B&B Transcript Friday 4/9/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 4/9/21


Episode #8496 ~ Bill realizes that he must do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Hope rushes to the hospital to help make a victim identification.

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Liam: [ Sighs ] Dad, this is just--this isn't right. Uh, I have to go to the police--

Bill: No, no, no--

Liam: I have to tell them what I did.

Bill: Listen to me, son, you can't do that.

Liam: Yeah, yeah. I--I killed the man, I killed vinny.

Bill: It was an accident and we can't take the chance that no one is gonna believe it.

Liam: I know, but look at what we're doing. We're--we're--we're like hidings evidence, we're trying to--to--to cover up the truth, and who does that? Criminals do that.

Bill: You are not a criminal. I'm not gonna let anyone accuse you of being a criminal. You are a decent, honest human being and I am not gonna let you destroy your life over this.

Liam: My life? What--what--what life? Look at me, really look at me, I'm pathetic. Uh, this is not a life, dad. I'm barely functional. All I'm doing, all I'm doing all day long is--is replaying the tape of hitting vinny over and over again--

Bill: And you have to stop doing that. Vinny stepped into the road. He is dead because of his own stupidity.

Liam: But that is not what matters. What matters is that I--

Bill: No. What matters is that if you go to the police and you tell them what happened, they're going to investigate and they will find out that you had motive to want vinny dead.

Finn: Vinny?

Dr. Ricks: You know this guy?

Finn: Um, yeah.

Dr. Ricks: Was he a friend?

Finn: No.

Dr. Ricks: A relative? Who then?

Finn: He was best friends with my fiance's brother.

Thomas: You know, I'm actually really leaning towards this-- this red silk for the over-the-shoulder gown and it gives a really elegant look, you know. And we can also go linen, but that--that's a whole different aesthetic. Um, maybe, we can have the sewers drop two of them, you know, they could-- they can make two and zoe could model them for us and then we can make a decision. What do you--what do you think?

Hope: Uh-hmm.

Thomas: Uh-huh. What?

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Sorry. Um, uh, I'm a distracted.

Thomas: Uh, something to do with you and liam?

Hope: Uh, yeah. Uh, you know, liam and i were supposed to have lunch today but he cancelled all of a sudden, out of the blue and it's just, uh, thrown me.

Thomas: So, it-- it thrown you, like how?

Hope: I don't know exactly but I know the man and something is off.

Thomas: You know, that doesn't sound like liam. I mean, he's been working overtime to win back your trust, I mean--and he just cancels on you. Uh, he must've offered some kind of explanation, right?

Hope: Not really.

Thomas: Oh. I mean, what, did he seem distant or distracted when he told you?

Hope: It was a text.

Thomas: Wait, liam texted you to cancel? That--that doesn't make any sense, I mean--so, liam has been showering you with gifts and flowers, and sending you letters and letting you know how much he cares about you, and then he just blows you off without an explanation?

Hope: [ Sighs ]

Thomas: [ Scoffs ] I wonder what that's about. Huh.

Dr. Rick: This guy was friends with your future brother-in-law?

Finn: Uh, yeah, um, thomas forrester. Um, vinny and thomas, they have a long history that goes back to when they were kids. They were--um, they're pretty tight, um, until recently. But that's--yeah, that's how our paths crossed was through thomas. Though, I did run into him here once.

Dr. Rick: At the hospital?

Finn: Yeah. Uh, he-- he worked in the lab.

Dr. Rick: [ Scoffs ]

Finn: But you said he was hit by a car?

Dr. Rick: Hit-and-run, someone just left him for dead.

Bill: Liam, you've gotta get some kind of control.

Liam: Well, how am i supposed to that? By pretending I didn't do what I did?

Bill: By realizing that what happened is not your responsibility.

Liam: Really? Because I was driving, I'm the one who hit him, dad. It's my--

Bill: Vinny stepped in front of the car. That's on vinny, now vinny is a dead idiot.

Liam: Do you even care that vinny's dead?

Bill: No. No, not really. Vinny screwed with my son's life. I care about you. And I'm not gonna let you confess to something that was vinny's fault, not yours. The news flash says the body is unidentified. There is no evidence. There is nothing linking you to what happened and we're gonna keep it that way.

Liam: Why did you have to leave him there and drive off? Why?

Bill: Vinny was dead, liam. Wishing he wasn't isn't gonna bring him back. You have hope, you have your children, a beautiful family, do you wanna lose it? Do you? Of course you don'T. That's why you have to put what happened last night out of your mind. It's very common to have

Hope: I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Thomas: Why liam cancelled his lunch plans last minute?

Hope: Yeah. I mean, he probably just got busy. You know, spencer is a very demanding high-pressure job.

Thomas: Yeah, run by a demanding egomaniac that also happens to be liam's father.

Hope: You don't have a very high opinion of bill.

Thomas: No, I don't have a very high opinion of bill. I don't respect basically anything he has ever done. I don't respect how he talks to people. I don't like his stupid hair dye and that he gets his teeth whitened, like, once a week. I don't like his ridiculous spray tan. And I can't stand the fact that he doesn't respect me or my father. But you know what, none of that really matters because he's your father-in-law, not mine, so lucky you.

Hope: [ Chuckles ] Well, um, bill has actually been surprisingly supportive for a change.

Thomas: How so?&

Hope: Well, actually, bill made an appearance last night when liam was visiting and he wanted me to know how much his son loves me, and then, of course, bill being bill, he also let us know the more time we spend apart the less likely it will be that we can repair our relationship, so...

Thomas: Oh, I see. So, basically, what he said was, you know, "forgive my son or else."

Hope: [ Chuckles ] He wasn't being a bully to me, he actually seem genuinely concerned like you.

Thomas: [ Scoffs ]

Hope: Thomas, I just wanna thank you again for telling me the truth about steffy's pregnancy. You know, how vinny switched the test and if you hadn't spoken up--

Thomas: Look, vinny messed up in a big way and he needs to pay for that. I've cut him out, I mean, uh, I blocked him on my phone. Uh, it's not that I think he's actually gonna reach out. I don't know if he would. But, you know, even with everything he did that was wrong, I--I can't hate him. He's my best friend.

Dr. Ricks: You're serious? This guy altered your fiance's paternity test results?

Finn: Yeah, clearly vinny wasn't a saint.

Dr. Ricks: Does he have a family, a wife?

Finn: No, uh, not that I know. I don't think he was married and I don't know about his parents or siblings, but--I mean, thomas undoubtedly would. Hey, what are you thinking?

Dr. Ricks: The way you describe him, this guy wasn't exactly a pillar in the community. He'd go so far as to falsify lab results, lie repeatedly to cover his tracks. Who knows what else he could've been involved in. Police might wonder if someone intentionally ran him down.

Finn: I doubt it. And who would do something like that?

Bill: I've been working on getting rid of the car all morning. It's the last piece of evidence and I'm gonna finalize it right now. Hey, uh, justin, it's me. Listen, about my text this morning, uh--yeah, well, believe it, I'm getting rid of the car. I've been talking to my boy, uh, sheik abdul, you know, how he's been on my ass about wanting that car from the day I got it, so I-- yeah, I--I know how special it is. Yes, justin, I know that it's one of fifty. Will you stop interrupting me? One of the, uh, gardeners backed into the car, dented the grille, and-- and dented the hood, and I--I--yeah, right now, I wanted to--to kill him. But I fired him instead. The good news is, uh, the sheik still wants the car, he'll fix the dents and paint it some god awful color. You know how he is, he likes to personalize everything. I'm just glad to, uh, unload it, so I don't have to hear about it from him anymore. Yes, get in touch with the team, get it to middle east asap, make it your top priority. Right.

[ Chuckles ] The sooner he gets the car the sooner I get my money. Let me know when it's on its way. All right. The car will be on the other side of the world before you know it. I told you I'd take care of it, son. You gotta trust me.

Trelegy for copd.

Finn: Look, this shouldn't be my call to make. I mean, I really didn't even know him that well and I--I don't even know his last name. So, you should find someone much closer to him to give an official id.

Dr. Ricks: Your fiance's brother?

Finn: Well, if anyone can give a conclusive id, it'd be him.

Thomas: The only way you're gonna know why liam cancelled is if you call him. Otherwise, it'll just be gnawing at you.

[ Phone rings ]

Thomas: [ Clears throat ] Hey, finn, what's up?

Finn: Hey. Um, are you at work?

Thomas: Yes, I am. I'm actually here with hope right now. Uh, what are you doing? Are you over there savings lives and everything?

Finn: Uh, look, uh, I don't wanna alarm you but, um, I'm--I'm here in the morgue and I'm with the coroner.

Thomas: Coroner.

Finn: Uh, I need you to identify a body.

Thomas: Wait, uh, who--who's body?

Finn: Uh, I can't get into details, but, uh, look, it's-- it's not a family member. I think it's someone you might know.

Thomas: Okay, is that--is-- that's all you can tell me?

Finn: Yeah, I'm sorry. But look, can you get down here right away?

Thomas: Uh, yeah, yeah, I'm--I'm--I'm coming right now.

Hope: What was that about?

Thomas: Finn said I-- I need to, uh, identify a body. It's not someone in the family, but he thinks it's someone I know.

Hope: Oh, my god.

Thomas: Um, I gotta-- I got to go.

Hope: Uh, you shouldn't be alone. I'm going to come with you.

Thomas: Okay.

Liam: You are just digging us in deeper and deeper, dad.

Bill: I'm protecting my son. You don't think I was up all night thinking about this?

Liam: You don't think I was? Vinny's dead and I'm to blame.

Bill: Uh, I don't wanna hear& that again. I don't wanna hear those words come out of your mouth. You are not to blame.

Liam: Oh, really? Oh, if I'm not to blame, then I should have no problem going to the police.

Bill: No, no, no, no, no, no, liam. They will twist everything around. Once they find out that you knew vinny, that you hated vinny. I'm not gonna let you incriminate yourself.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] Oh, okay, if I'm telling the truth and the truth is I'm not a criminal, I'm not incriminating myself.

Bill: You can't be that naive, son. The cops are gonna make the case that you hit vinny on purposes because he falsified the paternity test. There's motive.

Liam: I could kill him.

Bill: Do you really think a judge or a jury is gonna buy that you didn't see vinny on that road and run him down intentionally?

Liam: That's not what happened, dad.

Bill: It doesn't matter if that's what happened. It's the prosecutor's job to make a jury believe that that is exactly what happened. That you had motive. Vinny screwed with your life to the point that you lost your family, it pushed you over the edge, and you ran him down. And if a jury believes that's what happened, you could be looking at premeditated murder. You will lose your family, you will lose your life as you know it. You will lose everything, everything, liam. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

Thomas: Finn, what's going on?

Finn: Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to alarm you, either of you. But, uh, thomas, hope, this is dr. Ricks. Um, she's the lead pathologist here at the morgue, and like I said, it's, uh, it's--it's not a family member.

Thomas: Well, thank god for that.

Dr. Ricks: Uh, but since we're asking you to identify the body, dr. Finnegan couldn't tell you who he thinks it is.

Thomas: Okay.

Dr. Ricks: The victim was found with no wallet, no cellphone, nothing on his person to officially id him. We're hoping you can change that. If you need a moment, we could--

Thomas: No, no, no, let's, uh, let's go ahead. Get it over with.

[ Gasps ] Oh, vinny. Vinny.

Bill: Liam, uh, I'm begging you, you gotta stop panicking, you've gotta get yourself and your emotions under control.

Liam: How... [ Laughs ] How am I supposed to do that? I mean, uh, uh, who-- who even am I anymore? Look at my life, I mean, first I--I cheat on my wife with my ex, and now I'm a murderer, I don't even recognize myself, so you tell me, who am I?

Bill: I'll tell you exactly who you are. You are william spencer iii, son of bill spencer, jr. Dollar freaking bill. You are a loving husband and a devoted father. What you are not is a murderer, you did nothing wrong.

Liam: Yeah, except flee the scene of an accident.

Bill: You didn't flee the scene, I did, you were passed out. I made the decision to leave vinny. Vinny was dead. I made the decision to get rid of his wallet and his cell phone. Now what's done is done. But liam, the world continues to turn. We have to get back in it. I have to get back to the office and so do you. But you have to be able to act normally like nothing out of the ordinary has happened.

Liam: You think-- you think that's easy? How do I face hope? How do I face beth and kelly? What if the police come and haul me away and I never get to see them--

Bill: That's not gonna happen. Do you think that I'm gonna let a son of mine rot in a prison cell, locked away from the people he loves and cares about? Hell, no. All I need--all--all I need is for you to do your part. Just stop feeling guilty.

Liam: I am guilty.

Bill: No, you're not. That sob stepped out in front of the car. I mean, what kind of idiot walks around in the middle of a dark street at night? Vinny, vinny, he is a low-life drug dealing criminal, a bad guy. You are a good guy.

Liam: No, I'm not.

Bill: Yes you are.

Liam: No, I'm not.

Bill: Liam, you have life, you have a family, you need to protect those things at all cost. You gotta stop with this-- this negative vibe that are oozing out of you. People are going to pick up on it. They're gonna know that something's wrong and you can't let that happen. You gotta protect your life as you know it at all cost. And that means putting what happened with vinny out of your mind permanently. Not--not for a day, a month, a year, forever, liam, forever.

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