B&B Transcript Friday 5/28/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 5/28/21


Episode #8530 ~ Wyatt demands answers when Bill is unremorseful about Vinny's death. Hope is afraid of losing Liam and their family.

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[ Phone ringing ]

Bill: Come on. Answer.

Liam: Hey, this is liam. Leave a message.

[ Phone beeps ]

Bill: Liam, call me. Call me before you make a decision you can't take back.

[ Phone beeps ]

Hope: Was that bill?

Liam: Yeah, for the millionth time.

Hope: Are you gonna talk to him?

Liam: Why? We know exactly what he's gonna say. God, I mean, I-- I imagine baker is just gonna take me into custody right away, right?

Hope: Are you really prepared to do this, liam? I mean, to walk into a police station and turn yourself in?

Brooke: Oh, sorry, I'm late. One of those mornings.

Ridge: It's okay. You didn't miss anything.

Brooke: [ Sighs ]

Ridge: So what held you up? Did you see spencer again?

Brooke: No. However, I would like to. I wanna know what his concerns are about hope and liam. They're back together.& They reconciled. They're happier than they've been in a long time.

Ridge: I just got a feeling there's more going on with bill.

Thomas: Well, you got that right. Uh, I-- I saw bill yesterday. I just--I can't believe the things he said about vinny. It just reminds me of what an awful person he is.

Ridge: May I ask a question? How many years are we gonna do this dance? Bill has been horrible to every member of my family& from day one. He's never gonna change, is he? Why am I the only person that-- that sees that nothing good ever comes from bill spencer? Where did you see him?

Thomas: I had an interview with eye on fashion so I was in the building and I just had this impulse. I don't know why it came over me to stop by his office. I shouldn't have done that. I should have just kept going, but... all he did was infuriate me.

Brooke: What happened?

Thomas: You know, I don't actually remember how vinny's name came up, but however it did. I mean, bill, the way he acted was full of contempt and disrespectful. And look, I've known vinny my whole life, but the guy made some mistakes, I get that. But bill--bill was acting like he almost wants the person who killed vinny to get away with it.

[ Door opens ]

Bill: You know, a long time ago, some genius came up with a radical concept. Knocking.

Wyatt: Oh.

Bill: I'm busy, all right? Go away.

Wyatt: I can see that.

Bill: I'm thinking.

Wyatt: Good for you. I'm not here to see you. I'm looking for liam. Is he here?

Bill: Liam?

Wyatt: Wow.

Bill: Liam? Liam? Nope, liam's not here.

Wyatt: I meant in the building, okay? Why doesn't liam work here anymore? Did something happen? I ask again.

Liam: And what are you saying?

Hope: I've seen firsthand how keeping the secret about vinny and the hit-and-run has been devastating for you, and I know saying it out loud and taking accountability for that will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Liam: Yeah. Listen, it'd be nice to look at myself in the mirror and not wanna puke. And more importantly, it's the right thing to do.

Hope: But is it? I mean, is-- is doing the right thing worth losing your family? Still fresh

Wyatt: You know, as much as this is a surprise to you, I'm not asking you questions to annoy you, dad. You and liam are my family. So if you guys are on the outs, then maybe I can step in and mediate or something.

Bill: There's nothing to mediate, wyatt. There's nothing to fix. Liam and I are fine. Everybody's fine.

Wyatt: Huh. Not everybody. Vinny's dead.

Bill: Seriously? You're gonna start in with vinny again?

Wyatt: What? I'm just saying, have you heard any news? Because they're saying they don't have any suspects. What? You--you don't feel like dancing on his grave anymore?

Bill: [ Tap dances ] How's that? You already feel sorry for vinny, I don'T. That piece of garbage screwed with my son's life.

Wyatt: I know, and I agree. I'm just saying, vinny got caught. He was arrested. Justice was gonna be served, but then all of a sudden, he dies?

Bill: Yeah, well, I guess justice is a dish best served cold.

Wyatt: I'm just saying, it's just--it--it-- all of this is crazy. After everything that liam has been through, right? He gets separated from hope and now he's back together with her, and the one person that caused that whole mess with the paternity test is now dead. I know what the media is saying, but have you heard any update on the status of the investigation?

Bill: Why would I?

Wyatt: Because you have connections everywhere. And maybe they haven't let on what they know to the press yet. Do the cops know who killed thomas' best friend?

Brooke: I wouldn't expect much from bill when it comes to vinny. Vinny almost ruined liam's life.

Thomas: Look, I get it. I mean, switching those test results was the worst thing vinny ever did.

Ridge: It's definitely on the list.

Thomas: He had good intentions. He was trying to do me a solid, just one I never asked for, but...

Brooke: Handing you hope on a platter.

Thomas: Vinny was being vinny, though. He was--he was doing what he always does and that's looking out for me. And that's not an excuse, there's no excuse for what he did. But I know-- I knew vinny better than anyone and he's not a bad person. He wasn't a bad person. He had good intentions and he didn't deserve to die like that. So, um... just--uh, I just-- uh, I have to go. Uh, I gotta--I gotta drop off douglas at hope's, so...

Brooke: Oh, he's not there?

Thomas: No. I-- I kept douglas another night, uh, and--and donna still has beth, so...

Brooke: Oh. I didn't realize.

Ridge: Maybe they just need more time alone.

Brooke: Yeah. I mean, that's good. They're prioritizing their relationship and they're bringing their beautiful family back together. Hope and liam have a bright future ahead of them.

Thomas: And I know that's what hope wants and I want it for her.

Brooke: You really mean that, thomas?

Thomas: Sincerely.

Ridge: You should go get douglas.

Thomas: Okay. Thanks.

Liam: I--I mean, I-- I thought we agreed last night about turning myself in.

Hope: Well, yes, but I-- I do wanna take this time to really look at every single angle. I mean, liam, yes, telling the truth is the right thing to do, but is it right to leave our children without their father? I mean, we really have to think about everything that is at stake here. Our--our future, our-- our family because-- because we need you and I-- I need you. And--and--and then there's bill.

Liam: What about him?

Hope: Well, your father could go to prison, too. I mean, have you thought about that? What you did was an accident, but the cover up, that was deliberate. That was all on bill. You were unconscious for the entire thing. And--and--and then what happens to will then, if he loses his father? What happens to katie? What happens to spencer publications if he's not there to run it? I mean, that's his legacy for-- for his sons, for you, and-- do we really wanna jeopardize all that for-- for vinny? Oh, gosh, I sound like a terrible person.

Liam: No, you don'T. You don'T.

Hope: Just you going to prison isn't going to bring vinny back.

Liam: Okay. So--so... tell me what you're thinking. Are--are you saying that you agree with my dad now, that I shouldn't turn myself in? Well this is unexpected.


Bill: Why would I care about the investigation to vinny's death? He tried to ruin your brother's life.

Wyatt: Well, I think that would make you more not less interested in what the police know.

Bill: Here's what I know. He's dead. Gone. End of story. You wanna play tag for him, wyatt? Take up the bugle. I don't give a damn. And I don't wanna ever talk about vinny again!

Brooke: I'm glad that hope and liam spent some more time alone together. I mean, being together as a family is important, but so is keeping that spark alive.

Ridge: We know a little something about that, don't we?

Brooke: Yes, we do. So many years together, ridge, and I find you more attractive than ever.

Ridge: I agree, I was saying that this morning. I was looking at myself, "so how do you it?" You know, we're like--we're like fine wine, aging like fine wine.

Brooke: [ Laughs ] Who's aging?

Ridge: Not us. I--I meant thomas, he's getting more mature every day. The way he's handling the situation and I'm proud of him.

Brooke: Well, you have every reason to be.

Ridge: I'm sorry, what?

Brooke: What I'm about to say might just surprise you. I am beginning to believe that maybe, just maybe, thomas is really changing.

Ridge: Well, hallelujah.

Hope: If you turn yourself in--

Liam: I'll be arrested, which is... maybe what I deserve. I don't wanna be away from my family, hope. I really don't want to because it's--it's exactly like you said. It's not my future anymore. It's--it's yours. It's the kids'.

Hope: And I need you, and we all need you.

Liam: I don't know what they're gonna think when I just disappear from their lives because--because no matter what you say to them, no matter how you try to explain it, it's--they're-- they're not gonna understand. All they're gonna know is that daddy just left one day and [ Sobs ] And never came back, and...

Hope: I won't let them think that--I won't let them think that you abandoned them.

Liam: I know, I know. I'm just... I'm just trying to be, like, practical. So--okay, so... steffy and finn are together now. That--that--that means that kelly is gonna have him as a father figure. And... finn is a good man. But what about beth and douglas? I mean, you know, there--there--there's thomas, thomas is present, but he's not-- he doesn't live here. He's not the day in, day out dad like I am. I'm the--I'm the guy who's always there. And to think that I'm just gonna be leaving them for, like, what? It could be years-- it could be years. So, like, so what--what kind of role model does that make me? When I'm just--I'm rotting in a prison cell because I killed a guy and drove away from it?

Hope: Stop it. That cover-up wasn't your choice and I'm not going to let you--

Liam: Yeah, but--

Hope: --Take the blame for something your father did--

Liam: All right.

Hope: --Liam. I hate bill's decision because... because of that, we could lose you.

Douglas: Mommy. Daddy and I just hiked up a whole mountain. It was awesome.

Thomas: It was that, um, that hill at the mulholland turnout, but, um, it looked really big to him.

Hope: [ Chuckles ]

Thomas: Is-- so is everything all right?

Hope: Yeah, sure.

Thomas: Just--sorry, it feels like we interrupted something.

Douglas: Are you guys okay?

Ridge: Logan? Can you do me a favor?

Brooke: Name it.

Ridge: Say that thing again about thomas changing.

Brooke: I said there was a chance.

Ridge: You said there was a chance, it makes me happy. That you can see thomas in a different light.

Brooke: I'm not gonna start the thomas forrester fan club, or anything like that. But I do see that he's consistent in supporting hope in whatever it is that she wants, even if that's liam. So it would be wrong of me and very stubborn if I didn't acknowledge that I do see a change.

Ridge: I love you. Not just because of all of that, and I love that, but I-- I love you because... thomas gave you every reason not to trust him, but you left the door open just a crack so he could prove himself. That's what I love, it's what's in-- what's inside you. I appreciate it. I appreciate you. That's all I want, just a little peace, a little happiness. And not just for us, but for our kids.

Brooke: I wanna believe in thomas again.

Bill: Come on, liam, answer me.

Douglas: Are you two all right?

Hope: Uh, yes. We were, um, just having a conversation.

Thomas: Uh, douglas and i will get outta here. He wanted to hit some balls anyway, so...

Douglas: Oh, and I need my glove, too.

Thomas: Yes. You know what, this guy? He has become quite the baseball player. I'm thinking he's got a dodgers uniform in his future.

Douglas: I got a lot better once daddy showed me how to choke up on the bat. You're a really good teacher, daddy.

Thomas: You're a really good student, bud. I'm really glad to see you guys, like, there's--um, I've been meaning to congratulate you. It's what I've always, you know, wanted for hope. It's for you to be happy.

Douglas: All daddy and I want is for mommy to be happy.

Liam: You know something, douglas? I want that, too.

Hope: Um, if you don't mind, we were...

Thomas: Say no more. Douglas, grab your-- grab your mitt, and we'll go.

Douglas: Are you coming to my game next week, daddy?

Thomas: Of course.

Douglas: Can you come, too, liam?

Liam: You know what, douglas? I, uh--I'm so sorry, I can't promise you that right now. But, um, we'll see.

Thomas: Well, uh, either way, I will be there. I'll have your own personal cheering section all set up.

Liam: Hey, um, thank you for being there for beth and douglas.

Thomas: Of course. You know how much I love the kids.

Liam: Yeah, I do.

Thomas: Okay. Well, uh, get your glove. Let's, um, let's get outta here.

[ Laughs ]

Douglas: See you later, mommy.

Hope: I'll be right here.

Douglas: You'll be here, too, right, liam?

Liam: Yeah, I'm always with you, douglas.

[ Door closes ]

Liam: Oh, boy.

Hope: I know. I know that was hard. The children love you. And I know telling the truth is the right thing to do, but... I'm scared, liam. I don't wanna lose you. I just got you back, we just got you back. Now we all need you and-- I mean, do we-- do we really wanna do this? Do we really wanna go to the police station and-- and risk--risk our entire life, our entire family?

[ Sobbing ]

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