B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/22/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/22/21


Episode #8547 ~ Steffy and Hope agree to join forces to keep Liam's spirits up while in prison. Learning the truth about Vinny's death puts Thomas in a dangerous situation.

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Vinny: You and douglas will have to--

Thomas: No, this can't be.

Vinny: You will have a family with hope, okay? And you are not gonna have to worry about liam ever again. Goodbye, man. I love you. Vinny out.

[ Tires screeching ]

Thomas: My god. Vinny wanted liam to hit him. It was suicide.

Steffy: Hey.

Hope: Hi, steffy.

Steffy: I know I probably should have called first, but...

Hope: Oh, no, it's fine.

Steffy: We need to talk about what liam and bill did.

[ Door buzzes ]

Bill: What's going on? Who's here?

Bill: Katie.

Katie: Hey.

Bill: You came.

Katie: You know I would eventually.

Bill: I can't tell you how good it is to see you.

Katie: Yeah. Yeah, I wish I could say the same. I can't believe I'm visiting you in jail.

Bill: Thank you so much for coming. And you're wrong, I didn't assume you would. And I would have been okay too. I would have understood. But now that you're here in front of me and I'm looking in those beautiful blue eyes, it's so much better.

Katie: How are you holding up?

Bill: Forget about me. How's my son?

Katie: [ Sighs ] He's hurt. He is confused.

Bill: Well, you didn'T...

Katie: I--I had to. You turned yourself in, you got yourself arrested. It's news. It's everywhere, it's unavoidable. I had to tell him.

Bill: You're right. It's better that he heard it from you. How did he take it?

Katie: Well, it's been hard for him. It's been hard for me. Bill, how could you allow this to happen?

Hope: How are you? How's the baby?

Steffy: Hmm, getting impatient. He wants to make his way into the world real quick. Finn and I are very excited.

Hope: I'm really happy for you.

Steffy: Thanks. How are you doing? This can't be easy for you, being alone with the kids going through this.

Hope: It's been a lot, liam being gone for who knows how long.

Steffy: It was shocking to see him in jail.

Hope: Yeah. Well, that's all thanks to bill. He is the one who committed the real crime by leaving the scene. Liam hit vinny by accident. Bill is the one who orchestrated the cover-up.

Steffy: It's so ironic. The person who switched the dna results to make it look like liam was my baby's father. The guy who turned our whole lives upside down was run over by liam, of all people.

Thomas: Vinny tracked liam. Stepped in front of the car. What the hell, vinny?

Vinny: You will have a family with hope, okay? And you are not gonna have to worry about liam ever again. Vinny out.

[ Tires screeching ] With downy infusions, let the scent set the mood.

Bill: Katie, you know me. My first instinct is to protect my family. I'm proactive by nature. I had to get liam out of there, get rid of the evidence. Those were the only things I could do.

Katie: No. You could have stood by your son. You could have supported him while he went to the police and told them about a horrible accident, which is what it was until you made it a crime scene. And now you and liam are in jail and our son is trying to process something that he should never have to.

Bill: When I get out of here, I'll make it up to him.

Katie: What if you don't get out of here? You could go to jail for a very long time, liam could, too. I mean, will might not only lose his father, he might lose his brother as well, and you can't make up anything to him from a prison cell. Sorry, I just I-- I don't wanna get emotional. I just--I can't-- I can't stand looking at you in that.

Bill: What, in this? This jail scrubs? What are you talking about? I make these things look good. I might do a photo shoot, put myself on the cover of [ Indistinct ] Fashion, I'm gonna start a trend.

Katie: You're joking. You--you think this is funny, there's nothing funny about this.

Bill: It's a little funny.

Steffy: I wish bill would have stopped and thought it through, considered the possibility that they wouldn't get away with this. The last thing I wanna do is explain to my daughter why she's not gonna see her father for a very long time because he's in prison.

Hope: Believe me, I can relate.

Steffy: You haven't said anything to douglas or beth have you?

Hope: Oh, no. I-- I'm holding that hope that liam's name gets cleared. And liam can't lose sight of that. You know, our daughters need him too much and he has to keep the faith. He has to keep fighting to get home to our children. And, you know, maybe if you and I work together, to keep him focused in a positive way.

Steffy: This is the one time we need to come together as a family.

Hope: Thank you. That means a lot. I just-- I have to believe that things will turn out right in the end.

Vinny: You and douglas will have the family you deserve. You will have a family with hope, okay? And you are not gonna have to worry about liam ever again.

Thomas: The truth has to come out. I-- I have to tell hope, and steffy, and--and baker.

Justin: Hey, glad I caught you. I just wanna ask you a few questions about liam and bill's case. It shouldn't take long.

Thomas: I--I have to go.

Justin: Yes, but at least let me tell you what I need from you as a witness.

Thomas: I'm not a witness.

Justin: Character witness. Talk about vinny's compared to liam'S. Upstanding businessman, family man compared to dna switching drug dealing loner.

Thomas: Vinny was a lot more than that.

Justin: Pretty sure he was. But it's my job to get liam and bill back to their families, if that means calling vinny out well, at least I didn't ask you to lie. Thomas, come on, man, wake up, I'm talking to you. Are you hearing me? I'm finally getting my clients out of jail here.

Thomas: Oh, they'll be out a lot sooner than you think.

Justin: What does that mean? People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Bill: Tell me more about will, how he's handling things day-to-day.

Katie: Well, he's just like you. Stoic, he feels like he has to be strong for me. I lie in bed with him at night and wait for him to go to sleep. And when it's dark, the deal is, is that he has to tell me everything that he's feeling and he has to be honest about that.

Bill: That's good. As long he-- as long as he gets it out, it won't even weigh him.

Katie: Well, that's the idea. Like I said, he's--he's angry and he's--he's confused.

Bill: I hate it. I hate that I can't be there to reassure him. But I know that you're doing your usual outstanding job.

Katie: Well, I'm trying. What's going on with your case? What's the status? I mean, you must have a team of lawyers working for you.

Bill: Justin is spearheading all of that.

Katie: God, I can't believe we're in this situation. I mean, so many lives have been turned upside down because of one stupid decision you made that night.

Bill: Katie, it wasn't a casual decision. Vinny was dead because liam hit him. I had to protect my son.

Katie: What about your other sons? Don't you think that wyatt needs you? Will certainly does. I mean, I just wish that just-- just for one second, you would have thought about how this affected the rest of your family, me included.

Bill: I'm sorry, katie. It kills me to think about what I have brought on you and will, and wyatt, my whole family. I'm gonna be honest with you, even if I had taken more time to make my decision, I wouldn't have done anything differently. I had to protect liam. Get him out of harms away, just like I would will or wyatt, or you.

Katie: The crazy thing is... I know that.

Hope: The da is taking a really hard line. Got the judge to refuse bail, suggesting they could be flight risks.

Steffy: I wonder if he or she has a history with bill, it's coming back to haunt us.

Hope: [ Sighs ] There's a cheerful thought.

Steffy: I'm just considering angles.

Hope: Well, it's a valid one. And just one more thing for liam to get caught up in, that would be because of bill.

Steffy: You're really upset with him.

Hope: Upset doesn't even begin to describe it. Liam would have done the right thing that night, but bill took an accident and turned it into a crime scene. And now, the thing he was trying to prevent is actually happening. The da thinks that liam and bill are covering up a murder, because otherwise, why not just come forward?

Steffy: Everyone knows liam wouldn't kill anyone.

Hope: I mean, we know that, people who know him best. But that's not gonna help with the judge and a jury. They're just going to look at facts. Yeah, no, bill didn't do liam any favors that night. And our children are going to pay the price. So, no, bill is not my favorite person right now.

Steffy: We've got one thing in our favor, the truth. Liam did not deliberately kill vinny.

Justin: You said bill and liam won't be in jail much longer. What do you know that I don't?

Thomas: I found something out, okay? Something huge. And I need to tell hope, and steffy, and baker.

Justin: Okay. Whoa, whoa. Dial it back a second. I'm the lawyer here. If you have information that affects this case, you need to share it with me.

Thomas: Okay. Liam said that this was an accident, but it was actually intentional.

Justin: Oh, so you're backing the da? Saying that liam hit vinny on purpose?

Thomas: I'm saying that the accident was a deliberate act.

Justin: You're not making any sense.

Thomas: Okay. There was motive, but it wasn't on liam's part, it was on vinny'S.

Justin: Okay. I'm not following you, thomas. Where are you going with this?

Thomas: Vinny didn't just happen to be in the path of bill's car that night. He put himself there, it was suicide. Vinny framed liam for murder. And tonight's winning numbers are 18,

Steffy: Is there anything finn and I can do? Take beth and douglas, so you can have some time for yourself. Kelly loves having them over.

Hope: Thank you. I-- I might take you up on that.

Steffy: Please do, any time.

Hope: Yeah. I mean, it's--it's been tough, trying to hold it together for the sake of the kids, because there are days where I just wanna scream in frustration or curl up in a ball and--and give up, but I can't do that, I can't give up. The da has to realize that what happened to vinny was a terrible accident and let liam come home, because I need my husband, and beth and kelly, they need their father and... there has to be a way to prove liam's innocence.

Bill: Do I wish to made another choice, now that liam and i are locked up in here? Yes, no, maybe, I don't know, katie. I can just tell you that in that moment, I had to erase liam from that scene. Get him out of there, that's how I'm made.

Katie: No one knows that better than me.

Bill: You wish I was different.

Katie: [ Sighs ] Sometimes I just wish that when you're in that moment, you wouldn't be so reckless with your family. Will doesn't know what to do with this. He--he says, "prison is for criminals. Why is dad there?"

Bill: I am so sorry for putting will through this, for the strain I see on your face. But I can make this right, katie, and I will.

Katie: How can you make it right from a prison cell?

Bill: Justin's life is about nothing right now except getting liam and me out of here.

Katie: It might not be that easy.

Bill: I have total faith in justin, katie. He's never let me down before and he won't now.

Justin: So, let me make sure I heard you right. You're telling me vinny stepped in front of liam's car on purpose?

Thomas: Yes. And I know it sounds crazy.

Justin: Yeah. What sane person would do that?

Thomas: Well, maybe he wasn't exactly sane in that moment. I mean, look, vinny has always been a bit unorthodox.

Justin: Come on. Look at me, thomas. Why would vinny kill himself?

Thomas: He wanted liam out of the picture, so I could be with hope. And look, I--I told him that I didn't want that, over and over again. Why would I want that? Liam out of the picture that--that hurts hope. It hurts the kids, it hurts my sister. Liam is the victim here, you know what that means. Case dismissed.

Justin: How do you know all of this?

Thomas: From vinny. My, uh, my phone was acting up, so I--I reset it and I got all these messages.

Justin: So, what happened then?

Thomas: Um, apparently the night of the accident, vinny was blowing my phone, but I didn't get any of the messages, because I had blocked him because of the paternity test thing. And then, I guess me resetting, it just unblocked him or something.

Justin: So, what did he say?

Thomas: What I've been telling you. He--he was tracking liam. He knew that liam was approaching, and--and he said it was a moment of truth time, and he did it for me.

Justin: So he set up liam for murder, so you could be with hope?

Thomas: Yeah.

John: Uh, all that evidence is on your phone?

Thomas: Yeah. Everything from-- from vinny confessing to suicide, all the way up to the-- the car hitting him. Well, that changes things, right? It means that liam and bill, they'll get out of jail.

Justin: Yeah, that's, uh, definitely a game changer, all right.

Thomas: Right. Which is exactly why I need to tell baker and--and steffy, and hope. And--and that frees bill and liam.

Justin: Yeah. Hey, thomas.

Thomas: Yeah?

[ Grunts ]

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