B&B Transcript Thursday 7/8/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/8/21


Episode #8559 ~ Justin feels pressure when Ridge demands information about Thomas's whereabouts. Hope struggles to free Thomas before Justin returns.

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Thomas: Justin, you need to let me go. Hope already knows you have my phone.

Justin: She always know, boy.

Thomas: A matter of time--

Justin: Okay. Okay. Man, look, can't you--can't you just give me some time, all right? I know it was dumb for her to see the phone, geez.

Thomas: Justin, listen to me. This is getting out of hand, okay? You have to let me go before this gets any worse.

Justin: It's not gonna get any worse, all right? I'm gonna fix it. That's what I do. I'm a fixer, all right?

Thomas: You're spiraling, man. This isn't good yet you are-- you're spiraling, okay? You need-- you need to let me out of here, all right? That--that is-- that is your only chance of walking away from this.

Wyatt: Yeah, sorry about that. Uh, look, I'm looking at right here. We still have a year with them. Okay. Well, I don't care what his rep says. See, we have the exclusive interview and that's the deal we made. You know what, you get his manager on the phone for me, how about that?

Ridge: Sorry for just coming in. Your secretary isn't there.

Wyatt: Hey, yeah, come in.

Ridge: You okay?

Wyatt: Uh, yeah, I'm just-- I'm dealing with something. It's been crazy lately without dad here.

Ridge: I can see that.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] Well, it's good, though. Justin has been helping out, um, taking care of some things, but we just haven't been in sync. I don't know where he is sometimes. Uh, but you didn't come here to hear about that. What can I do for you?

Ridge: It's funny you just mentioned justin. I actually came to talk to him. Is he around?

Bill: You have to do whatever you can to save your marriage. Stay focus. You can both do that and I know you can. You'll have a beautiful future to look forward to.

Liam: You know something, for the first time in a long while, I believe that. And--and, you know what, I'm--I'm not gonna give up until hope and I are back together again. There's not a thing in the world that's gonna get--

[ Loud thud ]

[ Tires screeching ]

Liam: It doesn't make any sense. What was vinny doing in the road that night?

Wyatt: You wanna see justin? This--this had to do with my father and my brother's case?

Ridge: No, this is about my son. It's about thomas.

Thomas: Justin, you have to let me go. All right. Look, you're in over your head. You gotta set me free.

Justin: I'm not in over my head, okay? I make the choices! Have you forgotten who's in control here?

Thomas: Okay, fine. Then, what's your play, huh? What's your play? People out there are looking for me! Come on, man! Set me free right now. The truth has to come out, justin. Justin. Justin!

Think wearing less makeup

means no need for a wipe?

Wyatt: So you think justin knows where thomas is?

Ridge: I don't know. But we've been trying to get in touch with thomas and he's just not getting back to anybody. Not even steffy and she had the baby and, you know, even that, he didn't call her back--

Wyatt: Wait, she had the baby? Steffy, she had the baby?

Ridge: I thought you knew that.

Wyatt: No, I didn't know that. Congratulations.

Ridge: I should have

[ Indistinct ] With that. Talk about good news. Now, she has just--

Wyatt: Congrats.

Ridge: She had the baby, a--a beautiful baby boy, hayes. And he is perfect. He's got toes and fingers, and he's got all of it. And--and he is smart and he is cunning, and he can ride a bike, and he's--he's good. I mean, he's my grandson.

Wyatt: [ Laughs ] That's-- well, yeah, obviously. Yeah. Uh--

Ridge: Thank you.

Wyatt: --It's--it's good. It's nice to hear some good news for a change.

Ridge: Yeah. Sorry. I thought you knew.

Wyatt: No, uh, no. Uh, but--uh, yeah.

Ridge: Anyway, but-- but thomas, uh, hasn't been in touch with steffy and that's not like him.

Wyatt: Right. Uh, [ Makes sound ] I mean, maybe he got busy? I don't know. I'm just saying. Uh, did--did hope-- did hope ever get a-- a hold of him?

Ridge: No. I talked to hope and--and--uh, it's--it's funny. She said she came over here. She had a meeting with justin?

Wyatt: Yeah, yeah. I saw her.

Ridge: Something about the court case? And while she was talking to him, she decide to call thomas and his phone rang because justin had it.

Wyatt: What? Why would justin have thomas' phone?

Ridge: This is what I'm trying to find out. Apparently, according to justin, they had a meeting here, something about eye on fashion and then thomas left in a trip and didn't bring his phone.

Wyatt: That's weird.

Ridge: Very strange. Not only that he left in a trip but that he would leave his phone, and also, I don't know anything about a meeting here. What is this meeting they're talking about?

Wyatt: They--they were doing something with an eye on fashion, uh, I heard but I wasn't a part of it. I--I don'T. Look, uh, since dad's been gone, it's been crazy around here. Uh, I just--I can't keep up with everything, but--

Ridge: Okay.

Wyatt: --Um--

Ridge: I guess it's understandable.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Ridge: You know what else is understandable? That I don't trust justin as far as I can throw him, so do me a favor. Get him up here, because I wanna talk to him. I wanna talk to him about where my son is. Do it now, please.

Thomas: Come on, justin, it's over. All right. You're running out of time.

Justin: Shut up! Quit talking because I'm gonna think. You think you know me, man? You don't know me. All the things I've been through. You can't talk me down.

Thomas: I just want the truth to come out.

Justin: The truth?

Thomas: Yeah.

Justin: The truth? If I told you the truth about all the things done that bill did, all the people that he hurt. Come on, man. He deserves to be in jail, behind bars!

Thomas: I don't disagree with you. Bill is a monster, but you're not him. You're not that guy and you still have a chance to do better right now. Look, yeah, bill should pay for what he's done and maybe he will pay, and maybe you'll run spencer publications, but not like this, all right? Not at liam's expense. But the truth has to come out and I understand why you're doing this, all right? But it's over.

[ Phone ringing ]

Justin: It's wyatt. What the hell does he want? I'm gonna take this. I'll be back.

Thomas: You can't leave me here.

Justin: I'll be back.

Thomas: Justin, come back! Justin! Hey! Justin!

[ Machine whirring ]

Thomas: Justin! Hey!

Hope: [ Panting ] Thomas.

Thomas: Hope. One, two! One, two, three! Only pay for what you need!

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Liam: Hello.

Douglas: You're ready

to get married?

Hope: Ready.

Liam: Very ready.

Very, very ready.

Douglas: You guys have known

each other very long time,

since before I was even born.

Liam, you're nice to my mommy

and she smiles so big

when you're around her.

I know I'm just a kid,

but I can tell you,

you love each other a lot.

Liam: And they all lived

happily ever after.

Well, that's not bad.

It's a good way to live,

happily ever after.

Liam: Seeing him in the road,

knowing I hit him, the blood,

watching him take

his last breath, it'S...

even when I close my eyes,

it's there. It doesn't go away.

Hope: We said we were going to take our time to focus on us,

so that's exactly

what we're going to do.

Let's take tonight

and celebrate us.

I wanna hold you

and never let you go.

I'll take care of you.

[ Phone dings ]

Wyatt: Okay. Justin is on his way up.

Ridge: Thank you. I appreciate your help.

Wyatt: Yeah, of course. Uh, is steffy home?

Ridge: I don't know. I think so.

Wyatt: Do you mind if I take off? Uh, I just--I really wanna grab flo and--and head over there and--and meet the little guy. Uh, I--I just need some good news about now.

Ridge: I think that would be lovely.

Wyatt: All right. Uh, as for thomas, look, I think everything is gonna work out. It is strange, though, that, uh, justin has thomas' phone.

Ridge: And that he hasn't gotten back to me.

Justin: What is it, wyatt? I'm in the middle of something. Geez, I'm busy, man.

Ridge: Hello, justin. How have you been?

Justin: Ridge?

Ridge: It's not wyatt that needs to talk to you. It's me.

Justin: Well, you're gonna have to make an appointment, just like everyone else.

Ridge: Justin.

Justin: I'm late for a meeting. I don't have time for this.

Ridge: Then make some time, how about that?

Justin: Oh, you really have some nerve coming in to my office, raising your voice at me?

Wyatt: I'm sorry, your office?

Ridge: Apparently, his office.

Justin: How can I be of assistance, ridge?

Ridge: Thank you, justin. I would love to know where my son is. Any idea?

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: Hope.

Hope: My god. Are you okay?

Thomas: I--yeah. Uh, hope, you're all right?.

Hope: I knew justin was up to something. He's been acting strange and so I followed him in here, and what the hell is this? What are you doing in here?

Thomas: Justin's been holding me here. He--uh, there's not much time. You gotta get me out.

Hope: Okay.

[ Grunts ] I can'T. It's locked.

Thomas: I know, I know it's locked. Uh, maybe, there's a key around here somewhere.

Hope: Oh. Well, when justin said that you had gone out of town.

Thomas: No, it's all lies. He--he--he knocked me out and brought me here.

Hope: What the [ Indistinct ] What does it have to do with this?

Thomas: He's trying to--to control spencer publications. That's what it's about.

Hope: I don't understand what that has to do with you? Where's the damn key?

Thomas: Hope, hope, stop!

Hope: What?

Thomas: Hey, look at me, look at me. I need to tell you this, okay? I need to tell you this now before it's too late. You need to know the truth.

Wyatt: Justin, ridge says you have thomas' phone, do you?

Ridge: Your boss asked you a question.

Justin: I got it to hold hope. Thomas came here for island fashion. He left and forgot his phone. I guess, he didn't have enough time to come back to get it before he left to go out of town.

Ridge: Hmm, yeah. See, I didn't believe that story the first minute I heard it and I don't believe it now. Let's try again. Justin, where's my son?

Hope: In the meantime,

if you are ever feeling

overwhelmed or alone,

I want you to think about us

and I'll do the same,

because we have to keep

that image alive

until it's our reality,

because it will be.

I mean, it has to be.

[ Birds chirping ]

Liam: Hope.

Hope: Liam.

Hope: You're finally home.

[ Laughing ]

[ Machine buzzing ]

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Liam: I got to have faith. The truth will come out. The truth will come out. I didn't hit vinny on purpose.

Thomas: Justin's gone off the rail.

Hope: We need to get you out of here.

Thomas: Wait. Before you do, I need to tell you the truth.

Hope: The truth about what? What are you talking about?

Thomas: Vinny sent a bunch of text and--and video to my phone, and--and--and, uh, they came through for, uh, my phone, reset it, and--and--and it was the night of the accident.

Hope: Okay. What does that have to do with any of this?

Thomas: Because there wasn't an accident.

Hope: What are you talking about? Of course, there was. I mean, you know liam didn't mean to hit vinny on purpose.

Thomas: No, I know that, but there's more to it and there's more than any of us knew.

Hope: Thomas.

Thomas: Look. Vinny, vinny thought he was gonna have some serious jail time, all right? And--and--and I don't know if he--he thought his life was over or not, but he definitely thought that we should be together.

Hope: Why are we talking about this right now?

Thomas: Because he did it.

Hope: Who?

Thomas: Vinny. Vinny. And I--I--I couldn't believe it myself until I found out. Uh, it just doesn't make sense.

Hope: Okay. Thomas, what are you trying to say?

Thomas: Vinny, vinny jumped in front of the car that night. It wasn't an accident. Vinny took his own life. Liam wasn't at fault. He--he had no chance to stop.

Hope: Oh, my god.

Thomas: He set liam up, then he framed him. Liam is in jail because of vinny.

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