B&B Transcript Thursday 3/25/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 3/25/21


Episode #8485 ~ Liam turns to Wyatt for brotherly advice. Flo receives a unique and special gift.

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Liam: [ Yawns ]

Wyatt: Sounds like a rough night.

Liam: Yeah. I mean, dad was pretty cool letting me crash in his place, but I don't think I slept more than five minutes.

Wyatt: Yeah, well, why don't you take a sip of that?

Liam: Oh. Thank you.

Wyatt: I just wish there was more I could do than bring you a cup of coffee.

Liam: Well, if you could just like go back in time and magically erase the night I slept with steffy, that would be great.

Wyatt: Liam, I'm sorry, man. I--I hate hearing that you and hope are separated.

Liam: No. There's, you know, nobody to blame but me.

Donna: I just feel so terrible for hope and liam.

Brooke: Yeah. It's a very sad situation.

Katie: Well, they've got an uphill battle. That's for sure. But they care about each other so much, hopefully, they'll find a way through this.

Brooke: I urged her not to give up on her relationship knowing how she feels about liam and her family, of course, but I can only push so much.

Katie: If they're gonna find a way forward, it's gonna have to come from within, otherwise, she's not gonna be able to truly forgive liam.

Donna: You're right. It has to feel right for her.

Brooke: I'm just not sure she's there yet.

Shauna: Knock, knock.

Flo: Hey, mom.

Shauna: Hi, honey. Look at you, settling into your new job at forrester.

Flo: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Things are going great so far. I--I can't believe I'm actually working here again.

Shauna: I am so proud of you.

Flo: Thanks, mom.

Shauna: So what are they having you do?

Flo: Well, I'm working with paris on the foundation, and I might even be working on hope for the future.

Shauna: You seem happy.

Flo: I am. I'm just really excited. I'm--I appreciate this opportunity more than I could ever say.

Shauna: Well, they're lucky to have you, and don't you ever lose sight of that.

Flo: This whole experience so far has been incredible, but the best part about it is being able to rebuild a relationship with my aunts. And I am crossing my fingers that this position might allow me to do the same thing with hope, at some point.

Shauna: None of this would be happening if it weren't for katie.

Flo: Yeah. I don't know how I'm ever gonna be able to repay her.

Shauna: You gave her a kidney. I would say that you two are even by now.

Flo: [ Laughs ] Yeah. I guess you could say that. Yeah. And that whole experience definitely bonded katie and me in a very unique way. But even without all that, she always was the one who was willing to give me a chance.

Shauna: Yeah. She really went to bat for you with her sisters. Convinced donna and brooke to welcome you into the logan family, offer you a position at this prestigious company.

Flo: Yeah. Yeah. Katie really changed my life. They all have. I am very grateful for my logan family.

Donna: I noticed that hope hasn't come in yet.

Brooke: She stayed at home with the kids.

Katie: That was smart.

Brooke: I just don't wanna do anything to upset beth and douglas.

Katie: It's a lot to forgive, liam spending the night with steffy.

Brooke: I know. I still can't believe it. But he has a lot of regrets, and he does love my daughter very much.

Wyatt: I really thought that you and hope were gonna find a way to move past all this, especially now that you-- that you found out that finn's the father of steffy's baby.

Liam: [ Sighs ] Yeah, well, don't get me wrong. It--it makes things less complicated but... that doesn't negate what I did.

Wyatt: If it's any consolation, I'm--I'm pulling for you guys. Like, you--you and hope, you can beat this. You've survived so much already.

Liam: See, that-- yeah, that was what I was trying to tell hope. I'm not giving up on my marriage, wyatt. I just-- I have to believe that deep down hope isn't either. (Brett) my tip to you is, "your smile says a lot about you. " What d

Flo: I saw brooke this morning. She filled me in on hope and liam's marriage.

Shauna: Is it over after his night with steffy?

Flo: They are separated.

Shauna: Oh, no. Really?

Flo: As of yesterday.

Shauna: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Well, infidelity is difficult on any relationship.

Flo: Yeah. Especially given liam and steffy's past history together. The whole thing sounds like it's been pretty overwhelming and heartbreaking for hope.

Shauna: I know you've tried reaching out to her in the past.

Flo: Yeah. Yeah. I--I--I--I have but I--I wanna be respectful and give her her space, you know? But I--I would love to have a relationship with her one day.

Shauna: She is your cousin.

Flo: [ Sighs ] I know, mom, but after what I did to her and keeping beth away from her for so many months, I don't know. I-- I'm hoping that someday we'll find a way to fix it eventually, but, right now, her main priority has to be fixing her marriage.

Shauna: [ Sighs ] That is too bad. Hope and liam have such an adorable family.

Flo: I want them all to be together forever. And I know I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Brooke: Hope didn't say she's giving up on her marriage.

Donna: She probably just needs some time.

Katie: I mean, it's lovely that steffy is happy with finn but that doesn't let liam off the hook. I'm sure hope can't help but worry that something like this might happen again.

Brooke: I think liam learned his lesson. I mean, he is remorseful.

Donna: As he should be.

Brooke: I am not dismissing it. Not at all. But I did encourage hope to not just give up on her relationship. And she's gonna have to think long and hard before she allows it to tear her family apart.

Katie: She's smart. She's self-aware. I trust hope to make the right decisions for herself and for her family.

Brooke: I think time will heal all wounds, and she and liam will be back together. I mean, they love each other too much. Their family is so special. They have to survive this.

Wyatt: You're not the only person who's ever made that mistake. So that one night doesn't have to define your whole marriage and-- and all the time that you guys have spent together.

Liam: I wish it were that easy.

Wyatt: Well, nothing worth fighting for is ever easy.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] That kind of sound like one of dad's inspirational quotes.

Wyatt: I'm gonna take that as a compliment just in this particular instant.

Liam: No, you should, but just in this particular instance. Listen, I'm--I'm okay, you know? You don't have to worry about me. I'm gonna keep trying to prove to hope that she can believe in me again. It's not like I'm giving up on my marriage.

Wyatt: Well, good. I'm glad to hear that.

Liam: Well, the thing is I just-- I have to be patient, which you know me...

Wyatt: Right. It's not really your strong suit. But I'm pulling for you.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] Thanks. Thank you for letting me vent. I--I--I know I've been doing a lot of that at you lately.

Wyatt: Bro, for you, I got all day.

Liam: All right. All right. So how's your life? What about you? Where--how are you and flo? Good?

Wyatt: [ Laughs ] Yeah. We're really, really great. Particularly now that-- that brooke and her sisters have accepted her.

Liam: Oh, yeah. That's kind of a miracle, isn't it?

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, that's not the only happy thing going on in our world. It's--I don't know. I... I see a long, happy future ahead for flo and me. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

Liam: Well, you know what, I'm happy for you, wyatt. You--you deserve some joy in your life.

Wyatt: Thanks, man. That means a lot. And, look, I understand if there's residual issues that you have with flo.

Liam: Why? Because of...

Wyatt: Yeah.

Liam: No. I think we're all past that by now. I mean, the fact that she's been hired at forrester, that ought to say a lot.

Wyatt: Yeah, no. That's a--it's a good sign that everyone's finally like moving past that...

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: ...Ugly chapter.

Liam: I mean, listen, I can't-- I can't speak for hope, but I can tell you that-- that my--all my anger towards flo, I let go of that a long time ago. You know, she-- the fact is she didn't really know what she was getting herself into, and she tried to be honest. She really did.

Wyatt: Exactly. Thank you. That--thank you. I--I--I appreciate you cutting her some slack.

Liam: Well, yeah, if flo were this horrible person, you wouldn't be with her. And, besides, I'm not exactly in a position to judge right now anyway.

Wyatt: Look. Obviously, flo's A... really big part of my life right now.

Liam: [ Chuckles ] I would say so. You two are living together. She makes you happy. I think we can all defer to your judgment on this.

Wyatt: Well, knowing that I have yours and dad's support in everything is just-- it's the most important thing to me.

Liam: Well, of course. We're family. However, I--I--I can'T... put my finger on it, but you are acting different. You're mysterious.

Wyatt: What?

Liam: Yeah.

Wyatt: Mysterious?

Liam: Yeah. There's a vibe.

Wyatt: Me?

Liam: You're giving off a vibe.

Wyatt: I know.

Liam: It's--it's--it's-- it's vibey. So what is it? Does it have something to do with flo?

Brooke: I appreciate your concern, keeping hope in your hearts.

Donna: She's our niece. We'll never not be in her corner.

Brooke: Well, she is so lucky to have such beautiful, caring, wonderful aunts in her life.

Katie: Well, we are logan women. That's what we do. We stand up for each other. We support each other. We lean on each other. That's what sisterhood is all about, love and acceptance, and the ability to be real and vulnerable. I mean, you two have provided that space for me, for hope, for flo. I'm so proud of you for welcoming flo into our family, for giving her this job at forrester, honoring our brother. I just-- I--I know how much it would have meant to him to see us including flo in our family. And I know how hard it was for you. Flo made a terrible mistake and she hurt hope enormously. We've decided to give her a second chance, just as we've had so many second chances in our lives. I think about storm. I think about him looking down on us and being so happy for everything we're doing for his daughter.

Brooke: Well, [ Chuckles ] I think maybe we should reach out to her now.

Donna: I think that is a wonderful idea.

Katie: There's no reason to wait. We've already missed out on too much time.

[ Phone rings ]

Flo: Katie, hi.

Katie: Hi. Um... are you free for a moment?

Flo: Uh, yeah. Yeah. Sure. My mom just stop by for a second to say hi but she's leaving.

Katie: Okay. Great. Well, why don't you and shauna stop by the ceo office?

Flo: Uh, okay. Sure we can do that. We'll, uh... be there in a minute.

[ Phone beeps ]

Shauna: That was katie?

Flo: Yeah. She wants to see us.

Shauna: Both of us?

Flo: Yeah. She wants to see both of us.

Shauna: Huh. I wonder what it's about?

Flo: I have no idea. But I guess we should, uh... go find out.

Katie: All right. Flo and shauna are on their way.

Donna: It's finally happening.

Brooke: It's--it's a big day for the logan family.

Liam: You have the world's biggest grin on your face.

Wyatt: [ Laughs ] What?

Liam: You do.

Wyatt: No, I don'T. You know what? We're just-- we're gonna stop talking about me altogether, okay?

Liam: The fact that you wanna stop talking about you means that we should probably keep talking.

Wyatt: No. No. I don't wanna do this right now.

Liam: Why not right now?

Wyatt: Because I don't wanna keep going on and on and on about how fulfilled I am with flo when you and your wife...

Liam: Wyatt.

Wyatt: ...Are going through a separation.

Liam: Wyatt. At least, one of the spencer brothers has to have their relationship figured out.

Wyatt: I know, but I just-- I feel like I'm rubbing it in.

Liam: You're not rubbing it in. Trust me. I want a break from my own head, okay? I wanna hear about you. I care about you. So...

Wyatt: Oh, that's-- that's very sweet. I'm--I'm touched.

Liam: You should be. And, listen, my situation, one way or another, is temporary. So let's talk about you. What is going on with you and flo? 'Cause you--you-- you seemed borderline giddy. You get that.

Wyatt: Giddy?

Liam: Like--yes, giddy.

Wyatt: Nobody knows what giddy means.

Liam: You are the definition of giddy. Look it up in the dictionary. You'll see your face right there.

Wyatt: Whatever. I--no.

Liam: So what-- you haven't looked like this since the day you and flo got back together.

Wyatt: Okay. Fine. Fine. Fine. This--what I can say? This--this what she does to me.

Liam: [ Chuckles ]

Wyatt: I just everything about her-- she makes everything 10 times better. Every moment, you know, every morning I wake up, every swim in the ocean, every drive down pch, I'm--I'm happier because of flo. And those--those years that we spent apart, like there was-- there was always one thing that--that was missing from me. And that one thing was her. I never stopped thinking about her. And I guess...

[ Chuckles ] If there's one thing that I'm sure of, if there's one thing that I know, I don't ever wanna be apart from her ever again. So, um... I mean, I guess now that we're on this subject of flo and me, there's--there's something I kind of wanna show you.

Liam: Okay.

Liam: What is that?

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ] Yeah.

Liam: Whoa.

Wyatt: I know.

Liam: This is--this-- is this real? This is happening?

Wyatt: Yes. It's real.

Liam: You're gonna ask flo to be your wife?

Wyatt: [ Chuckles ]

Katie: Oh, hi. Yeah. Come on in. Thanks for coming. You're probably wondering why all three of us are here.

Shauna: Actually, I'm-- I'm glad you're all here. I'd like a-- a chance to thank you myself. You know, flo's expressed to me how much your acceptance and gratitude means to her. You know, you're the only real ties she has to her late dad, so this is such a tremendous gift and one I could never provide. And for that, I am forever grateful.

Flo: My mom is right. I--I did always wonder what it would be like to have dad and a big family with aunts and uncles and cousins and everything. But it has always been just me and my mom. She's been my rock, my best friend, and the one who loves me no matter what. And she's given me an incredible life. But there is a part of me that always wondered where the other half of me came from and who I came from. And to find out that I am connected to you amazing women and that you are my father's sisters, that just makes me-- it makes me feel very connected to him.

Donna: I think that he's watching over us and he's overjoyed that we're all standing here together.

Katie: That's, um... kind of the reason why I wanted you both to come.

Brooke: It's time to make it official.

Katie: We wanna give you your father's name.

Donna: Our-- our brother's name.

Brooke: We all agreed that that's what stormy would want.

Katie: You're-- you're shauna's daughter but you're also a logan. You're storm's beautiful daughter. We--we wanted to do this right, so we took it upon ourselves to have carter draw up some legal papers. We want you to take the logan name and officially become flo logan.

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