B&B Transcript Friday 7/2/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 7/2/21


Episode #8555 ~ Donna pledges her support to Katie and Will while Bill is in prison. Eric attempts to diffuse a volatile situation between Quinn and Brooke.

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Brooke: Eric, you can't do this. You can't go through with the ceremony, it's a farce.

Quinn: What are you still doing here? Eric, I asked her to leave.

Eric: Brooke, this is not the time for you to come in here like this.

Brooke: Eric, please, please trust me. You've got to listen to me. What's happening here is wrong and I'm not gonna let you waste one more day of your precious life on this horrible person.

Donna: Flo's sending you photos of the ceremony?

Katie: Um, yeah. I--I guess it just started.

Donna: Eric, my honey bear's so handsome. Reminds me of our wedding day. No man has ever looked more debonair. At least that hasn't changed. So, when do you think it'll be over? You know, I mean, vow renewals are usually pretty quick, right?

Katie: I guess it depends on how much everybody has to say.

Katie: We should probably get back to work.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: I'm sorry, honey, you--you didn't need to look at these pictures.

Donna: It's okay. It's okay, really. Uh, you know what? I just, uh, everyone looks so excited, and beautiful, and eric's so eloquent. I'm sure it's gonna be a really moving ceremony.

Katie: Can't be easy for you knowing how much you care about eric.

Donna: Oh, I--I just-- I just want eric to be happy, I do. I do. And if he found that with quinn then, you know, they're moving forward, they're in a good place. Good for him.

Katie: Come on. This is me, your sister. You could say anything to me. I know how much you love eric.

[ Cries ]

Brooke: I know that you said this affair is not what we think it is, you said it was a lie, that carter didn't really turn to shauna. Oh, my god, quinn. Quinn who's downstairs right now ready to profess her love and commitment to eric?

Paris: Oh, okay. So, yeah, what time did you leave? I need to talk to you before you go.

Quinn: See, brooke, this is why I didn't want you here. You can't control yourself.

Brooke: You can't control yourself. You have no respect, no decency.

Eric: No, brooke, come on, that's enough. Now, stop it.

Brooke: Eric, please, just hear me out.

Eric: Look, just stop it. I know what you're doing. You're trying to protect me. Look, you don't like my wife, I get it. But if you're gonna be like this, you just have to go.

Quinn: Yeah. Thank you, eric. Thank you. Now, let's just--carter, pick up where we left off. Go on, carter.

Brooke: Don't say another word. Eric, I'm sorry but I cannot let you go through with this ceremony. If you do, you will regret it. Quinn is not the woman that you think she is. Can you be free of hair breakage worries?

Katie: I know that eric renewing his vows to quinn has-- it's got to be hard.

Donna: Yeah, but, you know, I also love that he's so forgiving. Uh, I--I wouldn't want him to change that for anyone, not even quinn.

Katie: See, this is why eric was drawn to you in the first place, your kindness and your integrity.

Donna: And yet somehow he ended up married to quinn. Sorry, I'm sorry.

Katie: Why? No. Uh, don't be. You can say anything to me.

Donna: No, I mean, I feel bad talking about this, especially you.

Katie: Why?

Donna: Uh, your son's father is in jail, I mean, you're dealing with a real crisis. I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Katie: It's not a competition.

Donna: No, but I see you trying to be strong for will. You know, hold it together here at work, trying to make it like everything is okay but I'm your sister, I know this is taking a horrible toll on you.

Katie: I try not to let it. I do wanna be strong for will. I--I--I don't want him to be frightened. I wanna be able to reassure him and--and tell my boy that everything's gonna be okay, but I don't know that it's going to be. Bill could get convicted.

Donna: But you don't have to carry this burden on your own, you know. We're your family, you can lean on us.

Katie: Oh, thank you. Uh, you know what, I-- I so appreciate that but what I really need right now is just a distraction, you know, I mean, carrying all this stress around, it's not healthy, I just-- I want a break.

Donna: Okay. So, um, let's think of something happy.

Katie: Okay. Well, what do you do when you wanna cheer yourself up?

Donna: Shop?

Katie: Oh.

Donna: Drink champagne?

Katie: Hmm.

Donna: Do we have any? Um, okay. No. All right. Uh, this sounds silly but I-- I think of the good times with eric.

Katie: Well, maybe you shouldn't do that today.

Donna: No. No. Those times are precious, really, they're-- they're beautiful, they couldn't make me sad. Being married to eric was incredible. I mean, it never made me feel so safe and so cared for. We were completely devoted to each other, and now he's married to quinn. And I've accepted that a long time ago.

Katie: Well, I just hope she appreciates him as much as you do.

Quinn: I am not gonna let you ruin this for us.

Brooke: Just let me talk to eric.

Quinn: No, you're leaving and carter is gonna pick up where he left off.

Carter: I think we should take a minute.

Donna: No, she has nothing to say. She's just being disruptive.

Eric: Brooke, brooke, I, uh, I really don't understand what you're doing here.

Brooke: Eric, I always told you quinn was going to hurt you someday.

Quinn: No. You're the one who's hurting him.

Brooke: I care about eric's wellbeing.

Quinn: You are not eric's wife, I am. I'm mrs. Eric forrester. Can't you see that eric loves me and he wants a life with me? Today, we get to start fresh with a, uh, a renewed appreciation and devotion to each other. You need to accept that I am committed to eric and eric alone, and this ceremony is gonna go on.

Ridge: Okay. Come on, let's go.

Brooke: No. No. I need to handle this.

Eric: Brooke, this has to be the end of this. We've committed to having our lives together. We're going on with our lives.

Brooke: Eric, I understand that you wanna see the good side to quinn and not her destructive tendencies, but I'm here to tell you, god, it kills me that I have to tell you this. I don't wanna cause you more pain.

Eric: What can you possibly tell me about quinn? ( Lovely day instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis

Donna: What I remember most about eric is his tenderness, the way he used to look at me, held me in his arms like I was so precious to him.

Katie: You were.

Donna: And he was so precious to me, too. All I wanted was to be with him, through everything, you know, the good, the bad, for the rest of our lives. I've never been so in love.

Eric: You are beautiful.

Donna: Sometimes I worry, you know, I'll never find another love like that again. It was so magical, you know. I just-- I hope that eric remembers it the same way.

Katie: Well, it's pretty clear he still cares about you.

Donna: I hope so. But he's spending the rest of his life with quinn. And all the wishful thinking in the world won't change that.

Quinn: You again. I thought I told you to go. You know, you need to go, too, brooke.

Eric: Quinn, don'T. Paris is our guest.

Paris: Did you...

Quinn: No. No. You know what, I am so sick of all of these interruptions. Uh, eric and i can do this on our own, so--so--so you should all go.

Flo: Maybe we should just...

Quinn: I'm so sorry, eric. I thought your family would be more supportive this time, you know. I thought that they would respect our commitment to each other and-- and wanna celebrate with us.

Brooke: Oh, god, what a travesty.

Ridge: You should do this on your own. Come on, we're going now.

Brooke: No. No. It's over, quinn. I mean, and it wasn't obvious before, it should be pretty clear now. I'm giving you this opportunity to have respect for eric, come clean, tell him the truth.

Quinn: Come clean about what? I don't even know what you're talking about.

Brooke: Oh, okay. All right. So, quinn doesn't wanna say anything. How about you, carter, do you have something to say for yourself?

Quinn: You know what, I am so sick of this. I'm sick of it. The theatrics and the drama, just go. Get out. Everybody get out of my house, now.

Brooke: It's not gonna be your house for much longer.

Wyatt: You know, brooke, we know you don't like my mom, fine. But she and eric are happy.

Brooke: That's not true. That is such a lie.

Shauna: You know, actually quinn is right, we should all go and let her and eric have a moment alone together.

Ridge: Come on.

Brooke: Wait. Carter? I mean, you're not gonna go through with this sham of a ceremony, right? You have too much integrity.

Eric: Brooke, brooke. I, uh, I asked you to stop.

Brooke: You are a good man. You got caught up in something. But now, it's time to make it right.

Eric: To make what right? What are you talking about?

Paris: Carter, brooke, she put it together. Just tell him.

Brooke: It's got to be eating you up. Tell him the truth.

Carter: Brooke's right.

Quinn: No.

Carter: There's something you need to know.

Quinn: No. No. I am not letting anything interfere with this day.

Brooke: Let him finish.

Ridge: Carter, what's going on?

Eric: Look, I don't want you to feel you're caught in the middle of all this.

Carter: But I am. Eric... I am. Trusted by pet owners for over 20 years

Donna: Look at me,

Donna: Look at me, I was trying to make you feel better and I just ended up having a pity party.

Katie: You did not.

Donna: I did too. I'm just so grateful, you know, for the time with eric, but they're renewing their vows today.

Katie: Well, that sounds like something quinn would want, you know, to make a statement. Listen, she might not have betrayed her wedding vows but she certainly betrayed eric's trust, going after brooke like that, giving in to her worst impulses.

Donna: It was pretty bad but eric forgave her for all of it, it's behind them.

Katie: Well, can eric be sure it's not gonna happen again?

Donna: But that's what today is all about, you know, eric is saying, "I believe in you, I trust you, and I'm giving you another chance." He's rededicating himself to quinn for the rest of their lives. It's what he wants, katie, and nothing is gonna stop the ceremony from happening.

Carter: I can't believe I'm doing this right now.

Quinn: Carter, no. Brooke is the one who wants to stop the ceremony, eric and I want it to continue.

Brooke: Carter has something to say. Just let him say it.

Eric: What is it, carter?

Carter: I shouldn't have agreed to do this. It was wrong. It was a mistake.

Eric: What? This? Uh, what's wrong about this? Is it a mistake?

Carter: Eric, quinn loves you, and she wanted your relationship to go back to the way it was, and she hoped it would.

Quinn: It will.

Carter: Your distance hurt her and I felt for her because I felt the same way about zoe, and that's how it started. Just two people having an honest conversation about their relationships, how much they meant to us, and quinn, uh, came to me as a friend trying to convince me to take zoe back and... we opened up to each other. We were both hurt, and lonely, in need of understanding and companionship, and I... just got mixed up in something, and then I swear it's not something we planned. We felt horrible and... I know it's the last thing you ever expected to hear from me, and eric, I am so sorry.

Eric: Sorry about what, carter?

Carter: I lied. I didn't have an affair with shauna. I wasn't involved with her. Quinn, tell him. It was quinn. I had an affair with quinn.

Eric: You and quinn? Is that true? Is that true? You and carter? Answer me, quinn. Answer me.

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