B&B Transcript Tuesday 5/18/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 5/18/21


Episode #8522 ~Bill becomes agitated by Wyatt's relentless questioning. Hope and Liam make love for the first time since their separation.

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[ Crickets chirping ]

Liam: Oh, my god. You know, I was afraid this would ever happen again. Just having time alone together, touching you, and kissing you, it'S...

Hope: I was afraid, too. But I had never lost hope that we'd get back to this, to us. You're home and our families reunited.

Liam: As much as I love the kids, can I just say... it's kind of nice that we're a family of two tonight. It's been so long, I... I needed this.

Brooke: Aw, look what donna texted! It's such a cute picture of beth.

Ridge: That is cute. It's adorable. Did she send it to hope, too?

Brooke: Uh, no...probably, because she doesn't want to interrupt.

Ridge: Interrupt to the first night that they're gonna be alone together, I understand, yes.

Brooke: Yeah, I think this good for them. Finding the time to be together, to trust each other again, to rekindle those old feelings for each other. This is exactly what they need.

Wyatt: Look. Dad, I'm--I didn't mean to get you all riled up, okay? I--I--I know how much you care about your sons and you want the best for us. I mean, it's-- it's clear how much you care about us and--and...I guess I'm just--that's why I'm worried about you, dad.

Bill: You're worried because I care?

Wyatt: No, I'm worried because clearly something's weighing on you.

Bill: Yeah, wyatt. You know, there's a lot of things weighing on me.

Wyatt: Okay.

Bill: In case you haven't noticed, I'm running an empire.

Wyatt: No. It's not work! Work doesn't get you like this.

Bill: Get me like what?

Wyatt: Like this! You, right now. Knowing you, and--and--and from what you said earlier that there's only-- there's only one thing that it can be. This has to do with the family. Someone you care about is in some kind of trouble. And judging by the amount you're stressing about this, it's gotta be something serious.

Wyatt: That's it, isn't it? Something to do with family or--or someone needs help, or--oh, god. Someone's sick?

Bill: Yeah. Me. See? See?

Wyatt: Wow.

Bill: You're making me sick.

Wyatt: Okay.

Bill: So how about you get out of my office and go do some work?

Wyatt: Have you checked the time lately? Business hours are over.

Bill: Business hours?

Wyatt: Yeah.

Bill: No such thing, wyatt. When there's work to do, you do it.

Wyatt: Will you just please talk to me?

Bill: And how come you're not home with flo? Isn't she wondering where her fiance is?

Wyatt: Dad, stop! Tell me why you've been edgy lately! Especially around liam. Now, should I or should I not be concerned about my brother?

Liam: Just so you know, this is not me pressuring you into...you know, I--because I completely understand if you're not ready for--for that--

Hope: Liam.

Liam: --Yet.

Hope: I know.

Liam: Well--

Hope: It's okay.

Liam: Well, it's-- it's been a awhile, but I just wanted to connect with you tonight anyway that I can. You know, I just wanna be close to you, to feel married to you. You know, it's that-- it's that feeling of comfort, peace that...comes along with just being in your presence. You ground me. And this is... this is healing for me. I love you. - Bedtime!! - Bedtime.

Wyatt: Might as well just tell me.

Bill: Nothing to tell, wyatt.

Wyatt: Because whatever i make up in my mind is gonna be a thousand times worse than what's actually going on. So...[ Clears throat ]

Bill: You know your brother's been going through a hard time.

Wyatt: Yes.

Bill: All right. Well, that might lead to a tense conversation or two. Don't read anything into it.

Wyatt: But liam's back with hope now, like why--why would there still be tension?

Bill: Because he can't forget about what he did.

Wyatt: Okay. I guess I just-- I don't understand here. I mean, it'd be one thing if hope decided to leave him over it or if steffy's child turned out to be his. I would understand why liam would still be freaking out about everything, but that's not the case. Everything turned out fine.

Bill: It will. I'll make sure of it.

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Bill: I mean, that I will get liam through this. I will get him to the point that he will put what happened behind him. I appreciate and respect your concern for liam. You're a good brother. But you don't have to worry. That--that tension, that anxiety that you're--you're sensing, it will dissipate. And you know how determined I can be. Well, trust me when I tell you that liam will move on. He will forget about what happened.

Brooke: Are you sure you don't mind? I just need some granddaughter time. I miss her. Okay, great. Okay. Well, meet me at our house.

Ridge: So, donna's cool with dropping beth off?

Brooke: Yeah. And she seemed a little disappointed, but, you know, I--I think she'd rather be at the club all night anyway.

Ridge: Yeah, probably. Well then, everybody gets what they want. Your time with beth and donna gets to dance the night away...

Brooke: And hope and liam get some much needed time alone.

Hope: You're not wrong... being you tonight.

Liam: After all we've been through.

Hope: I mean, a little romance wouldn't hurt, especially when we're so good together.

Liam: Just sort of getting lost in one another? I never wanna be away from you again.

Hope: I don't want that either. I don't wanna spend another night away from you.

Liam: What? Are you saying...

Singer: I want it perfect

I want it true

I wanna give all that

this world has to offer

I'll give that to you

and I need to be honest

and I need to be real

no matter how hard

that I've done

it's all that I feel


the same

since you

changed me

all of this time

and my heart lost

its mind by the one

one I was waiting for

when I look back

not a single regret

you're the one

the one I was waiting for

all of this time

when my heart lost its mind

you're the one

the one

that I was waiting for

when I look back

not a single regret

you're the one

the one

I was waiting for you try to stay ahead of the mess

Wyatt: So that's all this is? Liam's having a hard time and he's struggling with forgiving himself?

Bill: That's exactly what it is.

Wyatt: Well, maybe I should go talk to him, you know, see if--see if he open up.

Bill: No, no. Honestly, uh, I don't think that's a good idea. He, uh, tends to get upset when he--when he talks about it. I think it's best just to let me handle it. I'm keeping a close watch on your brother. I'm not gonna let him spiral.

Wyatt: I know you won'T. I admire you, dad. I always have.

Bill: Well, duh.

Wyatt: Don't ruin it. Okay? I--I was gonna have a nice moment. I was gonna say how grateful we are to be your children and how we always have each other's backs, and all that, but I'm--

Bill: And I always will. I will do whatever I have to do. I will take whatever risk I have to take... to protect my sons.

Ridge: Hey, logan, uh...try to be realistic about tonight. Just don't get your expectations up too high.

Brooke: Expectations?

Ridge: Hope and liam, I know what you want for them. I know that, but she may not be ready.

Brooke: I know. And I'm sure she'll take her time and do what she feels comfortable doing. I just want her to be happy, ridge. I know how she feels about liam and how much he cares about her.

Liam: That was...

Hope: What you were hoping?

Liam: Beyond.

Hope: I think we needed that.

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I've missed you.

Liam: I've missed you, too. I missed this-- this feeling. Knowing I'm right where I belong. Knowing the outside world couldn't be further away, that's-- that's what I want. I--I, you know, I just wanna stay in this moment forever. Can we do that?

Hope: I want to. There's nowhere better than being in your arms.

Liam: So, we agree, we're just never leaving the cabin again, right? It's--that's--it's settled?

Hope: Well, for tonight, no. But I mean, never ever leaving ever again? That--that could be problematic.

Liam: I suppose.

Hope: It's nice to know that this is where you wanna be, that this is where you feel safe. You know, me, our marriage, our family. I know I wasn't always secure and that--but I do. I do feel that way now.

Liam: Oh, I'm sorry. If I ever made you feel otherwise.

Hope: No, I know. I know that you're sorry. I know you regret that night. It was a mistake. A terrible mistake. But that mistake, it's not the core of who you are. Hey... you're a good man, liam.

Liam: I'm really grateful you see me that way.

Hope: Well, I see it, because it's true.

Liam: Yeah. I thought it was true too at one point, but... I can't, not anymore, you know, the-- things happen. People make decisions, decisions that have... consequences, and my... my god, if you only knew.

Hope: Knew what? In this ad pay attention to the actor's gums.

Brooke: You won't be too long, will you?

Ridge: No, just got a few things to wrap up. Be right behind you. Do me a favor, don't put beth to bed, please. I wanna read her a bedtime story.

Brooke: You always were the king of the bedtime stories. Maybe you'll save one for me later.

Ridge: That's not really... what you ask me for in the bedroom usually, but sure, I'll--I'll find something to read you.

Brooke: [ Giggles ]

Ridge: Hey, I have a good feeling too... about hope and liam.

Brooke: What liam did was horrible. And I know he would take it back if he could. Hope knows that, too. She knows how sorry he is. Tonight will be a fresh start for them. The start of rebuilding their life together.

[ Tires screeching ]

Liam: Oh, no. Vinny?

Bill: You're sure this is the guy who changed the paternity.

Liam: Yes. Yes. This is the guy. But we gotta, uh, we gotta call 911. Hey. Oh, my god.

Bill: Liam! Come on.

Liam: What--where-- where--what's--what's-- what's going on? Where are we? Where's vinny?

Bill: Vinny is dead, liam.

Liam: We have to go back for him. We can't just leave him and we have to call 911.

Bill: Liam, listen to me. Vinny is dead. There is nothing we can do for him.

Liam: It was an accident, okay? It was an accident. If we just tell the police, dad, then...

Bill: Nobody's gonna believe you!

Liam: Well, they have to believe us because we have to tell the truth!

Bill: The truth is that you killed someone--

Liam: Oh, my god!

Bill: --You hated. What you did was unintentional. I know that, you know that. But anybody else, they're not going to buy it, son. So I dragged you away from there to save you from the potential of a lifetime behind bars.

Liam: Maybe you shouldn't!

Bill: You are my son. I love you. And I won't lose you. I can'T.

Hope: What do you think I don't know?

Liam: Nothing. Just... the guilt I feel. That's all.

Hope: Liam, you need to stop beating yourself up over the past. Okay? You can't keep doing that to yourself. We need to just accept what happened and put it behind us. I mean, otherwise, how are we going to move forward with our future together?

Liam: Our future. See that, right there, that'S... that's all I want. You know how much I want that, right? You know how much I love you, right?

Hope: I do.

Liam: Well, never doubt it. Even if there comes a day where I'm, you know, not by your side, I--I--I need you to not forget how I feel about you, okay?

Hope: I won'T. I won'T.

Liam: Vinny, hey, hey, buddy. Vinny.

Bill: Vinny is dead.

Bill: You can't tell anyone, liam. You certainly can't tell hope.

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