Days Transcript Tuesday 5/29/01

Days of Our Lives Transcript Tuesday 5/29/01


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Mr. Woods: 10 years after the Civil War, black Americans owned land in the south and held government offices, but then what happened? Philip.

Philip: Rutherford B. Hayes got elected.

[Students laugh]

Mr. Woods: No joke. Hayes, a Republican, was elected after seven Democrats in the electoral college voted for him. Why did the Dixiecrats do that?

Philip: Hayes promised to pull the federal troops out of the south.

Mr. Woods: And with the feds out, what happened? Chloe.

Chloe: The Ku Klux Klan was back.

Mr. Woods: And when Mr. Brady wakes up, he'll tell us what happened next.

[Students laugh]

Shawn-D: Sorry.

Mr. Woods: Sorry isn't going to cut it when you're applying for college, Shawn, and if you want to get into a decent one, you're going to have to at least stay awake in class.

Shawn-D: I don't have to take this.

Jennifer: No.

Jennifer: [Screaming]

Jennifer: No! Oh, that baby must be dead.

Alice: Darling, it's all right. You were having a nightmare.

Jennifer: Oh, Gram, you're still here.

Alice: Yes, of course I知 here.

Jennifer: Gram, where's Abby?

Alice: Jack took her to school. Uh, now, come on. Eat a little something.

Jennifer: Oh, Gram, I can't. I can't eat. Tell me, is there any news about J.T.?

Jack: Maybe I shouldn't go in. Maybe I should let Alice handle Jennifer.

Jennifer: Hurry!

Jack: Jennifer, you're going to have to grab on to my hand.

Jennifer: Okay. Okay.

Jack: Okay.

Jennifer: Aah! Okay.

Jack: Okay, ready? The other hand.

Jennifer: Whoa. Whoa, Jack!

Jack: Oh!

Jennifer: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. The baby, Jack. I'm so sorry. The baby.

Jack: Relax. Relax, Jennifer. You did -- you did great. It's going to be okay. No. I can do it, and I will. I will help you, Jennifer.

Eliana: Good morning.

Lexie: Good morning.

Eliana: How are you feeling?

Lexie: I'm okay. More flowers, huh?

Eliana: From your Father, of course.

Lexie: Hmm. Eliana, you really didn't have to come.

Eliana: No, Mr. DiMera insisted. He knows how busy your husband is with the investigation of that missing baby. He didn't want you to be alone. Ha.

Lexie: What?

Eliana: Oh, well, it's just that I have never seen Mr. DiMera so concerned about anyone. He really loves you.

Brandon: Oh, man, how do I compete with all this?

Lexie: Oh, Brandon, how sweet. Oh, um, do you know Eliana? She works for my Father. Eliana, Brandon walker.

Brandon: Pleasure to meet you.

Eliana: How do you do? I'll get a little vase for these.

Brandon: Oh, thank you.

Lexie: I'm glad you're here.

Brandon: What's going on?

Lexie: We have to talk. There could be problems, very serious problems.

John: You listen up. This baby story is off-limits to the media. We're going to hold it until we give the go-ahead. Now, if I made a mistake by shooting my mouth off here, and you decide to release it, you and your newspaper are going to be sincerely sorry. Do you understand me?

Barb: Look, um, I am not a reporter, I swear, and I won't say anything to anyone, I promise.

[Baby cries]

John: Oh, my God.

Barb: Hey, I wish you and your friends luck in, uh, finding that kid, and thanks for all that info on the bridge and the baby and all.

John: Bo! [Whistles] Hope!

Hope: Bo, listen.

Bo: What?

Hope: Do you hear that crying? Do you hear that baby? It's J.T., I know it. Bo, it's him. I know it. It's him. I know his crying. I know that's our baby. Someone has found him and brought him back to us. I know it. Oh, thank God. Thank you, God.

Bo: Hope, I知 sorry. I don't hear a baby crying.

Hope: I'm not imagining it. Bo, I know our baby's cry when I hear it. He's around here somewhere. We've got to find him. We've got to find him, Bo.

Glen: Hey, little guy. Take it easy now, huh? There's no need to cry. Got to be cool, okay? Otherwise they're going to come and take you away from your Faddy. We both don't want that to happen, do we, hmm?

Alice: Darling, there is some news.

Jennifer: Tell me, Gram.

Alice: Well, I spoke to Hope, and she said there has been no trace of the baby. No one has seen him, but someone must have picked him up.

Jennifer: No, Gram, that doesn't make any sense. I-I saw him fall. There's no way he could have survived that.

Alice: Well, miracles do happen, and that little boy has already proved that he's a survivor.

Jennifer: After everything Hope has been through, to lose the baby like this. She must hate me, Gram.

Alice: Oh, darling, no. She loves you, and she's so happy that you're all right.

Jennifer: Well, it's because of Jack that I知 okay. He was so brave, and he was so strong.

Alice: He was there when it counted.

Jennifer: Yeah, he was, and he kept me calm, and he kept me focused, and -- I mean, Gram, he actually held down the back of this car and kept it from falling over while I was climbing into the back seat. And then he told me to jump, and I would have never had the courage to do that if he hadn't been there. And then with the paramedics, you know, he made sure that I took these pills so that I could just go to sleep. He saved my life, Gram.

Alice: So it's a blessing, isn't it, that you and Jack are living together? So he can help you, he can be there for you when you need him.

Hope: Bo, it was him. I know it. I know it was J.T.

Bo: Hope, hold on a second.

Hope: Bo, I知 telling you, I know I heard him crying. I know it was J.T. Come on!

Bo: Okay. All right.

Barb: Oh, my gosh, is he okay? What is going on? I heard the baby crying.

Glen: He's okay now. He's just sitting in his car seat. He's a good-looking little boy, isn't he? Likes being out here in the country, just like his Daddy.

Barb: What are you talking about -- the country? We're not on vacation here.

Glen: Shh. You're going to upset him.

Barb: Glen, listen to me. There are cops everywhere. Now, we've got get out of here, give this kid back, something.

Glen: Like I told you before, we are not giving him back.

Barb: Okay, fine. Then let's just get out of here. Get in the car, okay?

Glen: You said you ran into some cops?

Barb: Yes.

John: Hey, hey, hold on. Not so fast.

Mr. Woods: Sit down, Mr. Brady, or you know what's next.

Shawn-D: You know what, Mr. Woods? I don't give a damn what's next.

Students: Ooh.

Belle: Mr. Woods, Shawn is --

Mr. Woods: Shawn is not a subject for discussion now. Let's talk about 40 acres and a mule.

[Bell rings]

Mr. Woods: Okay, class, see you next time.

Chloe: I have never seen Shawn act like that before.

Philip: Woods is going to rake him over the coals for this.

Belle: I'm going to go talk to him.

Belle: Mr. Woods, can I talk to you for a second?

Mr. Woods: Not now, Belle.

Belle: No, it's really important. Shawn was upset because a terrible thing happened.

Mr. Woods: What terrible thing?

Belle: You know about the explosion at the bridge? There was a car crash, and J.T., Shawn's little Brother, was inside. The door was thrown open, and his brother fell into the river. They still haven't found him.

Mr. Woods: Well, that explains his behavior, but this situation still has to be dealt with.

Lexie: Look, um, I may have gotten you involved in something that could be very dangerous.

Brandon: It's cool. I can handle it.

Lexie: Brandon, I am talking life-and-death dangerous.

Brandon: Good. Makes things more interesting.

Lexie: How do I make you understand how serious this is?

Brandon: Are you that worried about me?

Lexie: Yes, with good reason, and it's all my fault for getting you involved in this, for asking you to switch those DNA samples.

Brandon: Look, Lexie, you didn't ask me to switch J.T.'s DNA sample with Isaac's. I did that on my own.

Lexie: It doesn't matter. The point is now you know too much.

Brandon: Big deal. I know the results of a paternity test. Glen is the Father of Hope's baby. So what?

Lexie: Brandon, there's much more at stake here.

Brandon: So why don't you fill me in?

Lexie: No. I want you to forget everything you know. Forget it all. Otherwise you could end up a dead man.

Hope: J.T.! J.T.!

Bo: Hope, hold on.

Hope: Bo, he's here. I know it. He's just not far.

Bo: Okay, okay, we'll look for him.

Hope: J.T.? J.T.! Mommy's here, J.T.!

John: Hey, what's up? Your lady lose something?

Barb: What?

John: This, perhaps?

Barb: Oh, yeah. How'd you get it?

John: I found it on the ground back there.

Glen: Thanks a lot. See you later.

J.T.: [Cries]

Alice: So...did you get Abby off to school?

Jack: Sure did. I took her to her class, and she introduced me to all of her buddies. She's really popular, kind of the class clown, just like her Dad.

Jennifer: Hope's never going to be able to do that. She's never going to be able to see her little boy play with his buddies. It's all because of me. God, it's all because of me.

Philip: Man, Shawn must have been really upset to diss Mr. Woods that bad.

Chloe: Yeah, well, he really loves his little Brother.

Philip: Yeah. Yeah, he really does. He loves his whole family.

Chloe: Yeah, but that's how it's meant to be, right?

Philip: So what's up with you and your Mom? Did you get a chance to work things out at the hospital?

Chloe: Let's not ruin the moment by bringing her up, okay?

Mr. Woods: Shawn?

Shawn-D: Is that my detention slip?

Mr. Woods: Yes. Let's forget about the slip. I busted your chops in class. I shouldn't have embarrassed you like that.

Shawn-D: It's cool. I can take it.

Mr. Woods: Shawn, I heard about what happened to your baby Brother. That's got to be tough. Under these locks, you'll find a friendly person.

Belle: Mr. Woods, please don't get Shawn in trouble. He saved my life in the elevator and then he was up the whole night.

Mr. Woods: You're a lucky guy to have such a good person in your corner, Shawn. We were just about to powwow. Why don't you join us, Belle? Okay, let's go.

Brandon: Forget the whole thing? I don't think so. I don't turn my back on my friends when they're in trouble.

Lexie: Brandon, you have no idea who you're involved with here.

Brandon: Meaning your Father, Stefano DiMera.

Lexie: Mm-hmm.

Brandon: Hey, if I help his Daughter, then he'll owe me a favor, right?

Lexie: No. It doesn't work like that. Look, you are being way too glib about this. My Father is a very dangerous man.

Brandon: Yeah, he's pretty cutthroat from what I hear. Got a mean posse, too.

Lexie: Trust me. You should be very afraid.

Brandon: You know, maybe he should be very afraid of me.

Lexie: Look, you know things he doesn't want you to know. How blunt do I have to be?

Brandon: What, are you saying he'd kill me? Are you saying your Father would have me whacked in order to keep some secret?

John: You got yourself a kid back there?

Barb: Yeah. Yeah, that's our baby. That's why I got upset when I found out a baby was missing. I don't think I could handle it if something happened to our kid.

Glen: Hey, we got to jam, man. Catch you later.

John: Yeah.

Hope: John? John, who were those people?

John: Oh, just a couple cruising by, wondering what all the commotion was about.

Bo: Did they know about the accident?

John: Yeah, after I told them.

Bo: And the search for J.T.?

John: Yeah. Why, what are you getting at?

Bo: Oh, well, it seemed like something was going on.

John: Well, naturally they were upset about J.T. I mean, they had a kid of their own with them.

Hope: A kid? How old? Was it a baby? John, did you see a baby?

Jack: Jennifer, you didn't listen to me last night, but you have to listen to me now. You got to stop doing this to yourself.

Jennifer: Stop what, Jack? What are you talking about? You want me to stop feeling guilty because I probably killed someone? Not someone, my cousin's helpless little baby, Jack.

Jack: Jennifer, this isn't like you. How many times do I have to say this? It was an accident, a tragedy to be sure, but it was in no way your fault.

Jennifer: I was driving the car.

Jack: But you didn't blow up the bridge! And we haven't found the baby. He could still be alive.

Jennifer: It would be a miracle if that baby survived falling into that river.

Jack: Yes, and miracles do happen every day, don't they? Isn't that what your Grandmother just said? You got to believe in miracles, right? Right? No. No, you're not going to answer me, are you? You won't hear it because want to cry.

Jennifer: What? How can you say that?

Jack: I don't know, I don't know. It just seems that all this tears and this guilt is really kind of self-indulgent.

Jennifer: Oh, that is really what I need to hear right now, Jack.

Jack: Why don't we wait until we find the baby before we go into grief here?

Jennifer: You know, what if this were Abby? How would you be feeling right now, Jack?

Jennifer: I would be out there looking for her. I wouldn't be sitting here playing God.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: You think that everybody who lives or dies in this world has something to do with you, like you have made some decision about it when you don't, and you had nothing to do with J.T. falling out of that car. You didn't open the car door and say, "hey, J.T. I'm going to live, you're going to die. Bye, now."

Jennifer: Oh, this is a fine time to be joking about something like that!

Jack: I'm not joking about it! I'm saying it was an act of God, not an act of Jennifer.

Jennifer: And all I知 saying if I had only stayed home, if I would have just been here with you --

Jack: Oh, Jennifer, if only, if only -- life is full of "if onlys." Every time something terrible happens, we all say, "if only this, if only that, if only I had waited 10 seconds before I left the house, if only I had left when I was supposed to, then everything would be fine, fine and wonderful," when that is not only not the case, but it is sad, pointless, and a waste of energy because life does not work like that. None of this was your doing. You couldn't stop this from happening, Jennifer, and you can't let what already happened destroy your life now.

Mr. Woods: When something heavy comes down like what's happened with your little Brother, you need to talk to somebody about it, Shawn. I'm here for you and so is Belle. Right, Belle?

Belle: Yeah, I am.

Mr. Woods: We don't want this eating you up inside. We're a community here on this campus, and you're part of it. At times like this when your family's faced with tragedy, you can turn to your community. We're here for you, your teachers and your friends. You getting what I知 saying?

Shawn-D: Yeah. I mean, what your saying is really important, Mr. Woods.

Mr. Woods: That's probably one of the best lessons you can learn in high school, and hopefully as we mature, we become more sensitive to each other and less prone to conflict.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I hear you.

Mr. Woods: So tell me, what's going on with your little Brother now?

Shawn-D: Nothing. They can't find him. I mean, they've already dragged the river, and there was absolutely no sign of him. It's like he just disappeared.

Hope: John, there was a baby in the car? Did you see it?

John: No. I didn't get a good look at it.

Hope: I heard a baby crying, and I know it was J.T. He could have been in that car. What did the couple look like?

Brandon: You're saying your Father would kill me?

Lexie: I'd never let that happen.

Brandon: Meaning your Father would whack somebody. So the rumors about him are true. He really is a cold-blooded killer.

Lexie: Let's just say my father will do whatever is necessary to protect his family, which is why I don't want you involved in this any further.

Brandon: I already am involved, Lexie.

Lexie: [Sighs]

Brandon: I can't just step out of the picture when I see you're upset like this. What is it? What's going on? Let me help you.

Lexie: Brandon, it's just gotten so complicated. Hope's baby -- well, the one that they assumed died in the fall -- is probably alive out there somewhere, and no one knows why no one's be able to find him or where he could be, and that couple Glen and Barb are probably going to want to redo the DNA test. Oh, God.

Brandon: And if they redo the test, it will come up negative because Isaac isn't Glen's son. J.T. is, or was. You're not telling me everything, Lexie.

Lexie: Look, forget it, okay?

Brandon: Forget the explosions that happened last night? Forget the lab blowing up, big coincidence?

Lexie: Look, let's just drop it, okay?

Brandon: Hey, I like it that you're worried about me, but I already know too much. What's a little more info going to do, get me killed twice?

Lexie: Brandon, this isn't a joke.

Brandon: I know, and that's exactly why you need to open up about this.

Lexie: You're right. You're right. Okay, okay. I have to tell someone.

Hope: Okay, what did the woman look like?

John: I don't know. I don't know. She was thin. She had a ball hat on and sunglasses.

Bo: Well, about the guy, did you get a look at him?

John: Bo, he was just a garden-variety dude. I didn't check him out.

Hope: And the baby was in the back, but you didn't look. We're searching for a child here, John, and you don't even look in the back?

John: It wasn't J.T. It was their kid.

Hope: How do you know?

John: Because I know.

Bo: How about the car? Did you get the plates? We could run a check.

John: Listen, you guys are way off base here, all right? Just chill out.

Hope: I heard my baby crying.

John: No, you heard a baby crying.

Hope: No, it was J.T. I know it. I know what my baby sounds like, John. You know, I would have thought you of all people would be a little more suspicious when -- John Thomas is missing.

Bo: All right, let's calm down. We're all doing the best we can. We're a bit tired here. John's been with us all night long searching for him.

Hope: He could have noticed something.

Bo: I know.

Hope: Damn it.

Bo: All right, was there anything suspicious about the couple?

Glen: That was a close call back there, huh?

Barb: Glen, this is crazy. Please turn this baby in before we get caught and it's too late.

Glen: I'm not turning this baby over to anyone until I have proof that he's my flesh and blood.

Barb: So what are we going to do, take him home with us? Tell everybody we adopted him or something? Hide him in the closet? What?

Glen: I don't know yet. The first thing we do is get that little guy a change of diapers, some new clothes, and some food. What do you think he wants to eat?

Barb: Oh, gosh, I don't know, chicken sandwich maybe.

Glen: He eats baby food, Barb. Better get you a book on kids.

Barb: Great. I can read it in my jail cell. Please, Glen, turn him in to the cops.

Glen: No way. You're my Wife, so you're going to do what I say, got it?

Barb: What are you going to do, hit me over the head with a club? You may look like Tarzan, but ain't dragging me around by the hair, okay? Now we're going to do what I feel is right. We're taking him to the cops now.

Glen: Forget about it.

J.T.: [Crying]

Philip: I know how your Mom really upset you when she brought up that whole rape thing.

Chloe: And you're just dying to bring that up again, aren't you?

Philip: Hey. Look, I had a great time last night, okay? Staying up till dawn, dancing by the river -- I don't want to spoil that.

Chloe: Well, you've obviously still got some feelings about it.

Philip: Well, to tell you the truth, Chloe, you never exactly did tell me why you did it, why you said I did it.

Chloe: I told you everything. I was hurt by your lies, and when Nancy prodded me, it just came out. I never meant for anything bad to happen to you.

Philip: I believe that, but, look, my Father doesn't.

Chloe: Well, last night you said it didn't matter, that we would run away together if he didn't accept me.

Philip: I meant it. I'm just trying to figure out how this whole thing happened.

Chloe: I was freaked. When Nancy brought up rape, I just said yes.

Philip: Why didn't you just say no?

Chloe: I don't know, Philip. I was angry at you and I was embarrassed that your Father walked in on us. For God sakes, I thought he was dead. I was in shock.

Philip: So you let your parents take you to the hospital to get examined?

Chloe: I didn't let them do anything. I didn't know what they were doing in the first place, and then they forced me to go through that rape examine.

Philip: Oh, and that's when Brady saved you.

Chloe: Can we not start on him again?

Philip: Look, I'm sorry, okay? Hey, I知 glad you shared all this with me, okay? I thought you accused me of rape to get back at me, and then you got caught when you had to get examined.

Chloe: Philip, how could you say that? How could you think that I would do something so spiteful and manipulative?

Philip: Hey, people do mean things when they're mad. I know I do.

Chloe: Well, I didn't do that, Philip. I would never falsely accuse you out of spite. Look, I know I have my faults, but I'm not that kind of person.

Philip: Hey, I believe you, Chloe. Okay? I know you have a good heart. That's why I love you. I Hope you can forgive me for thinking that you did that.

Mr. Woods: I know they're going to find your little Brother, Shawn. I just have a feeling about it. Everything's going to work out as it should.

Shawn-D: Well, I just can't imagine my life without my little Bro. I mean, he's already been through so much, you know? But he's tough. He's tough. You can't keep him down. He's the best little guy ever.

Mr. Woods: Hey, I have an idea. I'll put out an announcement that everybody should keep their eyes open for J.T. We'll get everybody on this campus looking for him.

Shawn-D: Mr. Woods, that would be so great.

Mr. Woods: Hey, man, I'm on it.

Belle: Shawn, are you okay?

Shawn-D: Yeah, I should probably go find Mom and Dad. I should never have come to school today.

Belle: You should be with your parents.

Shawn-D: Yeah, I should. I should be out there screaming J.T.'s name, even though he probably couldn't respond because he's so little, helpless.

Shawn-D: You know, he's got to be alive.

Belle: We're going to keep praying for him, okay, Shawn?

Shawn-D: Thanks for being there for me last night.

Belle: I know you would be there for me.

Shawn-D: How could he just disappear into thin air like this?

Belle: Shawn, what if someone took him?

Jack: Can you get inside your grief enough to see that what I'm saying is true?

Jennifer: I think so. It was an accident. It was an accident, Jack.

Jack: Are you saying that I知 right? That's a first.

Jennifer: But it's true. I mean, I didn't want it to happen, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't...

Jack: I know, I know. You want to blame yourself. That's only natural. I started to do the same thing. I started to beat myself up because I said, "why couldn't I grab that baby? Why didn't I get there sooner? Why didn't I find something to tie the car down and then grab the baby?"

Jennifer: Because there wasn't enough time.

Jack: That's right, there wasn't. There wasn't enough time. Now, that makes sense, but our emotions don't.

Jack: We did the best we could in the time we had in a life and death situation. You have to know that, Jennifer.

John: Hope, I understand how upset you are about this.

Hope: Just tell me if you have a clue as to who those people might be. Like the fire chief said, there is only one possibility -- someone took him.

John: Nothing stood out, nothing. I didn't get a name or a license plate number. I wasn't thinking about them. I was thinking about finding J.T.

Hope: He was here, John. I'm telling you, he was right here.

Bo: All right, all right, let's calm down. Let's calm down. You know what? Let's go talk to Jennifer. Maybe she can fill in some of the facts.

John: I'm sure she's pretty beaten up over this. Have you talked to her yet?

Hope: I never should have let her baby-sit. I never should have said it was okay for her to leave the house with the baby, Bo.

Bo: Hope, you couldn't have known something like this was going to happen.

Hope: I know. I should have known. Jennifer hasn't been herself lately, Bo. She's been angry, she's been moody, worried about her future, back and forth about everything in her life. Damn it. You know what? I wish she'd never come back to Salem.

Lexie: Uh, before I get into my story, there's something I have to ask you. Security being as strong as it is at the hospital, do you think there's any possible way for two babies to get switched at birth?

Brandon: What do you mean switched?

Lexie: Well, that's what happened. Marlo's baby, the baby I was supposed to adopt, was switched with Hope's baby.

Brandon: You're saying that Isaac...

Lexie: Is Hope's biological Son.

Chloe: Philip, you don't have to apologize for anything. We both messed up. You shouldn't have lied and I shouldn't have gotten freaked out and let Nancy push me like that. So let's just forget about it, okay?

Philip: Come here. I love you so much.

Mr. Woods: Hey, hey. I've told you, no PDA痴 in the hallways.

Philip: Mr. Woods, we were just hugging.

Mr. Woods: Rules are rules, although we do bend them from time to time. Right, Miss Lane?

Chloe: Right, Mr. Woods. I'm sorry, sir.

Mr. Woods: Okay.

Philip: That was so uncool for him to do.

Chloe: No, actually, Mr. Woods is really cool. He stood up for me in front of principal Cohen, and if I get in trouble again, it's his responsibility.

Philip: Yeah, he stood up for you right after he sent you to Cohen himself. And what's wrong with two people publicly displaying their affection if they love each other?

Chloe: Philip, there's something else that we need to talk about -- your Father and what he said about our future.

Philip: What did he say?

Chloe: Well, the thing is I want to go to music school in new York.

Philip: Yeah, and I said I was going to follow you there. What's going on, Chloe? You want me to go, don't you? I mean, you want to stay together, right?

Shawn-D: You think somebody took J.T.? Hold on. What do you mean? Why would someone do that?

Belle: I did this report, Shawn. I probably shouldn't tell you about it.

Shawn-D: No, no, no, no. Tell me.

Belle: Kids are taken all the time -- kidnapped, I mean -- over 30,000 children in this country alone in one year.

Shawn-D: Are you serious?

Belle: I was shocked, too. Sometimes it's a family friend or a babysitter, or sometimes it's a relative or a neighbor. Sometimes it's a complete stranger whose kid maybe died, and they're so crazy with grief that they take someone else's.

Shawn-D: This could be it, Belle. You could be right.

Belle: I'm sure your Dad and the police department will have an announcement out any minute.

Shawn-D: No, right. No, you're absolutely right. I got to go home. I got to tell my Dad this.

Belle: That's a good idea.

Shawn-D: You're the best. You gave me Hope. That's all I needed. Come here.

Brandon: You're saying the babies got switched at birth? That would be very tough to do. I mean, the nurses put the I.D. tags on the babies' wrists right after birth.

Lexie: No, not right after birth, after the babies have been cleaned and weighed and measured. Before that, there's a window of opportunity for a switch.

Brandon: Someone would have to be very slick and very fast.

Lexie: Or make a mistake. There were four babies born that night. A nurse could have slipped up and mixed up the tags.

Brandon: Lexie, you are talking about a child, not a pair of pants. A nurse isn't going to screw up like that.

Lexie: Well, trust me. It happens. The point is, I have Hope's baby and Hope has been raising Marlo's baby.

Brandon: Yeah, well, I guess it figures. That's why J.T.'s DNA matched Glen's. J.T. is the son of Glen and Marlo.

Brandon: I tried to tell you that the other night in the park. Why didn't you just open this up with me then?

Lexie: Don't ask.

Brandon: There you go again with the secrets. This should just tell you that it's all going to come out anyways. You have to tell Hope the truth, Lexie, and you have to give her back her baby.

Jennifer: Just -- I have to confess something to you, Jack. I...I feel like a coward. The thought of facing Bo and Hope -- it scares me half to death.

Jack: Why? Why? You don't think they understand what we just talked about -- that accidents do happen? And you were in terrible pain, too. You have to have a little more faith in your Cousin and -- and the other people who care about you.

Jennifer: Do you really think that she'll ever be able to forgive me, Jack?

Jack: She loves you. She knows what a kind and compassionate person you are. Of course she's going to forgive you.

Jennifer: But she loved that baby so much, Jack, and she may never see him again. And I-I just feel like every time she looks at me, she's going to be reminded of that, and every time I look in her eyes, I am going to see that baby. I'm going to see him falling, and that I couldn't do anything about it. I couldn't save him.

Jack: I know. There's so much pain, and it's so deep and fresh right now. But you got to -- you got to pull yourself together 'cause you're not going to be able to help anybody in this state.

Jennifer: What do you mean?

Jack: Hope needs you. She needs you to help her find that baby. Most of all, she needs your love and support.

Jennifer: You know what, Jack? You're right. You're right. I am going to go change my clothes, and I am going to go talk to Hope. Jack... thank you for saving my life. You're a real hero.

John: I know that she's suffering right now, but blaming Jennifer -- that's not the answer, Bo.

Bo: Don't judge her for what she's saying. She's hurt -- a lot. Looking for someone to blame.

John: I think it would be a good idea if you made sure the two of them don't run into each other.

Bo: You got that right.

Barb: Don't you see how much trouble we're going to get into if we keep this baby?

Glen: Not when I can prove that he's my son. Those liars the carvers -- they're going to be the ones who are in trouble now.

Barb: And meanwhile you're just going to play Daddy? "Father knows best" you ain't, Glen. You don't have a clue about what to do for this kid.

Glen: I'll figure it out, all right? We'll find a motel, we'll stay there for a while. You can find a bookstore, get us some books on babies.

Barb: I have such a bad feeling about this, Glen.

Glen: Don't worry about it. We've got little Isaac now. Everything's cool.

J.T.: [Crying]

Barb: Yeah -- Isaac. You know, I read somewhere that means "laughter." It doesn't seem like anybody's laughing...not him, that's for sure.

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