B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/30/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/30/21


Episode #8553 ~ Finn and a midwife assist Steffy as she goes into labor. Brooke gets suspicious when she overhears Quinn threaten Paris.

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Steffy: It's happening. My water just broke.

Finn: Wait, uh, uh, are--are you sure?

Steffy: Yeah, I'm very sure.

Finn: Oh, my god. Wow. Okay. Yes, it's happening.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: It's--it's happening. Our little boy-- our little boy is coming.

Steffy: Our little baby boy is coming. He'll be here very, very soon. Oh.

Ridge: Steffy started having contractions.

Brooke: How exciting. Your little grandson.

Ridge: Oh, I know. I can't wait to meet the little slugger.

Brooke: I'll bet. So, does that mean you're not gonna go to your dad's vow renewal?

Ridge: Yeah. I--I don't really think I have a choice, don't I?

Brooke: Well, yeah, you kind of do. I mean, your daughter going to labor. That gives you a legit excuse to get [ Indistinct ]

Ridge: It's tempting. I know. I'm just not onboard with this whole vow renewal. I just don't get it.

Brooke: Trust me. Me neither.

Carter: Oh, seriously. Eric and quinn will understand. It's a work trip. Okay, I will. And--and call me before your flight takes off. Yeah, I'll talk to you soon.

Paris: My sister?

Carter: Yeah. Zoe's going to miss the vow renewal. Uh, last minute photo shoot in paris. She's packing now.

Paris: You know, it was nice of eric to invite me but... I don't think I wanna go, knowing that quinn was unfaithful with you.

Quinn: Today is a fresh start for me and eric.

Shauna: You certainly need one.

Quinn: I'm telling you, I'm gonna put this whole thing behind me and never speak about it ever again.

Shauna: Are you sure you're being honest with yourself? I mean, can you really go through with this after what happened between you and carter?

Finn: Oh, that sounds fine. Okay. Thank you. Hey, midwife's on her--on her way. How are you feeling?

Steffy: I'm okay. I'm okay. The contractions aren't too close together yet.

Finn: All right. Now, you--you still wanna do, uh, home birth, right? Because we still have time if you wanna change your plan. It's totally-- it's totally up to you.

Steffy: You're a doctor, finn. Between you and the midwife... I know I'm in good hands.

Eric: I appreciate so much you two being here.

Flo: Oh, we wouldn't miss it for anything, eric.

Eric: Thanks. Now, I'm really aware that you're having to fill in at the office for your dad and liam while they wait& for their trials.

Wyatt: Yeah. It's, uh, it's intense, for sure, but nothing I can't handle. Um, seriously, though, I don't--I don't wanna talk that. You, I--I am happy for you guys, you know. Uh, I know mom is not always a walk in the park.

Eric: No, she's not.

Wyatt: Well, uh, I do know how much your marriage means to her because you're the only man in the world for my mom.

Carter: How do you think I feel? I hate what quinn and I did, and now I'm supposed to officiate their vow renewal?

Paris: I mean, you could've said no to all of the above.

Carter: It's over. All right. Today marks a new day for all of us, especially eric and quinn.

Brooke: Ridge, if you wanna be with steffy, you should be with her.

Ridge: I do wanna be with her but she just wants to have a quiet birth at home, just her, and finn, and the midwife.

Brooke: Hmm, I can't blame her.

Ridge: Who knows, maybe he'll wait to come till tomorrow. And you know what, I--I got to go to dad's because I gotta show my support, especially since we didn't show up for the actual wedding day.

Brooke: You're a wonderful son, you know that? I can't tell you how hard it's gonna be watching quinn perform cpr on her marriage.

Quinn: I can't take back what happened with carter. I can only recommit myself to my husband from this day forward, and that's exactly what today is all about. I'm gonna be faithful to eric and we're gonna spend the rest of our days together happily as husband and wife. And I am not going to let anyone or anything get in the way. For people who could use a lift

Steffy: Ha.

Finn: [ Indistinct ] That last contraction seemed really intense.

Steffy: Oh, nothing I can't handle.

Finn: Okay. Well, hey, you're doing great, steffy. Okay. The midwife is on her way. Can I get you anything?

Steffy: No. You're so sweet.

Finn: Oh, I mean, you're having our baby. You're doing the hard part. I--I have it easy.

Joanne: Hello?

Steffy: Oh, joanne. Hey.

Joanne: Hey. How are we doing?

Finn: Oh, steffy is being a champ. I mean, she's doing great. Here, let me, uh--

Steffy: Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Joanne: Yeah. Finn said your water broke and your contractions are moving right along.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah. The contractions are getting closer and closer together.

Joanne: That's what we wanna hear. So, we're still planning for a water birth today?

Steffy: Yeah.

Joanne: Okay.

Finn: Do--do you need anything else? Um, uh, I have--the--the-- the rags are right here, they're clean rags. If water--ice chips?

Steffy: It's really nice, you know. I have the call him dr. Finnegan at the hospital, but here I have a nervous dad-to-be. It's really cute.

Finn: We're just excited.

Steffy: Yeah.

Joanne: The birthing process, bringing your child into the world... it is the most beautiful, life-altering experiences you'll ever have.

Finn: Yeah. I'm, um, I'm already...

Steffy: Oh, here goes another one. Ah.

Joanne: Breathe.

Finn: There you go.

Joanne: That's it. You're doing beautifully, steffy. It won't be much longer until you can meet your little boy.

Eric: My son, I appreciate you being here today.

Ridge: I wouldn't miss it.

Eric: No, no, no, I realized that you have issues with quinn.

Ridge: This is not about my issues. This is about you and the woman you love and, uh, it helped you. I'm--you know, I'm not gonna judge you. That's why I brought brooke, she'll do that for both of us.

Eric: Carter, there you are. Just the man I wanna see. Uh, uh, pa--paris, hi. It's good to see you again

Paris: Likewise. Thanks for having me.

Eric: Thanks. So, um, uh,& zende's out of town, I'm told.

Paris: Yeah. Zende is bummed he can't be here. And zoe's got some last-minute photo shoot.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. She's headed to france later today.

Flo: Ooh, not too shabby.

Wyatt: Yeah. Uh, and congratulations on your re-engagement, by the way.

Carter: Thanks, man.

Eric: I hope this won't be too uncomfortable for you today.

Carter: Why--why would it be?

Flo: Um, uh, I think, he's referring to your little, uh, tryst.

Wyatt: Uh, shauna's upstairs helping my mom get ready, so...

Carter: Right. Uh, that. Yeah.

Eric: Well, we don't need to talk about that anymore today. I'm very, very glad you're officiating. Uh, it wouldn't be the same without you.

Shauna: Oh.

Quinn: Hey, listen. Only you and paris know about me and carter.

Shauna: Yeah. Everybody else thinks I'm the one he slept with.

Quinn: Yeah. And that's gonna have to stay that way because if eric ever finds out... he would be devastated and he would never forgive me.

Shauna: Oh. Uh, instead of renewing your vows, you'd be signing divorce papers.

Quinn: You're exactly right. My marriage would be over.

Shauna: Yeah.

Quinn: Done. But you know what, I'm not gonna think about that. I am gonna let go of all the guilt and the fear because today we start anew. And eric and i have so much to look forward to. We have so many years of joy ahead of us.

Shauna: Yeah. As long as, uh, paris keeps her mouth shut.

Brooke: What about paris?

Shauna: Uh... nothing. Uh, quinn was just a little worried because she feels that she's spreading herself little thin with her foundation work, so...

Quinn: I thought you weren't coming, brooke.

Brooke: Can we have a moment alone, please?

Shauna: Oh, sure. I'll text you when everything is ready downstairs.

Quinn: So, what did you have a change of heart, brooke? You decided to honor and respect my marriage to eric?

Brooke: I'm not here for you, quinn. I'm here to support the two men that I care about so much, ridge and eric. And I will always be here for them. And I will always protect eric from people like you.

[ Wind gushing ]

Steffy: Oh.

Joanne: It's good that walking around feels so good to you. Movement is beneficial. It helps progress to labor along.

Finn: Have I mentioned how in awe I am of you?

Steffy: Uh-hmm. You have. But I don't mind hearing you say it again and again and again.

Joanne: The early phase of labor is usually the longest part.

Steffy: Yeah. It feels like this labor is going a lot faster than it did with kelly.

Joanne: It's totally normal. Second babies tend to come more quickly than the first.

Finn: Uh-hmm. Our little boy is just excited to meet his mommy.

Steffy: Hmm. Yeah. He's got some serious fomo and wants to-- oh, he definitely wants to come out and party.

Finn: Uh-hmm. Oh, here, shall we?

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Uh-hmm.

Finn: Well, you've heard joanne. A few movements is a key. Let's hope he gets your moves, though.

Joanne: Tub's ready. Nice and warm. You can get in whenever you'd like. Absolutely up to you. Remember you're in charge, steffy. You decide what feels right for your body. Dad and I are just here to provide support whatever way you need.

Finn: Uh-hmm. I have my three jobs.

Steffy: Uh-hmm.

Finn: Yeah, ice chips, back rubs, dj.

Steffy: Yeah. Dance partner.

[ Laughter ]

Joanne: The right music can be very relaxing.

Steffy: Even if it's a little hip hop.

Joanne: Absolutely, whatever works.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: Oh. Ooh. Uh-huh.

Finn: Uh-hmm.

Steffy: Hmm, yeah. Oh, here it comes.

Finn: Oh, just breathe.

Steffy: Oh. Oh.

Joanne: Remember to breathe.

Steffy: Ah.

Joanne: There you go.

Steffy: Ah.

Joanne: You're doing great, steffy.

Eric: So, how's the woman of the hour?

Shauna: Well, you know quinn, it takes a lot to ruffle her feathers.

Wyatt: Yeah. Trust me, eric, uh, she's very much looking forward to this moment.

Eric: Yeah.

Flo: It is so cute to see you so excited about quinn.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Flo: I hope wyatt always feels that way about me.

[ Laughter ]

Carter: If you're feeling uncomfortable, you didn't have to come--

Paris: Carter, it's just a lot to think about. I'm--I'm just gonna go check on quinn.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Ridge: So, carter. Look at me. What's your plan?

Carter: What?

Ridge: The vows. You do weddings all the time, I guess, it's so easy for you when vows [ Indistinct ] Quinn is a tough one, man. She--she does... some weird things. I think, going after my-- my marriage with brooke, it's just why--are you listening to me at all or not?

Carter: Yes.

Ridge: Well, you're not here right now--

Carter: I'm--I'm right here. Yes, man. Yes.

Ridge: Yeah? It's quinn, isn't it? You feel about her the same way that brooke and I do.

Carter: I didn't say that.

Ridge: You don't have to say it. I can see it. You don't think she's right for my dad.

Quinn: I don't wanna listen to this, especially as I'm preparing to renew my vows.

Brooke: I will never give you another chance. Eric is a wonderful man. He's way too good for you, quinn.

Quinn: Eric doesn't need protecting from me.

Broke: How many times have you said that, only to let him down over and over again?

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I think it's time for you to leave. Not just my bedroom but my house.

Brooke: This is eric's house. You can't just kick me out like that.

Quinn: Yes, I can because I'm not gonna let you ruin my day. And if eric knew that you were questioning my love and commitment to him, he'd want you to leave, too. So, go on. Get out.

Brooke: Poor eric. I'm gonna pray for him.

Quinn: Oh.

Brooke: He's gonna need it.

Quinn: Hmm. Okay.

Paris: Quinn?

Quinn: Oh. What? Paris...what are you doing here? I told you not to come.

Paris: Well, looking at you about to make vows to eric... I'm not sure I can be here considering your affair with carter. Struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes

Wyatt: All right. The ice is starting to melt on the champagne. Shouldn't mom be ready by now?

Eric: Look, I don't wanna rush quinn. All right? Although, I have to admit I'm a little anxious to get this started myself. Where--where's brooke?

Shauna: Uh, I think she's still upstairs with quinn.

Ridge: So is paris.

Eric: Well, I don't suppose a few more minutes could, uh, really matters much. Quinn and I have the rest of our lives to prove our love and loyalty to each other.

Paris: How can you go through with this knowing you cheated on eric?

Quinn: Hey, you keep your voice down. I don't need you getting all sanctimonious on me.

Paris: You're just gonna stand there next to carter, the guy you cheated with--

Quinn: Shut up, paris. You are so young and idealistic. Well, do you think I've got it all figured out? That--that my life is all set up so perfectly? You don't know anything about me. You don't know what I've been through in my marriage and how lost I felt. Life is complicated. Life is messy. People get hurt. People make mistakes. But we change and we grow. I'm a work in progress... just like you. Just like everyone else. I am not going to let you ruin my life and my future with eric. And if you try, I will ruin yours. I will take away everything that you care about, starting with your job at forrester. So don't you say a word to anyone, do you hear me? Not a word to anyone.

Steffy: [ Breathes deeply ]

Steffy: Ah. Oh. Oh.

Finn: Yeah? Yeah? There you go. That's-- here, let me-- you're doing great. That's one more out of the way.

Joanne: You can relax now.

Steffy: Oh, I'm so tired.

Joanne: Take a breather. Conserve your energy. Your contractions are about 65 seconds long.

Steffy: Oh. That's good.

Finn: You're doing great. Just hang in there.

Joanne: Let me check and see if you're ready to start pushing.

Steffy: Oh, I love you.

Finn: I love you, too. You're doing great.

Joanne: Yeah. Good news. You're fully dilated. You're ready to start pushing.

Steffy: Oh. Oh, that's great. Oh, my god.

Finn: This is it. Okay. Hey, this is it.

Steffy: Yeah.

Joanne: You've got this, steffy.

Finn: You got this, okay?

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: All right?

Joanne: Are you ready?

Finn: This is it. You can start pushing and we're--we're gonna have our son here.

Steffy: Okay.

Finn: Okay?

Joanne: Push. Start pushing.

Steffy: Oh.

Joanne: Push. Push. Push. Push, really bear down.

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