aside for the sake of my son, and I will always be grateful for that.

Marlena: My halo is getting a little bit tight now. We all want what's best for J.T. And now he's home with you and Bo. That's where he belongs, and nothing's going to change that. John will always love him. He will always put him first, but he will not interfere with the home that you and Bo have made for him.

Hope: Thank you.

Marlena: It's over now. It's all over.

John: You know, I'm trying to be understanding here, Lexie, and I've been pretty patient. Now, listen, I know everything that you're going through. And that excuses some of your behavior, but not all of it.

Lexie: You are in no position to judge me.

John: I was looking for Brady. Now, I don't know why the hell you don't want to buy into the truth here, but I'll tell you one thing -- these accusations you're making that I am the father of Hope's baby are not only false, they are slanderous. So Iím warning you, you better not go around shooting your mouth off about this to anyone, you got that?

Jennifer: You don't hear what I am trying to say.

Jack: I hear you. I just don't agree. I just keep saying, why? Why, why -- J.T. is back home, safe and alive. We got a little girl upstairs brushing her teeth, happy, loving rainbows. So I say, why -- why must we be unhappy?

Jennifer: Because I want Abby to live in the real world, that's why.

Jack: What is so great about the real world? Give me the silly, stupid joking world any time. Sour, grim, dutiful people don't do a damn thing for me.

Jennifer: All right, and that's what you think I am because I don't eat ice cream out of a bowl like a dog. Woof, woof, woof, woof!

Jack: No. No, no, I'm... I think I have done something to make you unhappy. And I'd give anything to fix that, to make you smile the way you used to.

Jennifer: Oh, you confuse me. You confuse me all the time.

Jack: I'm pretty baffled myself.

Jennifer: But I meant what I said to Abby. I don't want to fight with you, Jack. I don't even want to disagree with you. I have something that I want to tell you, something very important.

Marlena: Have you talked to Jennifer lately?

Hope: Yes. Yes. Someone else I have treated so unfairly. Boy, Iíve been on a real roll lately, haven't I?

Marlena: You've been under a lot of pressure. Why don't you be kind to yourself, all right? Look, you are a good woman, you're a great mother, and a lot of people love you.

Hope: You know, I don't think Iíve ever told you how much I admire you. I mean, no matter what's going on in your life, you're always so elegant.

Marlena: Well, I'm touched that you feel that way, even if it's not accurate. I mean, I-I certainly get overwhelmed by things, by my own emotions.

Hope: But somehow you seem to get through it all with composure and dignity.

Marlena: All right, fine, all right. I will accept the compliment only if I can give you one in return. You're a good strong woman. People can rely on you, and they do. And I'm proud to have you for a friend.

Hope: I feel the same way.

Lexie: Are you threatening me?

John: I'm just telling you to keep your mouth shut. Forget about it. Is that so impossible?

Lexie: No, I can't forget it, John, okay? I know what I know.

John: You don't know anything. You know, Lexie, I'm beginning to worry about you. What's going on here? You losing touch with reality, is that it?

Lexie: Oh, John, I think you are very desperate.

John: Yeah, that's it. I'm desperate. And it's late, and we're tired, and pretty soon we're going to say things we'll both regret, so why don't you just go upstairs, kiss that kid, and go to bed?

Lexie: You'd like that, wouldn't you? I think you just want me to keep my mouth shut.

John: Now you got it! Keep your mouth shut! Have you even thought for a second what this would do to Bo and Hope, if they knew you were saying this to me? It doesn't make any sense, does it? Think about it. My God, they're married. They've been in love with each other for what -- 20 years?

Lexie: John, their love won't change the fact that Bo isn't the father of J.T.!

John: Yes, he is!

Lexie: No! Not according to Hope.

Jack: Should I be scared? Usually when somebody, especially you, tells me that they have to say something important to me, it's not good.

Jennifer: You don't have to be scared. It's all good. I just need to tell you that... I mean, I don't think I ever expressed to you what it meant to me and what it still means to me -- how brave you were on the bridge that night and how you saved my life.

Jack: That's what you were going to say?

Jennifer: I'll never forget that, Jack.

Jack: Aw, shucks, ma'am, it weren't nothin'. Just mighty happy that I could oblige.

Jennifer: Please be serious. Please.

Abby: Mommy, would you please be serious?

Jennifer: Oh, between the two of you... you know what? I don't want to be serious, okay? Maybe I don't want to be serious. What do you say, short stuff? What do you say to some more ice cream?

Abby: I'll say, how ya doin', ice cream?

Jennifer: Right, well, you go in the kitchen and get some before I give you broccoli.

Abby: You and whose army?

Jennifer: Oh...

Abby: I don't need an army. I'll just get Daddy to tickle you.

Jack: Oh...Well.

Abby: Well, are you coming?

Jennifer: Yeah, baby, I'm coming.

Jack: Uh, I just wanted to... I just want to say that means more than any "thank you" in the world.

Jennifer: Good, then Iím glad. Excuse me, partner.

Hattie: What is it? What did you have to tell me?

Rolf: Well, it's about that man -- Stefano DiMera.

Hattie: Didn't the police arrest him?

Rolf: No, no, no, Hattie, Hattie, he's gone. He's never coming back.

Hattie: Oh, thank goodness.

Rolf: Yes, but, Hattie, you could still be in trouble, so you have to listen to me.

Hattie: In trouble? Why would I be in trouble--

Rolf: It's about that fake body you saw -- the prop. Listen, Hattie, if you keep telling people it was real, you could end up in very big trouble with the police department.

Hattie: Oh, but they believe me.

Rolf: Well, Roman Brady says he believes you, but that's just to get to this DiMera person. And now you are just another in the long line of innocent people who Roman Brady uses and harasses to get what he wants.

Hattie: But that's what he said Mr. DiMera did. Well, if this man is gone anyway, what difference does it make?

Rolf: Well, it makes a profound difference to my reputation. I mean, something like this could cause irreparable harm, and then I might not be able to keep helping all those people -- people who need me, Hattie.

Hattie: Oh...

Rolf: Yes, oh, Hattie. Hattie, I care for you deeply, very deeply. But if you keep spreading this -- this vicious rumor, well, I might have to take steps.

Hattie: I see.

Rolf: So, for your own good, you must go to the police and tell them you were wrong.

Man: [Groans]

Rolf: Oh, Hattie, listen, I must go. Hattie, I know -- I know that you will do the right thing. Mmm...

Rolf: And what are you still doing here, you idiot?

Bart: Waiting for you, big "r." How did it go?

Rolf: Mission accomplished.

Bart: You know, there are exercises that can slow you down.

Rolf: Oh, no, no. No, not that! I mean that Hattie won't be talking to Roman Brady anymore about finding a body in the house, so... The boss is off the hook, and we have nothing else to worry about.

Bart: I love happy endings.

Rolf: And now let's get out of here. Auf wiedersehen, mein liebchen.

Glen: Look, you got to believe me. I told you everything that I know. There's nothing else I can do to help you.

Roman: I'm not so sure about that.

Barb: Look, we don't want any trouble. We just want to find out for sure if Abe and Lexie have Glen's son, then we can get out of this town and get on with our lives, all right?

Roman: All right. We're going to need you to go with us.

Barb: Where? What the hell are you trying to pull here?

Roman: You'll find out when we get there. But I'll tell you this -- that if you really want to get on with your lives, then I suggest you help us. Because if you don't, Glen, every time you close your eyes, you are going to see Marlo.

Roman: Now let's go.

Marlena: I'm so glad that I came over tonight.

Hope: Me too. Me too.

Marlena: Once again, we vow to forget the past and focus on the future.

Hope: Yeah.

Marlena: To the future.

Hope: To the future. Amen to that. J.T. is home safe and sound, and all is right with the world.

John: What the hell are you talking about?

Lexie: Hope told me that Bo isn't J.T.'s father.

John: No way. No way. She'd never tell you that.

Lexie: Well, she had no choice. I overheard her talking with your wife, and it was crystal clear from their rather heated conversation that Bo isn't J.T.'s father and that they both know who is. So now it all makes sense, John. Who do they both have in common? You.

John: Ha ha. Oh, my God. This is never going to end.

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