B&B Transcript Wednesday 7/7/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 7/7/21


Episode #8558 ~ A frustrated Wyatt questions Justin's legal plan to free Bill and Liam. Hope is shocked when Justin leads her to a captive Thomas.

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Ridge: And he is perfect in every way.

Brooke: Aw.

Ridge: He's--he's got his little toes and fingers. And he's gonna be a looker.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] I bet he's gonna take after grandpa.

Ridge: He wishes.

[ Door opens ]

Hope: Hi.

Brooke: Hi, honey. Ridge was just telling me about steffy's new little baby.

Ridge: Yeah, that kid's amazing. He was riding a bicycle when I left.

Hope: I bet he's adorable. I'm really happy for steffy and finn.

Ridge: We all are. He's a good addition to the family.

Hope: Well, it's such a precious time. I'm sure they're enjoying every moment of it.

Brooke: Are you okay, honey? I'm sure it's hard not to think about liam.

Hope: It's all I think about, liam all alone in that jail cell day in and day out. I mean, we have to get him out of there, mom. There has to be some evidence, some proof that liam did not hit vinny on purpose.

Thomas: [ Grunts ] Help! Can anybody hear me? Help!

Justin: Dammit. I've been so stupid, man. Let hope see his phone. The hell was I thinking? Damn, what the hell was I thinking?

Wyatt: Did I just catch you yelling at yourself, justin? What's going on with you?

Brooke: How is liam holding up?

Hope: I can tell that he's trying to stay strong for me and the kids. But he's struggling.

Ridge: Who can blame him?

Hope: Yeah. It just breaks my heart not even being able to hold his hand, having to talk to him through that glass every day.

Brooke: And justin wasn't able to get him out on bail?

Hope: Not yet.

Ridge: Can I say something? This is los angeles, right? There's probably what, 10,000 lawyers here and we-- we just have justin is the right choice after everything he's done? Really?

Hope: Actually, it's funny you should mention justin, I, um--I went to his office when I was on my way to see liam.

Brooke: What did he say?

Hope: It's not so much what he said. It's--actually, have you talkeds lately?

Ridge: I haven't talked to him. I tried calling him and texting him, but I haven't heard back from him. Why?

Hope: Justin has his cell phone.

Wyatt: I'm just messing with you, man. We're--we're all been guilty of it. Flo catches me talking to myself all the time.

Justin: What can I say? I thought I was alone.

Wyatt: [ Sighs ] Look, we're--we're all stressed, you know? I--I just found out this thing happened with mom and eric.

Justin: Why? What's going on?

Wyatt: I--I don't wanna get into it, man. Let's focus on the positive, all right. The one thing we got going for is that podcast deal. I wanna sign those contracts.

Justin: Oh, god. That's right. That's--closing's today, right?

Wyatt: You didn't finish them?

Justin: Oh, I didn't have time, wyatt. Okay? Look, the more--I got a lot on my plate right now.

Wyatt: I get that. You're extremely stressed, I'm extremely stressed. There's a lot stress going on. But the one thing you need to be focusing on is getting dad and liam out of jail, okay? I hope you're putting your energies towards that.

Justin: I can assure you that bill and liam are my top priority.

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Wyatt: I could probably take a look at those contracts if it'd be helpful.

Justin: What?

Wyatt: Well, you just seem like you have a lot on your plate, trying to get my dad and my brother out of jail, so...

Justin: Okay. Look, just give me the contracts, wyatt, okay? I'll do it. In the meantime, there's someone that I need to go see, all right?

Wyatt: Uh, well, I hope it's involving my family's case.

Justin: Yes, it is, wyatt.

Ridge: You gotta explain this to me. So--so thomas's phone is now with justin? What does that...

Hope: Well, according to justin, thomas came to spencer for a meeting and he left it behind.

Ridge: What meeting? There was no meeting. What? Was there a meeting at spencer's? I didn't know that.

Hope: Well, either way, I was going to take thomas's cell phone when I left, but justin wouldn't let me have it.

Ridge: He--he wouldn't let you have it?

Hope: No, he said he was holding onto it for thomas until he got back from being out of town.

Ridge: What--out of-- thomas is out of town? Where did he go?

Hope: I--I have no idea. And justin didn't seem to know either.

Brooke: Maybe he just went up to big bear.

Ridge: Why? Why would he drive off to big bear without telling anybody?

Hope: See, that's the part that I found surprising.

Ridge: You know what I find surprising? All of this. Thomas left his phone somewhere and that justin has it? It's--it's very strange to me, you know?

Brooke: Okay. We all know how you feel about justin. But let's just trust that he's being responsible, being professional.

Ridge: You're right. He's very responsible and very professional. He always has been. Even when he threw me out of a helicopter, he's always been a really good guy.

Brooke: Okay. Ridge, you know what I mean.

Hope: I know justin has a history, but I have to hope that he is doing everything he can to get liam out of jail.

Thomas: Help! Someone let me out of here! Help! Anybody hear me? Oh, my god. Hey, I'm in here! I'm in here, hey! Hey, thank...

Justin: Give it a rest, thomas. You're wasting your time screaming like that. No one can hear you.

Thomas: You know how insane this is, justin? How long it's been since I had anything to eat.

Justin: You know, I meant to bring you breakfast.

Thomas: Oh, you meant to? Yeah.

Justin: You know that sandwich I brought you yesterday? That wasn't too bad, right? Hey. Don't give me a hard time! I got a lot on my mind, all right?

Thomas: Oh, you got a lot on your mind, do you? Really? Really? Like guilt? Like, "what the hell have I done?" Like "maybe I shouldn't, uh, keep my own boss in jail so that I could steal his job? Maybe I should send out a resume," huh? Something like that? Is that what's on your mind? Come on. Do the decent thing, let me out of here!

Justin: Why, so you can run straight to the cops? I don't think so.

Thomas: I told you I wasn't gonna do that. I'm not gonna tell them about this. But I do need to go to them. I need to tell them about vinny. That it was suicide. He set liam up! I have footage on my phone that shows that. I told you this. Liam is an innocent man. He deserves to be free and-- and hope deserves to know that her husband's not gonna spend the rest of his life in jail.

Justin: Hope came to see me.

Thomas: Hope came--here? To spencer publications?

Justin: Everything changed.

Thomas: What changed?

Justin: I screwed up. I can't believe it.

Thomas: What's going on, justin?

Justin: Oh, gosh. Everything was going just the way I wanted, besides you. Then hope showed up. She saw your phone. When you have metastatic breast cancer,

Brooke: Thomas has been known to take off without telling anybody.

Ridge: Can't really blame the kid. Probably need a break from you guys.

Brooke: It's hard not to feel tied down sometimes. You know how he loves to go out there and go hiking.

Hope: That's true. But I still think it's strange that he didn't at least reach out to me or to douglas before leaving town.

Ridge: Or steffy. She had a baby. He knew she was having a baby. Hasn't called her.

Brooke: You don't think he's having trouble with his mental health again?

Ridge: Why do you do that? Every time. He's fine. He's in a good place. You know he is.

Hope: Hopefully he is just working, like you said.

Brooke: Or maybe he has a new woman in his life.

Ridge: See? That makes sense. I didn't even consider that.

Brooke: [ Laughs ]

Ridge: Well, if he does, I'm sure he'll tell me about it.

Hope: Well, thomas does have a tendency to be a bit private.

Brooke: Maybe it's brand new and he doesn't want anybody to know yet.

Ridge: Or maybe he's gonna burst through this door any second and tell us not to mess with his love life.

Hope: Well, in any event, I am expecting a barrage of questions from douglas as to where his father is, so I think it is best that I head back to spencer and ask justin if he maybe has any more details about where thomas might be.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: Keep us posted, honey.

Thomas: Hope saw my phone?

Justin: She called you, she heard it ring.

Thomas: Well, that ties you to me. Who would've thought that dumb ringtone would've come in handy someday? Look, it's only a matter of time before someone figures it out, justin.

Justin: I can't allow that. I've come too far.

Thomas: Hope already knows you have my phone, okay? She's gonna come looking for me. She's gonna wonder why I haven't reached out for my son. Come on, justin. Look, you're a decent guy. You're not a bad person. You're not bill. And look, you made a mistake. We all made mistakes. I get that, trust me. If anyone gets that, I get that. But you-- you can't do it this way. So, let me out of here, man. Look, didn't bill use to be your friend?

Justin: My friend?

Thomas: Yeah.

Justin: Bill is loyal to bill. That egomaniac only values himself and the almighty dollar, that's it. Everyone else is worthless. Beneath him. All he does is order me around to fix everything!

Thomas: Yeah. Bill's a jerk! I get it. He treats everyone like garbage.

Justin: Yeah. But not me. Not anymore. I'm sick of it. I have too much self-respect to put up with that bastard anymore. I helped make this company what it is today. I'm the brains behind this operation! I could run this place myself. Take it to new heights!

Thomas: I'm sure that you could. But...

Justin: There is no but. Thomas, this is my chance! Right now! My moment! Bill, he dug himself a grave. He lied. Destroyed evidence. He committed a crime! And he has the gall to order me to come help him clean it up.

Thomas: You're right. But liam doesn't deserve to spend the rest of his life in jail because of what his father did. And bill, maybe he stays in there for what he's done. We don't know that, all right? But what we do know is that you can't do it this way, man. Not like this. Justin, they're gonna come looking for me. They're gonna wanna find me. They already know you have my phone. So let me out before it's too late.

Wyatt: Oh.

Hope: Hey.

Wyatt: Hey. Uh, I didn't-- I didn't realize you were coming. Uh, how are you-- how are you doing?

Hope: Um... trying to stay positive and failing miserably about it.

Wyatt: Yeah. Same here.

Hope: I, um--I actually went to see liam yesterday and we need to get him out there, wyatt.

Wyatt: Oh, I know. Trust me, it's--it's getting tougher and tougher seeing him in there. But justin, you know, uh, assures me that he's working on it.

Hope: Oh, that's actually why I came here to speak with justin.

Wyatt: He was here earlier, but then he took off. Uh, he said he had to see somebody.

Hope: Oh, well, uh, any idea when he'll be back?

Wyatt: I--no--uh, I mean, I don't know what's going on with him. But unfortunately, I have a meeting in the conference room, uh, I gotta get to. But you're--you're more than welcome to wait for him or leave message with his assistant.

Hope: Okay. Thank you.

Wyatt: I know things seem hopeless right now, but, you know, we'll get through it. All right? We'll get liam back.

Hope: Thanks.

[ Cell phone ringing ]

Hope: This is thomas's phone!

Justin: Hey, I see brown paper bag. Is that my breakfast burrito?

Woman: Yes, but I thought you already ate.

Justin: Yeah, I did. Still hungry.

Woman: All they had was sausage.

Justin: Thank you. Uh, you know what? I need you to do me one other favor. I need you to go downstairs and make a copy of this deal memo.

Woman: Will do, sir.

Justin: Thank you.

Brooke: So what do you think about this one, ridge? It's very on-trend. This will be good for times square, don't you think? Ridge?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Did I lose you?

Ridge: Lose me? No, no, no. Uh, new york. It'd be great. Look, I was just, um-- just thinking about thomas.

Brooke: Hmm, are you starting to worry?

Ridge: Our kids, we're always worried, right? From the moment they're born. Worried. Always worried. He's a grown man. He doesn't have to check in with me. Maybe you're right. Maybe, um, he found someone. This mystery person he's spending time with.

Brooke: Wouldn't that be nice?

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Regardless, wherever thomas is, I'm sure he'll check in with somebody very soon.

Thomas: Justin?

Justin: Eat up.

Thomas: Come on, justin. Enough is enough. You have to release me, okay? You gotta let me out of here. You have me locked in a cage like an animal! Hope knows that you have my phone! It's only a matter of time. The truth has to come out, okay? Set me free! Let me go!

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