B&B Transcript Thursday 7/1/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 7/1/21


Episode #8554 ~ Brooke interrupts an important moment between Eric and Quinn. Steffy and Finn are overjoyed and emotional at the birth of their baby boy.

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Midwife: Okay. I'm gonna need you to push as hard as you can on this next contraction, okay, steffy?

Finn: All right. You're doing great, okay? Just like this. You're doing great.

Midwife: Okay. Here we go. Ready? Let's meet your son.

Steffy: [ Groans ]

Shauna: Well, quinn should be ready. She's so excited to renew your vows. And, you know what, it's such a beautiful reminder of her commitment to you.

Eric: I'm pretty excited myself, actually. I can't wait to tell her how much I love her in front of everybody.

Ridge: Does anybody else think I should maybe go up there and rescue her?

Wyatt: What? Come on. Rescue? What do you mean rescue?

Ridge: My lovely wife went up there and I don't hear furniture flying yet but...

Flo: Oh. I wouldn't worry. Paris is up there too. She has a very calming effect on everyone. They're probably all making friendship bracelets by now.

Wyatt: Oh.

Eric: Yeah. I hope you're right about that. I'd hate to think that brooke is up there giving quinn a hard time. I want quinn to have this ceremony be the peaceful and loving ceremony that she deserves.

Paris: I can't imagine how you think you could ruin my life.

Quinn: Oh, paris, if you knew what I was capable of, you'd be pledging your eternal silence to me right now.

Paris: That would sound intimidating, except just the other day you were on your knees saying I held your life in my hands. So I'm pretty unimpressed by whatever threat you're trying to make right...

Quinn: You're the one threatening me. You're threatening my marriage on the day I'm supposed to be renewing my vows. See, this is a very special event for my husband and me, and I'm not gonna let you sabotage it. So you are not going to tell anyone what you know.

Donna: Well, bill should be getting out soon, right?

Katie: Who knows at this point? It's just all so upsetting.

Donna: Well, you know I'm--I'm here for you and will. For anything. Anything at all.

Katie: Thank you. And that goes both ways, you know? Because I can tell that something's weighing on you. And I know what it is. Eric and quinn are renewing their vows today.

Wyatt: So, uh, do you think my mom is expecting some kind of signal from us or...

Shauna: You know, I'll actually text her and make sure she's okay and ready.

Eric: Maybe the person we should be texting is brooke. I don't want her or anybody ruining this day for quinn.

Quinn: Shauna says they're ready for me. Problem is I'm not.

Paris: Because you know you shouldn't go through with this.

Quinn: No. It's because I have a lingering house guest that is unwanted.

Paris: I was invited.

Quinn: Well, I'll make an excuse for you. How about I tell everybody you have stomach problems? Oh. And, um, take the back staircase down. I don't wanna have to explain to everyone why you're leaving.

Brooke: What has quinn done now?

Paris: Brooke.

Brooke: No. I just overheard bits and pieces. But I know she's hiding something. I know she has a secret. So please, paris, for eric's sake, you gotta tell me what it is. We're eating and drinking foods and beverages

Steffy: [ Groans ]

Finn: It's okay. You're almost there.

Steffy: [ Groans ]

Finn: Hey.

Midwife: The next one should do it.

Finn: One more big push and you'll be there.

Steffy: We haven't decided on a name.

Finn: It's okay. We have a shortlist.

Midwife: Sometimes you need to see the child before a name can be decided.

Finn: That's what I've been saying, you know? Maybe we just need to meet him and we'll know which to call him.

Steffy: When I hold him, I wanna greet him by his name.

Finn: Something tells me we will. Okay.

Steffy: [ Groans ] Oh, it's coming.

Finn: Okay.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: I'm right here.

Steffy: [ Groans ]

Finn: I'm right here.

Donna: I must seem pretty pathetic.

Katie: Oh.

Donna: It has just been years since eric and i have been married, but... [ Sighs ] I can't help it, you know? I'm--I'm always gonna carry a little torch for him.

Katie: Well, of course, you are. You two were kind of magical together. You sure had a lot of happy moments.

Donna: The happiest of my life.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Quinn: [ Sighs ] Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

[ Sighs ]

Eric: Well worth the wait. Look at you. You're gorgeous.

Quinn: Thank you. Well, since we all seem to be gathered, why don't we begin?

Eric: Yeah.

Carter: Now, what about brooke and paris?

Quinn: They decided not to attend.

Ridge: Wait. What? She left?

Quinn: Well, as lovely as it would have been for brooke to be here, if she can't be supportive then so be it. Shall we?

Brooke: You know something about quinn, a secret she's keeping.

Paris: Uh, I don't know if it's my place...

Brooke: A secret she's keeping from eric.

Paris: May--maybe it's best if I just go.

Brooke: Go? Why? It's best for who, eric? He's downstairs about ready to renew his vows. Look, I know you don't know eric that well but he is a wonderful man.

Paris: Yes. He's been so kind to me and so welcoming.

Brooke: But if he's about to be deceived. Whatever it is, paris, he deserves to know.

Paris: You're right. He does. And--and so does my sister.

Brooke: Your sister? What does zoe have to do with this?

Paris: Quinn's secret, it's about carter's affair.

Brooke: What? I mean, eric already knows that carter and shauna slept together. Zoe knows. The whole office knows.

Paris: The whole office knows a lie. It didn't go down the way everyone thinks. Not at all.

Certain hpv-related cancers?

Donna: It's so silly, right? Me reminiscing and being nostalgic like this.

Katie: No. Not at all.

Donna: Yes, it is.

Katie: Not at all. It makes total sense. Eric is recommitting himself to quinn today. It's only natural that you would wanna think about your time with him.

Donna: Now, it's just-- it's just a bunch of memories. That's it. My time with my honey bear.

Carter: Eric and quinn. Well, you're already married. You already made your vows, signed the papers, pledged your everlasting love to each other. But getting married is just the beginning of your adventure, an adventure full of success and failures, ups and downs, the occasional mistakes, and a challenge or two.

[ Chuckles ] But those mistakes and challenges all mixed together, there's--there's still so much joy, so many blessings. And that's why we're here, to celebrate you as a couple. For you to affirm that your wedding day was not the end of your story. To acknowledge the vows you made and to keep the story going. And we, your--your friends and your family, we're thankful to be part of it.

Brooke: When I overheard how upset quinn was with you, I just assumed that it was about her. And I had this glimmer of hope that I could tell eric and I could protect him. He would finally see the woman that he's married to. But if it's not today, I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

Paris: No. I think it'll be today. Zoe and eric will both learn the truth.

Brooke: What are you saying?

Paris: I've just been-- I've been so conflicted about this and I've been wanting to come forward but...

Brooke: But quinn wouldn't let you? I heard her telling you not to say anything. Why does she care, right? I mean, why would eric care that shauna and carter slept together?

Paris: He probably wouldn't but he would if...

Brooke: I know that you said this affair is not what we think it is. You said it was a lie. That carter didn't really turn to shauna. Oh, my god. Quinn. Quinn? Quinn who's downstairs right now ready to profess her love and commitment to eric? Your mission:

Katie: You better not let quinn hear you call eric that.

Donna: Honey bear?

Katie: Uh-hmm.

Donna: Oh, no. I am--I am very careful around the office, okay? The last thing I need is quinn thinking I'm after her man, because I'm not.

Katie: No. Of course not. One hundred percent not.

Donna: I am open to the possibilities if he weren't married, of course. So if part of me is just a little sad today, I'll get over it, okay? Because-- if eric wants this, I want this, okay?

Carter: Today, you're recommitting to a marriage that you decided is worth fighting for. And those of us gathered here fully support that decision. It is my sincere hope that this ceremony will remind you that the inevitable harshness that come your way that you will be able to push through and know your love will get you there. You can join hands. Quinn, will you continue to have eric as your husband, continue to honor and cherish your commitment to him and only him as long as you shall live?

Quinn: I will.

Carter: Eric, will you continue to have quinn as your wife, continue to honor and cherish your commitment to her and only her for long as you shall live?

Brooke: Stop! Don't answer that, eric.

Eric: Brooke, what are you doing?

Brooke: You need to hear what I have to say before you recommit yourself to quinn.

Finn: You have no idea what you've given me. Thank you. Thank you.

Steffy: I do. You've given me this beautiful baby boy. Look at him. He's so beautiful. So beautiful. Hayes.

Finn: Hayes? Hayes. Hayes.

Steffy: Hayes.

Finn: Yeah. [ Chuckles ]

Steffy: Your aunt was right.

Finn: Yeah. We just-- we just had to meet you. That's--that's--that's totally his name, you know?

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: Hayes.

Steffy: Hayes. Your grandmother is gonna be so excited to see you. So excited to see you. Oh, my.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: You know, you have no idea what's going on and you're new to this world, but just know mommy and daddy are here to protect you.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: And we're always gonna be here for you.

Finn: Yes.

Steffy: And we're always gonna love you. Always.

Steffy: [ Chuckles ]

Finn: You did great. Look at those blue eyes.

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