B&B Transcript Monday 7/5/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 7/5/21


Episode #8556 ~ Thomas suffers the consequences when Justin vows vengeance against Dollar Bill. Eric unleashes his anger at Quinn for her betrayal.

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Eric: I asked you a question. You and carter, is it true?

Quinn: Yes, eric. It's true. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Hope: Hey, katie.

Katie: Hey.

Hope: Um, are you thinking about bill?

Katie: Is that obvious?

Hope: Well, we're both in a similar situation. The men we love in jail for who knows how long.

[ Buzzer buzzes ]

Guard: I'll send your lawyer back as soon as he gets here.

Liam: So what's going on, did justin set this up?

Bill: No. I called him. I'm sick of the way he's handling this. Justin better get his butt in gear, find out what we need to disprove the da's case or I will damn well find the attorney who can. Justin's always come through before. Why the hell is this taking so long?

Thomas: Hello. Someone there?

Justin: Looks like you're holding up all right.

Thomas: Are you kidding me? I'm going crazy. You have to let me go right now!

Hope: Uh, the press release is fine, so let's go with it.

Katie: Great. Uh, I hit everything you needed me to.

Hope: Uh-hmm. Thank you.

Katie: Sure. Is that one of thomas' sketches?

Hope: Uh-hmm. Uh, speaking of, have you seen thomas lately?

Katie: Uh, no, why?

Hope: I haven't been able to get in touch with him and douglas wants to spend some time with his dad.

Katie: Yeah. I get that. Will really wants to see his father, I mean, this is just so surreal, liam and bill in jail.

Hope: Katie, I--I know how you feel about bill and I don't mean to offend you with what I'm about to say but what on earth was he thinking? I mean, how can one man be so reckless and-- and so wrong?

Liam: Hey, I know this is stressing you out but I'm sure justin's doing everything he can for us.

Bill: Yeah. Well, he'd better be. I don't pay him a fortune to sit around twiddling his thumbs. I want results and I want them now.

Liam: I know, I do too.

Bill: He's just been my right hand man for years, not to mention my best friend. He's got to deliver.

Thomas: You need to let me go.

Justin: You let go, huh?

[ Chuckles ] So you could blab your big mouth to hope and liam that this was a suicide? Vinny, he targeted liam. He stepped in front of the car on purpose, hell, no, I'm not letting you go.

Thomas: Justin, it's what happened, okay? That's the truth.

Justin: I am not concerned about the truth. I'm concerned with solidifying my position at spencer. So that when the worst happens, when it hits the fan, when the judge throws the book at both liam and dollar bill, I am the one running spencer, just like I deserve.

Quinn: I could say a thousand "I'm sorries" but I know that they'd never be enough. I betrayed you... and I--I betrayed our marriage. A marriage that I want more than anything else in this whole world, and that's because of you, because-- because the man you are, eric, your capacity for unconditional love, I've never experienced that before. I've never been treated with& so much kindness and respect. I'll regret hurting you for the rest of my life. I will never--I will never forgive myself for betraying you or your trust in me. What's the #1 retinol brand

Thomas: Do whatever you want with bill, I don't care, but liam?

Justin: But? There aren't any buts. I've put with dollar bill and his egomaniacal self for years. No matter how hard I work, no matter how loyal, that man will never give me my fair due.

Thomas: I get that. But you're gonna-- you're gonna keep me here in a cage so you can stick it to him, really?

Justin: Bill's behind bars, come on, that's where he's staying.

Thomas: You haven't thought this out, justin. You're letting your anger cloud your judgment.

Justin: [ Laughs ] Anger? Really?

Thomas: Yeah.

Justin: I am way past anger. This is all about the sweet revenge, tommy boy. You see, dollar bill is cutthroat, he's ruthless. He taught me well. I know what I have to do and I'm doing it. It's my time now.

Thomas: Justin, don't go. Justin. Hey. Stay--justin, come back here! Hey! Oh!

Eric: How could you do this, carter? You're a trusted friend. I treated you like a member of my family.

Carter: I know, eric, and I'm sorry.

Ridge: Carter, come on, tell me you didn't do this.

Carter: I didn't want to.

Ridge: You didn't want to? What happened? So you threw fairy dust and then it just happened, what?

Carter: No, ridge, it wasn'T. Like it wasn't something either of us expected to happen, okay? It was--we--we just got-- got pulled into something before we even--

Eric: Oh, you just got pulled into it. Do you know how absurd that sounds?&

Quinn: Eric, it's true.

Ridge: It's funny, what do you know about the truth?

Wyatt: Okay, I know how much of a shock this is--

Ridge: Why are defending your mother, why?

Wyatt: I'm not--

Ridge: She just admitted--

Wyatt: I'm not--

Shauna: Listen, this is between quinn and eric. I think that maybe we should go and let them be alone.

Brooke: Is that what you want, eric?

Eric: What I want is a wife who does not have an affair, a wife who speaks the truth to me, a wife who promises that she'll be faithful to me.

Quinn: Do you see? You see what the two of you have done? You had to blab it to brooke and now she's trying to destroy my marriage. Eric, please. Please don't let brooke do this to us.

Katie: I'm not sure that placing the blame is helpful here.

Hope: So you're defending what bill did that night?

Katie: No, not at all. I am just as upset with him as you are but I know how fiercely he loves and wants to protect his family, they mean everything to him.

Hope: My family means everything to me too, but I have a problem with bill's idea of protection especially when it comes to justifying something that isn't justifiable.

Katie: I--I hear you, uh, mistakes were made. I'm not arguing that. But we just have to have faith that something will happen and bill and liam will get released. That justin will come through for them.

[ Door opens and closes ]

Bill: Why are you just staring at me? You do have something to say, don't you? Come on, justin, out with it. Did you get something on vinny from that night, something that's gonna get us the hell out of here? Because if you come out with excuses, I-- no more excuses, justin. You got me?

Of course you've seen


Katie: Justin has never failed bill in the past and we just have to trust that he won't now either.

Hope: I hope you're right, katie. But I still want to go and speak to him one-on-one, make sure he's pursuing every possible angle for both bill and liam. Because if there's one thing I'm sure about, katie, is that liam did not intentionally kill vinny. There has to be another explanation and--and justin needs to find it before time runs out.

Justin: I hear you loud and clear.

Bill: Well, you damn well better. I pay you a fortune to fix things, justin, so fix this now!

Liam: Dad, it's not that simple.

Bill: It is that simple! Time is our enemy, and justin knows that so why are you dragging your feet? We should be out of here by now.

Liam: Okay. All right. Okay. Listen, I've had nothing but time in here to think about this. And how--how many millions of people are there in la, right? And that night I just happened to hit vinny with the car, that's insane.

Bill: It is insane, liam's right, just a coincidence? Come on. Vinny, that dirt bag, that drug-dealing-paternity- test-switching-lying-thief. Have you gotten our private investigators on this like I said? Are they digging in? Are they looking for things that the cops won't? Have you talked to thomas?

Justin: Forrester?

Bill: No, thomas the knight of the roundtable, yes, thomas forrester. Have you seen him? He may have information to get us out of here that could affect our case, did you see him? Justin, talk to thomas, talk to thomas now!

Quinn: You must be loving this, interrupting my vow renewal ceremony so you can just drag me through the mud in front of my husband and everybody else.

Eric: Quinn, don't do that. Don't come down on brooke and paris. They're not the ones who cheated, they're not the ones who lied.

Paris: Eric, I am so sorry, when I found out by accident I wanted to tell you and zoe but she literally begged me not to say anything. She swore that you're the man that she loves.

Quinn: Because he is the man that I love! And I will love you forever. I love you so much, eric. Look, what carter and I did was a huge mistake, but sweetheart, please you know how lonely I was, you know how desperate I was for human connection and--and-- and human touch and--and carter was going through the exact same thing.

Carter: And I won't make excuses either, eric, you and your family have been wonderful to me and I hate what I did, what I let myself do and, uh, I'm sorry.

Eric: What about you, wyatt? You know about this? She's your mother, did you know? Did you? Flo?

Wyatt: Neither of us knew anything.

Eric: Huh?

Flo: We--we are just as shocked as you are.

Shauna: Obviously I knew, I pretended to be the woman in carter's life to-- to protect quinn.

Flo: How could you do this, mom? And then lie to me on top of it?

Wyatt: So you dragged shauna into this to cover your tracks? What--what were you thinking?

Ridge: I'm still trying to figure out what you were thinking.

Brooke: And now you must understand what I was doing, trying to put a stop this farce of a vow renewal ceremony. Eric, I still can't believe that she could look you in the eye and say that she's committed to you after she and carter--

Quinn: Okay, you don't have to keep saying it! We get it. I was with carter. But it doesn't mean that I stopped loving you, that would be impossible. Eric, I am so sorry that-- that I hurt and I betrayed you. Please, you have the biggest heart of anyone that I've ever known. And you have the greatest capacity for forgiveness. And please, please don't let this be the end for us. What can I du with less asthma?

Quinn: We can work this out. I know we can. If we could just-- if we could just be alone so I could explain.

Eric: Alone you and me? Absolutely not. You see these people? These people know me, these people love me, these people are gonna stay here, you're the one that's gonna go.

Quinn: Eric.

Eric: Look, through all these years I've been defending you to these people, my family, to anybody I could, I would defend you. You're not the woman I thought you were.

Quinn: Eric, I am so sorry. I know that I have let you down terribly but despite all that, I have been a good wife to you. And I know tha I'm asking for more than I should but you could find it in your heart, please, I promise you that I'd never ever--

Eric: You prom--you promise-- you promise me?

Quinn: --Disappoint you ever again, I promise you.

Eric: Your promise means nothing to me.

Quinn: Don't say-- don't say that.

Eric: I loved you. I trusted you. I'm not gonna make that mistake again. I want you out, I want out of my life. I want you out of the company.

Quinn: No.

Eric: And out of this family.

Quinn: No.

Eric: Go, go on, go now. Get of this house.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Thomas: Can anyone hear me?! Hey! The world needs to know liam is innocent.

Justin: So if I don't hear from you in 24 hours just consider our offer rescinded. All right.

Hope: Justin, justin, I know you're busy but I-- I really need to speak with you.

Justin: What can I do for you, hope?

Hope: There has to be some way we can get liam released, right? I mean, you know he didn't intend to hit vinny, and it certainly wasn't manslaughter or murder and none of this is making sense to me, like how vinny was in the middle of the road right when liam happened to be there.

Justin: Yeah. I'm so sorry. I wish I had some answers for you.

Hope: You haven't found any evidence at all to help liam's case?

Justin: Well, I--I--i promise you, I'm doing everything I can to rectify the situation.

Hope: I don't need promises. My family, we don't need promises. We just-- we just need liam home. Please tell me you're doing everything you can. There--I mean, there has to be something else we can do.

[ Phone rings ]

Justin: Um, this is an important call. I need to take it. Give--pardon me, give me one second. Yeah. I am. This is... I know... my time...

[ Phone beeps ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Hope: That's thomas' ringtone?

Justin: What? Hey, hey, let me call you back.

Hope: It's from one of douglas' favorite tv show.

[ Phone ringing ]

Hope: This is thomas's phone.

Justin: Yeah. Uh...

Hope: What is it doing here? I've been trying to reach him.

Justin: I'm--okay.

Hope: Justin, what is thomas' cell phone doing here? Answer me, what is going on?

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