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Days of Our Lives Transcript Friday 5/25/01


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All right, if we search the banks, drag the river most of the way, down stream of the bridge.

Current's been strong because of the recent rain.

You've got divers in the water, right?

Yeah, with underwater search lights. It makes it like day down there. No baby no car seat.

You dragged the river for most of the way down so there is a chance the car seat went further.

Yeah, there is a chance but --

Hope: No matter how far he went, you're thinking J.T. went under, right?

 Hope: (Sobbing)  I believe in the power of prayer. You gave me a miracle once, you brought J.T. back to me, dear God, please, give me another miracle. I never got a chance to say good-bye to him. You wouldn't do that to me, would you, God? Please. Let him live. Let us find him. (Screaming)

Alice: You must have thought I was nuts ringing your bell at this hour. Of course when do you think I知 not nuts. Anyway, on that short list of people I could call in an emergency like this, that list was short. Your name is the only one on it.

Chloe: I keep picturing it. Our initials inside a heart, carved on a tree. And other people will be wondering about it. The same way that we're still wondering about that can.

Philip: What can? Not that weird Sanskrit thing-a-ma-jig?

Chloe: Well it was pretty mysterious how Shawn threw that can away and somehow it turned up again in the hand of the frozen corpse in the canal. I just wondering about things I can never know about. Like the couple up the river bank tonight and what they took from there.

Philip: Yeah, that was cool.

Chloe: Yeah. I wonder what it was.

Glen: He should be in his car seat.

Barb: Give me a break. He's cold as an icicle, and he needs body heat. I love that old car seat.

Glen: Why is he so quiet? Why'd you look at me like that? Looking like he's breathing.

Barb: I don't know, Glen, could be he's dead.

Glen: No way, no son of mine's going die like this. We're getting him to a hospital.

Craig: I need some help in here, now!   Hold it! Hold her! Stand back, hold her down!

Stefano: If you hurt my daughter in any way I will destroy you, do you hear me?!

Craig: I.V. Drip! Lexie? Lexie? Why is she fighting me so hard? Lexie?

Lexie: Can't breathe! No!

Jack: I've seen Jennifer lose it before. Usually over some dumb stunt of mine, but I致e never seen a wreck like this. Jennifer has inner reserves of strength. She gets that from youfrom a long line of Horton women. Pioneer stock. This time... reminds me of when Abigail chopped that little porcelain doll she got at Christmas She couldn't believe I could not glue that doll's tiny little face back together, it's tiny smashed pieces. It's like Jennifer痴 heart is smashed. Unravelling. I'm sorry, I致e been up all night.

Alice: Darling, darling you did the right thing coming to get me. And thank you.

Jack: I had no choice. She really needs to see you, Mrs. Horton.

Chloe: We were too far away to get a good look at what they picked up, but it was bigger than a breadbox.

Philip: Kind of like a laundry basket.

Chloe: Like you have ever seen a laundry basket close-up, rich boy.

Philip: You mean rich boyfriend.

Chloe: I know, they were camping and they were just folding up their tent.

Philip: It was too small for a tent. You're really into this, aren't you?

Chloe: Well, I知 intrigued. I mean, tonight you carved our heart on the tree, just the most romantic thing ever, and suddenly this other couple. Wait! I know exactly what they were doing there.

Look, I知 not saying the baby went under, okay? We're still conducting a search here, and I say that no news is good news. Now I got my people headed down river for a drag and search of the entire section, okay?

Bo: Right.

Hang in there, bud.

Bo: Yeah, yeah. I trust you.

Yeah, he's a good man.

Bo: Doesn't mean he's going to find my son.

Bo: Thanks for sticking it out with me. It's been a rough night for you, making sure Lexie got to the hospital, getting the kids out of that elevator shaft.

John: You hanging in there?

Bo: I have no choice. Shawn and Hope, waiting for me to come home with news. What if it isn't good news? I don't think hope could take it.

John: It will be good news, Bo.

Hope: What are you doing -- why aren't you home with Shawn and Belle?

Hope: I want to be here when they find J.T. Our baby's alive, I know it, and we're not giving until we find him.

Alice: Oh, dear. How long has she been like this?

Jack: Ever since the drugs wore off and she woke up. I tried to get her to stay in bed after she woke up and rest, but... I better go up and check on Abigail. I shouldn't have left Abigail up there with Jennifer so out of it, but short of cloning myself --

Alice: Jack, you did the right thing. If abbey had needed her, Jennifer would have found the strength.

Alice: Those famous reserves, right? Thank you. Bless you.

Jennifer: Gram?

Alice: Mmm.

Jennifer: What are you doing here?

Alice: I came because you needed me.

Jennifer: I killed Hope's baby. Did Jack tell you? I killed J.T. What am I going to do, Gram?

Alice: You're going to be strong. The way you've been all of your life.

Jennifer: This isn't like anything else in my life.

Alice: No.

Jennifer: Hope's baby is gone.

Alice: I know, darling. Come here, be comforted.

Jennifer: Gram. Please tell me that they found J.T. Please tell me they found him.

Alice: No. I'm sorry.

Jennifer: Oh, Gram. It should be me, grandma. I should have fallen in the water. I should be the one who's dead now!

Alice: You always hated my lectures when you were a teenager, but it didn't stop me then, and it's not going to stop me now. You better listen to me very carefully, young lady.

Philip: So do you think the people at the river were into something criminal?

Chloe: Not criminal, romantic.

Philip: You're just in a romantic mood.

Chloe: Well that's what made me realize. I'll bet that years ago they were just like us, and be he brought her to the riverbank to carve their initials on a tree, and now she brought him to have a picnic by their tree, and they were just folding up blanket that they used to lie under the stars and look how much their tree has grown. Just like their love. And I'll bet that one day they're going to want to bring their kids there and their grandkids to see it.

Philip: Hey, maybe they had their kid with them and that's what they were picking up from the river, the baby. Huh? How's that?

Barb: Aw.

Glen: Oh, yes. Come on, boy. Come here, boy.   Aww. Oh, come here. (Baby crying) Oh, hey. It's okay, little buddy. Yeah. It's okay. Can you keep it down a little bit? Hmm number you're making Barb kind of nervous.

Barb: Cute! You're making Barb kind of nervous, ha?

Glen: Look, lookie. Hey, see? There's all the proof you need. I'm his dad and he knows it.

Barb: Well, I知 glad he's better, but I want to get him checked out by a doctor. I mean, he could still be hurting.

Glen: No, he's just like me. If he's hurting, he's going to let you know loud and clear. He's not going to go on and on, milking it. Oh. Right buddy? Ha? You're my little tough guy, aren't 'ya? Huh? Yeah. (Baby crying) No, it's okay. It's okay. Oh, shh, shh. See, I'm his dad and he knows it.

Barb: Well, if that's what you want to believe, okay, but we don't know for sure you're the dad.

Glen: How much more sure do we have to be. It said Isaac on the car seat, that's what they call those kids, my kid. End of story.

Barb: End of story. How the hell did that happen, huh? How did he end up on a riverbank for God's sake?

It's okay, you don't have to cry.

Craig: That's it, deep breaths. Easy. That's it, nice and easy, in and out. All right. And release her. She's breathing normally.

Good work.

Excuse me, Nancy. What are you still doing here? I signed you out.

Craig: Um, listen, what Lexie needs right now more than anything is a lot of peace and quiet, some rest.

Abe: I'd like to stay with her.

Craig: All right, fine. If she gets agitated though I want to you hit the -- if she gets agitated though I want to you hit the call button. I'd prefer be one than two of you. I'll let you decide.

Abe: She's my wife. I'd like to be alone with her.

Stefano: She had a father before she had a husband.

Abe: Well, technically. It's not like you were ever there for her.

Stefano: I was never given the chance to be there. I have that chance now. Just try to get rid of me.

Craig: Hey, I thought you wanted to go home.

Nancy: I'm a little scared.

Craig: What, are you feeling okay? What's wrong?

Nancy: I'm fine; honey, but Stefano DiMera threatened me.

Craig: You know what? There's one word for that guy but because I知 still on the job I'm not going to say it.

Nancy: Craig, I'm serious. The man was serious because I overheard Lexie say something about switching babies at the hospital.

Chloe: That is so cute that you thought they brought their baby.

Philip: Cute?

Chloe: Yeah, it is way too late to bring a baby out. Besides, they'd want their child to be older so that they could explain the significance of the tree. But I do think that the blanket thing is right.

Philip: Yeah, yeah definitely a blanket.

Chloe: Philip, could you do something for me? Could you make this night go on forever?

Philip: Well, that's kind of tough. The sun's going to be coming out soon.

Chloe: Well don't let it. We'll keep driving under the stars and keep talking and talking.

Philip: Well, we figured out the people on the riverbank. What do you want to talk about next?

Chloe: I don't know. Normal things. Silly things. Happy things. Like love.

Philip: Do you know what you just said? You said the word love. Why don't you, ah, take that one step further and say you love me.

Lexie: Abe. Where am I?

Abe: You're in the hospital, Lex.

Lexie: Hospital? What happened?

Abe: There was an explosion sweetheart and you've been having trouble breathing and you had this awful nightmare.

Stefano: Don't mention that or she will be upset again!

Lexie: No! No, I want to talk about it. I want to know what happened. And I was, where's my baby? Where's --

Abe: It痴 okay. It's okay, he's fine. One of the nurses has him.

Lexie: No! No, I want my baby!

Abe: Okay, all right, all right, I値l go get him, I'll be right back.

Lexie: All right, okay, okay.

Stefano: Alexander, we just have a moment. No, no, damn it, wake up and listen. Come oh come on. Nancy was with me in the cubicle next to you hear. The idiotic woman thought that she was having a heart attack or something, but she overheard you saying that the babies were switched in the hospital.

Lexie: Oh my God.

Stefano: Yeah!

Lexie: Oh, I was so careful.

Stefano: But, but the lab was blown up, so we don't have to worry about Glen and his DNA anymore. But if she opens her mouth --

Lexie: I could lose my baby to Hope. Oh God. Oh God. Okay, okay, I have to stop Nancy.

Glen: What difference does it make how he ended up in that riverbank? We've got him now. That's all that matters.

Barb> Honey, they must be going of their mind worrying. You've got let them know he's all right.

Glen: Kelly will.

Bo: Hope, you shouldn't be here.

Hope: I can't be anywhere else. It's the last place we know J.T. was, within 50 feet of where we're standing.

Bo: Okay.

John: And you needed to feel close to your son.

Hope: That's right.

Bo: Well, there's nothing we can do but wait now. There's a crew out there searching.

Hope: And...?

Bo: So far they've come up with nothing.

Hope: I don't understand. I just don't understand. He fell up there on the bridge. He wasn't underneath the car, he wasn't on the riverbank, he fell into the water, right in there.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: And the car seat would float because it was made to do that. So they should have found him by now, dragging the river, but they haven't. Just hoping one thing. He's alive. I feel it!

Bo: I hope to God you're right, Hope. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Hope: What? God sakes, tell me! What?

Bo: It's as if J.T. just disappeared.

Abe: Well, look what we've got.

Lexie: Oh, my precious little sweetheart! Oh, mommy missed you so much.

Stefano: Oh, and I知 sure he missed you, too. After all you are his mother. He needs you.

Lexie: Abe, do you know if Nancy Wesley are still around? I'd like to speak to her.

Abe: Can't that wait until the morning? I need to rest.

Lexie: Oh honey, I need to see her now. It won't take but a few minutes.

Abe: Okay.

Stefano: I'll hold my grandson.

Abe: That's all right, he's more comfortable with me. Come on, let's go.

Stefano: I've already warned the Wesley woman to keep her mouth shut, so what are you planning on telling her?

Lexie: I don't know yet.

Alice: What happened tonight on the bridge was tragic. But it wasn't your fault.

Jennifer: Gram, J.T. was in my care. Hope trusted her baby with me. And now he is gone.

Alice: I know, but there's nothing else that you could have done, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Gram! If it were your baby, would you understand? I mean, if I had lost --

Alice: Sometimes things happen in life. Sad, terrible things and we have no control. You did all you could tonight.

Jennifer: Gram, it wasn't enough!

Alice: Someone right here in this house needs you now, Jennifer. Your daughter. Abigail's been through a very difficult time, darling, and she needs the support of you and Jack. Right now.

Jennifer: You know what, Gram? Abbey is stronger than you think. You know sometimes I think that she's the parent and Jack and I are these little kids who can't quite get it together.

Alice: She's, she's precocious but that doesn't mean she doesn't need your advice, your --

Jennifer: oh, Gram, let's be honest, I'm the last person who should be giving out advice right now. I just, I feel like I have been sliding into this funk for so long now, and I mean, I have to say, I don't feel like I知 any good to anybody. Especially my innocent little girl!

Alice: You are the one person that she needs.

Jennifer: No, Gram! I look okay to you, but I am not! I'm not okay! I'm in I知 in pieces! I don't even know who I am, and I feel like that I should be put away for my good, for everybody's good, just like my mother was!

Philip: You mean I知 finally going to hear those three little words?

Chloe: Ah that would be just a little bit too much romance for one night, don't you think?

Philip: No, I think I could really get into that actually.

Chloe: Actually, it's still, it still really scares me, Philip. Like if I say the words the feeling will go away.

Philip: Well maybe that's true for some people, but not for us.

Chloe: Oh, we're so special, huh?

Philip: You know we are, Chloe. Come on, ever since I took your glasses off and looked in your eyes for the very first time? You remember that don't you?

Chloe: On the docks.

Philip: I knew right then. I knew something was started in my life, and here we are, more than a year later and it's not over yet. It's never going to be over.

Chloe: That's not what your father thinks.

Phillip: Well it's my life, not his.

Chloe: Well what if he never accepts me?

Philip: Then we'll run away, like I said. Okay? I've got money.

Chloe: What if he cuts you off?

Philip: Chloe, you're not getting this, okay? We could live in a log cabin, we could live in a one bedroom apartment, a cave! It wouldn't matter, as long as we're together.

Chloe: You really mean that, don't you?

Philip: Hey, I'm the guy who carved our initials on that tree. I'm the guy who put a heart around it. That's forever, Chloe, our secret love.

Chloe: In our secret place.

Philip: We'll never tell anybody where we were or what we did tonight.

Hope: J.T.'s out there, I know he is. I just hope he stays safe until we can find him.

Bo: And the search team is working on that you should go home, get some rest! You're tired!

Hope: Bo, I was tired giving birth to him, I couldn't stop and rest then. I'm certainly not going to stop now until J.T. is in my arms again. And you know what, Brady? Then we'll both go home and we'll crash together. Oh, Bo, I love you. You are the most loving, supportive husband, and the best father. Just ask Shawn. Ask J.T. when he's old enough to talk. And you! There is no better friend in the world than you, John.

Bo: Got that right. Saved our eldest son tonight and now you're here, searching for our youngest. Thanks.

Hope: I know I know you care about J.T. just as much as Bo and I do.

Bo: Well, he's -- he's my God son, and I always will have a very special place in my heart. But I'll tell you one thing that kid really lucked out when he got you as parents. Couldn't pick a better mom or dad. And I mean that.

Chloe: You really surprised me earlier when you were talking about your mom am and dad. I thought that you totally blamed your mother for breaking apart your family.

Philip: Oh, mom definitely blew it, but dad, well, he's -- I was with my mom all my life. She was all I had. Dad was -- he was just there for me.

Chloe: I thought you were very angry with your mother.

Philip: Oh, for sure. But she loves me. She was so good to me growing up. I don't want bad things to happen to her. What are you thinking about?

Chloe: Just that sometimes I wish that I had that kind of compassion for Nancy. But it's just, it just isn't there.

Philip: Well, it could be if you make it there, you know? If you try harder to make a connection. Chloe, she's the only mom you've got.

Chloe: Take the next left.

Philip: Left?

Chloe: Yes, take me to the hospital. I want to see my mother.

Nancy: Excuse me, Lexie. Abe said that you needed to see me?

Lexie: Yes. Ah, my father told me about your heart attack and I wanted to make sure you were okay.

Nancy: Oh, no, I didn't have a heart attack; it was, um, just severe indigestion.

Lexie: Oh well I've seen people doubled over in pain with that sure they were dying.

Nancy: It was awful. I hope to never go through that kind of pain again.

Lexie: Yeah, I hope you don't, either. Um, Nancy, I understand there is some confusion about something I said earlier tonight.

Nancy: Oh, you mean about the hospital switching the babies?

Lexie: Yeah. I am so sorry. I mean, you're the wife of the chief of staff. I can imagine what went through your mind when you heard that, but you can relax.

Nancy: I can?

Lexie: Yeah. You see, um, I was having this really weird nightmare. I've been a pediatrician for years, and I'm afraid that I have variations on this night mare fairly often. Well, in tonight's dream I was in the hospital at the nursery, and all of a sudden a bomb went off and all the babies started crying and then the lights went out --

Nancy: Lexie, it's okay. No wonder you had something like that. I mean, after everything you've been through --

Lexie: Oh, Nancy, it was just horrible. When the lights went out the babies started crying even more and they were frightened. Well so I said that the hospital had to turn the light switch back on for the babies! Switch for the babies. Switch babies. Switch --

Nancy: Oh. Lexie, I thought you said that the hospital switched the babies. I had overheard your father telling Craig that -- well, some guy's come to town claiming to be Isaac痴 bio dad and I naturally, misunderstanding, I thought that that's what you were talking about and --

Lexie: No! No, no, no. (Laughing) No, my goodness. How could that be?

Nancy: I know. Right. (Laughing)

Lexie: Um, listen, thank you for coming in here. I just didn't want you to get the wrong impression. I am so glad that your heart attack was a false alarm.

Nancy: Oh, thank you very much. Now you get some rest, okay? If you can with the nurses popping in and out. Wake up, go to sleep, wake up --

Lexie: They mean well.

Nancy: Well, I guess I should say good night. Or good morning. Whatever.

Lexie: Okay. See you later.

Nancy: Bye-bye.

Abe: What the hell's going on with you two?

Jack: Daddy's fine, Abigail. That feeling you're picking up on, my perceptive little miss, is worried.

Abigail: About mommy?

Jack: Yup. Being in a car accident's no fun. She's pretty shaken up. So let's make a deal you and me, okay? Tomorrow we're going to be quiet and supportive with mommy. And if she's not her usual jolly self, we won't ask a lot of questions and we won't let it bother us, okay?

Abigail: We'll give mommy some space.

Jack: We'll -- that's what I was going to say. We're going to give her some space and some love and support.

Abigail: Okay, daddy.

Jack: That's my little girl. Now it's time for you to catch some zzzz痴 because you've been up way too late. And lo and behold, it's now way too early. De. Dee dee dee.  I love you Abigail. Just like mommy and daddy love you.

Abigail: I love you, too. I love Mommy and Daddy, too.

Jack: I love you, too. Pleasant dreams.

Abigail: Night night. Are you sure mommy's okay?

Jack: I'm on my way, my lady.

Alice: Your mother had severe psychological and emotional problems that troubled her for years. You were in an accident --

Jennifer: Gram, my mother left me on a bus when I was a little girl younger than abbey. She was irresponsible. And that's what I was tonight. I should have come back here instead of staying at Bo and Hope's house, Gram. But you know what? I wanted to get back at Jack. I wanted to be as irresponsible as he is. Well you know what? I outdid Jack Devereaux tonight, and my cousin's baby is most likely dead, Gram, because I was playing games! And Gram, I remember, remember when they put mom in that institution. And she would tell me how how she could feel so clearly that she was losing her mind. And Gram, I知 so scared, because I feel that way. Now I feel that way tonight.

Alice:  Darling, you are not mentally ill!

Jennifer: I mean, maybe I should be punished for keeping Jack and Abbey apart for all those months but, but why is God punishing Bo and Hope? And why are you here?! You should be with Hope!

Alice: Because you need me tonight!

Jennifer: I don't deserve your help! Your great grandson is probably dead because of me!

Chloe: Philip, you don't have to come with me I should talk to my mother by myself.

Philip: I can be your moral support.

Chloe: Well you've already been my inspiration. Really. The things you said about your mother, about not wanting her to be unhappy. You might just have made me a better person.

Philip: I think you're perfect already. You know that.

Chloe: Because you're so sweet.

Philip: Well, take your time, okay? I'll be right here waiting for you.

Chloe: No, that's okay. I'll get home on my own.

Philip: Are you sure?

Chloe: Yeah, I don't want your dad to think we eloped or something.

Philip: Sounds good to me.

Chloe: Thank you for one of the best nights of my life. Really. Now wish me luck.

Philip: Break a leg. That's what they say to performers, right?

Chloe: Right. Thank you. Hey.

Jack: If I壇 lost Abigail last night, if she'd been the child in that car, how would I go on? She's my heart and soul. Let's be totally direct. Jennifer: there's no kinder and compassionate woman in the world, but God, if that baby really is dead, I don't know how Jennifer will ever be able to live with it.

Alice: Blaming yourself won't change anything.

Jennifer: I know, Gram. Nothing will ever change this awful, awful night. And that is why I have to blame myself, Gram. I was a coward! To leave my daughter and Jack in this house. The first night in our new house. Yeah, it would have been hard, Gram, but you know what? It wouldn't have killed me! And I decided to go hide out at Hope's. And now her baby's gone. I am a terrible person who is responsible for the death of an innocent baby, Gram!

Jack: Don't you ever say that again! I brought your grandmother over here to help you. More than anybody else I know, Alice can cut the bull and call a spade a spade. But God knows, obviously you've decided not to listen to her words of wisdom. You are stuck with my ravings, such as they are. I hope for our daughter's sake -- Jennifer, I hope you'll listen to me.

Craig: Nancy Wesley. If you don't get out of here, I'm going to check you back in, do you hear me?

Nancy: I was on my way home, but Lexie Carver said she wanted to see me, so I went in there and she explained to me that I had totally misunderstood about the hospital switching the babies.

Craig: Ah, see? What a relief. Because the last thing that we need here at university hospital is a lawsuit, right? Now get home, get some rest and I will see you later, okay?

Nancy: Okay. What is this doing here? Hmm. See you. Something just doesn't seem right.

Stefano: What's wrong, Abraham? I'm not allowed to look at my daughter?! She was almost killed last night, for goodness sake! And I am relieved that she is going to be all right. Perhaps when you're a father long enough, you will know what I知 talking about!

Lexie: Father, please. You'll upset the baby.

Abe: You know, I think his diaper's a little bit wet right now. I'll go and change him. You know, you need to get over yourself DiMera. You're not the most important person in this room, or in this family.

Stefano: I don't know how you stand that sanctimonious man. But you, on the other hand, you, you are brilliant. You neutralized that meddling doctor's wife, and now that the lab has been destroyed and we don't have to worry about Glen anymore, I think that we are home free, sweetheart.

After all that little boy's been through, what a heartbreaker.

You know, with that bridge blowing up that baby must have falling what, 50 feet?

I hate to say it, but no way little J.T. Brady's alive.

Barb: So what's the plan? Are we going on the run with this baby?

Glen: You got it. He's my son. Anything else would be letting him down. I did that once already with Marlo. By not doing the right thing. Finding him tonight was like God giving me a second chance with him, Barb. He was meant to be with his real father. Right, boy? Hmm? Isn't that right, buddy? It could be you and me forever. And Barb, too, if she gets with the program.

Barb: You're making a mistake, Glen. Such a big mistake.

Hope: Did you find him? Did you find my son?

Search Team: No, I'm sorry. Look, no one on the search team understands what happened. We combed every inch of this place. We dragged the river down to where it was a trickle. There was no baby in the car seat, nothing.

Hope: What do you think?

Search Team: If that baby was in there, we'd have found him. Now, I mean no matter how tiny he was, he was in a car seat. You get what I知 saying? Unless you gave that baby swimming lessons, and he unhooked himself from that seat belt and swam to shore, all of which we know couldn't have happened --

Hope: What do you think happened? Say it.

Search Team: I'm sorry to say, ma'am, but I -- I think somebody took your baby. I'd stake my life on it.

Hope: I knew it! I knew it! I told you, Bo! I told you! John, my son's alive. He's alive. He's alive. 

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