B&B Transcript Thursday 7/15/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/15/21


Episode #8564 ~ Dollar Bill attempts to process Justin's duplicity and disloyalty. Carter tells Quinn about conditions that Eric set forth for him.

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Steffy: I'm so happy liam and--and bill are finally out of jail.

Ridge: We have your brother to thank for that.

Steffy: I can't even imagine what vinny must've been going through. Dying by suicide to set liam up.

Brooke: All so you could be with hope.

Thomas: Yeah. I--I had no idea what he was going through. Obviously he was struggling a lot more than I realized. The good news is that the truth is finally out.

Brooke: Liam is very grateful.

Ridge: And we're all grateful to have you back safe and sound.

Steffy: I can't believe justin held you captive.

Thomas: Yeah. It kind of feels like a bad dream. But what's important is that nothing terrible happened to me and, uh, liam is back with his family. So...

Ridge: And all of this because spencer once again made a bad decision. He started this whole chain of events.

Katie: Yeah. And that's the school play. He had to dress up in the cutest--hi.

Wyatt: Looking good, dad. I was starting to get used to you in that jumpsuit.

Bill: It was a good color on me, wasn't it?

Wyatt: The contrast, your eyes--

Katie: I think we're all glad that you are out of that place. I know that will is really happy to have you home.

Bill: I can't get enough of that kid. I missed him so much.

Wyatt: Hey, what the--

Bill: Missed you too, wyatt.

Wyatt: Hmm.

Bill: I did, really. It's just that, you know, will is the youngest, it was hard to be away from him and his beautiful mommy.

Katie: Hmm.

Wyatt: Well you're officially a free man now.

Bill: Yeah. Well, if it were up to justin, I'd be rotting away in a prison somewhere.

Katie: I just can't believe he would betray you like this.

Bill: My best friend, so-called best friend. Hard to believe that justin was not the man I thought he was.

Wyatt: Look, for once, thomas was trying to do the right thing, instead he gets knocked out and stuffed in a cage?

Bill: Yeah. About that, I really never did give him any credit.

Wyatt: Come on. You never liked thoms.

Bill: Didn't see you shaking your pom-pom's like his number one cheerleader.

Katie: Well, he made himself awfully difficult to like there for a while. He went through a lot of challenges and made some really bad decisions. But I have to give him credit for working hard and putting himself on the right path.

Bill: Thomas is the reason I'm back ruling my kingdom and liam's having breakfast with his children. I guess I owe him a debt of gratitude.

Ridge: This is all spencer's fault. Why wouldn't he just call the paramedics like a normal person? Hitting vinny was an accident but he had to go on create this whole mess.

Thomas: Maybe not the whole mess. I mean, how could bill know that justin would make a play for spencer's publications in the midst of everything?

Brooke: Justin certainly needs to be held accountable for what he did.

Ridge: I mean, well, he'll be arrested soon enough and be out of our lives for good.

Brooke: Just like quinn. Eric's finally gotten rid of her.

Steffy: Yeah, something else to celebrate.

Thomas: I feel bad for carter though.

Ridge: Don'T.

Thomas: Why?

Ridge: Dad agreed to keep him here.

Steffy: Really?

Ridge: Come on, at the end of the day, we know that carter's a good guy.

Brooke: Which makes me wonder how he could allow himself to get swept up in quinn?

Ridge: Whatever it was, dad decided to look past it and keep carter here, as long as he stays away from quinn.

Carter: What are you doing here?

Quinn: I had to see you, carter. Can I come in, please? Impeccable timing on my part. Impeccable everything you got going on.

Carter: Yeah. You shouldn't be here.

[ Laughs ]

Ridge: We're giving carter another chance. And I agree that carter got caught up in something or someone and he regrets it deeply.

Thomas: Yeah. I just thought that, well, once I found out that carter had slept with quinn, he would definitely be out.

Ridge: Why? It was wrong, it was a mistake, unethical, I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, you don't sleep with the boss' wife.

Thomas: It's not just that though. I mean, he's your friend and he's supposedly granddad's friend. And he also runs the operation part of this company.

Ridge: You don't have to worry about that. That's-- forester creations' gonna be fine, I have no doubt about.

Thomas: Uh, I mean, I agree, I still think he's the best guy for the job. And, you know, kudos to granddad for-- for rising above everything. If I was carter, I would be pretty shocked that I get to stick around.

Ridge: Yeah. He came over the house and we--we talked for a while and I think he probably thought that he wasn't gonna market forester anymore.

Brooke: Well, I'm sure he's very thankful. But, I mean, he's an exceptional guy. He's gotta be embarrassed by what happened.

Ridge: So he was and I'm convinced this is not gonna make his highlight real, but he promised us he would never let us down again.

Brooke: Good.

Steffy: Well, I'm glad it's working out. Carter deserves the opportunity to redeem himself.

Ridge: Yes, he does and he will.

Quinn: I know we can't be seeing together.

Carter: Nope.

Quinn: Oh, and I know that I have disrupted your life.

Carter: Yeah. I'm equally to blame.

Quinn: Oh, no, no, no, I-- I--I messed up so much this time. I mean, eric gave me chance after chance and I-- I blew it. I--I let him down so many times that it's over.

Carter: I don't know what to say.

Quinn: I don't know what to say either at this point. That's kind of why I'm here. I mean, obviously you know eric and I have started divorce proceedings. So I thought maybe I could get some legal advice from one of the most gifted attorneys I know.

Carter: [ Laughs ] Um, uh, I can't be, uh, discussing your divorce with you, quinn.

Quinn: Why? Oh, come on, you're the only person I trust.

Carter: I can't be your lawyer, quinn.

Quinn: Why not?

Carter: Because I'm representing eric.

Bill: I have always counted on justin's loyalty.

Katie: And you must be incredibly disappointed.

Wyatt: Yeah. You--you guys have been through hell of a lot over the years.

Bill: Decades, wyatt, decades. I put all my faith in justin. We--we had this tremendous bond that-- at least I thought we did. And reality is carrying around all this--this resentment, what, he--he's so miserable that he tries to steal my company? I mean, never--never once-- never once did I question his allegiance. And never once with the thought even crossed my mind that he was capable of something like this.

Wyatt: That came as a shock to all of us.

Katie: I know how close the two of you are.

Bill: That two-faced traitor is dead to me.

Ridge: Hey. I'm worried about you. You okay?

Thomas: Yeah. I think I'm just still in a state of shock. Yeah. Just about justin and what happened there but more about vinny.

Ridge: It's tragic.

Thomas: I just can't believe my oldest and best friend died by suicide. I--I--I know that he was distraught, thinking he might go to prison for a long time, he thought there was no way out. But, like, I mean, uh, there are places you can go to, there's--there's-- there's people you can call for help. And maybe if I hadn't blocked him on my phone, then vinny could've called me, I could've--

Ridge: Please don't do that.

Thomas: --Stopped him.

Ridge: He talked to you, he confided in you, you would've been there to support him.

Thomas: Absolutely. I just wish I had been there to support him.

Ridge: I know.

Thomas: Justin?

Justin: Before you call the police, hear me out. Be glad you did.

Quinn: You're representing eric?

Carter: Yes.

Quinn: I thought he would be furious, he'd wanna have nothing to do with you.

Carter: Me too. I was even writing my resignation letter to spare eric and ridge the trouble of firing me.

Quinn: So what happened?

Carter: Remember that last time we saw each other, eric called me, asked me to come to the house?

Quinn: Yeah. Yeah, that's exactly when I thought he was gonna fire you.

Carter: Yeah, same here. But that's not how it went down.

Quinn: So you weren't let go.

Carter: No. I'm still coo and lead counselor of forester creations.

Quinn: Which explains why you're representing eric in the divorce.

Carter: Yeah.

Quinn: Well, I am thrilled for you.

Carter: You are?

Quinn: Yeah. Of course I am. Well, come on, eric has made it clear that he is finished with me. But you? Carter, you still have so much to offer.

Wyatt: Yeah, that's fine. Let me get back to you.

Katie: You and justin have been friends for a long time. And he's been your constant ally in work and in life.

Wyatt: Yeah. Look, we're gonna have a hell of a hard time trying to fill his shoes. Nobody understood the intricacies of spencer publications like justin did.

Bill: He wasn't just trying to take the company from me, wyatt. He was trying to take it from you and your brothers.

Wyatt: Oh, I know that. I'm not trying to excuse what he did at all.

Katie: It--it's just so out of character. And locking thomas in that cage and thinking he-- that he could get away with this crazy plan.

Wyatt: Yeah, justin was delusional. He clearly--he--he lost it.

Katie: Listen, I'm not trying to diminish the seriousness of what he did but for your sake and the sake of your relationship, are you sure that it's completely unforgivable?

Bill: I'm sure, katie. No way. And it's not just about his pathetic coup attempt, it's about respect, it's about brotherhood, I treated that guy like family and he turns on me? No. I will never forgive what he did. Betraying me.

Ridge: You've got a lot of nerve showing up here.

Justin: I only need a few minutes of your time.

Ridge: Uh, you think you can throw me out of the helicopter and kidnap my son? Get out.

Justin: Who are you calling, ridge?

Ridge: Who do you think I'm calling? I'm gonna call the police.

Justin: You don't wanna do that. I can understand why you hate me. I could imagine you're not too fond of me at the moment either. But I came here to make a deal with you.

Thomas: A deal.

Justin: One you won't want to refuse.

Limu emu... and doug.

Bill: I'm locked up in some jail cell and justin is here throwing himself a pity party, what a loser.

Wyatt: Yeah, if justin was so unhappy, why not say something? Uh, you think he'd communicate that.

Bill: Yes, wyatt, you think. I'm stuck behind bars, counting on him to run things here, trusting him to get liam and me out of jail. And instead he is sitting here behind my desk, in my chair, plotting some takeover?

Wyatt: That's what's so messed up about this. I mean, he had the evidence to exonerate you and liam, instead he tries to bury it?

Bill: Yeah, we--we'd still be rotting behind bars if it was up to him.

Katie: It's just so upsetting thinking what was at stake. I mean, can you imagine will and liam's children growing up without their fathers?

Wyatt: Yeah. But, I mean, in the end, justin did have a change of heart. I mean, I'll give him that.

Bill: How about you give him nothing? He didn't have a change of heart, wyatt. The walls were closing in, that's why he came forward. He had no choice. So don't you have one ounce of sympathy for that freaking phony.

Katie: I don't think either one of us--

Bill: There is no justification for what he did, for leaving liam and me in that jail cell. So to answer your question, katie, no. No, I will not have one ounce of forgiveness for what justin did. Not that it matters, ridge will make him pay for what he did to thomas.

Justin: I see I have your attention.

Ridge: What you have is two minutes.

Justin: Well, I figured I'll be facing some serious charges but I don't plan on spending one night in jail.

Thomas: How is it you possibly believe that we would not press charges?

Justin: Because what I have to offer is a lot more valuable than having me arrested.

Ridge: What is it?

Justin: My loyalty.

Thomas: Your loyalty?

Justin: You don't press charges, I owe you big time. Dollar bill spencer was very jealous of you, ridge, always has been, that's no secret. And you hate dollar bill more than anyone else in the world, that's no secret either. You give me my freedom, give you something in return, something extremely lucrative. No one knows dollar bill spencer like I do, right? The good, the bad, all the dirt. I'm ready to spill the tea. So like I said, do this for me, I'll be loyal to you for life.

Carter: And I'm still shocked but it's true. Eric's willing to let me have a second chance.

Quinn: That's incredible.

Carter: He's obviously still upset, you know, it's gonna take some time to earn back his trust. But ridge played my case for me. He--he had my back.

Quinn: Like I said, I'm thrilled for you. Carter, I never wanted you to lose everything because of your involvement with me. But I have to admit, I am a little sad that the man I've gotten so attached to is gonna be opposing me in my divorce. But I am happy that both of our lives didn't have to blow up completely over all of this. I'm devastated that I hurt eric. He's a wonderful man. But what ignited between the two of us, that was a real connection. I understand what's going on here. Eric is giving you a second chance. And that means that we can't see each other anymore. That's what you're trying to tell me, isn't it, carter? This is the last time we can be alone together.

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