B&B Transcript Friday 4/30/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/30/21


Episode #8510 ~ After viewing Vinny's memorial tribute, Ridge comforts Thomas. Liam struggles to maintain normalcy with Hope while being tormented by thoughts of Vinny.

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Hope: So, how long do you think this phase will last?

Liam: What phase?

Hope: Oh, the "I'm so happy to be home that I love cleaning up the house" phase. I mean, I can make you a checklist.

Liam: [Chuckles] Don't worry. I'll--I'll get to all of it. But, um...for tonight, I want to feed the kids dinner, I want to tuck 'em in, and I want to hold my beautiful, very forgiving wife all night long. It's really nice to be home. I just kind of want to wrap myself up in this feeling and block everything else out.

Thomas: Uh, vinny, vinny won't be forgotten.

Ridge: That's really nice, a really nice tribute. Fitting memorial for your friend.

Thomas: He's my oldest friend, you know, and I miss him 'cause he's gone, and he's gone 'cause some monster ran him over... and didn't even think to look back, like nothing happened.

Carter: I hope my compliments didn't make you feel uncomfortable.

Quinn: [Chuckles] I haven't gotten one in so long, so...

Carter: I should be thanking you.

Quinn: For what? Hounding you about your ex?

Carter: I thought we moved on to talking about you.

Quinn: Oh, come on. Has the needle moved a little bit? Like...just...

Carter: I don't think that it could move, but it means a lot that you care.

Quinn: I do care, carter. I don't want you to be hurting and lonely. And you don't have to be.

Carter: Neither do you.

Paris: I talked carter into giving me a job without even trying. Convincing carter to give you a second chance might take a little more time.

Zoe: Paris, carter's your boss. You have to keep it professional.

Carter: Yeah, but if I get through to him, I'll be his sister-in-law. Come on, zoe, just let me do this for you.

Zoe: No, it's--it's fine. Quinn's on it.

Paris: Is she?

Zoe: Yeah, she's over there right now.

Paris: Which is where you should be! Look, I'm not saying she's not trying, but she's been working on carter for a while now, right? She hasn't gotten anywhere.

Zoe: That could change tonight.

Paris: And if it doesn't, I think you should consider changing your game plan, or at least finding a more reliable messenger.

Carter: I wanted zoe to be my wife, and she thought she found something better with zende.

Quinn: For one minute.

Carter: We were planning our future. I don't want to be anyone's second choice.

Quinn: Are you kidding me? You are the most sought-after man in all of forrester creations building, and that is a building full of the most beautiful people in the world.

Carter: Well, it takes more than that to make a connection with me.

Quinn: And it should take more than one mistake to break it.

Carter: I can't deny that I'm still drawn to zoe. When I see her, I want to... touch her... hold her... make love to her. It's been a really long time.

[Both laugh]

Quinn: Tell me about it. I can't remember the last time I felt wanted.

Thomas: Vinny wasn't a terrible person. I just--I don't want to remember him that way.

Brooke: Is there news on vinny's case?

Ridge: Ah, nope. But thomas put together this really nice tribute for him.

Thomas: Yeah, I'm gonna stop by and show hope on the way home.

Brooke: No. Don'T.

Ridge: Don't? What does that mean?

Brooke: Liam is there. He's moving back in.

Liam: Hope, I... I'm just--I'm so grateful that you want to find forgiveness, 'cause it'S... it's taken a huge weight off me.

Hope: [Sighs] Well, it's time. I don't want to look back anymore. Just forward.

Liam: Me too. More than you can possibly know. Your dry skin story changes

Zoe: Look, I'm touched that you want to reunite me with carter.

Paris: Then you'll take me up on my offer and let me talk to carter instead of quinn.

Zoe: Look, I know that quinn's not everyone's favorite person around here, but she is still a forrester. I mean, carter really respects her.

Paris: But what did you also tell me? That she's hurt a lot of people and made a bunch of mistakes.

Zoe: Okay, but I'm not gonna let her past mistakes define her, especially not when I'm trying to get carter to look beyond mine.

Paris: I'm just saying, is quinn really your most reliable advocate?

Carter: Maybe it was, uh... too much to ask, huh? Been single pretty much my whole life, waiting for the right one, and... thought it was zoe. She let me down. I don't think anyone could ever be the... be-all and end-all for me.

Quinn: Well... don't look at me. I'm the wrong person to ask for that advice. I thought my be-all, end-all was eric. I mean... I was living in paradise. Right? In this beautiful mansion on this gorgeous estate. So proud to have my portrait hanging above that fireplace. Now eric looks at that damn picture more than he looks at me. It's like we're strangers. Do you know that when I reach out to touch him, he actually recoils?

Carter: That can't be true.

Quinn: It is totally true. And I hate to admit it... but I am starving for his affection. I know I come off tough as nails, but... sometimes I just want to be held.

Thomas: Hope took liam back.

Brooke: How do you feel about that, thomas?

Ridge: Whoa, easy. What kind of a question is that?

Thomas: It's a-- it's a hard question. It is what it is. I mean, look, I--I know that... I made mistakes in the past, but I know what true love is now. It's wanting the best for the other person. It's wanting them to have their--their needs and their desires met, and if hope wants to be with liam, if that's what she really wants, then--then I want that for her.

Hope: Well, you certainly haven't lost your touch. One story and they're already nodding off.

Liam: Yeah, well, I loved every ordinary minute of it.

Hope: They missed you. I missed you.

Liam: I missed you guys, too. But now...I have the future, not just the past to think about. I mean, I-- I'm gonna be the father and husband that my family deserves.

Liam: Oh, you cleaned up.

Hope: Yeah, I wanted to get it out of the way so we could talk.

Liam: Okay.

Hope: [Chuckles] Well, uh, a while back you mentioned that something was wrong.

Liam: No, I'm--it's not. I'm good now. I'm here with... you and the kids. I'm good.

Hope: Well, I just don't want you putting all this pressure on yourself to make sure that everything's perfect, and I want you to know that you can be open and honest with me and I need that from you.

Liam: Yeah, okay. You're not wrong. I mean...these last weeks and months have been some of the hardest of my life.

Hope: Oh, I know.

Liam: You don't, though.

[Sighs] Not really, and you can'T. It's not... hope, I made horrible choices. I let bad things happen because I didn't step up, because I let my fear control me. But being here with you and the kids, I mean, this-- this is exactly what I need. This--this is my lifeline.

Hope: We're not going anywhere, liam. And neither are you.

Zoe: Look, I know quinn has a checkered past, but, you know, she can also be really persuasive, and that's good for me, because, you know, my future with carter rests in her hands right now.

Quinn: This is so not me. I mean, I can't believe I'm talking to you about this.

Carter: Well, I can't believe I'm talking to you about this.

Quinn: [Chuckles] You know, I have all of these questions, right, swimming through my head that scare-- that scare me so much. But when I'm talking to you, they don't, uh--don't scare me as much.

Carter: What are they?

Quinn: Will eric and i get through this? Will he ever trust me again? Will he ever hold me the way he used to? But it's different for you and zoe. You two still have a chance.

Carter: I don't know, quinn.

Quinn: Come on, she regrets so much what she did to you. She hates herself for it.

Carter: Maybe it was for the best. It opened my eyes, you know. I don't want to chase after anyone. I want someone... who truly wants me, you know. I want a real, visceral connection with someone.

Quinn: I know. I know exactly how you feel. Eric used to... tell me that I was the most beautiful, desirable woman in the world. And it gave me so much... confidence and security. It made feel really sexy. And, um...I just want to feel that way again.

Quinn: We can'T. - Bedtime!! - Bedtime.

Paris: Zoe, listen. Don't take this the wrong way, but you have a habit of trusting the wrong people.

Zoe: This is different. Right? Quinn knows how much I want carter. Right? Believe me. She is giving this her all.


I see

everything I need


drawn in

to the touch of your skin

irresistible skin

there's no turning back

on a one-way street

crazy as it seems

we're lost in our dreams

when it looks like the end

our story begins

a moment in time

for the rest of our lives

there's no turning back

on a one-way street

crazy as it seems

we're lost in our dreams

when it looks like the end

our story begins

a moment in time

for the rest of our lives

Brooke: I still have serious issues with what liam and steffy did. It's taken hope quite a while to get to this place, but I do believe she's ready to move on.

Thomas: So you want me to give them some space.

Ridge: Let liam and hope have this moment.

Brooke: This is the beginning of a much brighter future for them.

Liam: Um...

[Chuckles] How do I say this? Um... being home, you know, with you and the kids... feels like waking up from a nightmare, like I-- like i can...breathe again. And for the first time in so long it feels like... maybe everything's gonna be okay.

Hope: Well, I--I know we're both committed to making that happen.

Liam: Yeah, no--yeah, we were, but--but... it's only possible because of you. Because of your acceptance and--and love and... faith in our marriage. I mean, you--you have been a beacon of light for me since the moment I met you and the truth is I'm not even sure I deserve you.

Hope: You do, liam.

Liam: I love you so much. I mean, just... being here with you and the kids means I can lock the door, I can... I can put my arms around you and... the world outside doesn't exist. I mean, you and the kids, you're my universe. This--this is the man I want to be, this is--this is the life that I want to live and I just-- I just have to protect it is all, you know? I can't-- I can't let anything derail us again. I--

Hope: That's not going to happen, okay? That's not going to. We're right here tonight, together and--and it's our family and our future, that's what matters, okay? Nothing is going to come between us ever again. All right?

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