B&B Transcript Monday 4/26/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/26/21


Episode #8506 ~ Hope makes a welcome request of Liam. Bill gets mad when Baker interrupts a moment between him and Katie.

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[ Birds chirping ]

Liam: You have no idea how much this means to me.

Hope: I want our life back, liam.

Liam: Oh, I want it, too. I want it, too. And, uh, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Hope: [ Sighs ]

Katie: Well, liam is lucky to have you.

Bill: I wish I could do more for him.

Katie: You're giving him a place to stay, a father to confide in, I think you're doing fine.

Bill: I just have to convince him to stay the course.

Katie: With hope you mean? I agree. I--I hate seeing them go through all this. They're both in so much pain.

Bill: This is the darkest chapter of my son's life. But I'm determined to see him through it.

Quinn: Why don't we cuddle on the couch? I can make us some more martinis.

Eric: I'm sorry. I--I don't mean to disappoint you.

Quinn: I was hoping we could spend the night rediscovering each other. You know, I--I--uh, I have something special planned.

Eric: Quinn, I know. I realize it's been a long time since we've made love. I wish things could magically be back the way they were.

Quinn: Let me prove myself to you tonight, tomorrow, and every day after that. Let me--let me--let me prove how devoted I am to you and to our marriage.

Eric: Tomorrow is a travel day for me, my business trip. I, um, I need my rest.

Zoe: Oh, good, good, you're alone. Ooh. Okay. So how did it go? You know, last time I called you, you made it sound like there could still be hope for carter and me.

Quinn: [ Sighs ] I am so sorry, zoe. I-- I'm trying to help you stay positive, but I got to be honest with you, I don't think carter is ever gonna get over what you did to him.

Paris: I cannot believe we surpassed the goal. Almost $10,000 over.

Carter: Uh-hmm.

Paris: Oh, this is gonna make such a difference for so many people.

Carter: Uh-hmm.

Paris: Yeah, millions won't have to worry about the alien invasion anymore all thanks to the forrester foundation.

Carter: Yeah, so good.

Paris: Carter.

Carter: Hmm?

Paris: You have not heard a thing I've said, have you?

Carter: Busted.

[ Laughs ] I have a lot on my mind.

Paris: I can tell. Hopefully that includes giving my sister another chance?

Paris: Zoe made a mistake, a huge one, and I get why you're upset, but--

Carter: Wouldn't you be? She accepted my proposal. She accepted and started looking for better options.

Paris: She was scared. She thought you'd be like every other guy who has let her down before.

Carter: So instead she lets me down.

Paris: [ Sighs ] It's messed up, I know. As I said, huge mistake. But she knows that. She misses you. Isn't there a small part of you that misses her, too?

Carter: [ Sighs ]

Zoe: Okay. So what did carter say?

Quinn: Same thing he's been saying to you I suspect. I--I know you don't wanna hear this, but I don't think he can be swayed.

Zoe: I mean, there has to be another way.

Quinn: Look, I feel for you, zoe. I really do. I mean, I've been in the same position you've been and I've made really bad choices, wishing I could take it all back but sometimes you can'T. And if the person that you wronged won't forgive you...

Zoe: Can you just--sorry, but can you just try again? Please, quinn. I mean, you are so persuasive, you know. And I--I feel like you could be the one to do it. You could be the one to convince him to give me another chance.

Katie: I know liam is going through a lot right now, please tell him that I said for him to hang in there and stay positive. I mean, I know that hope is hurt and she has every right to be, but she doesn't wanna end her marriage.

Bill: And liam is actually with her now. She asked to see him.

Katie: That's good.

Bill: Yeah.

Katie: Uh, maybe she's ready to forgive him.

Bill: I hope so. Liam could use a bit of the stability that hope brings. My son needs his life back.

Hope: Part of me wasn't sure I'd ever get to this point, but I never stopped believing it was possible.

Liam: Now it's-- it's finally happening.

Hope: [ Laughs ] I just wanna put the past behind us and move on from all that pain, I do. And it feels good.

Liam: It feels-- it feels really, really good.

Hope: Uh-hmm. So when will you be moving back in?

Liam: Are you-- are you ready for that?

Hope: Yes. Liam, I want you to come home.

Liam: [ Sighs ]

Hope: [Laughs ] Look at what's happened to me.

Carter: You know, one thing I learned from all of this is that zoe and I have a bigger fan club than I realize.

Paris: What makes you say that?

Carter: So many cheerleaders in this building, encouraging me to work things out. You I understand, but quinn? No, that surprises me. Though it makes sense, you know, she knows all about asking for second chances.

Paris: Yeah, I've heard a thing or two. Some real wild.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, I--I don't wanna gossip, but she's been known to, um, manipulate. So I've been wary of her over the years.

Paris: Yeah, she does kind of give off a vibe.

Carter: Yeah, but... she's also nice. And lately I'm realizing it's not fake, you know. I'm seeing-- seeing the goodness in her. Like talking up zoe for example. She didn't have to do that. She could have shunned her. But instead, quinn's been quite the advocate for her.

Quinn: If I thought there was anything more I could say to him for you, I would. But there isn'T. I--I mean,

[ Sighs ] What can I tell you? The man's mind is made up.

Zoe: [ Sighs ] Okay. Maybe he doesn't wanna hear any more advice about getting me back. I guess, I--I get that. Okay. But what--what about this? I mean, would you just be willing to speak to carter again and just tell him that, you know, you're there for him? Like a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to, you know, that way, you know, he could start to open up and--and process everything. And maybe then, he'll realize that he actually does wanna give me a second chance.

Quinn: Sure. Sure, I could do that for you.

Zoe: Oh.

Quinn: I mean, he's a good listener, so I could be, too.

Zoe: Quinn, thank you so much. Uh, and seriously if this works, like if carter and i actually get back together, oh, my god, I'm gonna owe it all to you.

Katie: It's an interesting way to describe hope, "stabilizing."

Bill: Well, um, she is. It's a logan trait.

Katie: Must be good for the spencer men.

Bill: Oh, very good. Katie, I--I hope you understand why I'm making liam a priority right now.

Katie: Yeah, of course.

Bill: And as determined as I am to see him get his life back on track and put his family back together, uh, I'm even more determined to do the same with ours.

Katie: It's good to know.

[ Knocks on door ]

Bill: Come in.

Baker: Mr. Spencer.

Bill: Wow. Chief baker. This is, uh surprised day at spencer publications. Come on in.

Baker: Mrs. Spencer, uh, please excuse me for interrupting.

Bill: No. Uh, not at all. But you don't have to come all the way down here for the annual fundraiser? Uh, of course spencer publications is going to buy a table and make a significant contribution beyond that.

Baker: Well, thank you. As always. But actually I'm here on another matter. I'd like to speak to your son.

Bill: My son? Well, I have three sons, detective. Who did you wanna speak to?

Baker: Looking for liam actually. I'd like to ask him a few questions.

Liam: We're gonna do it then. We're gonna-- we're gonna get back to the way things were. And I--I know-- I know that it's not gonna be easy because I can't-- I can't erase what I've done and I-- and I know we just can't forget. But just knowing that you want me back here and-- and that you love me. I mean, hope, that is-- that is all I've been dreaming out since the moment I walked out the door, so thank you, thank you.

[ Vinny grunts ]

[ Tires screeching ]

Hope: Are you okay? Liam? Liam, what's wrong? Hi sabrina!

>&gtHi jen!

Zende: So, no reoccurrence?

Paris: None.

Zende: How weird.

Paris: Yeah. Well, I've given up those smoothies, so.

Zende: Yeah. But wise decision.

Paris: [ Laughs ] Well, I assume that's what caused all the crazy gurgling in my stomach. Either way, it's not worth experimenting with. My love affair with that smoothie place is o-v-e-R.

[ Laughs ]

Zoe: And not a moment too soon because this new love affair I see brewing suits you so much better. I mean it. You know, I'm really supportive of you both. I just want you to be happy, paris.

Paris: I want you to be happy, too.

Zoe: Well, I will be once I can get carter back.

Paris: Hey, you shouldn't give up on that yet, okay? He still might come around.

Zoe: Thank god I have people like you and quinn putting in a good word for me. Hopefully she's with carter right now reminding him of how good we are together.

[ Knocks on door ]

Carter: Quinn.

Quinn: Hey, carter. I don't mean to interrupt, I'm just gonna be a minute.

Carter: That's all good. I'm just finishing up and thanks again by the way for stopping by the other day.

Quinn: Yeah. Well, it doesn't have to be a one-time thing. I'm always here for you, carter. Any time you wanna talk.

Katie: You know what? I need to get back to the office, but, uh, just so you know, you probably could get him to buy two tables for the fundraiser, just fyi.

Baker: Oh, thank you. I'll work on that.

Katie: And you'll call me if you hear anything?

Bill: Yeah, you do the same.

Katie: Okay.

[ Door closes ]

Bill: [ Sighs ] Well, I'm sorry, detective. But, uh, you wasted your time. Liam's not here today.

Baker: Any particular reason?

Bill: Uh, well, he has to go personal day. I--I allow it every now and then.

Baker: Hmm, interesting.

Bill: Not particularly. Anyway, um, maybe I can answer your questions. Does it have to be liam? And--and--and if you do have questions, can we-- I don't wanna be rude, but maybe move it along? I have a lot of work.

Baker: Well, maybe you can help. Depending on how much you know about vincent walker. The man is dead. I'd like to know why.

Hope: Liam, what's the matter?

Liam: Oh, it's--it's nothing.

Hope: Really?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Because it seems like there's something troubling you.

Liam: No. [ Laughs ] No, no. No, I'm just-- it's nothing specific. It's just the whole situation, you know, it can be a little overwhelming.

Hope: Well, I get that.

[ Laughs ] I've certainly felt overwhelmed at times, too. But you don't have to hide it from me, okay? I--I know you feel terrible about what happened, I can tell that it's been haunting you. And-- and that's perfectly all right. You know, it's-- you're going to have feelings of guilt every now and then, and--but, look, liam, you've proven that you can still tell the truth even when it's difficult, even when you have everything to lose. So fess up.

Liam: What? What?

Hope: Be honest with me. I mean, are you really ready to move in or not? Because you thanked me but you didn't really given me a yes or no answer. So--

[ Liam laughs ]

Hope: --Liam, please, I mean, say you'll come home?

Microban 24 doesn't

Carter: The same goes for you, my door is always open.

Quinn: I appreciate that.

Carter: So did you talk to eric? Did you take my advice?

Quinn: Yes, I did.

Carter: And? [ Laughs ]

Quinn: And I was nervous, but I screwed up my courage and we had a good old talk. And, uh, yeah, eric was brutally honest with me. Says the lack of intimacy is definitely because he's still disappointed in me.

Carter: But he took you back.

Quinn: But it doesn't mean he's over what I did.

[ Sighs ] I mean, honestly, carter, I don't even know what I'm gonna do. Uh--uh, eric is--is-- he's the love of my life. He's my everything. He--he's just so-- he's so cold and uninterested. You have no idea how awful that feels. My--my own husband may never wanna touch me ever again.

Bill: You wanna know why vincent walker is dead? Well, if I heard the news reports correctly, he was hit by a car. Why would you wanna talk to liam about some random hit-and-run?

Baker: Well, to see if it really was random.

Bill: I'm not following.

Baker: He might have been hit on purpose.

Bill: What--what does that have to do with liam? My son wasn't involved if that's what you're asking. Liam's not a murderer.

Baker: Did I say he was?

Hope: I hated asking you to move out, but I needed the time. But I'm ready now. But are you sure you're ready? I mean, do you even want to move back in?

Liam: Oh, my god. Uh--uh, I've been waiting for this. This is-- this is all I've wanted.

Hope: But I can see a part of you still hesitating. Liam, I--I love you and having you back home, I think it will help us heal. It will help us put the past where it belongs, in the past and--and then we can move forward together.

Liam: That's what I-- that is what I want. It--it is. Uh, it's-- uh, if I seem like I was hesitating it's just because I, uh-- I'm just--I'm so grateful, that's all. I'm just-- I'm just in awe of you. But, uh--uh, yes, the answer is yes, yes, it is.

Hope: Great.

Liam: I'm--I'm coming home. I'm coming home, yeah.

Hope: Oh, liam. [ Laughs ]

[ Liam laughs ]

Hope: Oh, we will make this work, okay? I know we will. We will.

Liam: Okay. Oh, hope, if you only knew how much I needed this especially now, my beautiful understanding wife. But will you understand that I have to keep one more secret from you?

[ Loud thud ]

[ Tires screeching ]

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