B&B Transcript Wednesday 4/21/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 4/21/21


Episode #8503 ~ Eric admits to Ridge the specific issue he's having with Quinn. Dollar Bill swoops in to keep Liam from making a huge mistake.

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Hope: You have to know you can talk to me no matter what is going on between us. Liam, uh, I-- I can see that you're struggling and I want to help, but if I don't know what's going on, how can I? Look, whatever it is I won't judge. All right. So, please just tell me what is going on.

Ridge: So there is trouble between you and Quinn?

Eric: We put on a good face at the office.

Ridge: Every couple has problems, dad.

Eric: Yeah. This is different... especially in the bedroom.

Carter: Quinn, um,

[ Chuckles ] I thought you left.

Quinn: [ Chuckles ] Well, that's a good thing I didn't leave. Look at what I would've missed.

[ Chuckles ] My, my, my. Now, now I understand why Zoe wants you back so badly.

Ridge: I'm sorry there's trouble between you and Quinn. I thought everything was on track.

Eric: Yeah. I took her back in and I, uh, I forgave her. I thought. But what I haven't been able to get past is how cavalier she was and when she was trying to destroy your marriage. I'm not sure I'm ever gonna be able to trust my wife again. And without trust, uh...

Carter: So, you're just gonna stare at me?

Quinn: You bet I am. Uh, yeah. And don't think I'm coming onto you in any way, I mean, you know, Eric is my be-all and all I'm just--I'm just appreciating you like-- like I would a work of art.

Carter: [ Chuckles ] Well,

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Uh, [ Laughs ] I work hard to stay in shape.

Quinn: Yeah, well, trust me, it's not a wasted effort.

Hope: Liam, it's okay. Uh, whatever it is, you can talk to me.

Liam: You have good instincts. Something-- all I've ever wanted is to deserve you and the kids. And I just--I keep screwing it up.

Hope: Is this about that night with Steffy?

Liam: It's about so much...

Bill: Oh, there you are. Been looking for you. Hope.

Hope: Oh, Bill?

Bill: Sorry to barge in but, um, I need you.

Hope: Um, can't it wait? Liam was actually just about to tell me something really important and I'd like to hear it.

Ridge: You know that I'm-- I'm surprised how raw you're still are about what your wife did. I thought you moved past it.

Eric: I thought I had too. I thought I actually forgave her but what I can't get past is my wife trying to destroy my son's life. Where's--where's the respect for me in that?

Ridge: Come on. You know this has nothing to do with respect for you. You've met Quinn, she has no filter. When she wants to do something, she does it.

Eric: Look, I told her from the very beginning that I had no tolerance for her, uh, her manipulations and her lies. And... there's no room for that in my life. And she agreed that she-- she wouldn't have to do any of that anymore.

Ridge: And she kept the promise for a pretty long time.

Eric: Until she didn't? Look Ridge, I've been trying to get past it and-- and for the most part I have. I love Quinn. I love our lives together. And the basic rhythms of our life and our marriage are, uh, those things are still intact. And things we love to do together, our connection, we lost all that. It's not there especially when we get into our bedroom.

Ridge: Dad, uh...

Eric: Look, um, I--I pretend to go to sleep, Ridge. I stay down here until I think she is.

Ridge: She hasn't said anything about it?

Eric: I think she's afraid to upset the delicate balance. She misses the intimacy, I know she does. But I'm not sure, uh, if we can get it back. I'm not sure we ever will.

Quinn: So, like, what's your secret, anyway? I mean, do you--do you work out every day for, like, hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours?

Carter: No, no, no, uh, I'm not that diligent. You should see me eat on Saturdays. It's--it's crazy.

Quinn: Oh, whatever you're doing it's perfection.

Carter: Well, I'll say the same thing to you next time you're getting ready to work out.

Quinn: No, that's never going to happen. No. And, I mean, Eric would never put up with that anyway. You know, if he's still interested in me.

Carter: Of course, he's still interested.

Quinn: Oh, I don't know. I mean, we haven't made love in a really long time.

Carter: Uh, that may have nothing to do with you. You have to talk to him. And besides, uh, I can imagine any man who wouldn't... find you desirable.

Quinn: Oh, thank you. I need that. [ Laughs ] Okay. Really gonna go now.

Carter: I'm glad you came by. I really enjoyed talking to you.

Quinn: Yeah. I really wanted to talk to somebody about what was going on or what wasn't going on.

Carter: But don't worry. Your secret's safe.

Quinn: You're a really great guy, Carter, and now that I've seen you in practically nothing...

Carter: Uh-hmm.

Quinn: ...Uh, I understand why Zoe is kicking herself& around the block for letting you go.

Bill: By all means, Liam, say what's on your mind.

Liam: Sorry, hope. I thought I was a better person.

Hope: You made a mistake, Liam. And sure it-- it really messed things up. But you can't let it stop you in your tracks.

Bill: I'm so glad to hear you say that. I mean, uh, that is exactly what I've been telling him. I hear the concern in your voice and I share it. And that's why I have Liam staying with me. So I can keep an eye on him. Get him help or slap him around a little bit if he needs it. Right, Liam?

Hope: Well, I'm glad he has you. You shouldn't be alone right now.

Bill: It's a challenging time. It's, uh, it's hard when you look in the mirror and you don't recognize the man looking back at you. But life is about change. And you have Bill to make the adjustment. And as his father, I'm going to do everything in my power to help Liam, to get him through this, and to make sure that his future is bright and that he's ready to meet it. Anyway, again, I--I apologize for interrupting but I-- I really do need you, Liam. So, let's go.

Hope: Uh, all right. Well, um, come by to the house the kids miss you.

[ Metal clanking ]

Quinn: Good thoughts, I hope?

Eric: About all our years together.

Quinn: Best of my life.

Eric: Me too. I was just telling Ridge how we've always been so compatible.

Quinn: Uh, especially in... one area in particular, if memory serves. I mean, it's been a long time.

Quinn: I am so happy to be home with the man I love. No one makes me laugh like you do.

Eric: Yeah, you're easy.

Quinn: [ Chuckles ] You're fun and funny and-- and I love every minute with you. I don't wanna seem greedy or, uh, ask for too much too soon because I know that forgiveness comes in stages but I'm... I'm hoping that we could move to the next level and... get closer.

[ Knocking ]

Hope: Come in.

Thomas: You got a minute? I wanna show you something.

Hope: Sure. What do you got?

Thomas: Well, I, uh, I've made some adjustments after the last time we talked. And, um, I've fixed up the Bill a little bit. And if you're good with it, I'm ready to send it to production.

Hope: Thomas, [ Sighs ] I think you've outdone yourself this time.

Thomas: No. No no. There's plenty more to come. I'm really excited for this line to come out.

Hope: Me too.

Thomas: Um, so do you-- do you mind if I'd stop by later, maybe see the kids?

Hope: Sure.

Thomas: Oh, their energy always lightens the weight I've been feeling since Vinny's death. So...

Hope: Well, they will be happy to see you. Especially because I'm not sure when Liam will be stopping by.

Thomas: Is that why you've been distracted? Did something happen while you were alone with him?

Bill: Liam, if I hadn't have walked in exactly when I did, you would've told hope everything that happened that night with Vinny and how consumed with guilt you are. You can't do that unless you want us both to go to prison.

Liam: It's not--this secret, what I did to Vinny, it's killing me. What--if I close my eyes, I see Vinny every single time, just laying there on the side of the road because I'm the one who ran him down, right? And by the way, hope is not oblivious to this. She looks at me, she takes one look and she knows something's wrong.

Bill: Well, how about you stop walking around like a flashing freaking neon sign?

Liam: I can't, dad. That is--it's not. Don't you get it? Don't--don't you understand that I cannot both keep this secret and function at the same time? I can't do it.

Managing type 2 diabetes?

Quinn: You were talking about Ridge earlier, um, were you talking about me?

Eric: Your name came up as it often does.

Quinn: Oh, on a good context, I hope.

Eric: Little more complex than that. It always is with you.

Quinn: I know I could be exhausting. But you have to admit it's been a while.

Eric: Well, that all got washed away didn't it when you targeted my son's marriage.

Quinn: I was trying to help Shauna.

Eric: And hurt Brooke. I was so happy to have you come back in the house. I was so happy to look forward to putting our-- our marriage back together. And I'm looking forward to our future together.

Quinn: I know. And I appreciate so much that you gave me another chance. You're the kindest most forgiving man that I know. And I know I screwed up. I--I acted on impulse and I betrayed your trust but... I'd really like to make that up to you. I love you, Eric. And I miss my husband. I miss touching you. And holding you and kissing you. I--this-- this physical distance between us, it's not a good thing. We need to rediscover that the-- the passion that-- that we have for each other. I wanna make love to you, tonight.

Hope: Something's off.

Thomas: What do you mean?

Hope: I'm not exactly sure, but Liam isn't acting like himself.

Thomas: How so?

Hope: Um, he's distant, quiet.

Thomas: That's not so surprising. I mean, you two are separated. In his own messed up and misguided way, he loves you, right? So, he probably just misses his family and that's coming across as weirdness. I--I'll give you a little hint here, um, men not so great at processing emotion.

Hope: Oh, really? Well, see, Liam he's usually very good at that. He loves exploring his feelings, analyzing them, overanalyzing them. He is usually an open book and that certainly was not the case earlier.

Thomas: He is in touch with his feminine side. It's probably all that soy. But he's still not that deep, okay? I'm telling you, it's not gonna take much digging to figure it out and, uh, it's probably just he misses his family, he misses you, and he misses his daughter and...

Hope: Okay. Thomas, tell me how you really feel.

Thomas: Oh, look. I really feel like he's an idiot but I know you love him and [ Chuckles ] I respect that.

Hope: [ Sighs ] I--I hear what you're saying about him missing us but if it were that simple why doesn't he come over to visit? I think there is more going on, something Liam isn't telling me. And frankly, I'm a little worried.

Liam: I can't-- I can't do this, dad. I'm just-- I'm not cut out for it.

Bill: Yes, you can. You can do it. It'll get easier. It's mind over matter. Your thoughts don't control you. You control your thoughts.

Liam: Well, then tell me how. Tell me how, because I just killed a man.

Bill: He came out of nowhere, Liam. You didn't have time to react. All right. I know what happened but nobody else is gonna believe that, not once they find out what Vinny did with the paternity test. That gives you motive and-- you know what? It doesn't matter. Everything is handled. The car is across the world. There were no cameras at the scene...

Liam: Oh, my god. Can you not--please stop, stop patting yourself on the back. You left the man lying on the side of the road.

Bill: That's a rat lying on the side of the...

Liam: Dad, stop it.

Bill: He was dead. He was dead and after what he did to my son's life, he was a rat. So he was a dead rat and not worth sacrificing you over. And you know the deal. We're in it. There's no going back. We take this secret to our graves. You don't tell anyone anything and that includes hope.

Liam: You're not hearing me. Hope invited me over to be with her and the kids. And there is nothing I want more than that. You know that. And I turned her down, I had to say no because at least I know that I can't be around my family right now.

Bill: You should be around your family. You have to have some kind of normalcy.

Liam: I am not normal. I am radioactive. I am nuclear. And I am not bringing that around my kids.

Bill: Liam...

Liam: Okay. My wife and my family are slipping through my fingers right now. Everything. Everything that I love and I care about is disappearing. It's disappearing and there is going to be a giant hole where my soul used to be. This is not sustainable. I cannot go on like this. I can't.

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