B&B Transcript Wednesday 5/12/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 5/12/21


Episode #8518 ~ Zoe is heartbroken to learn that Carter has moved on. Shauna makes a bold move to protect Quinn.

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Brooke: Hello, eric.

Eric: Good morning, you two. I was, uh, just about to leave for work.

Brooke: Oh. Well, we could give you a lift.

Eric: Is that the purpose of your visit, to chauffeur me into the, uh, into the...

Ridge: Uh, okay. Take it easy.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Is quinn still here?

Eric: No, she was gone this morning when I came down for breakfast.

Brooke: Hmm. How's it going with you two?

Eric: What is that? Another well-intentioned to meddling in my marriage, is that what that is?

Ridge: We will back off if that's what you want.

Brooke: Ridge can promise you that, but I can'T. Not when quinn is still in the picture and capable of hurting you any more than she already has.

Eric: Quinn's not hurting me. If anything, I'm hurting her by being unavailable to her physically and emotionally, and that is gonna change. I have to change that. I have to fix it. And I will.

Zoe: Why did I even go over there? I mean, why couldn't I just stay away? Or even at least, like, call him before I just walked in? It's completely blindsided!

Paris: Walking into where? What are you talking about?

Zoe: Carter's! I went to carter's to surprise him. But I was the one who got surprised.

Paris: How? What happened?

Zoe: Another--another woman happened! Carter's seeing another woman.

Quinn: Come on, come on, come on.

Shauna: [ Sighs ] What are you doing?

Quinn: I'm just making sure that nobody's listening in at reception.

Shauna: What happened?

Quinn: We almost got caught?

Shauna: Who?

Quinn: Carter and I! We were this close to being found in bed together.

Brooke: Eric, you know I just want the best for you.

Eric: Brooke, it's all right. Right now, I'm just concerned about zoe. It's gotta be terribly hard on her to find out that carter's seeing somebody else. When I get to the office, I wanna check with her and see how she's doing.

Ridge: Look, I know you're concerned about it, we--we all are, we're all worried about him, it's all good. It's-- it's gonna be fine. You have a lot on your plate. You have a lot of meetings, so maybe we can deal with that.

Brooke: Yeah. Zoe's probably with paris, anyway, and if anybody can console her, it's her little sister.

Eric: Good. Good. I'm glad that relationship's healed up.

Brooke: Some relationships are worth repairing. Others, not so much.

Ridge: I could have sworn we had a long conversation in the car about this, you're gonna try to be subtle and maybe not say anything at all. Do you remember any of that?

Eric: Actually brooke has a point, you know. We all have to learn that all fairytales don't have a happy ending. It's a lesson that, sadly, zoe's having to learn right now. Now that she sees carter's moving on with somebody else, and I'm afraid she's not gonna bounce back easily from this.

Paris: Another woman? You're sure?

Zoe: Yes. [ Sighs ]

Paris: Oh, my god. Sis, I'm so sorry.

Zoe: I just never thought, uh, I--I--I would see carter with another woman when I went over to his place, like, making love.

Paris: Oh, my god. Please tell me you didn't walk in in the middle of them--

Zoe: No, no. God, no, but I might as well have.

Shauna: You cannot be serious.

Quinn: Do I look like I'm joking?

Shauna: But I thought you and carter weren't gonna--

Quinn: We weren't, we weren'T. We swore it was never gonna happen again. I didn't go over to his loft so that we could be at bed together. I just--I--I wanted to tell him how eric overheard me talking to you about--about our night together and thank you for your fast thinking, you saved the day.

Shauna: Okay. Well, you're welcome, but, um, how does it go from that to the two of you ending up in bed together?

Quinn: Oh, I don't know! I don't know. I just-- I don't know, we were talking and then, you know, he's pull--out of-- next thing you know, and--

Shauna: I get that.

Quinn: Wait. Almost.

Shauna: What do you mean almost? Wait.

Quinn: Okay. We were kissing, right? And clothes were flying off, things were getting really, really intense, and--and just before we were about to do the deed... we got interrupted. By none other than zoe.

Shauna: Zoe?

Quinn: Zoe.

Shauna: Oh, quinn.

Quinn: I know.

Shauna: I don't know if I can help you with this one. (Brett) my tip to you is,

Ridge: The company's not gonna run itself. So maybe we should get to the office? Or if you really wanna continue this and maybe finish your coffee, can I at least change the subject?

Eric: Okay. That's--that's-- that's a great idea. I tell you what, I'll take, uh, relationships that are not in trouble for a thousand dollars.

Brooke: I can think of one.

[ Laughs ]

Eric: That's it. You win a thousand dollars, you go to the next plateau. Ridge and brooke, quintessential couple, they go through a thousand things in their life, and they always end up together.

Ridge: Dad, you could have that with quinn.

Brooke: If that's what you want. Is it, eric?

Eric: You know what I want? I wanna see how zoe's doing.

Ridge: I know what you don't want, you don't wanna answer the question. All right. Let's go.

Eric: No, I--I hate to see anybody that young get their heart broken, I really do.

Brooke: Well, it's hard for anybody at any age to get their heart broken.

Eric: That's true. But when you think you've patched things up and then you discover your ex-fiancé is sleeping with another woman, I mean, how would you get over that?

Ridge: I feel badly for-- for zoe too. It's awful. What about carter? He was committed to this woman. He--he was gonna give her the rest of his life. And then he found her with zende, whatever they were doing. He never promised her anything, he never said that he was gonna be there after that. He didn'T. He didn't lead her on, at all. And as far as this mystery woman, could be anybody.

Brooke: Could be anybody at all. In fact, I have a hunch who it might be.

Zoe: I could just kick myself for going on and on with eric, ridge, and brooke about how, you know, I was gonna persuade carter and--and I was gonna show him how committed I truly am to him. And [ Sighs ] I was gonna plan this, you know, this surprise for him, because I was hoping that it would make some kind of difference. And it definitely made a difference.

Paris: Oh. How did you get into carter's loft?

Zoe: Well, I mean, he didn't ask for his key back. But anyway, you know, I went in there and I did call out for carter. Carter. But I didn't hear anything. So I just figured that maybe he wasn't home. And I just started getting really caught up in all the memories that we shared being there, and all the wonderful times we had together. And--but then I, uh, went upstairs, I saw that his bedroom door was closed, so of course I-- I called out again. Hey, it--it's me. Still nothing. Are you--you in there? So, then I opened his door and the room was really dark and I could tell that someone was in the bed.

Paris: Carter?

Zoe: Yeah. First I thought, he was like, sick or something. Last thing to have when you're sick is-- but then I realized there was women's clothing all on the floor. And my--my heart just broke. And carter, with another woman?

Paris: Was it someone that you knew?

Zoe: [ Sighs ] I don't know. I never saw her.

Shauna: Zoe? Carter's zoe is the one that found you two in bed together?

Quinn: No, no, no, no, no, no. Actually, she just found my clothes all over the floor. When I heard her voice on the other side of the door, I hid.

Shauna: Okay. So she didn't see you then?

Quinn: No!

Shauna: Oh, thank god, yes.

Quinn: But she was so upset when she realized that carter wasn't alone. She ran out of the loft crying. I--oh, I felt terrible.

[ Knocking on door ]

Carter: Quinn, are you in there?

Quinn: Oh. Yes, yes. Come in, close the door.

Carter: Have you seen zoe this morning?

Quinn: No.

Shauna: Quinn was telling me what happened with zoe, so I can only imagine.

Carter: No, you can'T. You didn't see her face when she realized I was with someone else. I did that to her.

Quinn: No. We did that to her. I--I--I never should have gone to your loft. It wasn't my intention to-- to fall into bed with you, but to know how we hurt zoe like that, we have to fix this, carter.

Carter: How? Zoe can't unsee what she saw.

Quinn: No. But you can give her another chance. Tell her that this is-- this other woman was meaningless, that-- that you were on the rebound and it was a mistake. You care about zoe. I know you do. You can have another chance with her. I can have another chance with eric, but we can never let this happen again. We can never slip up again.

New crest pro-health complete


Paris: Is there something that I can do? Maybe if I went to carter...

Zoe: No. It's fine. It wouldn't even really make a difference. I mean, obviously, he's moved on. I mean, any chance that I-- I thought I had with him-- I was just fooling myself, thinking that I could really get him to trust me again. Or--or that quinn would be able to reach him when I couldn'T.

[ Sighs ] Which reminds me, I--I need to talk to her and tell her what happened, that my worst nightmare's come true.

Ridge: What--what do you mean you have a hunch who carter's seeing?

Brooke: Yeah. That gorgeous new model we hired a couple weeks ago? Shay? I saw them having coffee together, so it's very possible it could be her.

Ridge: Shay, from detroit? They're having coffee? Great. She's engaged.

Eric: And so was carter not that long ago.

Brooke: [ Sighs ] Are you sure he hasn't said something about anybody to you?

Ridge: Yeah. For sure. I think I'd remember that. But whoever this woman may be, I just hope she doesn't come with a bag of drama, 'cause that's the last thing that carter needs right now.

Carter: We were so close to complete disaster. If zoe saw you in my bed...

Quinn: It would--it would have been the end of my marriage for sure!

Shauna: Look, far be it for me to lecture the two of you because I am hardly perfect, but as guilty as you both clearly feel, you can't keep saying it can never happen again, only to end up in bed together! You have to mean it.

Quinn: I do mean it.

Carter: So do I. There's too much at stake. Not to mention the people we're hurting. Eric and the forresters, they treat me like family, I feel like a traitor!

Quinn: You feel like a traitor? Are you kidding me? I--I cheated on my husband! Uh--uh--uh, this man who means more to me than anything in the world, and--and I--I--I betrayed our marriage vows.

Shauna: Stop! Both of you stop beating yourselves up about this, it's pointless. I mean, neither one of you wanted this to happen. You both were going through something. Your husband pulled away from you physically and emotionally. And your fiancée betrayed your trust. I mean, both of you were in a very vulnerable position.

Carter: Doesn't excuse what we did. If you saw the pain in zoe's eyes when she saw quinn's clothes, when she realized there's a woman with me--

Quinn: [ Gasps ]

Carter: What?

Quinn: My jacket! My jacket was on the floor when zoe walked into the bedroom. If she saw it, if she-- if she puts two and two together, she's gonna realize I was the woman!

Carter: You need to get rid of that right now before she sees it.

Quinn: I know, I, uh--

[ Door opens ] Banana boat sunscreen

Brooke: Speaking of women who bring drama into a relationship...

Eric: Okay. Here we go again.

Brooke: Oh, eric. I don't mean to disparage quinn. I don'T. It's just every time I look above that fireplace and see her portrait there, it just feels wrong.

Eric: What? You think stephanie should still be up there? Do you think my life should have come to a screeching halt?

Brooke: [ Groans ] No. You deserve more love and companionship than anybody I know. I'm just not sure that quinn is the woman to give that to you. And I'm not sure if she's as committed to you as she wants you to believe.

Eric: Do you feel the same way, ridge?

Ridge: My wife has this terrible habit of speaking her mind that's why I love her. All this comes from a good place. She's trying to protect you. Quinn is quinn. Are you ever gonna look at her the way that you used to look at her? I don't know.

Eric: Here's what I know about quinn. She has her faults, she's done some terrible things, and she's always been faithful to me.

Zoe: Am I interrupting something?

Shauna: Uh, actually, I should, uh, get going.

[ Chuckles ]

Zoe: Did quinn tell you?

Shauna: Tell me what?

Zoe: I mean, of course you did. You guys are best friends, and you probably already know.

Shauna: Uh, know what?

Zoe: How I basically persuaded quinn to help me with carter. And I was really counting on her to come through for me.

Quinn: Zoe--

Zoe: No, it's-- it's okay, quinn. I assume you told quinn what happened, you know, yesterday? You and... another woman?

Carter: I'm sorry, zoe.

Quinn: Yeah. I--I'm so sorry too. So terribly sorry. I-- I can see how painful this is for you. It's upsetting for me too, you know, and--and for carter, we were just talking about it because I know that he feels really bad, that he-- he didn't wanna hurt you.

Carter: It's the last thing I wanted. Please believe that.

Zoe: I do believe it. But I also know that I brought this on myself, you know. I--I lost your trust. I lost the chance at true happiness. And I really thought-- and I was hoping that maybe we could find a way to just-- but obviously, I know now that-- that can never happen.

Quinn: That's not true, that's not true! I mean, this other woman means absolutely nothing to carter.

Zoe: Do you know who she is?

Quinn: I'm just-- I'm just trying to say that I know that-- that he still cares about you, don't you, carter?

Carter: Of course.

Quinn: You know what? I think you two really need some time alone, so, uh, I--I'm gonna go with shauna.

Zoe: Okay. Wait, quinn. Just before you go, I just-- I wanna say thank you, honestly, for everything that you've done for me, I really appreciate it. You've been such a trustworthy friend. I didn't wanna believe that carter was with another woman. I mean, neither of us did. But, um, you know, now that I know, just selfishly, I-- I wanna know who this person is. I mean, who could be taking my place in carter's life, in his bed? I mean, I--I just-- I can't get this horrific imagery of-- of me walking into his room and--and seeing him under these sheets, and there's, like, women's clothing all over the floor and I was...

Shauna: You know, quinn and I, we are-- we're gonna be leave you two alone.

Zoe: No, wait. Is that your jacket? Was it you? Were you-- did you go over to carter's? Are you the other woman in his life?

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