B&B Transcript Wednesday 6/16/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 6/16/21


Episode #8543 ~ Steffy visits Liam in jail. Hope encourages Liam not to lose faith.

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Thomas: Liam is doing whatever he can to look after you and the kids.

Hope: But by asking you to take care of us?

Thomas: Not just me. He knows you have the whole family. But he could be in jail for a while.

Hope: I don't wanna hear that, thomas. I don't wanna hear it.

Thomas: Look. Liam doesn't want you to be alone.

Hope: Then he needs to concentrate on the case and not act like he's never going to get out of jail.

Thomas: He is. He's focused on that, okay? But he doesn't want you to be alone. I will look after you, beth, and douglas. You can count on me, hope.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Liam: Uh, hey, um, before you take me back to the cell, can-- am I allowed to make phone call?

Guard: You got another visitor.

Liam: Steffy?

Steffy: My god, liam. Look at you.

Liam: I didn't want you to come here and see me like this.

Steffy: Are you okay? This doesn't seem real. How could this happen?

Ridge: There's the father of my future grandson.

Finn: Is that the official title now?

Ridge: Can you blame me? I'm getting excited.

Finn: Oh, I'm right there with you.

Ridge: So what are you and my beautiful daughter doing this afternoon?

Finn: Uh, no plans. I figured she'd come back here after she was done, and, uh, and I wanted to see how it went.

Ridge: How what went?

Finn: Her visit with liam. She went to see him at the jail.

Liam: What are you doing here?

Steffy: I had to see you and make sure you're all right.

Liam: Uh, no, no. I don't want you worrying about me right now.

Steffy: I'm gonna worry about you, you've been arrested. You confessed to killing someone.

Liam: I know. I swear to god, steffy. It was an accident. I didn't--I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I just couldn't take the lying anymore. There was no good option. There wasn'T. No matter what I did, it was gonna be bad, I-- but the guilt... listen, I told you that I was always gonna be there for kelly and I'm gonna keep that promise, so I'm gonna fi-- I got to find a way to get out of here just to make my case because the thought-- the thought of kelly growing up and me not getting to see it, it's killing me. It's making me sick.

Thomas: Liam is facing facts. He loves you. And he's not giving up on you. But he knows he might go to prison for a long time and he needs to make sure you're all right.

Hope: We will be all right, thomas. I just... none of this should be happening. Vinny should be alive. Liam should be at home with me and the kids and... I can't lost him now. I... I can't lose my husband. As a repairman, I hear a lot of folks say they feel like they have to rinse off dirty dishes like these before loading them in the dish washer. But new cascade platinum changes all that. New cascade platinum, with 50% more cleaning power! It dissolves fast to start cleaning sooner, releasing the soaking power of dawn.

Ridge: I get it. I get why steffy wanted to see liam.

Finn: Look, if he's convicted, he's gonna be going to jail for a long time.

Ridge: Yeah, because of his selfish father. If there's a--a bad choice to be made, it's got to be spencer, he's gonna make it.

Finn: The cover-up was bill's idea but liam, he went along with it, all right? And that bad decision, that has ramifications for his family and for mine.

Ridge: And you should be upset by that.

Finn: Yes. I should be upset with that. But look, that's not gonna help anybody. It's not gonna help kelly and that's not gonna help steffy.

Ridge: You didn't say anything to kelly, right?

Finn: No. No, but eventually, she's gonna know that he's father is not around.

Ridge: Yeah. Brooke and I have been talking about that and we're gonna help hope as--as much as we can but may not be enough.

Finn: Uh, it's gonna be a challenge for all of us, all right? But steffy and kelly, they're not gonna face it alone. Liam is kelly's father. I would never try and replace liam in her life. But I want you to know kelly, she can depend on me. I love that little girl like she's my own. And we're gonna get through this together as a family.

Liam: I should have turned myself in that night.

Steffy: It doesn't matter what you should have done. What are you doing now? You said you got to make your case? What does justin think?

Liam: It doesn't look good.

Steffy: Okay. So we'll get you another lawyer.

Liam: No.

Steffy: What do you mean, "no?"

Liam: I mean-- I mean no, steffy. You--you cannot be taking this on right now. You got to be thinking about kelly and your baby.

Steffy: Stop! Stop! You need to stop trying to be a hero. I know you weren't trying to hurt vinny. You're not a criminal. I heard what happened. You passed out, and bill took over. You can say that he was trying to protect you and he wasn't being malicious but that was the stupidest thing he could have done. And now you're paying for it. We're paying for it. Kelly's paying for it. She needs her dad.

Liam: I'm sorry, steffy. I'm really, really sorry.

Hope: I'm trying to be strong for the kids but I don't want them to see how scared I actually am to think of a potential life where beth has to visit her father in prison. I mean, if he's not released. If he is convicted--

Thomas: Wait, hold on. We're not there yet, okay? You just have to take this one day at a time.

Hope: How? How am I supposed to do that? What am I supposed to tell the children? I mean, where do I even begin? I don't wanna tell beth that her father is in prison for killing a man. I don't want that to be her reality and... what if douglas finds out from someone at school, or a friend? I mean, he's always looked up to liam. He trusted him and now... I can only make excuses for so long. And they miss him. I miss him. I don't understand why any of this had to happen.

Ridge: Steffy and kelly are very lucky to have you in their lives.

Finn: Things are gonna be complicated and difficult for a while, but I mean, I see a great future for the three of us or...

Ridge: That's right. It's gonna be four, huh? It's almost time he

Ridge: Steffy and kelly are very lucky to have you in their lives.

Finn: Things are gonna be complicated and difficult for a while, but I mean, I see a great future for the three of us or... four of us.

Ridge: That's right. It's gonna be four, huh? It's almost time he's almost here. You ready?

Finn: Yeah, I am beyond ready.

Ridge: Good. Hey, this is a mess, I get it. But... don't miss this opportunity, the excitement. It's your kid, you know, and you got to get the nursery ready, you got to do a million things. You got to find a name for the boy.

Finn: Yeah.

Ridge: Look to the future.

Finn: I do that a lot. Wondering what he's gonna be like. I just... I want everything to go right for him, you know? It's not enough to protect him. I wanna... I wanna make the world better for him and for kelly.

Ridge: We all want that. As parents, you always wanna do the right thing. But you're gonna screw it up. I did. We all screw it up. It part of it. We're gonna make mistakes, it doesn't matter. What matters is being there, you got to be present.

Finn: I will be. I'm just... I'm excited to welcome a boy into the world and help him find his place in it.

Thomas: I know that this is a lot to deal with and that's why I'm here.

Hope: I appreciate that but...

Thomas: But I'm not liam. Believe me, I get that, okay? I'm not--I'm not trying to fill his shoes. I'm not trying to take his place. I just--I hate seeing you in pain. And you know what? Liam didn't even have to ask me to do this. I would have wanted to do it anyway, because... I don't want you to have to go through this alone. And you're not gonna have to because I'm here for you.

Liam: I--I mean, yeah, everything you're saying is true. But you can't just blame all this on my dad.

Steffy: You did what he told you to do.

Liam: I still did it. And he... you know, he is just trying to spare me all of this. Spare my family. Spare you and kelly.

Steffy: You're in jail. No one's been spared. This affects all of us.

Liam: I know. I know. Okay? And it--and it--it's killing me that I don't know when I'm gonna see kelly next or how all of this is gonna screw with her whole life.

Steffy: That's not gonna happen. That is not gonna happen. She is a happy, confident girl who loves her daddy, that's never gonna change.

Liam: Thanks.

Steffy: We're not gonna turn our back on you. There are people out here who are counting on you. I'm gonna look after kelly, and hope is gonna look after beth and douglas.

Liam: You know, hope came with me when I went to confess. Can you believe that?

Steffy: Must have been hard.

Liam: It was hard but she knew I just-- I couldn't keep this secret anymore. Everything I put her through and she still stuck with me. She doesn't deserve to pay for my mistake. I mean, she doesn't deserve to have all of this on her shoulders and you know hope, you know, she's gonna try to handle everything. She's gonna try to take care of everyone because that's who she is buts too much--

Steffy: We're all gonna be there for-- we're all gonna be there for each other. And hope has her mom and her aunts.

Liam: I also... I also asked thomas to help out hope and the kids.

Steffy: You asked thomas?

Liam: He came to visit me when he found out I was the one who hit vinny.

Steffy: You asked thomas even with the way you feel about him?

Liam: He's already douglas' father and I just--I just wanna help to have as much support as humanly possible and I don't know what I'm--

Steffy: Oh, if we can just have two more minutes, please.

Guard: Time's up.

Steffy: You're gonna get out of here. Everything's gonna be okay. Okay?

Liam: Tell kelly I miss here.

Finn: Have some water. I didn't think you going to see liam is gonna shake you up this much.

Steffy: I know. Me neither. But seeing him, you know, locked up like that, it was hard driving away knowing he was staying there. It's awful.

Finn: Okay. Well, look, I'm sure he's family is doing everything they can to get him out.

Ridge: Unless spencer is too busy saving his own neck.

Steffy: Dad, I'm angry with bill, but right now, all I can think about is liam and what this means for kelly. I don't know what's gonna happen to our family.

Finn: Look, liam is always gonna be a part of kelly's life. Even if he can't see her for a little while.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: Okay? And we're gonna make sure that she's safe and secure and happy.

Steffy: Yeah, we're gonna get through this.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: We will.

Finn: Okay.

Thomas: Hey dad, did you make that phone call-- what's, uh, what's going on?

Ridge: Your sister went to see liam.

Steffy: He told me what he asked of you.

Ridge: I'm--I was as shock as you are right now, I'm sure. But if I was in liam's shoes, I'd want the same thing. I mean, as a parent, you never wanna be separated from your kids, not be able to protect them. That's why liam asked for my help. And he knows how much I love hope and the kids and how much I want their happiness.

Steffy: It just shows how much he loves hope. And he's determined to get back to her.

Liam: What do you mean I have a--another visitor? Is it my lawyer or is this--

Guard: Take a seat.

Liam: Okay. Hope.

Hope: Liam. How are you?

Liam: How am I? Forget about me. How are you? How are the kids? Oh my god, it's so nice to see you.

Hope: It's nice to see you too. The kids are fine. A little confused.

Liam: They--they still don't know where I am, right?

Hope: No.

Liam: Well, I hate being away from them. It's like--it's like every time I close my eyes, I see my family and then I start to get this-- this sinking feeling, like I may never get to be with them again and it's like a whole--

Hope: Liam, stop. You can't give up, all right? I know things look bad right now but I need you to believe that you are going to get out of here and you're going to come home to us. We just... have to convince the--the police, the da, or whoever that you didn't mean to kill vinny.

Liam: Yeah, I know. Uh, and justin's working on it. And I'm not giving up. That's not--I'm-- I'm not giving up, it's just... I just feel like I need to be realistic about this, you know? Not--not just with myself but with my family and so, um, oh, man, I did-- I did something today and I feel like--

Hope: Thomas told me. You asked him to take care of me and the kids?

Liam: I--I know you can handle anything, it's not that. I just... I just want you to have as much support as you possibly can. I wanna know that you-- that you're gonna be okay, you know.

Hope: Liam, we will be okay. My main concern is getting through to the police. To convince them that... bill is the one who covered up the accident. He is who asked you to keep quiet and knowing that-- knowing that we have the truth on our side, that is what allows me to keep the faith that you will come home to us soon.

Liam: We were just-- we were just getting back on track. You know, you let me into our home. We were building our family back up. I had another chance. I had A... it was because of you I had another chance, you know, because of your goodness, because of your ability to forgive and I don't wanna lose that chance. I just wanna be home with the kids. I just wanna be home with the kids and so you're right, you're right. I got to--I got to... I got to find a way out of here because you and i are meant to be together, hope. We are meant to be together and there's--there's nothing, there's--there's no freak accident, there's no prison bars, nothing should ever keep us apart. Nothing!

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