B&B Transcript Monday 4/12/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 4/12/21


Episode #8497 ~ A positive identification is made on the recently deceased. Bill complicates his cover-up by telling additional lies to those he loves.

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Liam: Dad, I can't, and I mean this, I can't just go on with my life like last night never happened.

Bill: You have to. That is exactly what you have to do.

Liam: Well, then you tell me how because if I recall correctly, I killed a man.

Bill: It was an accident. Vinny stepped in front of the car. I was there. I saw it. The problem is a jury isn't going to buy that based on how much you hated vinny. Now, I am not gonna let you throw your life away over this.

Liam: You know-- you know something? If I hadn't passed out and I wish, I wish I hadn't, I wouldn't have let us leave the scene. I wouldn't have let it happen but you did and I don't know why you do things like--you have-- you have this talent for making everything worse.

Bill: The only problem is gonna be if you confess and you're not gonna do that. I know how honest you are and you wanna tell the truth but you can't do that this time. There is nothing connecting you to vinny's death. They haven't even identified the body yet.

Thomas: This can't be happening.

Finn: I'm sorry and I-- I know this... must be a terrible shock.

Thomas: He's--he's dead. Vinny is dead.

Katie: What's all this?

Flo: The latest focus group results for hope for the future.

Brooke: Positive?

Flo: Hope's line is very well-received. People are not only looking forward to the latest designs but her newest message. The two are kind of one, the same.

Katie: Well, that was the intention.

Brooke: You put this report together?

Flo: I did. Yeah. Is-- is there something wrong with it?

Brooke: No, it's very thorough.

Katie: It's impressive.

Flo: Thank you. It really means so much. I'm really grateful to be working at this company and more importantly, just really grateful to be a part of this logan family. I just wanna make all of you really proud.

Brooke: Welcoming you into the family has been a good experience for me. It made me realize that forgiveness is necessary.

Dr. Ricks: I'm sorry to intrude on what must be a devastating moment but I need to make this official. Can you give me his full name?

Thomas: What? Yeah. Yeah. It's--it's vinny. Vincent walker. I--I don't understand. How did this happen? Who did this to him?

Bill: You have to trust me. I've taken care of everything.

Liam: I--I can't do this.

Bill: Liam, will you listen to me? The wallet and the cell phone are gone. The car, history, literally on the other side of the world. I stuck to my normal routine. I took my morning jog, scoped out the whole crash site. There are no cameras anywhere. This is gonna work, liam. You just have to put it out of your mind.

Wyatt: Hey, what's going on? And what exactly does he have to put out of his mind? Hi sabrina!

>&gtHi jen!

Brooke: I've been encouraging hope to find forgiveness in her heart for liam.

Katie: Well, I can understand why that might take some time. Liam being with steffy is hope's worst nightmare.

Brooke: But liam loves hope very much and he regrets what he did with steffy. And thank god that baby is finn's because I don't think hope would have gotten past the possibility of liam and steffy having yet another child together.

Flo: She definitely wouldn't have been able to get past that night they had together.

Brooke: It's so frustrating. I mean, liam should have known better. He should've thought about it. I mean, obviously, hope wouldn't do something like that. He shouldn't jump to the wrong conclusions.

Katie: And fall back on old habits. But I don't think he's gonna do something like that again. I--he's learned his lesson and steffy and finn seem very much in love.

Brooke: Thank god. That's what I want for hope. She was happy with liam and with their beautiful little family. I think they can have that again.

Katie: I know you've always been supportive of hope and liam. But I can't help but wonder if another reason why you're so invested in them getting back together is because of thomas. You don't want him anywhere near hope.

Finn: I'm just-- I'm really sorry you're blindsided by all this. Sudden and unexpected death, it's--it's--it's really tough.

Thomas: Vinny is gone. How can that even be?

Hope: I'm so sorry, thomas.

Finn: He was your oldest friend?

Thomas: Yeah, he was. Till recently, anyway, when he had changed the paternity test results. I was so mad at him. I was furious. I blocked his number.

Hope: That's because you were understandably upset with him. He tried to manipulate all of our lives.

Thomas: What if he was sorry, like I was with you? Like what-- I--I could've shown him some compassion.

Hope: This isn't your fault, thomas.

Thomas: I need to know what happened. How did vinny die?

Wyatt: So who wants to go first? Don't everybody talk at once. What did I just walk in on?

Bill: Well, you see, that's the problem. You walk in here like you pay the mortgage.

Wyatt: You don't have a mortgage.

Bill: That's not the point.

Wyatt: Besides, aren't you the one that always says, "mi casa, su casa."?

Bill: I never say that. If I do say it, I don't mean it.

Wyatt: Wow.

Bill: Call or text first. At least ring the freaking doorbell.

Wyatt: Oh, my-- what is your problem right now?

Bill: I don't have a problem. You have a problem.

Wyatt: Really?

Bill: Hey, I would just like a little respect for my privacy. I mean, what if you walk in here and I'm doing who knows what?

Wyatt: Okay. You don't have to paint a picture.

Bill: Oh, I will paint a picture.

Wyatt: Wow. Now that I've been successfully scarred for life, does anybody wanna tell me what just happened?

Bill: Everything's fine.

Wyatt: Liam, you haven't said anything. What is going on? Talk to me.

Limu emu & doug

[ Bird chirps ]

Brooke: My feelings for thomas are complicated. He is ridge's son and ridge adores him. Believes everything he says. And it's just not that easy for me.

Katie: You haven't been to forgive him for keeping beth away from home.

Brooke: No. I mean he shamelessly manipulated my daughter and his own son because he was obsessed. And I don't think it's that easy to get over a fixation like that.

Brooke: Have you seen anything that set off alarms?

Brooke: No. I mean nothing I can put my finger on.

Katie: What about you? Have you noticed anything concerning here at work?

Flo: No. I mean he just-- they just seemed like they're good friends. I don't--I don't see him really angling for her or anything like that anymore.

Katie: Well, she must feel comfortable with him. Otherwise, she wouldn't let him design for her line.

Brooke: You know hope, she always wants to see the best in people.

Flo: Well, considering what happened though, you'd think she might have her guard up more than ever around thomas?

Brooke: She says she does. But I don't know. I just get a really strange feeling every time he's around her.

Katie: Maybe you're just a protective mom, which, there's nothing wrong with that.

Flo: On the other hand, thomas is the one who figured out the truth and told hope that liam wasn't the father of steffy's baby.

Brooke: Yes. And I gave him credit for that. I actually thanked him. And what vinny did was reprehensible. I mean I always thought he was kinda shady, but I never thought he would do something like this, like switch dna results, so hope and thomas could be together.

Thomas: Why is vinny dead? It doesn't make sense. He was--he was young and he was healthy. I can't believe I'm talking about him in the past tense. I could have been nicer to him.

Hope: Don'T.

Thomas: Oh, I could have. He's--he's my best friend. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I don't mean to freak out.

Hope: No, it's--it's okay.

Thomas: Finn, you must know something. What happened?

Finn: I mean I-- I don't know all the details, but I'm pretty sure there's a police investigation coming if, you know, there's not already one in progress.

Hope: An investigation?

Thomas: Why are the cops involved?

Finn: Vinny was hit by a car in bel air.

Thomas: In bel air? In the middle of the night? What did the driver say?

Finn: Left the scene.

Thomas: What?

Finn: Vinny was killed in a hit-and-run.

Bill: Amazing. Amazing. I mean, not--not that you--you-- you barge in my house, and now you're standing here in the middle of my living room and you are effect telling me to butt out so you can hear what liam has to say?

Wyatt: Yeah. Which obviously doesn't seem like much, what is going on, bro?

Liam: I--

[ Sighs ] Nothing. Nothing.

Bill: Nothing. Same thing I told you. Hey, why do you do this? You do it all the time. You look for trouble.

Wyatt: I'm not looking for it. I felt it when I first walked in here.

Bill: Everything is fine, wyatt. Leave it alone.

Wyatt: Don't--don't do that. Don't diminish my concern here. Are you okay? Do you need me? Do you need to talk or something?

Bill: Okay. All right. He--he doesn't feel well and you grilling him is only making it worse.

Wyatt: Is that true? Are you sick?

Liam: Nauseous.

Wyatt: Okay. Well, that's a start. But that still doesn't explain the tension that I felt.

Bill: What tension? There was no tension. You brought the tension in. That's just something you do.

Wyatt: You know what, if something is wrong you tell me, right?

Bill: Okay. Fine. Fine. You wanna know what's going on and you just won't let this go, I'll tell you. A lot of people think dealing with copd is a walk in the park.

Finn: I realize this is an awful shock.

Thomas: Vinny did some bad things and he may deserved consequences, but not this, not being left for dead on the side of the road.

Hope: Are you sure it was a hit-and-run?

Finn: From everything I heard that seems to be the case, unfortunately.

Thomas: So how could vinny be dead? Some son of a [Bleep] Just-- just runs him over and leaves him there? I mean despite everything, vinny was a good guy. All right. He made some bad decisions but he was there for me, I mean when I went off the rails, it's like he--he gave me a place to stay. He--he gave me someone to talk to. Why couldn't I be there for him?

Hope: You can't beat yourself up like this, thomas.

Thomas: Why not? Why can't I? Because I could have talked to him. All right. I could have said one thing. I could have yelled at him, had one last conversation.

Finn: I'm sorry you lost your friend, thomas. How clearly he meant a lot to you.

Thomas: He wasn't perfect. I know that. And he made some bad decisions and he--he could have robbed you of your child. He could have destroyed your marriage, but that's just it, like, he--he thought he was doing me a favor and I'm not--I'm not trying to defend his actions. I'm just saying that... he had some good reason for what he did. At least he thought he did and... he--he made bad decisions. I mean even when he did it for money wasn't good. I mean, it made them rough around the edges. But he had to be-- he had to be rough around the edges to work in that world. And despite everything, I always thought that he can make his life better. You know, I always thought that there was this potential that he had--that he-- he hadn't fulfilled but then he could. Because he was this good person at heart, like, he could-- he could pick up the pieces and make everything better, but now-- but now that's not even a possibility. He's gone. Because of some bastard, some animal ran him over on the side of the road. Didn't even stop to try and help him.

Wyatt: Come on, dad. You said you were gonna tell me what happened between you two. I'm listening.

Bill: Oh, I'll tell you. I'm gonna say, wyatt, you know, I've never been more disappointed. I can't believe you're that clueless you can't figure this out for yourself.

Wyatt: I'm sorry, am I supposed to read minds now? I don't understand.

Bill: Oh, no, no, no, no, don't--don't add being defensive to it. You know, it's bad enough. How about you put that energy toward being more attentive to your brother what's going on with him. Why is he living in my house in the first place, wyatt? Hmm? Because he is separated from hope, from his children. Now, how do you suppose that makes him feel? I'll tell you, like, the--the bottom has dropped out from his world because it has. It's hurting liam. I mean look at him. He's in pain. He's suffering. He's tormented by what he did. But it serves no purpose. What's done is done. You got to let it go.

Wyatt: If that's true, I'm sorry. I should have realized what was going on.

Liam: No, I guess I just, um, shouldn't have left.

Bill: Well, there's no going back.

Wyatt: I got to agree with dad on this one, you should stop beating yourself up about this, all right?

Liam: Easier said than done.

Wyatt: Liam?

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: You are a good person, all right?

Liam: I'm really not, wyatt.

Wyatt: Yes, you are. You--you--I don't know anyone who is more caring than you. Like, you would never deliberately hurt anyone.

Bill: Wyatt is right. Liam, you are a good person.

Liam: No.

Bill: You would never deliberately hurt anyone. And that's what you need to remember. There is no point in tormenting yourself. That could cost you everything you care about, everything you love. You just have to let it go, son. Let it go.

Thomas: Some coward running vinny down, taking his life, like it didn't matter. Well, it mattered to me. The cops better find the bastard who did this to my friend or I will find him myself.

Bill: There's only one thing you can do, liam. Forget what happened and move on. . . . . .

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