Days Transcript Friday 6/8/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 6/8/01


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Jennifer: Hi.

Hope: Jen.

Abe: There we go. Yeah, yeah. Hey, uh, I知 sorry, Bo. You can tell me to butt out if you want, but what do you know about loving a baby that's not your biological child? Are you telling me that... Are you speaking from personal experience?

Bo: Well, yeah. Sure, I am.

Roman: My God, that's it. That's it, isn't it, Hattie? Stefano made you have that plastic surgery. He was trying to turn you into Marlena.

Hattie: No, no, no. Oh, you are so handsome. You would never understand. If you had those big, giant horse teeth and a huge schnoz like I had, you would have had them fixed, too. I had no idea that people would think I looked so much like Dr. Marlena. Now I thought that you want to talk about this body that I saw at Mr. DiMera痴 house.

Roman: Yeah, yeah, I do, everything you can tell me.

Stefano: Alexandra, listen to me. Our time is limited, our options even more so.

Lexie: Whatever it takes to keep my son. Just tell me what I have to do.

Stefano: All right. Go home and get Isaac. We are going to leave the country...Today.

Greta: Stop it. It wasn't real, Greta.

Greta: Things could be a lot worse. I hope they find you, J.T.

Woman: Hi. Would you like to order something while you wait?

Greta: For?

Woman: Oh, you're alone?

Greta: Aren't I always?

Woman: I知 sorry.

Greta: No, you know what? I知 sorry. I will have a mocha. Thanks.

Woman: Sure.

Greta: What are you doing here, Greta? What are you going to do with your life?

Jack: How about a cup of coffee with your new friend Jack?

Hope: Jen, please come in.

Hope: How are you doing? Are you okay?

Jennifer: Well, I mean, not until you are, and not until J.T. is safe.

Hope: He will be. Jen, I am -- I am so sorry. I mean, we all feel bad enough as it is, and the way I treated you before -- I don't know what happened. I mean, the things that I said, I-I can't even believe they came out of my mouth. I know that you did everything you could for J.T. It's not your fault. It's not anyone's fault.

Jennifer: I know, but I should have seen sooner that the bridge was out, and when I think about it, I never should have left the house that night in the first place.

Hope: It doesn't do any good to think that way.

Jennifer: I know, but I can't help it, and if we're going to be honest with each other, you can't help it, either.

Hope: Yes, I can, because I am through with negative thinking. You're my flesh and blood. I love you. J.T.'s going to be all right. I know he is. I just thank God that you are.

Jennifer: Really?

Hope: Oh, Jen, my God. If anything had ever happened to you, I --

Jennifer: No, I don't want you to worry about me, though. Hope, it's okay if you blame me. I understand because I blame me, and I don't --

Hope: Well, stop it. Stop it, okay? Just stop it right now. You were stuck in that car. You couldn't move. I know in my heart that you did everything humanly possible to get to J.T. before he fell, so whatever I said before, I... I understand why you can't forget, but I was wrong. Please, I need to know that you forgive me.

Jennifer: Hope. Please, I-I don't even know how you're staying so strong right now. I really don't.

Hope: You're just as strong. Thank you. I thank you so much for coming back here. I know it couldn't have been easy.

Jennifer: Look, I listened to the news on the way over here. Please. I didn't hear anything. Tell me what's going on.

Lexie: Wait. You're kidding. Father, I can't just leave town.

Stefano: I thought you said you would do anything to keep your child.

Lexie: Yes, of course, but I wasn't expecting anything so drastic.

Stefano: Did I not warn you that this could happen?

Lexie: But why now? What's this all about?

Stefano: [Sighs] You remember that woman I told you about, the one who saw Marlo痴 remains in this house?

Lexie: Oh, no.

Stefano: Oh, yes. Roman Brady is questioning her as we speak.

Roman: All right, Hattie, now, just take your time, start at the beginning.

Hattie: Where did you think I was going to start, Roman -- maybe at the end?

Roman: All right, all right, I知 sorry. Okay, go ahead. However you want to tell it.

Hattie: Okay. Well, it was a really dark and stormy night. Well, maybe it wasn't stormy, and I guess it couldn't have been dark because the moon was full, but that made it seem even more creepy.

Roman: And the body?

Hattie: The body was in the house. No, strike that. In the mansion. No, no, no, it was more like an estate. Ah! The palace.

Roman: You know what, Hattie? You never did tell me what you were doing at the, uh...

Roman and Hattie: Palace.

Hattie: Well, um, my doctor friend took me there, and that was where I saw the body, what was left of it.

Roman: Okay. So you're not going to tell me what happened there, why you were there. Can you tell me where the body was?

Hattie: It was right inside the door. Mm-hmm. Right there on a-a thing with wheels that you push, like in the hospital. It was a --

Roman: Gurney?

Hattie: Gurney. That's it. That's it.

Roman: All right, then, so what did you do?

Hattie: Well, I started to scream, of course, and then, uh, and then my friend sort of grabbed me and dragged me out of there. And I think the next part is very foggy because I -- well, on account of I sort of lost consciousness.

Roman: How long were you out?

Hattie: How would I know? Anyway, when I came to, my friend told me that this body was just a prop left over from Halloween.

Roman: But wait a minute. Wait a minute. You said this was in January.

Hattie: Yeah. Roman, don't look at me like I知 stupid, okay? He was my friend, so why shouldn't I believe him?

Roman: All right, Hattie, listen to me. Okay, first of all, you are far from stupid. I am just wondering why you changed your mind.

Hattie: Well, I知 not quite sure, actually. Look, Mr. DiMera was about the classiest person that ever stepped into that diner. I mean, a waitress knows these things. He was a great tipper. He would leave a $5 tip for a cup of coffee, okay? And coffee? He always wanted real cream in his coffee. So now you're telling me that he's some kind of international criminal. Well, if he's such a good international criminal, why is he leaving a body laying around his house, huh? Tell me that.

Roman: The body was stolen from the morgue, Hattie, probably the very day you saw it, so perhaps he had something to hide.

Hattie: Like...

Roman: Like maybe he had that person killed.

Hattie: Oh. Oh.

Greta: Jack, isn't there someplace you'd rather be?

Jack: Oh, is that your not-so-subtle way of indicating that you'd rather I was someplace else?

Greta: No, it's just that, um, I知 just not very good company today.

Jack: Perfect. Neither am I. Job hunting, you know? Usually precedes house hunting, but in this case, necessity is the mother of my daughter.

Greta: Your way with words, it's, um, ha ha -- I can't describe it.

Jack: [No audio]

Greta: Oh, thank you.

Jack: This establishment has a propensity for serving chilled beverages masquerading as the non-iced variety.

Greta: I知 sure my beverage is lovely. Thank you.

Jack: In that case, I値l have one, too.

Woman: Don't you wish you were alone now?

Greta: [Chuckles] If your mocha isn't warm, it's probably because the waitress felt the necessity to spit in it.

Jack: Are you being morose because you're dining alone?

Greta: I知 not dining alone. I知 drinking alone.

Jack: Warning sign.

Greta: Yes, if I were drinking gin.

Jack: What's troubling you, princess? Are your royal duties getting difficult?

Greta: My royal duties are non-existent. I am bored, Jack.

Jack: Even with me?

Greta: No offence, but yes. There's only so much coffee that I can drink in Salem Place. You're looking for a job, so you have a purpose. Okay, yeah, I have millions of dollars, and you say, oh, lucky me, but what am I doing with my life, Jack? I mean, yes, I am completely dedicated to helping these orphans, but there has to be more to life.

Jack: About those millions -- could you be a bit more specific?

Abe: I knew you had questions about J.T.'s paternity, but I thought that was all settled.

Bo: Oh, no. I wasn't talking about J.T. I was talking about me and my pop. I've known that Victor was my biological father for, what, half my life? Not that I don't feel anything for the guy, but compared to Shawn? Nothing can replace the fact that he raised me. He is my pop. That's the way it's going to be with you and Isaac.

Abe: Well, you and Victor have a fine relationship.

Bo: Now...Mostly because we keep our distance.

Abe: Unlike Lexie and Stefano. They seem to be getting more bonded all the time. You know, when Glen came to take our son away, did she turn to me? No, to her father, the one who caused this whole mess to begin with. You know they're keeping secrets from me, Bo?

Bo: What kind of secrets?

Abe: I...wish I knew. When Lexie was discharged from the hospital this morning, she doesn't even call me. She calls a cab. And then when she gets here, she runs right back out again. It's Isaac's birthday. You know, I understand her wanting to comfort Hope and be with her. It's J.T.'s birthday, too.

Bo: Oh, she's over at my house. Well, that's good. I felt uncomfortable leaving Hope there alone. If you're worried about her, why don't you just give her a call, check up on her?

Lexie: Father, how did this happen? What is this woman going to tell Roman?

Stefano: It does not matter because we will be long gone before anything can happen to you or to Isaac. Here.

Lexie: But, what do I tell Abe? He said he'd go with us, but he's not going to go this fast if I can't tell him why.

Stefano: Don't ask him, don't tell him. There'll be plenty of time to worry about Abraham later, all right? Go home, get your child, bring him here right away, all right? Because everything will be handled once we are gone.

Lexie: All right, all right, um, okay. I値l -- I値l be back...

Stefano: Yes.

Lexie: As soon as I can.

Stefano: Yes, yes.

Lexie: Okay.

Stefano: I値l be waiting.

Greta: I know it's not news to you that I have beaucoup de riches. To the precise number of millions, I couldn't tell you.

Jack: You don't know? Who is... In charge... Of you now, princess Greta?

Greta: Oh, you know what? You're right, Jack. I probably should be in some castle tower somewhere, counting my coins. If you make money your God, it will plague you like the devil.

Jack: Fielding. Very good. Let me counter with Shaw. The lack of money is the root of all evil.

Greta: I don't need a lecture, Jack. Yes, money is a good thing that can do great things if put into the right hands.

Jack: Such as for your beloved orphans.

Greta: Exactly.

Jack: [British accent] More, sir? Could I have some more?

Greta: Do I look like a sir to you?

Jack: [Normal voice] No more than I resemble an orphan, but does that mean I知 undeserving of your assistance?

Greta: Do you want me to adopt you, Jack?

Jack: Been there, done that. In fact, if you need a case study on the relative merits of prosperity versus poverty, look no further than my family.

Greta: What is this unseemly behavior to beg for handouts?

Jack: No, no, no, not begging. It's just asking for your help.

Greta: Oh, just what I need, a friend who wants to use me.

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. We use each other.

Greta: Oh, really? So what do I get out of it?

Jack: What do you want? You get a sense of purpose back plus the added bonus of spending a lot of time with me.

Greta: So I値l never be bored again.

Jack: I知 serious. Talent plus capital equals sure-fire success.

Greta: And you being the one with all the talent, of course. I will tell you what you have talent for, Jack.

Jack: Let me show you.

Greta: Okay. Okay, you prove to me whatever it is that you're great at.

Jack: One thing -- I値l, uh, I値l need some of those millions first.

Jennifer: Oh, Hope, of course. J.T. was in Isaac's car seat. But wait, didn't Glen and Barb see Isaac when they came to town? I mean, didn't they realize that they took the wrong baby?

Hope: I don't know. It was dark, and Lexie probably never let them get very close to the baby. Anyhow, they've dropped out of sight. It has to be them.

Jennifer: I know, but this is wonderful because it's a lead, and you know they wouldn't do anything to harm J.T. They wouldn't even ask for a ransom, right? And when Glen and Barb see the news, they're going to realize they made a mistake, and they're going to bring J.T. back. I know it. They will.

Hope: We hope so, but --

Jennifer: What? But what? Oh, Hope, what is it?

Hattie: You mean that nice, quiet man is a murderer?

Roman: Stefano DiMera is never nice and rarely quiet.

Hattie: You're insulting my waitress' intuition.

Roman: I知 sorry. He can appear nice. I値l certainly grant you that.

Hattie: But he just read the stock pages -- checking the prices, minding his own business, never let anything rile him up. And I certainly never saw a gun or even a steak knife in his hands.

Roman: Well, he generally keeps his hands clean.

Hattie: Well, of course. His hands are as perfectly ma-- you mean he let other people dirty their hands?

Roman: That's the idea, yeah. Other people did Stefano's bidding. He stayed out of jail. Now, believe me, I don't know what happened in this case, but somehow he let himself get weak. He let you get something on him. So, Hattie, listen to me. You are the one who can do this. You are the person who can help a lot of other people by pinning this on him and getting him off the streets. So, please, be honest with me. What else can you tell me?

Abe: You know, if it's all the same to you, why don't we give Hope and Lexie a little bit of time, hmm?

Bo: You don't want her to know you're checking up on her?

Abe: Ha ha. Exactly.

Bo: Well, Hope about jumps out of her skin every time the phone rings, so I値l wait to call her till I have some news.

Abe: Yeah. You know what? I don't want to hold you up.

Bo: Yeah, right.

Abe: I know you want to get back to the station.

Bo: That I do. Hey, thanks for everything.

Abe: You know what? You are going to hear something soon.

Bo: You hang in there, too. Things will get better with you and Lexie.

Abe: Well, thank you. I hope so.

Bo: Yeah, me, too. Later.

Abe: Talk to you soon, huh?

Lexie: How can I do this to Abe? How can I leave?

Hope: Jen, Stefano knew Marlo, and Glen knew Marlo. I don't know, but I think there's a connection somewhere.

Jennifer: Wait a minute. You think Stefano's in the middle of all this?

Hope: He'd do anything to hurt the Brady痴. You know that.

Jennifer: No, no, Hope. There's no way, not this time.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Roman, it's me. Hey, I was on my way to the station when I got your...message. Wow. That's amazing.

Hattie: Why is he staring at me like that?

Roman: He's never seen you before, Hattie, so I知 sure he's a little bit surprised how much you look like Marlena.

Hattie: I wish you'd stop saying that. And who is he, anyway, and why is he here? And what are you doing to me?

Roman: Hattie, Hattie, Hattie, whoa. Calm down, all right? This is my brother -- detective Bo Brady. He's one of the good people, I tell you.

Hattie: Yeah, then why's he banging on that door and almost giving me a heart attack? Not to mention that he's standing there with his mouth hanging open, looking at me like I知 some kind of a freak or a corpse or a -- or an I-don't-know-what.

Bo: I知 sorry, Hattie. I didn't mean to upset you.

Hattie: How did you know my name?

Roman: Hattie, I just said your name. And remember? I told you about my brother.

Hattie: Oh... oh... Oh, you're the one whose baby is -- oh, I知 so sorry. And here I am giving you such a hard time. I am sorry.

Bo: No, that's okay.

Hattie: A-and here you are helping look after me when you should be out there finding those people that took your baby.

Bo: Actually, we think DiMera could be involved with J.T.'s disappearance.

Hattie: You think Mr. DiMera痴 a kidnapper, too? W-w-well, how is being a kidnapper going to further his international criminalizing?

Bo: We're not quite sure. But we do know he's been after the Brady痴 for many years.

Roman: He's hurt all of us, Hattie, including you by putting you in this position. I saw how scared you were when you came to me, and I understand that you're worried about telling us what happened. But there's nothing to be ashamed of here. You're not the bad guy. So I値l tell you what. Why don't, uh... Why don't we sit down, okay? Why don't we sit down? We'll just ease on back. And then you can tell Bo what you told me about seeing the body in the house.

Hattie: I have to say this whole thing all over again to a whole other person?

Roman: Hattie, I told you, okay? You can say it however you want to say it, but we need to hear the whole story.

Roman: Hattie, listen to me, okay? It is going to be just fine. I promise you. You trust me, don't you?

Hattie: Okay. But just for you, Roman, because you've been so good to me, and because I do trust you. I値l tell you the whole story.

Isaac: [Crying]

Abe: It's okay.

Lexie: Hi.

Abe: Oh, hey, look who's here. Hey, sweetheart. Hey, how you feeling, huh? You want to sit down? Can I get you something to eat?

Lexie: Honey, I-I知 fine.

Abe: And Hope?

Lexie: Yeah, she's fine. I mean, as well as can be expected.

Abe: Yeah. Well, you know, Bo was here, and he's -- he's hopeful we're going to have a good outcome to this. So am I. Can't wait to give J.T. his birthday present. And this little guy -- he's very anxious for some birthday cake, aren't you? And I've got tape in the video camera.

Lexie: Honey, no, we can't do that now.

Abe: Well, you know, I feel -- I feel pretty weird celebrating, too, considering what Bo and Hope are going through. But it's Isaac's first birthday, and we'll never have this day again.

Lexie: I know. Um, actually, I, uh... Well, I-I came home to get Isaac. Isaac and I have to go.

Greta: So, American gigolo... I知 talking to you, Jack.

Jack: Moi?

Greta: Mmm.

Jack: That's rather rude.

Greta: Oh, and your little "Oliver Twist" routine -- you don't find that a bit twisted?

Jack: The bank of Jack is an excellent investment.

Greta: Oh, really? Says who? Jennifer, perhaps?

Jack: Why would you say that?

Greta: Because you haven't talked about her in the past five minutes, and I would say that's a record. But seriously, um, how is she doing, Jack? I mean, the last time I saw her, she was practically catatonic. Is she okay?

Jack: She is much better, thank you.

Greta: I can't even start to imagine what she must be going through. I mean, until they find J.T., I would just be --

Jack: Until they find J.T., she's got me to lean on. Thank God I came up with the brilliant suggestion that we live together. It's a crisis like this that really shows you that it's all about family.

Greta: Yeah, I know what you mean. So, shouldn't you be concentrating on your family instead of sitting in Salem Place with your little tin cup, badgering mere friends?

Jack: Perhaps you've forgotten, princess, because of your prodigious millions, but it takes a lot to support a family, and that entails a job. You were just saying how concerned you were about Jennifer and our little family. Of course, I know that means that you'll help me.

Hope: I知 all for positive thinking, but what makes you so sure that Stefano's not involved in this?

Jennifer: Hope, I was the one who drove off the bridge, and Stefano wasn't even there. I mean, and how could he know that I was going to bring J.T. to my house or that I would leave at that precise moment or that J.T. would even survive miraculously that fall?

Hope: Yeah, I know. It sounds impossible that Stefano could have manipulated all those things, but look what he's capable of. I mean, look what he's done in the past.

Jennifer: Oh, I know, but what about Lexie? I mean, they're so close now, Hope. Now, if he were going to kidnap her best friend's baby, I don't think he would risk his relationship with her. They have come too far. There's too much to lose.

Hope: I've seen Stefano's paternal side when we were locked up in that turret together. He saved me. He saved my life and J.T.'s, but everything he does is for a reason. He certainly didn't take care of me out of the kindness of his heart, I値l tell you that. Maybe he wanted the baby. Maybe he wanted my baby.

Jennifer: No, now, Hope, just wait. If he wanted your baby, why would he wait a year to take him? Do you really think Stefano is patient?

Hope: When he needs to be? Yes.

Jennifer: There's no convincing you, is there?

Hope: Don't you know how much I want to believe you're right? Look, right now I need to concentrate and pray that everything is going to be okay, because everything is. It's going to be okay. God has given us so many miracles since J.T.'s been born. He's going to bring my baby back to me. I know he is, just like he brought you back to us. Did I mention just how happy I am that you're standing here in front of me?

Jennifer: I think you might have.

Hope: Talk about a miracle. I can't believe you got yourself out of that car.

Hope: What? What is it?

Bo: Okay, this plastic surgeon works for DiMera, so he's obviously the key. Where do we find him? We need to get to him and question him right away.

Hattie: You said that I --

Roman: The thing is, Hattie, we need another witness.

Hattie: Oh, well, I知 not good enough? I知 not smart enough or pretty enough to convince a jury of whether I知 telling you this thing is true?

Roman: Not at all, no, but you're only one person. So whatever you say, it's just your word against his.

Hattie: And he wins? He's an international criminal, and I am an upstanding citizen with maybe an outstanding ticket here and there, but, Roman, I don't think --

Roman: Hattie, he is an international criminal who's done very little jail time, if any, all right? Because he's that smooth. You told me yourself you thought he was this nice, quiet man. Well, his M.O. is to deny everything, so without a corroborating witness, all this good work you're doing for us -- it could mean nothing, and with Stefano still out there, who in the hell is to say that you're going to be safe?

Hattie: [Thinking] I can't let them question Dr. Steiner, or I値l be the one in jail.

Roman: Hattie. Hattie, you all right?

Hattie: No, I知 not all right! I knew this was a mistake. I can't do this.

Abe: What? But you just got out of the hospital. We're having a birthday party here. Now where in the world would you be taking Isaac?

Lexie: Isaac, uh, has his one-year check-up today. I'd almost forgotten, and that's why I came back home so soon. Anyway, we're going to be late. We have to go. Come on, sweetie.

Abe: Wait a minute. Why don't you sit down here on the couch and rest, and I値l take him?

Lexie: Oh, yeah, like last time when I had that list of questions for the pediatrician, and you forgot to ask him half of them.

Abe: All right, all right, then at least let me drive, hmm?

Lexie: And what if something happens with J.T.?

Abe: I got my cell phone. I got my beeper. They're all set to go --

Lexie: Damn it, Abe. I said no. I-I知 sorry. Um, we'll be back soon, okay?

Abe: You're lying to me, Lex. There is no doctor's appointment, is there?

Greta: You want me to help you get a job how? Do you want me to write a character reference? 'Cause I can definitely say you're quite a character.

Jack: You're in the running yourself.

Greta: Oh, that's a backhanded compliment if I致e ever heard one.

Jack: Oh, no, not at all. Greta, you don't know that I知 being serious here?

Greta: You so rarely are. You're serious. You are. You -- you want my money.

Jack: I want a career. I want success, not only for me, but for every deserving person in my life.

Greta: Oh, and that includes me?

Jack: Especially you. You start a business. I値l run it.

Greta: Oh, pick a company, any company. Who cares whether you know anything about the business in question?

Jack: Well, actually, I was thinking about the newspaper business. You know, every princess needs a good news service, and did you know that I used to run the --

Greta: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you've told me, and please, spare me a critique of the front page.

Jack: Capital needed for a start-up is minimal. Probably a measly million or two. You probably wouldn't even miss it. So if I was to take... Wait. Greta, what is it? Oh, come on. I've heard of people being sad being separated from their money before, but...

Greta: I知 sorry. I知, um, I feel stupid.

Jack: Oh, no, no. If this isn't a good idea, I've got a cornucopia of ideas.

Greta: No, no. It's not that. It's...

Jack: Well, give me a clue here.

Greta: I知 just tired of men using me.

Jennifer: I知 sorry. It's just, uh, it's just hard for me to talk about the accident.

Hope: I understand.

Jennifer: But I don't know why it's so hard to say it. I mean, it's so unfair to Jack.

Hope: Jack?

Jennifer: Hope, I didn't get myself out of that car. Jack got me out of the car. He saved my life.

Hope: I knew he brought you home, but how did he find you?

Jennifer: He heard on the radio that the bridge was out, and when he came out looking for me, when he got to the bridge, he saw that it was my car hanging over the edge, and, Hope, I知 telling you, Jack tried so hard to help J.T. also, but the car was unstable, and then when J.T. -- I mean, when he -- I mean, Hope, I couldn't think. I couldn't even move, and Jack just took over from there. He told me what to do. He didn't let me crumple up in a ball and cry, which is what my brain was telling me to do, and he held this car down, and when I fell, he pulled me and he held on to me, and I was safe.

Hope: Jack?

Jennifer: I've never seen him tested that way before, and honestly, I never even thought he was capable of doing what he did, Hope. I mean, Jack was a real hero.

Roman: Hattie, we know you're scared, and I don't blame you, but we also know that you're a good, decent person that really does want to do the right thing. And you are the person who can stop Stefano DiMera from hurting anybody else.

Roman: Hattie, you do know it's the right thing to do, and you know we'll keep you safe.

Bo: That's a smart move, Hattie. As you know, my brother's the best.

Roman: We'll put DiMera behind bars, and then you'll be safe.

Hattie: And then I値l go to court. I guess if it works that way, it'll be okay.

Roman: Let's go get him.

Roman: Hey, listen, you have yourself a good meal, relax. You're going to be just fine, and if you need anything, you just tell the officer out here, okay?

Bo: This is it, Roman. We've got him.

Stefano: Go check the tunnel. Make sure that it is passable.

Rolf: Oh, you can't take that baby into the tunnel. It connects with the sewer -- the fumes, the germs.

Stefano: The fumes, the germs? What about the fumes and germs that that child will have to live with if he goes with the esteemed Glen and Barbara? No, no, no, no. I think a few moments traversing that tunnel will be healthier than any other alternative, believe me. Now you're wasting my time. Oh, um, call the pilot. Make sure that the helicopter is waiting at the Alpha Air Strip.

Rolf: I presume you want to cross into Canada and leave from there?

Stefano: Of course, so make the arrangements.

Rolf: Oh, Stefano, this is so dangerous.

Stefano: This is my brilliant plan, is it not? Did I ask for your opinion? No, no, no, no. So just shut up. Do as I say.

Rolf: Yeah.

Hope: Thank God Jack found you.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Hope: This kind of changes everything, doesn't it?

Jennifer: You think so?

Hope: You do. After what Jack did, do you think maybe, um, do you think maybe you could start over? Maybe there's a chance for you and Jack.

Lexie: Look, do you want to call the doctor's office and see if I made up Isaac's one-year appointment so he could get his boosters? And I mean, I知 obviously lying because -- because what, Abe?

Abe: I知 sorry. I知 sorry. It just sounded -- I知 sorry.

Lexie: I know, I know, I know, I know. I知 sorry, too. But, honey, it's going to get better, I promise, okay? I値l -- I値l see you soon.

Lexie: Honey...I love you.

Lexie: Oh, Isaac, I知 so sorry.

Lexie: I love you so much, Abe... But there's no other way.

Rolf: Finis. Everything is in place.

Stefano: Yes, everything but the most important piece. Where the hell is Alexandra? We have to leave now.

Roman: All right, hold it. Hold it. I don't want to get any closer until we get that place completely surrounded. Not taking any chances DiMera might slip out.

Bo: Hope nobody tipped him off.

Roman: We took every precaution, hand-picked sergeant combs' team.

Bo: Man, I don't like keeping Abe in the dark like this, but the way Lexie's been acting, I hate to say it, but I think if she found out what was going on, she'd run and tell daddy.

Roman: Yeah, I know what you're saying. Wait a sec. All right. All right. 10-4. On my signal.

Bo: Okay. DiMera's going down. Let's do it.

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