B&B Transcript Tuesday 4/6/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 4/6/21


Episode #8493 ~ Zende's romantic date with Paris is dramatically interrupted by a prank pulled by Zoe. An unexpected death forever changes the lives of the Spencers, Logans and Forresters.

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Liam: Hope and I obviously still have a long way to go. But I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about our future than I was yesterday.

Bill: Good. Glad to hear that.

Liam: I'm not gonna give up until hope and i are back together again. There's not a thing in the world that's gonna

[ Grunts ]

[ Tires screeching ]

Liam: Dad? Oh my god. Oh my god. Did--did I--is he?

Bill: I don't know.

Liam: Oh no. Vinny. Oh my god, it's vinny. Hey, vinny, hey, buddy.

Bill: Wait, wait, wait. You know this guy?

Liam: Yeah. Yes. I know him, this is-- this is thomas' friend, the one who changed the test results. God, please tell me I didn't kill hiM. Hey, hey, hey.

Brooke: So you and liam kissed. It's pretty wonderful, right?

Hope: It was nice. Felt like home.

Brooke: Because liam is your home. The two of you are meant to be together.

Hope: So you keep saying.

Brooke: I know what I'm talking about.

Hope: Okay. Look, mom, I just-- I don't want you to get ahead of yourself, okay? Liam and i aren't back together yet, not by a long shot.

Brooke: But I do see light at the end of the tunnel. And I'm really happy for you, sweetie, seems like you're moving forward into a new chapter.

Quinn: What is that look on your face?

Zoe: Oh, I'm just feeling a little guilty about what I did to paris.

Quinn: Why? It's just a little prank. Come on. Aren't we all still 12 years old at heart?

Zoe: Yeah. But spiking my sister's smoothie with eric's concoction, I mean, are you sure that it's not gonna hurt her?

Quinn: Positive. It's actually very healthy. Just extremely noisy, not the kind of sounds you wanna be making when you're on a date. Trust me. Zende is gonna get an earful.

Paris: This is amazing.

Zende: A paris-themed night in honor of you.

Paris: I can't believe you did all this.

Zende: Well, it was simple. Your name is so beautiful and elegant, I was easily inspired. Were you named after the city?

Paris: Yeah. When my dad worked overseas, he spent a lot of time there with my mom. It became their favorite place in the world.

Zende: It's beautiful. You do it justice. It's only fitting that your parents would name you after the city of love.

Paris: Whoa. Sorry about that.

Zende: About what?

Paris: Looks like I am hungrier than I thought.

Zende: Well, you're in the right place. I ordered a five-course tasting menu, all french food, of course.

Paris: Sounds spectacular.

Zende: There may be some things that you haven't had before, is--is that okay?

Paris: I trust you.

Zende: That's what I like to hear. Let's commemorate the occasion with a selfie just so that we know it actually happened.

Paris: Serious or silly?

Zende: Both.

[ Camera clicks ]

[ Stomach rumbling ]

Paris: Oh my.

Zende: That is a great one. That one's fantastic, yeah.

Paris: Yeah. Yeah.

Zende: You know, they're all great.

Brooke: That must have been some kiss, honey. Your whole demeanor has changed.

Hope: Yes, it was. It reminded me of the love that liam and I share. But I still have a lot to sort through before I can forgive him.

Brooke: Uh-hmm. I get it. But you did open the door just a crack, and that's what counts. That gives you and liam something to rebuild on. And ultimately, that is what you want, right?

Hope: Well, that's if I can get there and still look at myself in the mirror.

Brooke: Honey, you can. You're the most forgiving person I know.

Hope: Well, if liam meant what he said and he'll actually work on himself then I admit, I--I am hopeful that liam and i can get back together.

Liam: Vinny, hey, hey, buddy. Vinny, can you hear me?

Billy: You're sure this is the guy who changed the paternity test?

Liam: Yes. Yes. This is the guy but we got to-- we got to call 911. Hey, vinny, I'm so sorry, man. I--I--I didn't see you and-- but we're gonna get you help. You just stay stilL. Help is coming, okay? It's very common to have

Zoe: You know, it's kind of nice to have a friend around here. Someone I can just be honest with and not be afraid that it's gonna come back to bite me.

Quinn: Well, we outsiders need to stick together against all who come for what's ours. Even if they're family.

Zoe: Yeah. I have to imagine that smoothie with the special digestive add in is putting a pretty big damper on my sister's romantic evening with zende.

Zende: My grandfather says that this is the finest champagne in the world.

Paris: Eric would know.

Zende: Do you like it?

Paris: Oh, it's delicious.

Zende: Okay. It's just that you're-- you haven't had very much.

Paris: Yeah. The bubbles kind of tickled my nose, so I'm just gonna give it a little time.

Zende: Well, you said you were hungry. Shall we eat, mademoiselle?

Paris: Oh, look at you, all fancy.

Zende: First course.

[ Stomach rumbling ]

Zende: Are you all right?

Paris: Other than being completely mortified? I'm fine.

Zende: You're not in pain, are you?

Paris: No. I don't--I don't know what's happening. This has never happened to me before.

Zende: Well, I'm sure it's nothing.

Paris: I cannot believe we're talking about this right now.

[ Stomach rumbling ]

Zende: We'll just ignore it. Come on. Let's dig in.

[ Stomach rumbling ]

[ Crickets chirping ]

Hope: I don't know, mom. I keep going back and forth. You know, part of me wants to forgive liam and just get back to our lives, raising our family but then the other part is just still so hurt that he would sleep with steffy again.

Brooke: I hate to say this but it would have been easier to get past if it was just a fling, a one night stand.

Hope: I don't know but maybe, maybe I would have just been more angry instead of completely shattered.

Brooke: It was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that set liam down this unfortunate path.

Hope: Unfortunate? Mom, steffy is pregnant and--and that child could have been my husband'S.

Brooke: And I know that would have been hard to get past but this indiscretion, it was a mistake. Liam loves you and you love him.

Hope: I always will.

Brooke: So isn't that a good enough reason to forgive and to move forward? I mean, there's no guarantees in life, hope. We don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow. So why live with any regrets? You both love each other, you have an amazing family. Let tonight, let that kiss be the first new step towards a wonderful future together.

Liam: Do you have your-- your cell phone? Because we got--we got to call 911 like right now.

Bill: All right. He's trying to say something.

Liam: Hey, it's okay, so what--what--what-- what are you saying? Hey, vinny, hey, hey. Hey, vinny, vinny. Oh, my god.

Bill: Liam. Liam. Liam, come on. My heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities.

Zoe: Yeah. How long did you say this stuff takes a kick in?

Quinn: Oh, paris' tummy should be drowning out all the conversation by now. I can't think of anything more unromantic than a gurgling stomach. Hmm.

Zoe: Yeah. I--I don't know, quinn, and paris, she's my sister. She's gonna be absolutely mortified in front of zende. I mean, maybe I should just be focused on getting carter back.

Quinn: You have a conscience. I respect that. Maybe your sister should have respected you instead of elbowing her way into your life picking and choosing whatever she wanted. I mean, you said it yourself, you were here first. You met zende first. You had an attraction to him first but here's paris, the hot new hire and she walks away with a boyfriend. Meanwhile you're left with a broken engagement and your ex-fiance's friends are none too happy with you. Most of whom are your bosses. Stop feeling guilty. It's not that big a deal. Paris' stomach will calm down. Everything's gonna be fine.

Zoe: Well, maybe you're right. Maybe she needs to be brought back down to earth. You know, reminded that she's not so perfect after all.

Zende: Are you okay?

Paris: Yeah. I'm--I'm fine, zende.

[ Stomach rumbling ]

Paris: Oh my god, I have an entire heavy metal concert happening in my stomach right now. This is so embarrassing.

Zende: Don't worry about it.

[ Stomach rumbling ]

Zende: On second thought.

Hope: I will try to take your suggestion and focus on the big picture which is doing what's best for the kids and... and trying to keep their family intact if that's at all possible.

Brooke: You're starting& to think it is.

Hope: Yeah. Well, I haven't entirely been able to move beyond my own feelings, you know, liam hurt me.

Brooke: I mean, you may need a little more time but you will get past this, for your family. And liam will move mountains to make up for what he did. And in time, you'll find forgiveness and you and liam and your beautiful little family can move forward together.

[ Phone beeps ]

Brooke: Is that liam?

Hope: Thomas. Just confirming that vinny is out on bail.

Brooke: What vinny did was reprehensible. Bail or not, he's not gonna escape punishment. One way or the other, he will have to pay for what he's done.

Managing type 2 diabetes?

Zoe: You know, I asked her to leave.

Quinn: Who? Paris?

Zoe: Oh, yeah, yeah, I mean, I demanded that she go. Seriously, I just came out and said it. Said that she was invading my territory, and she needs to leave. But instead, she decided to set up her office right here at forrester and zero in on zende. Well, tonight, I'm getting a little payback.

[ Stomach rumbling ]

Zende: My god, woman, can I help?

Paris: I know. It's insane.

Zende: Some water, maybe?

Paris: You know-- you know what? I--I think I'm just gonna head out. I don't know what's happening to me but it has definitely ruined our night.

Zende: No speak for yourself.

Paris: I am, and you're super sweet. You made your whole living room into paris for me but I--I just--I have-- I have to leave, I'm sorry.

Hope: You know, I don't wanna talk about vinny.

Brooke: Okay. Fine. We don't have to talk about vinny. The courts will take care of him and we don't have to think about him ever again. I just want you to focus on you, and your family, to your marriage.

Hope: I would like to do that. I mean, tonight kissing liam, being in his arms again, it--it was a big step forward and... if forgiveness happens, it happens but in the meantime, I will just--I will try to stay positive.

Brooke: Stick to that wonderful plan. And in no time, you and liam will have your happily ever after.

[ Car engine revving]

Liam: Wait, where... what--where--where--what's-- what's--what's going on? Where are we? Where's vinny?

Bill: Vinny is dead, liam.

Liam: What?

Bill: You heard me.

Liam: We got--we got-- we have to--we have to-- we have to go back for him. We can't just leave him there, we have to call 911.

Bill: Liam, listen to me. Vinny is dead. There is nothing we can do for him.

Liam: What is--what--what-- what is this, what--what-- what is happening right now?

Bill: This is me protecting my son.

Liam: Me? You're-- you're protecting me from what? I--it was--it's--I'm fine, it was an accident.

Bill: You had motive, liam. You hated vinny. He ruined your life with hope, so you hit him with the car.

Liam: That's not what happened.

Bill: That's what everyone is going to believe happened. You could be looking at prison for the rest of your life.

Liam: I don't--I don't-- I don't care. We can't do this.

Bill: Liam, we are doing it. I will do whatever I have to to protect my son. You are not going to lose your entire future over this. I will fix it. Look at me.

Bill: You will never say a word. You understand me? Never. No one will ever know what happened.

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