B&B Transcript Tuesday 7/6/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 7/6/21


Episode #8557 ~ Paris admits to a heartbroken Zoe the truth about Carter's affair with Quinn. Justin attempts to quell Hope's suspicions when she finds a clue about Thomas.

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Hope: What are you doing with thomas' phone, justin? Answer me, what is going on?

Thomas: Justin, are you there? Let me out! I need to tell the truth. Liam was a victim that night.

Liam: Why was--your honor, why was vinny in the middle of the road? It doesn't make any sense. It doesn't make any sense.

Finn: I still can't believe it. He's really here.

Steffy: I know. He's a miracle.

Finn: Yeah, well, I mean, I could just stare at him all day.

Steffy: Isn't he so cute?

Ridge: Hi.

Finn: Hey.

Steffy: Hi.

Ridge: Is he awake? Is he okay?

Steffy: Wants to meet his grandfather.

Ridge: Yeah, he said that?

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: Oh, steffy.

Steffy: I know.

Paris: Thank god you're still here. Did you get my text?

Zoe: Uh, yeah, I did but I don't really have a lot of time I'm heading to paris.

Paris: No, you can't go yet, all right? There's something you need to know. It's important.

Ridge: Hello, little man. We've been waiting for you. Do you recognize my voice? I'm your granddad. I'm the person you go to when your parents say no.

Steffy: Can we at least wait till he's walking before you teach him your tricks?

Finn: Uh, it's not gonna be an issue, uh, I don't know how I could ever say no to this face.

Steffy: Okay. Clearly I'm gonna be the disciplinarian around here because you two are worthless.

Finn: It's your fault.

Steffy: [ Laughs ]

Ridge: He's beautiful.

Finn: Yeah, we were just saying that.

Steffy: We have a name.

Ridge: You have a name, finally, what is it?

Steffy: Hayes.

Ridge: Hayes, that's perfect.

Hope: Justin, why do you have thomas' phone?

Justin: Uh, you know, he came by and said it had something to do with follow up questions for eye on fashion.

Hope: Uh, for the interview he did on the new hope for the future line?

Justin: There you go. Yeah. He, uh, left his phone, said he was gonna stop by before he left to go out of town but maybe he ran out of time.

Hope: But what are you talking about?

Justin: Well, that's what he said he was gonna do. Yeah.

Hope: What? Thomas never said anything to me about going out of town.

Frank is a fan of fast.

He's a fast talker.

Zoe: Paris, what is going on?

Paris: Okay. Um... okay, zoe, I know that I should have come to you about this sooner but you were just so happy and I didn't wanna be a spoiler if it wasn't necessary and I kept getting told that it wasn'T.

Zoe: What are you talking about?

Paris: Zoe, I just want you to know that I love you and the only reason I kept this damn secret is because I didn't wanna hurt you. But now--now it's out and I just wish I had come to you sooner.

Zoe: Okay. Paris, listen whatever it is that you need to tell me, it's fine, just tell me.

Paris: You can be mad but just try not to hate me, okay? It's about carter's affair.

Zoe: Carter and shauna, yeah, it's not my favorite subject but what about it?

Paris: That's not what happened.

Zoe: What do you mean?

Paris: When you went to carter's and you went into his bedroom and saw the woman's jacket on the floor, it wasn't shauna'S.

Zoe: It was, she admitted that it was.

Paris: No, she lied to protect her best friend, quinn.

Steffy: I love having home birth, such a peaceful environment.

Ridge: That midwife is the best, isn't she?

Steffy: Oh, my god, she is.

Finn: Oh, uh, a wonder. I mean, she's-- she was calm and she was--

Steffy: Uh-hmm.

Finn: --Confident.

Ridge: Finn, how are you doing? I mean, being part of your son's birth in that way, it's gotta be amazing.

Finn: Oh, it's, I mean, hands down the most profound experience of my life. And we're finally the family that we've always wanted to be. And I am going to spend the rest of my life taking care of you, kelly, and our son. Putting you first, there's nothing that I won't do for you, steffy, I hope you know that.

Steffy: I do. And I know how much you love kelly and me and our son. We're gonna have the best life.

Ridge: I'm proud of you. All three of you, but especially him for choosing his parent so wisely.

Finn: He is my first. I might have to come to you for some--some advice.

Ridge: Anytime. Hey, look at you, to everything you've been through not just this year but last year and to end up in this place, you love like that. Well done, steffy, well done.

Liam: I didn't have it out for vinny, mr. Prosecutor, because I already got justice. Vinny got arrested and I moved on with my life. I had nothing against the guy anymore, I had no reason-- in fact--in fact, vinny was the one who had it on for me, he was the one who is trying to ruin my life. So you tell me, mr. Prosecutor, what was he doing on that street, alone on that night, just a coincidence? It's just a coincidence? Okay. Relax.

Hope: Did thomas say where he was going?

Justin: Uh, no, you know, and I didn't even think to ask, I'm sorry about that.

Hope: Huh, strange.

Justin: Maybe something unexpected popped up, you know.

Hope: I just can't imagine him leaving town without giving me a heads up.

Justin: Yeah, I'm pretty sure he'll probably have a reasonable explanation, but, hope, in the meantime, I really need to get back to work, working on liam and bill's cases. Yeah.

Hope: Of course.

Justin: And I understand your concern for liam, you know, uh, but be rest assured, I'm doing everything I can to make sure justice is served.

Is angel soft an

ideal balance of

Zoe: No, paris, carter and quinn, that doesn't even-- no, that's--that cannot be true. So--

Paris: Sis, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, but that's the reason I'm not at the ceremony right now, uh, it got cancelled. Brooke made sure of it.

Zoe: Brooke?

Paris: Yeah, she was gonna blow it up. She gave quinn and carter the chance to stand up and own their truth and--and carter took it.

Zoe: No, this-- this doesn't make any sense. Brooke, why--why would she know and how would she know?

Paris: I told her.

Zoe: You?

Paris: Yes.

Zoe: So you knew this entire time and you didn't tell me.

Paris: Zoe, I wanted to, I swear. I mean, you have no idea how stressful this was for me. I mean, I hated knowing, I hated knowing, I hated having the power to destroy four lives in my hands and one of them being my sister who I had never seen happier. I just didn't wanna destroy it for no reason.

Zoe: No reason?

Paris: Carter and quinn both said that it was just a moment that they were feeling lonely and sad being apart from you and eric--

Zoe: No.

Paris: --And they found comfort with each other and they--they--they swore that it would never happen again, that quinn only wanted eric and carter only wanted you. And--and they came to me and they--and they begged for me not to say anything, not to hurt you over a mistake that wasn't gonna happen again. But I wish that I would've just come to you as soon as I found out.

Zoe: Okay. How--how did you even find out?

Paris: I overheard shauna and quinn talking.

Zoe: No, I--I cannot believe this. Quinn was supposed to be helping me with carter. She was supposed to be making my case for me. Now I find out that she was sleeping with him? No I--

Paris: Look, I know, I know, I know, it's--it's messed up on so many levels. And I'm not excusing what carter did but, zoe, this doesn't have to be the end for you and carter.

Steffy: Are you kidding?

Ridge: I wish I were.

Finn: Quinn and carter?

Ridge: Yeah.

Finn: That's-- it's pretty shocking.

Steffy: The carter part is, not the quinn part. Granddad must be devastated.

Ridge: He is devastated and completely blindsided and you know my father, he see, always sees the best in people, always sees the best in the worst of us. But till he doesn'T. And when the door shuts, it stays shut.

Steffy: You think he's there with quinn finally?

Ridge: I do. He wants her out of his house, company, his life.

Steffy: I mean, I feel terrible what quinn did, but if granddad really closes the door, I guess good thing came out of it.

Ridge: I guess, and I'm sorry to even bring this up--

Steffy: No, it's--it's--

Ridge: [ Indistinct ] You should hear rom me.

Steffy: It's fine, I'm--I'm glad you told us. I'll call granddad and check in on him.

Ridge: All right. But let's--let's forget about that. In the meantime we--we just gotta focus on this miracle.

Steffy: It's exactly what we're doing.

Ridge: Has thomas been here? I mean, have you--have you reached out to him?

Thomas: Gotta get out. I gotta tell hope the truth about liam.

Hope: So you have a solid plan for liam's case?

Justin: Of course. I'm his lawyer.

Hope: Right, but liam made it sound like you didn't think he had a strong defense.

Justin: Oh, liam did confess to a crime.

Hope: I understand that but it was an accident even though the da and the cops are trying to make a case for murder. But you won't let that happen, right? I mean, there has to be some evidence out there that exonerates liam. Justin? Justin, are you listening?

Justin: Yeah, no, I-- I hear you loud and clear but, hope, come you gotta let me get back to work, please.

Hope: You're right, I'm-- I'm sorry, I'll get out of your way.

Justin: Okay. No problem. I--I'm gonna still need this, um, there's some numbers and proposals on it that we're gonna use for the eye on fashion feature. So, yeah, I--I'll get it back to him, don't worry. The phone, liam's defense just leave it all to me, I'll-- I'll take care of everything. Your mission:

Zoe: So you're saying what? That I should just pretend that carter never slept with quinn?

Paris: I'm saying people make mistakes, even the best ones like carter. But he did forgive you for flirting with zende.

Zoe: Yeah, flirting with him, I never slept with him.

Paris: Look, all I'm saying is you guys can move forward, work through this. It's not like he's in love with quinn or even had a serious relationship with her. I mean, you guys weren't even together at the time.

Zoe: I get that. Okay? But carter turning to not only a married woman but eric's wife? I mean, come on, that is some kind of betrayal. I didn't even know he was capable of. I mean, eric, he--he cares about carter like his family, he gave him the coo position for this company. And carter knows how much eric cherishes quinn.

Paris: Carter's human, and while we don't always do the exact right thing but what I do know is that carter is deeply regretful of what he did to you and to eric. And zoe, he loves you and he never stopped.

Zoe: Look I--I--I can't miss my flight, so--

Paris: Well, I'm sorry for sending you off with all of this but... I just didn't want you to hear it from anybody else.

Zoe: Yeah. No, maybe it was all good timing and I'll have hours and hours to sort out my feelings. So thank you for telling me. Better late than never.

Paris: So we're good?

Zoe: Yes, of course, always.

Paris: Thank you for understanding. I love you so much.

Zoe: Yeah. I love you too.

Ridge: I really expected thomas and douglas to be here. All the kid talks about is his new boy cousin.

Steffy: Well, with kelly and beth around he has a lot of little girl energy.

Finn: Who can do much worse?

Ridge: There's the new addition. Hmm. You have a lot to look forward to.

Finn: Yeah, and I'm gonna be here for all of it.

Steffy: You're gonna be the best father.

Finn: Well, I have to be, you know, he deserves it and you deserve it for giving me this precious little gift. And have I thanked you yet for how incredibly you've changed my life, I have, right?

Steffy: Yeah. Only like a million times.

[ Chuckles ]

Ridge: Keep doing it. You honor her every day of your life, okay?

Finn: Forever.

Ridge: All right. If you hear something from thomas, let me know please.

Steffy: Yeah, I texted him and I called, nothing.

Ridge: Just seems odd.

Steffy: He's probably just busy.

Ridge: Busy, too busy to call you when you just had a baby? It doesn't add up.

Thomas: Vinny set liam up. It was suicide.

Justin: Man, I'm so stupid and careless. How could I let her see thomas' phone like...

[ Sighs ]

Hope: I hate that you're still in here.

Liam: Oh, that makes two of us.

Hope: How are you?

Liam: Better now that I see your face. I miss you.

Hope: Same here.

Liam: Okay. How are the kids?

Hope: They're good, they miss you too.

Liam: I gotta get out of here, I got-- I gotta get back to my family, this is insane.

Hope: I know, that's all I want too. I mean, that's my sole focus.

Liam: You know what I've been focused on lately, since I got a lot of time in here? What I keep going through over and over in my head, of all the people to just appear in front of the car that night, it was vinny? I don't--I still-- I don't get that.

Hope: Uh, I don't either. I actually just want to see justin and I asked him to find something, I mean, anything to-- to show that you didn't intentionally try to run down vinny.

Liam: Well, that would be& really nice, that would be really, really nice. Because apparently the da is looking at like manslaughter or even murder.

Hope: I know. Liam, you can't give up, we have to fight this.

Liam: Well, I'll tell you this much, I'm not gonna rot in here, away from my wife and kids for the rest of my life, I'm not gonna do that because I didn't intentionally run over vinny and I didn't try to cover it up either. I'm not going down for this, I'm not.

Hope: Well, I'll keep the pressure on justin and do whatever I can but, liam, in the meantime, if you are ever feeling overwhelmed or alone, I want you to think about us and I'll do the same. Because we have to keep that image alive until it's our reality because it will be, I mean, it has to be.

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