B&B Transcript Tuesday 6/1/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 6/1/21


Episode #8532 ~ Liam plays a trick on Bill in order to do the right thing. Baker listens as Liam recounts his story of the accident.

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Baker: You got something to tell me, young man? It's got to be pretty serious to bring you into my police station with your wife and your father at that. If you've got something to get off your chest, I'm here to listen.

Finn: I would've been happy no matter what the doctor said.

Steffy: Yeah. Yeah, me too.

Finn: Uh, you know, and all this time we've been-- we've been talking about the baby and it's just the baby. But now we know... it's a boy.

Steffy: It's a boy. A beautiful healthy boy.

Finn: Yeah, it just-- it makes it feel... yeah, more real, you know, being able to see our future and imagine what our family is gonna be like. I mean, this, steffy, this is our son.

Steffy: I know. I know. This is the experience I wanted for us. When we found out I was pregnant and we are praying that this baby was yours, I wanted to share a moment like this, you know, the surprises of being new parents. I wanted to see that look on your face. This baby is so lucky to have you for his father.

Finn: And I'm the lucky one. Raising two amazing kids with you, one that I don't even know yet. I just can't wait to meet him. I mean, what do you think he's gonna be like?

Steffy: I think he's gonna be as smart and compassionate as his father.

Finn: Hmm, he might be a take-charge boss like his mom.

Steffy: Don't tell that to kelly, she's got a lot of rules to teach her little brother.

[ Laughs ] She's gonna love him so much.

Finn: [ Sighs ] And he's gonna look up to her his whole life.

Steffy: He's gonna look up to you most of all. He's gonna want to make you so proud.

Finn: Trust me. I am going to be the proudest dad anyone has ever seen.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: Well, this is a new direction for you.

Thomas: I've been experimenting trying to throw in text and graphics into my designs, trying to make the, uh, the implicit message sort of explicit.

Ridge: Yeah, I know. I like it. It's, uh, a lot of extra work though, huh?

Thomas: Yeah. Well, what can I say? I've been feeling inspired.

Ridge: I can see that. Any reason?

Thomas: I'm just excited about what I'm doing and... hope has been encouraging me to stretch myself.

Ridge: I like the two of you working together, you're a good team.

Thomas: We were on a roll for a bit.

Ridge: You were on a roll, you're not...anymore? You're not continuing?

Thomas: No. No. I mean, uh, I'll still make the best work I can. I'm sure she will as well, I'm just-- she just might not be spending as much time here at the office now that she and liam are back together.

Baker: When you asked to speak to me, liam, I got the feeling it was urgent.

Liam: You could say that.

Bill: You know what, uh, that was my fault. I came rushing in here, I-- I ratcheted up the tension. Liam and I, uh, we were going back and forth over something. I thought it was resolved and then this morning, it-- it blew up. So I just need a, uh, moment with my son to get it under control.

Liam: Dad, I know what I'm doing.

Bill: No, you don'T. You are wound up. You wanna make a major case out of something but... it's really not.

Baker: Mr. Spencer, your son came in here to talk to me. Let him speak. With voltaren arthritis pain gel,

Thomas: You know, if, uh, hope and liam, they need to reconnect, gather in with the kids, uh, zende and I can pick up the slack here at work.

Ridge: You've come a long way. Hasn't gone unnoticed.

Thomas: I hope one day it will.

Ridge: What does that mean?

Thomas: I don't want you to be surprised that I'm doing a good job here at work, that I'm being a good dad, that--that--that I want the best for people. I mean, I want you to just expect that of me. Maybe that's what's so great about what hope does. She--she-- she sees the potential in people and then she almost acts as if it's already true and I think that sometimes that--that brings that potential into being, it brings it-- it brings it out of us.

[ Door opens ]

Steffy: Oh, good. You two are here.

Ridge: How was everybody?

Steffy: Good. Healthy. Yeah.

Finn: Yeah. Mama and baby are progressing nicely. Baby is getting stronger and bigger.

Steffy: Just no surprise there. There is one question left we have to answer. It'S... will he follow in his grandfather's footsteps to be a world class designer or is he gonna be a starting pitcher for the dodgers?

Ridge: You said he? It's a boy?

Steffy: Yes. It's a boy. You're gonna have another grandson.

Ridge: I'm gonna have a-- another grandson?

Steffy: Yes.

Thomas: Steffy, you're telling me kelly's gonna have a brother?

Steffy: [ Laughs ] Yeah, and she's gonna love him just as much as I love you.

Ridge: This is a nice and good job. Wow.

Bill: You're the deputy chief now. I mean, you--you are busier than ever and... we don't wanna waste your time.

Baker: Then I suggest you let liam say what he came to say.

Bill: Well, liam is, uh, is very, very, uh, worked up, you know, these kids. Everything is the end of the world. Anything that liam says right now is only going to confuse things.

Hope: Well, we're here to clear all that up, bill. I mean, liam can't stay silent anymore.

Baker: Actually, he's the only one in this room who has been silent. And I'd like to hear from him now. So what's going on, liam? Is this some kind of family dispute or a domestic problem?

Officer: Sorry, chief.

Baker: What is it, officer?

Officer: Captain's in your office. She says it won't take long but it's urgent.

Baker: When I get back, we're gonna get to the bottom of this.

Liam: What are you doing?

Bill: Saving you from yourself. Did they have you sign anything?

Liam: No.

Bill: Did they say any of this was being recorded?

Liam: No, not yet.

Bill: Good. Son, you don't wanna do what you're about to do.

Hope: The truth needs to come out.

Bill: No, it doesn'T. Liam, I love you, son. I'm trying to save you.

Liam: Well you can't save me. You can'T. Not--

Bill: You didn't mean for any of this to happen. That idiot stepped in front of the car. It was an accident.

Hope: We all know that, but the police don't, and they need to understand.

Bill: They won't understand, hope. We have been over this and over this. You had motive. Vinny manipulated the paternity test. You hit him because you wanted payback.

Liam: Except I didn'T.

Bill: But that's what baker and the jury is gonna believe. Liam, listen to me. I know you wanted to do the right thing. But this is not it. This isn't right for you, this isn't right for your family. Now, we are going to walk out of here right now.

Lean cuisine.

Ridge: You're having a boy, a grandson. This is--we should--um, we should have a toast. We can't have a toast because you're having a baby, so let's, uh, how about speech? We'll have a speech.

Thomas: No.

Steffy: No. Finn: Look, I can give a speech.

Ridge: Oh, no, no. I didn't mean that.

Steffy: Let's just--let's just tell them what happened.

Finn: Okay.

Thomas: Wait, okay. Hold on. I--I thought you were gonna wait until the baby was born to find out the gender?

Finn: And I wasn't hoping for one more than the other.

Steffy: Yeah. We just wanted a big happy surprise in the delivery room because we didn't really get that when we found out I was pregnant, you know, because of all the drama. But once dr. Campbell was leaving, she was like, "do you guys wanna know the gender?" And we said, "yeah." We couldn't resist.

Finn: I mean, we, (inaudible) I mean, we had no chill.

Steffy: That was zero chill.

Finn: Zero chill. Yeah.

Ridge: Uh, you wait until you hold him in your arms for the first time.

Thomas: So steff, you think you're ready for that, a boy?

Steffy: What? Are boys different?

Ridge: Every kid's different. They're all unique in their way and they're all a challenge.

Steffy: Yeah, I like a challenge.

Thomas: Obviously, finn does too?

Steffy: I think I'm gonna be okay as long as this little munchkin is not too much like his uncle.

Thomas: Hey!

Steffy: Bossy, stubborn, terrible taste in music.

Finn: She's kidding.

Steffy: I am. I'm kidding. If our son is anything like your sweet, kind douglas, we'll be very blessed.

Liam: Dad, I'm not going anywhere. I came here to confess and that's what I'll do.

Bill: You're not gonna say another word. You still have a chance to spare your family this pain, liam. Now, we're gonna walk out of here and you're gonna meet me at the office.

Hope: So you can talk him out of it?

Bill: You're damn right.

Hope: You don't think he's thought about this? I mean, we were up all night.

Bill: How could you want this for him? Don't you see how destructive this is? Think about your children, this compromises their futures as well.

Hope: No, I know that, bill. I do. I don't want my children to lose their father, but at the same time, keeping a secret has been torturing him, I mean, he would be living half of a life.

Bill: Liam, I want you to really think about this. What will you regret more, keeping this secret or missing every milestone in your children's life while you rot in a prison cell? Oh, I am not gonna let this happen. Now, if you need me to stay here and come up with some excuse for baker, no problem. But you cannot be here when he comes back.

Liam: Dad, you can't keep making excuses for me. But I see what you're saying.

Bill: You do?

Hope: Liam?

Liam: He's got a point. I didn't wanna believe it but... being here in this room, it's-- it's pretty clear.

Hope: So, liam, what are you saying, that you-- do you wanna leave?

Liam: Yeah, let's go.

Bill: Oh, I knew you'd come to your senses.

Hope: Wait, what about chief baker?

Bill: Don't worry about him. I'll--I'll handle him later.

Hope: Liam, are you sure?

Liam: Yeah, I think I am. Let's get out of here. Let's go. Come on. Where did you park, dad?

Bill: Out front.

Liam: Okay. We're in the back. So we'll meet at the office.

Bill: Son, I... I can't tell you how relieved I am that you see the reason. You made the right choice. You won't regret it.

Hope: Liam, what--what are you doing? What is going on?

Liam: No, we're not leaving. I just had to get rid of my dad.

Hope: So we're staying?

Liam: I'm gonna do what I came here to do. Rinsing the dishes before they go in the dishwasher?

Thomas: Yeah, douglas is, uh, he's gonna be so stoked he's getting a boy cousin.

Steffy: He's gonna be a great role model.

Thomas: He loves being the oldest, looking after beth and kelly.

Steffy: Just like you were for phoebe and me.

Finn: I love that our son is gonna grow up in a family, you know, full of kids.

Steffy: Yeah, you wanted-a house filled with children.

Thomas: Your place is gonna be like picnic central.

Steffy: Yeah, we're gonna be completely sleep deprived.

Finn: Yeah. Everyone keeps telling me I should sleep now.

Ridge: That's not gonna work.

Thomas: Oh, come on, dad. Finn has been through residency, he might make it out alive.

Finn: This is gonna be like residency?

Steffy: Yeah around the clock diaper changes and bottle warming.

Ridge: You're gonna be fine. You're both gonna be fine.

Steffy: Yeah, we're fine.

Ridge: This joy and excitement that you're feeling now, you've earned it after the year you had. And the way you two love each other, I think you can face just about anything. Thank you, finn, for everything that you've given my daughter. You're about to be part of a very, very cool club where the best gift you could ever get is knowing that your child is happy and secure.

Bill: Hold all my calls. I'm expecting liam and hope any minute.

Hope: I actually thought we were leaving.

Liam: Yeah I know. I'm just-- I had to make my dad think he got through to me. He's gonna be pissed, hurt when he finds out I tricked him but he--he wasn't gonna let me talk to baker. I know he loves me. He's just-- he's trying to keep me out of trouble, but you're right, a secret is a poison and the antidote is telling the truth.

Hope: I'm proud of you. It's just that [ Indistinct ]

Liam: Yeah. I know.

Hope: I'm here for you. Okay. I will always be here for you.

[ Door alarm buzzing ]

Liam: God.

Baker: Sorry about the interruption. Couldn't be helped. Your father left?

Liam: Uh, yeah, he--he had to get back to the office.

Baker: Did you clear up your disagreement?

Liam: Fathers and sons, you know, they don't always see things from the same perspective.

Baker: I did pick up a little tension between the two of you.

Liam: He's my dad, he loves me, he just-- he wants to do what he thinks is best for me, but... there are some things that are important to me that just don't make sense to him, you know? Like coming here.

Baker: Why did you come here, liam?

Liam: Because I have information on the vinny walker case.

Baker: Go on.

Liam: I know who did it. I know who ran him down that night.

Baker: Is this new information?

Liam: No, I've known all along.

Baker: Then who did it? Who hit vincent walker?

Liam: You're looking at him. I was, uh, I was driving to my father's house from our place that night. There's a--a curve in the road, um, when I got around it, vinny appeared in front of my car. I don't know what he was doing. I don't know why he was in the middle of the road, but I didn't, um, I didn't have any time to swerve. I slammed on my brakes, but I--I--I was too late. I swear on my life it was not intentional. But it, uh, it was me. And I--I-- I'm the one who killed vinny.

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