B&B Transcript Friday 6/4/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 6/4/21


Episode #8535 ~ Hope breaks down to Brooke about Liam's arrest and Bill's involvement; Baker gets frustrated when Bill and Liam continue to take the blame for the other.

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Baker: You wanna run that by me again?

Liam: Wait, hold--hold-- hold on--hold on a second. This is my dad, right? You can't listen to what he says, he'd say anything to get me out of--

Bill: I'm telling the truth. Liam didn't commit a crime. Hitting vinny was an accident that no one could have avoided. The crime was the cover-up and that's on me. Liam is innocent. I'm anything but. So let me my son go and lock me up.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] This is unbelievable! Liam's been arrested and he's in jail?

Hope: They put him in cuffs and took him away.

Brooke: Yeah, because he was driving the car that hit vinny.

Hope: But it was an accident. Vinny just appeared in the middle of the road. Liam didn't have time to stop.

Brooke: And all this time it's been liam and he-- he didn't say anything, not even to you?

Hope: No. But keeping this secret was killing him and he did tell me eventually. I--I'm just proud that he's owning what he did. It's just-- now, mom, I don't-- I don't know what happens next.

Ridge: You all right? Sorry.

Thomas: Yeah. I didn't hear you come in.

Ridge: Lost in your work I guess, huh?

Thomas: Yeah. What do you think?

Ridge: Every one of your designs is better than the last.

Thomas: Oh, thanks.

Ridge: What is that one, hope for the future?

Thomas: Yup, it is, uh--it is. She hasn't seen it yet though since she hasn't been in yet.

Ridge: A little odd?

Thomas: Not really, considering the circumstances, you know, reuniting with liam and all.

Ridge: And does that end with you?

Thomas: If hope's happy, I'm happy.

Brooke: Why would liam keep what happened a secret? I mean, why wouldn't he call the police or 911? I mean, he doesn't seem like a person that would leave the scene of an accident.

Hope: You're right. He's not that kind of person.

Brooke: What possessed him?

Hope: Bill. It was all bill.

Liam: Dad, this is my mess, you can't be doing this. I-- I already told you that I-- I'm the one who hit vinny, why--

Bill: And I covered it up. My decision, my actions. I'm not letting you pay for that. Liam hit vinny by accident. The cover-up was deliberate, and I set it in motion. Liam didn't get a vote, so let my son go home to his family and arrest the real criminal.

Baker: You spencers think you can get away with anything. I knew there was more to this story. I wanna know exactly what happened the night vinny walker was killed and this time, I want the truth.

Frank is a fan of fast.

He's a fast talker.

Ridge: So you're really okay with hope and liam being back together?

Thomas: Hey, you can't force someone to love you. They either do or they don'T.

Ridge: Right.

Thomas: Well, you got to either-- do one or two things, right? You're gonna cut ties with someone completely or develop a new kind of relationship with them, and I think that hope and I have done that. It's worked out pretty well, you know, I mean, we're working together on the line, we're co-parenting. It's pretty amazing. I--I--I, uh, I lost myself there for--for a bit but I think I'm kind of back on track.

Ridge: Good. Listen, you fell down the rabbit hole. It happens. You pulled yourself out and what do we have now? The best version of thomas yet.

Thomas: Well, I hope so. Uh, I mean, we'll see. I'm definitely still learning things but, well, I appreciate that.

Baker: What did you learn?

Thomas: Learned how to love someone. It means you want their happiness no matter how it affects you. You--you just-- you want them genuinely to have joy.

Ridge: It's an important lesson. Not everyone learns that.

Thomas: Yeah. And, uh, hope is feeling this great life with liam. And no matter how much I love her, I know her future is with him.

Brooke: What does bill have to do with this?

Hope: [ Scoffs ] Everything.

Brooke: The night that vinny died bill came to see me, and he had a few drinks, and then he left with liam. So that means bill was in the car when the accident happened.

Hope: Exactly. And if bill hadn't tried to fix things with his lies and manipulations, all of this could be so different right now, but no. And you know who has to pay for it? Not bill. Liam with god knows how many years of his life all because of his arrogant father who is just incapable of telling the truth and taking accountability for something!

Brooke: What exactly did bill do?

Hope: Well, there were two things, the accident and then the cover-up. Now liam freely admits to hitting vinny with his car. And as tragic as that is, it didn't become a crime until the cover-up. And that-- that was all bill. Bill is the one who deserves to be behind bars right now, not liam.

Bill: Everybody knows my son is dudley do-gooder. It would never occur to liam to leave the scene of an accident, the same way everybody knows that's right up my alley.

Baker: And you just went along with it?

Bill: He was passed out literally unconscious. I'm telling the truth.

Baker: Oh, now? After I finally arrested your son?

Bill: Do you have kids, detect--sorry, deputy chief baker?

Baker: This isn't about me.

Bill: Well, if you do, then you know that you would do anything you had to, to protect them. Now I knew that the authorities or a jury would assume that liam ran vinny down on purpose, because he had manipulated steffy's paternity test, that's not what happened. Vinny, that idiot, stepped into the road out of nowhere. Liam couldn't possibly avoid him.

Baker: So let me see if I got all this right. Liam was driving your car.

Bill: Correct.

Baker: Hit mr. Walker by accident.

Bill: Correct again.

Baker: And instead of calling 911--

Bill: That skunk was already dead.

Baker: --Waiting by the scene for the police to arrive, you orchestrated a cover-up, and drove away, leaving mr. Walker's broken and bloody body by the side of the road.

Bill: That is exactly what happened.

Baker: Well, congratulations, mr. Spencer, that puts you under arrest, too.

Trelegy for copd.

Ridge: You've come a long way. There was a time you never would have accepted hope and liam together.

Thomas: Well, I am invested in hope's happiness and she finds it with liam for some reason.

Ridge: So you still have your doubts about him?

Thomas: Of course I still have my doubts about him, how could I not? I mean, after what he's done over and over again, just coming back and forth between steffy and her. He could do it again.

Ridge: And when he does, you'll be there for hope, right?

Thomas: Of course I'd bethere for hope. I just hope that liam has learned his lesson. Hope really does love him and she believes in him. He's got to take advantage of the second chance or third chance, or fourth, or fifth, whatever chance it is at this point, but I think he can do that and realized that he can just have this incredible family, with this amazing life and two adorable kids.

Liam: You never listened to me. This is not what I wanted.

Bill: I know. You were trying to protect me and I appreciate that. But it's not your job, liam. It's my job to protect you. Now that deputy chief baker knows the truth, we will sort this out, and get you home to your family.

Liam: Dad, what about you?

Bill: Don't worry about me. Justin will have me out of here within an hour.

Liam: But--yeah. But then what?

Bill: Then we'll take it as it comes, liam. What won't happen is you being taken away from your family.

Liam: I'm not the only one with a family, dad. What about katie? What about will?

Bill: I'll deal.

Liam: How?

Bill: The same way I deal with everything, liam, one step at a time.

Liam: What about spencer publications, huh? Who's gonna--who's gonna run the company while you're in here?

Bill: Will you stop worrying? The focus needs to be on getting you out of here.

Baker: Anything you wanna add to your story before we get you processed?

Bill: I've said all I've got to say. Now let my son go and let's get this show on the road.

Baker: Is that how you think this is gonna go down?

Bill: I told you what happened that night.

Baker: Something liam should have done from the very beginning, instead he took an active role in the cover-up. No, your son is not going anywhere. I'm keeping both of you in custody.

Hope: Liam said vinny was just there in the middle of the road, in the dark, no warning. And so, he, uh, he hit him. And when they got out of the car to check on him, I guess it wasn't that long before he--he passed. Liam became overwhelmed and he fainted. And so I guess that's when bill decided to take matters into his own hands. He didn't call the police, he didn't let the justice system work its way out. No. He--he covered it up. All because he didn't think that people would believe that vinny's death was an accident.

Brooke: Anybody who knows liam knows that he wouldn't deliberately hit somebody with a car.

Hope: No, that's bill's reasoning. I mean, he was convinced that no judge, no jury, no--no cop was going to believe that liam didn't hit vinny on purpose.

Brooke: That sounds like a leap to me.

Hope: Right. But that's bill's warped justification for protecting his son. So then guess what he does next? He takes vinny's wallet, he takes his phone, and he gets rid of them. And then he takes unconscious liam, and puts him back in the car, and drives away. And guess what? That car is gone.

Brooke: Gone, where?

Hope: I have no idea. It's probably in park somewhere by now.

Brooke: Liam must have been devastated when he realized what he did. I know his instincts would be to call the cops.

Hope: Liam would have done the right thing if he had a choice, but he didn'T. Bill convinced him to stay silent. And this is all bill's fault. My husband would be home right now with me and our children if it wasn't for his selfish father. Come here! I've got big news!

[ Phone rings ]

Thomas: Oh, man.

Ridge: What?

Thomas: This, uh, alert reminder for, uh, my monthly guys night with vinny. We used to done it our whole lives ever since college get-together and just, uh, act like idiots. You know, get too drunk and it's hard to think it will never happen again.

Ridge: Sorry, son.

Thomas: Just keeps happening, you know. Just like, um, doing thing after another, it was an alert, or a memory on social media, or...

[ Sighs ] ...And scrolling through photos, completely unrelated. And then this picture of us or him and-- makes some goofy face is just--

[ Sighs ] I miss my friend.

Ridge: You always will.

Thomas: Yeah. You know, if he had, um, if he had just, like, gotten sick, it sounds terrible. It's just like even as young as he is, uh, there would have been some preparation. I would have been able to come to terms with it, but the way that it happened, hit by a car one night, and left there. I have to find the person who did this. I'm going to--I'm gonna make sure this guy pays.

Brooke: I know bill can be ruthless. But are you trying to tell me that he straight out decided to leave somebody dead on the side of the road like his life didn't matter?

Hope: Bill took an accident and turned it into a crime. And now I might lose my husband and now my children might lose their father. What am I supposed to tell them? And what happens if liam gets sentenced? What happens to liam in jail? Mom, I am not going to sit idly by while my children and my husband suffer because of bill's stupidity. Where is that card?

Brooke: Oh, honey. What are you doing?

Hope: Oh, I'm doing something that bill does all the time, which is take matters into my hands.

[ Dialing ]

[ Clears throat ] Hello, yes, I'd like to speak to deputy chief baker, this is hope spencer. I'm sure he'll wanna take my call.

Baker: Mrs. Spencer.

Hope: Hi, uh, deputy chief baker, thank you for speaking with me.

Baker: What can I do for you?

Hope: Well, it's more so what I could do for you. I know more about vinny's accident than I think you know, and I would like to come in, and tell the truth, all of it.

Baker: I believe I already know.

Hope: Excuse me?

Baker: Your father-in-law is here now. He's told me everything.

Hope: Bill confessed to the cover-up?

Baker: That he did.

Hope: Well, so now that you know this-- the truth you-- you can right this injustice, liam hitting vinny was an accident. It wasn't a crime until bill made it one. It's bill who should be behind bars.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Hope: I couldn't convince him. Baker won't even consider releasing liam.

Brooke: Did he give a reason?

Hope: He said that liam went along with the cover-up and that makes him guilty.

Brooke: But he didn'T. He was passed out. He didn't even know what was going on.

Hope: Baker said that liam should have told the truth right away. Every day he kept silent, it just got him into more trouble. Just when we're starting to get our life back, and we're finally excited to move forward, we were so hopeful about the future. And now, look at our future, liam is in jail, and I am alone with-- with our kids.

Brooke: Oh, honey, no, not alone. You're never alone.

Hope: Mom, liam is the love of my life. And beth and douglas, they need him, I need him, and I don't know how long he's going to be gone. I don't know what to do. [ Crying ] I don't know what to do, mom. [ Sobbing ]

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