Days Transcript Wednesday 6/6/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Wednesday 6/6/01


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Brady: Just what I need -- another teenybopper offering me pearls of wisdom. What? Speak. Chloe, what is it?

Chloe: I owe you.

Belle: What do you mean, you know why Chloe can get through to Brady? Nobody else can.

Philip: Because he doesn't have the hots for anybody else.

Belle: What?

Philip: Can't you see it? Brady is trying to take Chloe away from me.

Hope: Tomorrow is J.T.'s birthday, and we want to celebrate with our son.

Bo: We want you to get the story out there. You see, we've got eyewitnesses who saw a couple find our son on the riverbank.

Woman: Well, why didn't these people come forward?

Bo: Well, we got a pretty good idea who they are. The -- the guy thinks he's the biological father to the Carvers' adopted son.

Hope: But they have the wrong baby. They have our son.

Bo: So...We need your help to get this truth out there so they hear it.

Hope: Look, we won't press any charges. There won't be any problems. We just want our baby back.

Lexie: Hello, Father. I need to see you right away. It's about the baby.

Stefano: I'll be right there.

Lexie: Oh, please, don't let it be too late.

Stefano: You hopeless fool. You allowed Hattie's charms -- completely nonexistent to anyone but you -- to blind you! How could you trust her?

Bart: "The heart has reasons reason knows not of."

Stefano: Shut up! You find Hattie Adams. She must never tell the police that she ever saw Marloís body. You find Hattie Adams and make sure that she never, never talks.

Roman: You say you saw a decomposed body at the DiMera mansion?

Hattie: Yeah. It was a few months back. But if they find out that Iíve come here, they'll want me more dead than that corpse.

Hattie: Thanks. I just didn't feel comfortable talking around all those cops.

Roman: I want my brother to hear your statement.

Hattie: No! No. Nobody but you can know. If they know that Iíve squealed to you, my life will be worth last week's "People" magazine.

Roman: Hattie, look at me, okay? Don't you think you can trust me?

Hattie: Yeah.

Roman: Good. All right. Let's go over here, sit over here where it's quiet.

Roman: Okay. Now, are you ready?

Hattie: Yeah. I-I think so.

Hattie: Wh-what's the matter?

Roman: Nothing. Nothing. It's -- it's just -- it's amazing how much you look like Marlena when you smile.

Hattie: Ha ha. That was part of the plan.

Roman: The plan? Hattie, what are you talking about?

Hattie: Uh, please don't ask. I-it's a little embarrassing and very personal, and I just don't want to talk about it.

Roman: Okay. All right. This goes at your pace, you know. I promise you, I will not pressure you. Looks to me like you've been pressured enough already.

Hattie: Oh, you are so nice.

Roman: And you are very brave. Now... You saw a dead body. Remember, you trust me. You said you did.

Hattie: I have this friend --

Roman: What's his name?

Hattie: Oh, I don't want to have to tell you his name.

Roman: All right. Can you tell me this -- does he work for Stefano DiMera?

Stefano: Thanks to you, you idiot, Hattie knows too much.

Rolf: You act like everything is my fault!

Stefano: Because everything is your fault!

Bart: The boss is right, Rolf. Even given her limitations, do you think any dame's going to fall for a guy like you, with a bad toupee and a name like Dr. Frank N. Steiner?

Stefano: He makes a valid point. [Sighs] you are not exactly catnip to women.

Rolf: I know. I know! I-I am a freak. I've been a misfit all my life.

Stefano: All right, Rolf, you can stop now.

Rolf: All my life, I have been on the outside. Only -- only when I work for you do I feel empowered.

Stefano: Then be powerful! Be a man! And do exactly what I tell you to do.

Rolf: Jawohl! If I can't make love to the woman I love, then I will strangle the life out of her!

Bart: Mood swing.

Stefano: Can you keep your mouth shut? I don't want to ever hear you mention the word murder!

Rolf: I understand. I will cut her tongue out! She'll never speak again, she'll never breathe another word about it!

Stefano: I don't give a damn what the hell you have to do, just spare me the details!

Rolf: I will surprise her at her apartment.

Stefano: And if she's not there, may I recommend the police station? Hmm? May I also recommend that you get moving on it!

Rolf: Ja, ja, ja. Time is of the essence.

Stefano: As it is for me. I must get to Alexandra at the hospital before her conscience gets the best of her. Do not fail, Rolf, and do not let a woman play you for a fool.

Bart: Hey, Rolf, I'm really sorry. It must be awful for you to go after a woman you really care about... Except you don't look too torn up about it.

Rolf: If she has betrayed me, she will pay.

Bart: Sure... Love 'em and cleave 'em.

Rolf: I've loved not wisely, but too well. But I will rectify my mistake.

Bart: Hey, Rolfanutter, remember what the boss said about not murdering her!

Rolf: Right now I am the boss, and I will silence her... Permanently!

Bart: Hattie, Hattie, Hattie, you done led on the wrong man.

Hope: We just talked about Marlo, how she drank and how she smoked during her pregnancy -- which actually doesn't make any sense at all because Isaac is such a healthy baby.

Lexie: Yeah, I know, I know. I thought the same thing.

Hope: And J.T. -- I mean, he's had so many problems. And, well, the only time I ever drank -- or should I say, Gina drank anything -- was in the first trimester.

Lexie: You should have heard what Glen and Barb told me and Abe about Marloís drinking, and she didn't quit taking drugs until she found out that she was pregnant. God knows what she was doing until then.

Hope: It could have been really bad for Isaac.

Lexie: It just seems impossible that my... Perfectly healthy baby could have had her for a mother. Father, please, get here soon, before Hope figures out I have her baby.

Bo: We'd appreciate you getting the word out as soon as possible.

Woman: Count on it.

Hope: Thank you very much. We have to get our son back.

Man: We'll do everything we can.

Hope: Thank you. They were nice.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, and good at their job. It's just a matter of time now. What's wrong?

Hope: I just kept thinking the whole time we were telling the story that this whole thing is just -- it's strange. Glen and Barb have J.T., But they were here to get Isaac. I really hate this. What if there's another reason those people took our baby? .

Stefano: Alexandra, what are you doing out of bed? What's wrong with the baby?

Lexie: I'm leaving. I've got to get out of here.

Stefano: What are you talking about? You have to recuperate. Alexandra, I told you, I will handle all this business.

Lexie: Oh, you've done really well so far.

Stefano: Oh, I see. Uh-huh. Our friend Brandon, huh? The crusader has gone to

Hope to tell her that Isaac is her son?

Lexie: No, this isn't about Brandon, okay? I've handled him. This is a much bigger problem.

Stefano: Ah, problems that we can overcome. Please get into the bed.

Lexie: I'm supposed to just lie in bed, knowing that Glen is going to redo that D.N.A. test as soon as he can?

Stefano: You do not know that.

Lexie: Come on, Father! He's not that stupid! He must know that's why the lab was blown up. And when they test little John Thomas, it will match. Glen will have proof that J.T. Is really Marloís baby, not Hope's, and pretty soon, the whole damn world is going to know.

Stefano: I'll make sure that they do not.

Lexie: Well, how are you going to do that now?

Stefano: You have to have faith in me, Alexandra.

Lexie: No, it's too late for faith. It's time for action. You... Will listen to me, and you will do what I say. You are going to make sure that J.T. Is found, that Glen will not have that paternity test done.

Bo: Hope, relax. When glen finds out he has our son, he'll bring him back to us.

Hope: Unless I'm right. Unless Glen's known all along that he has J.T.

Brady: Chloe, I don't get it. What do you mean, you owe me?

Chloe: Well, on the worst possible night of my life, when I was locked up in that horrible hospital and you could barely walk, you helped me escape. It was like Enrico freeing Leonora from the convent.

Brady: Oh, so I get it. Now we're like "Il Trovatore"?

Chloe: Yeah. You were brave like he was.

Brady: Yeah, but look what happened to her -- she takes poison and dies. Leonora

Chloe: [Singing in Italian]

Brady: Okay, that was really nice. Anyway, let me tell you why I'm not Enrico. Because after I helped you escape, you went running off to your boyfriend. You would take poison for Philip. He's the real hero of your particular opera.

Chloe: Brady...

Brady: Well, now that you've finished your mission of mercy, why don't you just go back to him? Then you, Philip, and Belle can re-enact scenes from "Dawsonís creek" to your heart's content. Just count me out.

Chloe: I can't believe it.

Brady: What, that Iím fed up with the whole high school drama? Believe it.

Chloe: No, I can't believe that you just lumped Belle in with the rest of us.

Brady: Chloe --

Chloe: That's the first time Iíve ever heard you say a word against her.

Brady: Goodbye.

Chloe: You and Belle were fighting before. What was it about?

Brady: Nothing.

Chloe: Okay, I'll just go ask Belle.

Brady: No, don't do that. Belle was just upset because I'm giving her old lady a hard time.

Chloe: You give everyone a hard time. And who ever says anything nice about their stepmother?

Brady: No, no. Belle was actually right. You know Belle and I get along, but tonight she sort of made me tell her a story about that -- Marlena. And it really upset Belle, and I could have been somewhat of a thinking person to realize how much she loves her mother. You know, Belle's still kind of a little kid.

Chloe: Amazing.

Brady: What, that Belle and I got in a fight?

Chloe: No, that you are so sensitive. The truth is, you actually have empathy for other people.

Brady: Yeah, that's it. All right, why don't you go back to him? His tongue is hanging out, just waiting for you.

Belle: Philip... Okay, you have to stop this because you are jealous all the time, and it's getting really old.

Philip: I am not!

Belle: Oh, no, no. You're really easygoing. Shawn just finds out his brother may be alive and well, thanks to some encouraging news Chloe gave him, and he kisses her. You act like he broke the seventh commandment, like you and Chloe are married and he was trying to steal your wife.

Philip: I just thought --

Belle: You just thought about yourself. Shawn's thinking about his little brother, and all you're concerned about is you and your ego. I have to tell you, Philip, it's not just turning off Chloe.

Philip: Don't play all high and mighty with me, Belle. You saw the way he kissed her. Tell me something. Did Shawn ever kiss you like that?

Belle: Whether or not Shawn ever even kissed me is not the subject.

Philip: Oh, it is the subject 'cause we're talking about Shawn wanting Chloe.

Belle: No, we are talking about your jealousy.

Philip: You know, you're real free and easy, passing judgment on me. What if I said

you're the one who's jealous?

Belle: Oh, yeah, that's what Iíve always wanted -- a guy to hang all over me, ask me where Iím going and who I'm going there with.

Philip: I wonder if you'd mind so much if that guy was Shawn.

Chloe: You know, you're really crude.

Brady: So I went from sensitive to crude in about 10 seconds?

Chloe: Philip does not have his tongue hanging out, waiting for me. He's talking to your sister.

Brady: If I offended you, why don't you just leave, like Iíve been trying to get you to do for the past half an hour?

Chloe: No. I still owe you for helping me at the hospital.

Brady: And you're going to help me whether I like it or not. Well, look at me. Pay me back another time. I'm not in the mood for company. I want to be alone.

Chloe: Brady, I know what you're going through.

Brady: You don't know squat.

Chloe: I know that normally you'd want me to be around so you could trash my singing or ridicule my emotional life, but the fact that you're asking me to go -- that means that you're really confused right now. I know you're questioning who you are and where you're going. Brady...You need me.

Bo: Hope, that doesn't make sense. Why would Glen keep J.T. If he knows he's not his kid?

Hope: Remember that day at the hospital when we ran into Glen and Barb?

Bo: Yeah. What about it?

Hope: Well, after Glen left, Dr. Maxwell brought J.T. back to me, and when Barb saw him, she said, "boy, he looks just like my husband."

Bo: Yeah, that's right.

Hope: Bo, that was our son she was talking about. What she said, it keeps nagging at me. She thought that J.T. Looked like her husband, and now they've run off with him. How could they not know that they've got our baby and not Isaac? You know, I've got this -- this really sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, like something's going on that we don't know anything about.

Lexie: You have to find J.T. Glen can't find out that he's his real son.

Stefano: Alexandra, don't worry.

Lexie: How can you tell me not to worry when my whole --

Stefano: Listen to me. Listen. I have a source who says that the police are doing everything they can to get the news out to those people that they do not have Isaac. Now, with any luck, they will hear the news before they have the baby tested.

Lexie: How can I bet my son's future on luck?

Stefano: This has nothing to do with luck! What is the matter with you, Alexandra? Don't you know me by now? Don't you know that I have taken precautions? Sit down! Sit, and listen to me. All right. I have contacted my operatives in Paris to get the town house ready for us and the baby.

Lexie: What?

Stefano: You have to be strong here, huh? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because we may have to leave at a moment's notice.

Lexie: No, I-I can't -- I can't leave. This is my home. What about Abe?

Stefano: You can't be thinking about Abraham now. You have to think only of Isaac.

Lexie: No. No! You've done this. I've trusted you, Father. You have done this, now you have to work this out.

Stefano: That, uh... That may not be possible now.

Lexie: What? What do you mean? Why did you say that? What's happened?

Stefano: It's Marlo.

Lexie: What?

Stefano: Someone... Saw her body at my house, and this same person may be going to the police.

Roman: Hattie... Hattie, I need you to help me. Look, Stefano DiMera is a notorious international criminal. He's ruthless. He's cold-blooded.

Hattie: Just exactly how do you define "cold-blooded"?

Roman: You want to know how far he'd go to protect himself? Well, he would keep his own hands clean. He'd job out the dirty work.

Rolf: In the interests of your continued good health, I would advise you to keep your mouth shut.

Hattie: I saw it with my own peepers, okay? It was in that house. That dead, decomposing -- I will never, ever, ever forget what I saw!

Rolf: Well, then there is only one way to make sure that you do forget.

Hattie: Aah! Ow!

Rolf: The body was a prop, a gag! The whole thing was a prank!

Hattie: That was too close for comfort.

Roman: Hattie. Hattie. What do you mean?

Hattie: What I mean is I-I can't do this. I've got to get out of dodge!

Roman: No, no. No, no. Hattie, Hattie, listen to me. This is important. Come here.

Hattie, this could be the break we are looking for. We could put Stefano DiMera away for good. You've got to help us, Hattie. Lives are at stake.

Hattie: Yeah -- like mine!

Roman: Hattie, you've got to trust me.

Rolf: [Thinking] Hattie, how could you? I thought you loved me. [Piano music playing]

Hattie: Don't you understand? I am scared to death.

Roman: I know you are, and you have a right to be. You're in trouble. Stefano DiMera does not allow for loose ends. I think I'm your only way out right now.

Hattie: You mean --

Roman: I mean you have to tell me everything, Hattie, or else I can't help you.

Roman: Now, come on, sit down. Sit down and talk to me.

Hattie: This man, this doctor, who was my friend -- I think maybe now he's in cahoots with Mr. DiMera.

Roman: All right, let's go to the beginning here. What does this have to do with you seeing the dead body?

Rolf: [Thinking] don't tell him, Hattie. If you value your life, keep your mouth shut.

Lexie: Someone saw Marloís body, and now they're going to the police? Father, you told me the body was gone without a trace.

Stefano: Yes, it was destroyed, but before it was, someone saw the remains.

Lexie: Where?

Stefano: It was on a gurney at my house.

Lexie: Oh! Why didn't you tell me about this before?

Stefano: Because I did not want to worry you. Besides, everything was under control. But now --

Lexie: But -- but now what?

Stefano: There's a change.

Lexie: You mean there's been a disaster. Okay, I-I-I've got to get out of here. I've got to get my son and -- and take him someplace safe.

Stefano: That is the reason why I called Paris.

Lexie: Oh, yeah, right. You screw up and I go off with you. No! I may have to leave this country thanks to you, but I am not going with you.

Brady: Chloe, mind your own damn business.

Chloe: You know, I get defensive in situations like this, too. We go along thinking we have it all figured out, and then the hurdle is too high...

Brady: Don't tell me how to think.

Chloe: And instead of going over it, we put up a wall. We retreat so that people won't know that we can't handle it.

Brady: Oh, why don't you just shut your mouth?

Chloe: And now you're going to say something glib and/or sarcastic just to dodge the truth. And the truth is, you are really, really angry, and the reason I know this is I am, too.

Belle: Talk about avoidance. I tell you you're being too jealous, and you start talking about Shawn.

Philip: And how you feel about him.

Belle: I like him. We've known each other our whole lives. We're friends.

Philip: Oh, yeah, you're not avoiding anything at all, are you? Ha ha ha. Okay, so maybe being in love with Chloe has me a little wacked out in some ways.

Belle: Some ways? Philip, all ways.

Philip: But at least Iím not lonely or alone.

Belle: Neither am I. I am perfectly satisfied with the way things are. I get good grades, I'm not rude or self-obsessed --

Philip: What, like I am?

Belle: Like you are. So why would I want that to change?

Philip: Because you'd be a whole lot happier if you took that next very simple step.

Belle: What's that?

Philip: Ask Shawn to be your date to the last blast.

Hope: So I have to wonder, does Lexie know more than she's saying? Like you said, she is a lot closer to her father. What if she knew about something Stefano did?

Bo: Yeah, like he killed Marlo. Maybe she found out after the fact, and she realized if she'd said or did anything about it, she could lose her son.

Hope: But what's the connection to Glen and Barb?

Bo: Pieces of the puzzle that don't fit. I mean, they show up here out of the blue. He says he wants to get his kid back, and he takes ours.

Hope: Bo...

Bo: What? Say it.

Hope: If Stefano knew Marlo, maybe he knew Glen, too. I mean, what if this was all a set-up to take our baby away from us?

Bo: Part of DiMeraís master plan to punish the Bradyís?

Hope: Bo, I couldn't take it. I couldn't stand it.

Stefano: Alexandra, you cannot leave the country with Isaac by yourself. You are in no condition to do --

Lexie: Father, nothing you say will change my mind, okay? I am not running away to Paris with you.

Stefano: Don't forget, you are my daughter, and you will do as I tell you to do.

Lexie: I'm going to skip over the incredible arrogance of that remark and get to rational thought. If the police find out that dead body was in your house, they are going to put out a warrant for your arrest. Father, you could easily be extradited, and if Isaac and I are with you, they're going to bring us in, too. They would charge us with obstruction of justice, murder, fleeing jurisdiction, God knows what else. God. All through this nightmare, you've been telling me to put Isaac first. Well, believe me, that's what I'm doing right now.

Stefano: Don't be so melodramatic. I will make sure that nothing ever happens to your child.

Lexie: Father, it's too late! You murdered that poor woman, and now you're going to get caught.

Stefano: How dare you? How dare you accuse me of such a thing?

Lexie: Well, if you didn't do it, who did?

Roman: All right, Hattie, tell me about the body. Was the body a man or a woman?

Hattie: Oh, you know, I figured it had to be one or the other, but I just couldn't tell.

Roman: All right, your acquaintance -- what did he say about the body?

Hattie: He said it was a Halloween decoration.

Roman: Was it close to Halloween?

Hattie: No, it was -- it was in January, well after the holidays.

Roman: [Thinking] that body was stolen from the morgue in January. It can't be a

coincidence. Now we know that Marloís corpse was in DiMeraís house.

Hattie: Roman, you've stopped talking. Am I in trouble?

Roman: No, no, not with the police. You're completely innocent. All you did was see what you thought was a dead body.

Hattie: Oh, you think maybe it wasn't? You think it was just a Halloween prank?

Roman: I doubt it, but we don't know for sure, so we have to proceed very cautiously.

Hattie: Oh.

Roman: Hattie, does Stefano DiMera know where you live?

Hattie: No. But his friend does.

Rolf: [Thinking] how could you betray me like this, Hattie?

Roman: All right, you don't go home tonight. I want you to stay at the Salem Inn. I'll make all the arrangements. Salem P.D. Will pick up the expenses. I'll get you a police escort.

Hattie: Oh, holy Toledo. Roman, give it to me straight. Am I going to end up like that corpse? Oh, dear. Oh, please, don't let me turn into a Halloween decoration.

Roman: All right, Hattie. Hattie, listen to me. I know it's scary, okay, but I want you to calm down. You're safer now than you were before you talked to me.

Hattie: Then why can't I go home?

Roman: Because I am a very, very cautious guy who won't let anything happen to a friend of mine.

Hattie: I'm your friend?

Roman: You bet you are. I like strong people who stand up to thugs like Stefano DiMera.

Hattie: I don't feel very strong. [Gasps] I don't even feel like I can breathe.

Roman: Well, then, you go to the inn, okay? That's why you're going to go to the inn. You're going to get a good night's sleep. We'll talk more in the morning.

Hattie: Yeah, if I don't wake up dead.

Roman: Nobody's going to hurt you. Nobody is going to hurt you. I won't let that happen, all right? I'm going to put a police officer outside your room. All you've got to do is enjoy a nice room service meal, sleep in a nice, comfortable bed. You can handle that, can't you?

Hattie: I don't think I have any choice. [Sobbing]

Rolf: [Thinking] I have a choice, and I choose that you die, Hattie.

Lexie: Well? Tell me, Father, if you didn't kill Marlo, who did?

Stefano: I am not going to stand here and allow my daughter to interrogate me.

Lexie: You mean you won't tell me the truth. Well, I'll tell you something -- I am sick of your lies and secrets and evasions. You said that someone saw that dead body in your house, the one that you stole from the -- the morgue. Well, I think there's more to it than that. I think that you did kill Marlo.

Stefano: Stop it!

Lexie: Or had her killed, which is the same thing in my book. And now you're trying to save your own neck and still keep your daughter and your grandson under your thumb. Well, it's not going to happen, Father. Now, you tell me the truth... All of it, or I will make sure this whole thing blows right up in your face, just like that bomb at Tuscany.

Hope: What's he still doing here? Excuse me, sir, you said you were going to report our story right away. Why haven't you gone?

Man: I just called it in. It's going to be a front-page story in the morning.

Bo: It's going national?

Man: Yeah, the interview went out over the wire already.

Bo: All right, thanks.

Hope: I-Iím sorry. I didn't mean to be so jumpy.

Man: Oh, I completely understand, really. Good luck to you and your son.

Hope: Thank you.

Bo: All right.

Hope: Appreciate that.

Bo: Take care.

Hope: Glen and Barb will know in the morning they have the wrong baby.

Bo: Unless they already know.

Hope: Either they get in touch with us in the morning after this story hits, or...

Bo: This whole situation is a whole lot worse than we thought.

Belle: I don't ask guys out, Philip. It may seem old-fashioned, but it's just who I am.

Philip: You're also going to be Shawn-less the night of the dance.

Belle: I don't care, okay? What's so special about Shawn Brady anyway?

Philip: Yeah, I can tell you don't really care, just like I don't care about what's going on over there.

Chloe: Brady, I've never had to face what you're facing right now, but I can relate to it, and I know that the last thing that you want right now is pity. I'm just saying that if you ever need anything or if you just need someone to talk to... Even if it'll make you feel better to diss my singing. Oh, I saw that smile. You know Iím on the right track, don't you?

Philip: Chloe, we've got to go.

Chloe: Uh, just a minute, Philip. Brady and I were just --

Philip: Yeah, you know if I stay out too late, my dad will ground me for twice as long. Let's go.

Brady: Yeah, Chloe, go ahead. We wouldn't want Philip to get in trouble with his daddy.

Philip: Ha ha ha.

Chloe: Hey, I meant what I said.

Philip: Let's go. Come on. So... What did you say?

Chloe: What?

Philip: Just now, you said to Brady, "I meant what I said." What did you say?

Chloe: Oh, man.

Philip: Hey, I want to know what the hell is going on here.

Belle: So, what's going on with you and Chloe?

Brady: Nothing, so why don't you just forget about it?

Belle: Oh, I can forget about it. I just don't know about you.

Chloe: I'll tell you what's going on -- you're acting like a jerk.

Philip: I saw you and Brady --

Chloe: You saw me speaking to a friend of mine, which I will do whenever I want to,

and you're fine with that, Philip, right?

Philip: Sure. I just thought something was wrong, that's all.

Chloe: Well, nothing is wrong.

Philip: Okay, everything's cool. Let's go.

Rolf: [Thinking] how should I do it? A bullet to the brain? No. No, too fast. She needs to suffer, to realize what she has done. Strangulation? Hmm, what haven't I done lately? I snapped Marloís neck. That was...Enjoyable. Aah, DiMera was right. I was a fool -- a fool to think that any woman could ever love me. And now -- now the situation is intolerable, and it will be until -- until my darling Hattie is dead.

Stefano: So... This is the thanks I get for giving you a beautiful, healthy child?

Lexie: Who just happens to be my best friend's son!

Stefano: You ungrateful --

Lexie: Don't you dare make this about me. Why did I ever trust you? Everyone told me not to again and again, and they were right. But I never thought that you...

Marlo was murdered in your house, Father. I saw her just moments after she died. Did you personally break her neck? Hmm? How many more lives will be destroyed before this is done?

Stefano: I never dreamt -- never -- that it would come to this.

Lexie: Obviously. Neither did I, but all that matters now is protecting Isaac. I love him, he loves me, he's mine. I'm not going to lose him.

Stefano: And I will make sure that you do not.

Lexie: No, you will do nothing but get out of here. Do you hear me? Get out of here now! Go!

Stefano: No child of mine will ever talk to me like that. You will regret this, Alexandra. I promise you.

Bo: He won't win. We won't let DiMera win.

Hope: How do we fight him, Bo? How?

Roman: You are not going to believe this. I hardly do myself. We are finally about to nail that bastard DiMera. I swear, this time we've got him.

Bo: How?

Roman: He's going down for murder one.

Bo: What did I tell you?

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