B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/20/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/20/21


Episode #8502 ~ Quinn makes an impassioned plea to Carter on Zoe's behalf. Hope queries Liam about his strange behavior.

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Thomas: Now, Vinny has faults. But for some cold-hearted

[ Bleep ] To mow him down like that, I mean, how could someone live with themselves after doing that? Right, Liam?

Hope: To know that there's someone out there with blood on their hands... Liam? You okay?

Ridge: Let me make sure I'm understanding this, you don't wanna be with Zende anymore because you want him to be happy with your sister?

Zoe: Yes. Exactly.

Ridge: Yes, exactly. And your only focus right now is to reconcile with Carter?

Zoe: Look, I realized that it might be a little too late. And honestly, every indication from Carter says that it probably is. But, you know, if there's even the smallest chance that I can turn all of this around, that Carter hasn't shut me out completely then yes, absolutely. I'm gonna do everything I can to fight for him.

Carter: I know that wasn't easy to admit.

Quinn: That my husband won't make love to me anymore? That's it's been far too long?

Carter: You put it a little more delicate than that, but...

Quinn: I'm embarrassing both of us now.

Carter: No, no Quinn, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. You and Eric just have some things to work through.

Quinn: If we can.

Carter: Of course, you can. Look, I know the obstacles you two overcame to be together in the first place. Eric's entire family was against the marriage. I wasn't thrilled about it at first. But you persevered. Your love persevered and it can again.

Quinn: This time feels different.

Carter: Why?

Quinn: Because before it was everyone doubting us... doubting me. Eric says that he's forgiven me for interfering in Brooke and ridge's marriage for all the heartache I've caused, but if he-- if he won't make love to me I-- Carter, this is not why I came here, didn't come here for this. I came here on Zoe's behalf to see if you would please give her a second chance. I mean, look what I've done at-- I'm sitting here, I-- I'm spilling my guts to you.

Carter: No. No, I think we just realized we have a lot in common.

Zoe: Look, I've got very confused emotionally and, you know, I did some things that I'm definitely not proud of. I hurt Carter and I hurt my sister.

Eric: What about Paris, have you made up with Paris?

Zoe: Yeah. Yeah. Actually, she, um, she forgave me. And as for Carter and me, uh, well, I feel like [ Scoffs ] I'm hoping on--on something that feels nearly impossible, a second chance for us. Well, that is if he's not seeing someone else. And ridge, you're his best friend, do you know if Carter's... seeing anyone?

Quinn: At least you and Zoe didn't go through what Eric and I are.

Carter: No. Sexual intimacy was not our issue. Her fixation with Zende was.

Quinn: I think that's over. In fact, I know it is.

Carter: Hmm, did she tell you that?

Quinn: Yeah. Among other things. Also about how much she regrets throwing everything away that she had with you over a silly flirtation.

Carter: Wow. A flirtation? It felt like it was a lot more than that.

Quinn: Do you feel like it was symptomatic of something deeper? Because that's how it feels for me about Eric not wanting to be intimate with me.

Carter: So you think that he hasn't fully forgiven you for blowing up ridge and Brooke's marriage?

Quinn: I think on the surface he has but behind closed doors... in bed?

[ Sighs ] Carter, I miss my husband. I--I--I do, I feel like-- I feel like Eric is just slowly slipping away from me.

Hope: Liam? Did you hear me? Are you--are you all right?

Thomas: He's a hell of a lot better than Vinny, that's for damn sure. But it's okay because the police are--aren't gonna stop until they find that scumbag and he's--

Liam: You said that-- you said that, um, baker was here asking questions?

Thomas: Yeah. I--I--he knew about, uh, the paternity test and him switching the results and I filled him in on whenever I could. I also told him that I would do whatever it takes to make sure that this bastard ends up behind bars because that's what he deserves. And I wanna look him in the eye, you know. I wanna see him before he goes into a jail cell and spends it there rotting for years and years on end. Did you know that your clothes can actually attract pet hair?

Zoe: Look, I would totally understand if Carter were seeing someone else. Especially, after the way I'd treated him. I mean, the fact that he talks to me at all, amazes me.

Ridge: Amazed me too.

Zoe: But I'm telling you I would give everything to go back and still be engaged to him. You know, be thinking about our future and--and our life together.

Eric: It could still happen.

Zoe: But don't count on it. That's what you're saying with both--

Eric: What we're saying is that we want what's best for Carter.

Zoe: Well, so do I. Of course. But, you know, unless he's already dating someone... I mean, is Carter dating someone?

Ridge: No. I don't think there's another woman in his life, no.

Quinn: I don't know why I'm telling you all of this. I haven't even shared all of this with my best friend. And I'm telling you Shana and I share practically everything.

Carter: Well, look at me as you newest bestest friend, if that helps.

Quinn: Oh, I've been wanting to talk to somebody about this for a while. I think I was just--um, I was hoping that things would just fix themselves.

Carter: Uh-hmm. Only they haven't.

Quinn: No. No. I have tried everything. Everything I can to try to reignite that spark between us, but nothing is working. We go to bed, and to go sleep-- or Eric goes go to sleep. And I lie awake worrying that my husband may have lost his desire for me completely or worse...

Carter: Worse?

Quinn: What if Eric feels so betrayed by what I did to Brooke and ridge that it's-- that it's affected his feelings for me completely? I mean, what if-- what if my husband has fallen out of love with me?

Thomas: Look, I get that Vinny wasn't your favorite person, I mean, how could he be? After what he did changing the test results. Hell, I--I was--I was angry with him, too. But he didn't deserve this.

Hope: No one's saying he did, Thomas.

Thomas: I mean, did that coward even stop, or look back, or think about looking back? I mean, how could he do that? Like it's not--at least call the paramedics, right? I mean, they could have helped him, they could have saved him, maybe, maybe not. But at least he could try. How could he just--it's inhuman. And justice should be served. Right, Liam?

Liam: Yeah, I agree. Whoever did this should pay.

Hope: Thomas, would you mind-- I just would like a moment alone with Liam?

Thomas: Yeah, sure. I'll just go.

Hope: Vinny's death was a shock to all of us. But Liam, there is something more going on with you. And I'm right, aren't I?

Brushing only reaches

25% of your mouth.

Zoe: You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that. Well, thank you very much. But one last thing before I go if you don't mind, I just wanna ask you both with something.

Ridge: What's that?

Zoe: Well, if either of you were to ever come across the opportunity to put in a good word for me to Carter, I would really appreciate that.

Ridge: Relationships are complicated, aren't they?

Eric: Is that for Zoe and Carter or is that for me?

Ridge: Dad, come on. I asked you a question earlier, you still haven't answered it. What's going on with you and Quinn?

Carter: I doubt that very much, knowing how Eric feels about you.

Quinn: How he used to feel about me. I mean, we used to have a very active sex life, but now not so much.

Carter: Well, have you talked to him about it?

Quinn: No, I don't wanna put any pressure on him.

Carter: How?

Quinn: I mean, what if it's not that he doesn't wanna make love to me, but that he can't make love to me, that he isn't able to? I mean, I don't-- I don't want to embarrass him. I don't wanna emasculate him.

Carter: So you would rather just go on the way you are?

Quinn: No, no, of course not. I... I--I'm sorry, I still can't believe I'm--I'm telling you all of this.

Carter: Look Quinn, you're saying you're worried that Eric might have lost his sex drive. But what worries you more, I think is that you're worried your husband doesn't trust you anymore. And that's undermining certain aspects of your marriage including intimacy. And the only way to find out is communicate with him, to talk to Eric, to deal with this openly and honestly together.

Quinn: Lawyer, a coo, a marriage officiant, and now a sex therapist. My goodness. Mr. Walton, are there no end to your talents?

Hope: I realize this is a difficult, stressful time. Right. We're dealing with our separation and there's all this uncertainty. But the one thing that has remained constant and reassuring is your thoughtfulness. Sending me flowers, or notes, or--or my favorite food. I mean, anything to-- to remind me how much you love me but the thing is, Liam, those gestures, they've stopped. And you canceled our lunch today and looking at you now, I can see that you aren't yourself.

Liam: I--I don't-- I don't mean to worry you. It's just, um, do you know how sometimes something happens, something that's just so... unthinkable? Anyway, you're right I'M... definitely not myself. A capsule a day

Ridge: Dad, I don't mean to pry. This is pretty obvious to me that things between you and Quinn are... not what they're supposed to be. Might help if you opened up a little bit.

Eric: You're right, ridge. Things are not the same between my wife and me, especially in the bedroom.

Carter: We'll, we covered a lot. How else can dr. Carter be of help?

Quinn: You really have helped though. You know, I mean, it helped to talk to someone who genuinely cares. Of course, let's remind ourselves that was not my intention when I came over here. I was coming here to see if you would possibly give the thought of you and Zoe another chance, so did I succeed, possibly?

Carter: Zoe's lucky to have someone like you backing her.

Quinn: You know, Carter, all any of us ever want is passion, intimacy, and love, connection. Anyway, thank you for listening.

Carter: And thank you for your concern. And remember, when it comes to Eric, communication is key, and, it's sexy too.

Quinn: Hmm.

Carter: Now, I got to go get changed for the gym.

Quinn: Yeah.

Carter: Aren't you gonna take that?

Quinn: Yeah. Do you mind I-- I'll let myself out?

Carter: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Quinn: Okay.

[ Phone rings ] Hello?

Zoe: Hey. Have you talked with Carter? How did it go?

Quinn: Well, from what he said and didn't say it looks like your ex-fiancÚ may be willing to give this another chance.

Zoe: You--you really think so?

Quinn: Yes. Yes. But can I--can I talk to you about this when I see you. I really need to get home to Eric. Okay? Bye.

Carter: I know the obstacles you two overcame to be together in the first place. Eric's entire family was against the marriage, but you persevered. Your love persevered and it can again.

Carter: Quinn?

Quinn: Oh. I--I know I said I was gonna let myself out.

Carter: Yeah. I--I forgot that I left my workout clothes out here, so I--I came to get them.

Quinn: Yeah. Carter: Can you toss them to me?

Quinn: Yes. Oh, sure. Of course, I can toss them to you. Nice catch, counselor. Nice, um, everything.

Hope: Liam, I know things have been difficult. I know you miss the kids, your entire family under one roof.

Liam: You have no idea. I'd give anything up just to be with you, and Beth, and Douglas at home right now. I'm just... uh, those moment of normalcy, it seems so... precious. So many things I wish I could go back and do over again, you know?

Hope: Well, look, why don't we go to the house? I'm sure the kids would love to see you and we could watch a movie, you know, pop some popcorn, maybe play a board game, you know, just anything, so you can spend some time with Beth and Douglas.

Liam: I can't. I can't. Um, yeah, I just, uh, I don't think I can go back with you to see the kids right now. It's just not a good idea.

Hope: Not a good idea? Spending time with Beth, and Douglas, and me is not a good idea. What are you talking about?

Liam: It's just... not. Okay. You know what? I should--I should--I got to go. I'm so sorry, I--I--

Hope: No, Liam, no. You were not going to leave like that. I know you. I know you better than anybody and I can tell that there is something going on. You've been distant, you've been aloof. I mean, Liam we promised each other honesty, we said no more secrets, remember? So whatever it is that is going on, you can tell me. Anything at all, whatever is weighing you down. Liam, what is it? What happened? Liam, what's wrong?

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