B&B Transcript Monday 5/10/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 5/10/21


Episode #8516 ~ Brooke and Ridge issue Zoe a warning about Quinn. Quinn and Carter struggle to do the right thing.

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Zoe: Um, I mean, quinn was here earlier.

Brooke: Did she have a meeting?

Zoe: I--I don't know. I mean, why? You can't find her?

Brooke: No. I've looked everywhere. Nobody seems to know where she is.

Zoe: Well, I mean, I'm sure if it's important you could probably just try giving her a call or something.

Brooke: Well, it is important. And not that quinn would care because all she cares about is herself.

Zoe: Um, you know, brooke, quinn and I are friends.

Brooke: Oh. Well, then, you should know our history. And my opinion of her shouldn't surprise you.

Zoe: Um, look, if--if you need to get a message to her, uh, I can definitely do that.

Brooke: Well, thank you, but no. I really need to talk to her myself. And it's probably better that I don't talk to her here.

Zoe: Oh, is that not what you need to see her about?

Brooke: No, it's not about work. It's about her marriage and her role as eric's wife.

Carter: Quinn.

Quinn: I know. I know. I know. I know. I know. This isn't why-- this isn't why I came here. I said we weren't gonna do this again. I just... it's just [ Sighs ] Carter, when I'm with you I feel--

Carter: I know. I know. I feel it, too.

Quinn: We can't do this.

Eric: It might not have been the best time for me to be out of town for the night.

Ridge: But it was a productive meeting, right?

Eric: Yes, it was. And rebecca has been courted by every major designer house on the east coast and now she works with us exclusively.

Ridge: Because your charm has never failed us.

Eric: Uh, no, no. You and steffy set the groundwork for it. Yeah.

Ridge: And you closed the deal.

Eric: Yeah, I did.

Ridge: Yes, you did.

Eric: I don't like this one.

Ridge: [ Indistinct ]

Zoe: Oh. Eric, hey, welcome back. How was your trip?

Eric: Thank you. Uh, very productive, actually.

Zoe: Oh, good. Congrats.

Eric: Uh, I didn't realize my travel plans were such a topic of conversation around the office.

Zoe: Uh, no, uh, quinn told me about it. Yeah. I know she missed you a lot. I'm sure she was anxious to get back in your arms again.

Quinn: I'm married. I love eric. I don't want to betray his trust.

Carter: I don't want that either. And we just got-- we got carried away and--and--and that's it.

Quinn: No.

Carter: That's it. That's it.

Quinn: No, no. I shouldn't have come here. This was a mistake.

Carter: Don't say that. You needed to talk. You know I'll be here for you. And I am.

Quinn: No. But you can't-- you can't be there for me. Not like this. Yeah. Eric and I are having problems but he's a good man. He doesn't deserve this.

Carter: You weren't trying to hurt him, quinn. Neither was I.

Quinn: Yes. But this is going to hurt him. It's gonna obliterate any chance our marriage has to survive. If he finds out that I-- I fell into bed with another man--

Carter: For comfort. To feel like yourself again, to be wanted and desired.

Quinn: It's cheating. I'm cheating on my husband. This is wrong. How did this happen? Why can't we stop? Hi sabrina!

>&gtHi jen!

Brooke: Zoe, I realize you're trying to help but I don't think it's appropriate for you to be talking about eric's marriage.

Eric: Brooke is right. I mean, quinn might be comfortable discussing our relationship but I'm really not.

Zoe: Of course, uh, I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to overstep--

Eric: No, no, I--I-- I, uh, I understand your heart's in the right place, so...

Zoe: Well, I appreciate that. It's just quinn always just says the most wonderful things about you and I just-- I find it really sweet how devoted she is to you. I think, you know, the-- the fact that we're friends, I get to see a different side of her, you know, a side that most people don'T. And, of course, I've heard about all of her checkered past and the shocking things she's done. And I think it's, kind of, easy to get the wrong idea about her. And I can definitely relate. But, um, once you get past all of that, she can really be the most supportive and caring person.

Brooke: [ Scoffs ]

Zoe: And, uh--no, really. I'm just--I'm really thankful that she was willing to talk to carter for me.

Ridge: Okay. And--and do you think she can make this case better than you can? Having to put pressure on carter may not be the right thing to do.

Zoe: Okay. But I-- I don't think that she's pressuring him or trying to, like, guilt-trip him or anything like that.

Brooke: This is quinn we're talking about. There's really no telling what she might do.

Zoe: Okay. But I'm saying I--I don't think that she's trying to give like a hard sales pitch or something.

Ridge: Good because it doesn't work with carter. He knows exactly what he wants.

Zoe: Right. And now, it--it's not me. But, um, you know, not too long ago, he did wanna marry me. He loved me. And I just-- I need to remind him why.

Eric: And you trust quinn to help you with that?

Zoe: Yeah. I mean, she's been through, kind of, similar things like this. I mean, we both eroded the trust in our relationships. It--it feels absolutely terrible knowing that you've let down someone that you care about the most.

Brooke: You know, zoe, it's starting to sound like quinn sent you here on her behalf.

Zoe: No, no, no. Trust me. [ Chuckles ] Quinn doesn't need anyone to talk her up. [ Chuckles ]

Eric: It's nice to know she's been so kind to you.

Zoe: Honestly, I think, um, it, kind of, meant the world to quinn when you took her back, eric. I think that's why she offered me this help. You know, she knows it's possible to rebuild the trust in a relationship. I think that's why she really cares about carter and me.

Eric: Well, I think it's all a lot more complicated than that.

Zoe: Definitely. Yeah. She's been [ Chuckles ] Pretty candid about that. Trust is something that has to be earned. But, you know, the important part is to just start, try, you know, like you have. I hope that one day you're able to open your heart up to her again. And until then, I just hope that you realize that quinn, she-- she is completely committed to you and your relationship and would never ever do anything to jeopardize it again.

Carter: We didn't expect for this to happen.

Quinn: But we knew it could. No, don't-- don't look at me like that.

Carter: Like what?

Quinn: I can't be here. I have to go. This-- every single second I'm with you, it's dangerous.

Carter: We didn't expect to feel this way, quinn. And we don't wanna hurt eric. I know how much you love him. How committed you are to him--

Quinn: No, no. Don't talk about my commitment to eric. Please. You need to be with zoe. She is young, and she is beautiful, and she wants a life with you more than she wants anything in this world. She made a mistake that she deeply regrets and you can relate to that now because so did we.

Carter: We were consoling each other.

Quinn: Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Carter: Sharing our loneliness, our need for affection, quinn. That's what brought us together.

Quinn: Oh, yes. And I felt lonely and unwanted. My husband would rather go on a business trip than make love to me. And it made me vulnerable to all of my own worst impulses. The way you held me, and touched me, and kissed me... made me feel like a woman again. You made me feel vital and desirable.

Carter: And beautiful.

Quinn: And beautiful. Yeah. But for that moment, for that incredible moment in time, and it's all I wanted. I wasn't thinking about my marriage. I wasn'T... I wasn't thinking about anything... except for that connection between us... connection that you needed too. I brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein.

Quinn: I shouldn't be talking like this, carter. I need to go.

Carter: Quinn--

Quinn: No. I--I-- I--I shouldn't be here. Don't you get it? Every single second that I'm here it's like we're playing with fire.

Carter: You don't have to go.

Quinn: Hey. It shouldn't have happened. I'm married. I made vows. But it didn't feel wrong. I want you to know that.

Carter: For me, too.

Quinn: You are a remarkable man, carter. And you are... you're caring and handsome and... passionate.

[ Sighs ] You've really made a difference in my life. At a time when I didn't think anyone can make me feel better, you did. I can understand why zoe is so desperate not to lose you.

Zoe: Carter is the man that I love. And I am so committed to him just as much as quinn is committed to you, eric. Uh, I'm not giving up.

Eric: So you've said.

Ridge: But you got to understand that someday you may have to.

Zoe: Yeah. But that time isn't right now. I mean, even if it was, quinn probably would have told me.

Brooke: You're putting a lot of faith in her, zoe.

Zoe: Well, I mean, quinn, she's been really honest with me. I swear. I mean, really, I was hoping that this conversation she had with carter would, you know, make things different but it didn'T. And so, um, you know, I feel like he just needs a little more persuading, which is why I've, kind of, planned a surprise at his apartment.

Brooke: Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean, some people don't like surprises.

Zoe: Look, okay. I'm really, really grateful for quinn's help. But ridge is totally right. I mean, at some point, I need to put myself out there and just tell him how I'm feeling.

Ridge: I--I--I don't think that's what I said.

Zoe: Yup. But what I'm meaning is that, you know, if I'm gonna do this, uh, it needs to happen now, you know, while carter isn't seeing anyone.

Ridge: Not seeing--he's not just gonna see anybody. It's not who he is.

Zoe: No, I know. I know. And I know how lucky I was. I'm just--I'm--I'm hoping that it's not too late for us. And look, uh, I know how close you all are to carter. And I know that you were very disappointed in the way that I treated him. But, um, look, I--I promise that I am going to be the woman that he deserves. I can be that woman. I--I truly--I adore him. And I'm going to do everything I can to regain his trust.

I'm erin.

-And I'm margo.

Brooke: Did you know that quinn and zoe had become such good friends?

Eric: No. No, I didn'T.

Ridge: So, you didn't know that quinn talked to carter?

Eric: Communication is also one of the things we've not been doing very much.

Ridge: I guess, it really makes it no difference, right? I mean, sometimes you just don't know what you had till it's gone.

Brooke: You really think it's too late?

Eric: You said that you-- you don't think he's seeing anyone.

Ridge: I don't know. I don't think he is, he didn't say that he was. I know he's not seeing zoe. I know that.

Eric: And would you be supportive if he did?

Ridge: Sure. Uh, I don't know. I mean, he's always been part of our family and always been good to me, he's had my back, he's always had my back. It's my turn to have his.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: And if he wants to be with her, if that's what makes him happy, then, it's all I want for him.

Brooke: And that's what we want for you, eric.

Eric: Thank you, brooke. And I know that, uh, given your history with quinn, that's not easy for you to root for the two of us.

Brooke: I'm just rooting for the conflict in your life to end.

Eric: Well, I've conflicted all right about quinn and our relationship. I have some time to think on my trip just now and--and I know that quinn misses terribly our connection and that physical connection and I know it hurts her, it causes her great pain and I--I hate that. I don't like that at all.

Brooke: But, eric, if you don't trust her...

Eric: Quinn's doing everything she possibly can to establish that reconnection. And I'm resisting it. I'm--I'm just dragging my feet. That has to stop. I have to make an effort. I have to turn the page.

Brooke: [ Scoffs ] Eric? Quinn's the one who has to make an effort.

Eric: She's my wife, brooke. She's my wife. And I--in spite of all the things that she's done to you, and to ridge, and to everybody else, you know, I was convinced that she would never change. But her patience through all of this proves to me that she really has.

Ridge: She has, dad, she has because quinn, of all, she wouldn't have done something to make this worse.

Eric: I know. You're exactly right. And through all this she's been-- she's been true to her word and she's been faithful to me.

[ Door opens ]

Zoe: Carter?

Zoe: Carter? Hey, uh, it's me. Are you--you in there?

[ Door opens ]

Zoe: Carter? [ Gasps ]

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