B&B Transcript Friday 3/12/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 3/12/21


Episode #8478 ~ Hope gets concerned as Thomas recounts his fight with Vinny. Finn implores Steffy not to leave their love behind.

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Finn: I'm not letting you go to paris, steffy.

Steffy: I've thought it through a million different ways. This is the best solution, finn. God. My dad shouldn't have told you.

Finn: Well, I'm glad he did. He saved me the plane fare, because I would have gone after you and brought you right back here. There's no way I'm letting you walk out of my life.

Steffy: No. Don't-- don't you see? I'm doing this for us. So you won't hate me one day.

Finn: From the first moment I saw you, I knew the woman I was meant to spend my life with had finally shown up. You took your time, but you're here. And there's no way I am letting you go.

Thomas: You are not gonna believe what I just found out.

Hope: Okay. But you said this isn't about douglas, right? He's okay?

Thomas: No. Douglas is great. And it's probably because he has you as a mother.

Hope: [ Laughs ] You know, what is it? You're acting a little weird.

Thomas: Yeah, I know. I'm just, I'm--I'm-- I'm really happy. Um, and you--I think you will be, too. Because what I know changes everything and I couldn't wait one more minute to tell you.

Brooke: You know, I was thinking of having katie and donna over for dinner next week. And I was wondering what night would be good for you. Because I am pretty flexible. But--and you know that better than anybody, don't you? Hello? Earth to ridge?

Ridge: Yeah. Hey. What? Hi.

Brooke: [ Chuckles ] You're a million miles away.

Ridge: No, no, no. I'm--I'm--uh, I'm here. What is it?

Brooke: Is everything okay, sweetheart?

Ridge: Steffy is leaving los angeles.

Hope: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Okay. First of all, what happened to your face? Did someone hit you?

Thomas: It's vinny. Don't worry about it.

Hope: Wait, vinny, as in your best friend, vinny?

Thomas: That's the one. Yeah.

Hope: I don't-- but are you okay?

Thomas: Yeah. No, no, I'm fine. Look, he got the-- the worst of it, believe me.

Hope: Why were you guys fighting?

Thomas: Uh, vinny has been, uh, really sly and-- and more secretive than I ever thought he could be. Vinny was keeping something from all of us, something that would change all of our lives, especially yours.

Finn: Do you think that I'd just let you get on a plane and fly out of my life? Don't you know how much I love you?

Steffy: Yes. Of course, I do, finn. And I love you, too. But that's why I have to leave. It's for the best.

Finn: Not for me. Not for us.

Steffy: You can't change my mind. Kelly and I are going to paris.

Finn: No, you're not.

Steffy: I don't wanna burden you with a baby that I'm having with liam. You don't deserve that. Yes, I want a life with you. But making you watch me raise a second child with another man, that's selfish and it's cruel. I have to set you free. One day, you're gonna be glad that I did. Darrell's family uses gain flings now so their laundry

Brooke: Wow. You can't turn your back around here for a second without missing something major. So you really think steffy is going to paris indefinitely?

Ridge: She's going to paris. That's the plan, unless finn can stop her. That's why I have to tell him.

Brooke: So you called him?

Ridge: I didn't call him. He came by. He came by and he said he had some--some news, some good news. I don't know.

Brooke: What? What was the good news?

Ridge: I don't know. He said he wanna tell steffy first. But he's really excited about it and--and he asked me where she was and I know I promised her I wouldn't say anything but I had to. I--he needs to know. They're in a relationship. He had to know, so I had to tell him, right? I had no choice.

Brooke: Yeah, I think so. I mean, they have been in a relationship at least up until now. He has the right to decide on their future, maybe have a chance to stop her.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: But does he know why she's leaving? She's trying to spare him pain?

Brooke: I think he does. He's a smart guy, not just because he's a doctor. He just--he pays attention to her and he knows what he needs and what she needs, and I don't know. I--I want him to stick around.

Brooke: Hmm, I wonder if he can get her to change her mind. You know, she gets pretty stubborn at times.

Ridge: I know. If anyone can, I think finn is our guy.

Brooke: Yeah? You know, it is pretty selfless of her, trying to protect the man that she loves.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: It's admirable. I just wish.

Ridge: You just wish, what?

Brooke: Well, I just wish that night between liam and steffy never happened. And that pregnancy is affecting so many people, including my daughter. I don't know if their marriage is going to survive this.

Hope: I--I don't understand. How could vinny's actions affect my life?

Thomas: Trust me, they can. And they have.

Hope: Well, maybe you'd better tell me.

Thomas: Okay. Look, uh, yeah. I had, uh, suspicions for some time, uh, but it was just sort of a-- a vague thought in the back of my mind. I couldn't really put my-- my finger on it and--and--and I couldn't prove anything which is why I didn't exactly tell anybody. I didn't wanna get anybody's hopes up.

Hope: Okay. Suspicion about what?

Thomas: Vinny.

Hope: I still don't understand what vinny has to do with any of this, like, I barely know him. Vinny is your friend. What? Is--did he get into some kind of trouble that he do something wrong? I mean, whatever it is, whatever vinny did--

Thomas: What--what he did affects you big time, uh, but no one more than my sister.

Steffy: I know this seems like it's out of nowhere and I'm sorry. I should have told you but I knew you would try to stop me. Having me out of your life is-- is the best thing for you.

Finn: I mean, that couldn't be further from the truth. Steffy, you need to listen to me.

Steffy: No, you'll just make it harder. This is already one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I love you too much to burden you with this child.

Finn: You and that baby could never ever, you hear me? Ever be a burden. You both have my love and commitment forever. You're not going to paris and I'm not gonna be apart from you or that baby. So, the story with depression.

Brooke: I hesitate to say much about steffy and liam, and the pregnancy.

Ridge: You hesitate, really? Where did brooke go? You don't ever hesitate. You speak your mind and you should. This is your daughter.

Brooke: Yeah. And steffy is your daughter.

Ridge: Right. So just keep talking about it. We--we can't keep things from each other. If you have something to say, say it. And this is what happened before, right? I--I didn't know what you were thinking and I guessed and I then guessed wrong. So please.

Brooke: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Ridge: Okay.

Brooke: I'll say it. I just wish I could strangle the two of them. I mean, really, what were they thinking? Liam has been bouncing back and forth between steffy and hope for years now. And I finally thought things had settled down. And hope was in a marriage with liam and they have a beautiful little family. And steffy, she fell in love with this wonderful guy. But then there was that horrible night, a stupid, stupid night between steffy and liam, and steffy ended up pregnant. And now my daughter's life is turned all upside down all over again.

Ridge: How's hope holding up?

Brooke: I don't know. I mean, this is hard for her, ridge. Really. She's struggling with this. She doesn't know what to do and who could blame her? She's only human. And then there's the baby. I mean, the baby is a gift, too. You know, steffy is gonna be happy and you, you get to be a granddaddy again.

Ridge: [ Laughs ] See, it's not all bad, right? I can't wait to meet this little girl, boy, probably girl.

Brooke: Yeah, me, too. I just think for-- for my daughter's marriage to survive, she's gonna have to stand around and watch liam raise yet another child with steffy. I just don't think she'll be able to do that.

Hope: So, steffy is involved with whatever vinny did, too?

Thomas: Vinny really outdid himself this time.

Hope: Okay. Thomas, what--what is going on?

Thomas: Okay. You know how tight that vinny and I have always been.

Hope: Yeah. You were best friends since grade school.

Thomas: Yeah. Ride or die. That's us. You know, uh, and I've always thought it was good having someone who had your back and your interests at heart. But now I'm thinking maybe not so much because people can lose perspective.

Hope: Still have no idea what you're talking about.

Thomas: I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be mysterious. It's just--I just figured all this out. So I'm trying to piece it together. Um, I found out that vinny was working in a lab.

Hope: Vinny?

Thomas: Yeah. Vinny, and not just any lab but a hospital lab and not just any hospital lab but a hospital lab where my sister had her paternity test.

Finn: When we found out you were pregnant, and we felt that we were having a child, there is nothing that I wanted more. You know, a family with you, to spend the rest of our lives together. I love you so much, steffy.

Steffy: And I love you, too. I'm not going away because I don't, I'm going away because I do.

Finn: There's no need for you to go anywhere.

Steffy: You're such an amazing man, finn. And I'm so lucky, I'm so blessed for this time together. And I'm always gonna cherish it. I'm always gonna be grateful that you loved me.

Finn: Not past tense. Okay? My love is right here. It's solid and it's true. Can you feel it?

Steffy: Just promise me you're gonna be happy.

Finn: But not without you.

Steffy: You have to accept what I'm doing.

Finn: No, I don'T. All right. You're not going anywhere and we are gonna make all those dreams that we talked about come true. Things have a way of working out the way that they were meant to bE.

Steffy: But it didn't work out. We wanted a child more than anything but that didn't happen. I don't want you to resent me. I don't want you to resent this baby. You deserve a woman who doesn't have all this kind of baggage. And once I'm out of your life, finn, you will be able to find her.

Finn: You are all I want, steffy. You and that precious cargo in there.

Lean cuisine.

Ridge: Hope's capacity for forgiveness is extraordinary. I think we all know that by now.

Brooke: Yeah. Well, how many times is hope supposed to be expected to forgive liam over and over and over again for the same mistake? And I really hate to say this, but I don't think my daughter's marriage is going to survive the birth of steffy and liam's second child.

Hope: Vinny is a lab tech?

Thomas: Imagine that.

Hope: Who just happens to work at the lab where steffy's paternity test was performed? And you didn't know about this sudden career move?

Thomas: I had no idea.

Hope: Oh, seems like something that might come up.

Thomas: Yeah. Well, vinny didn't say a word. Not until the results came back showing that liam was the father. And--and I mentioned how steffy knew that the baby was gonna be finn'S. And--and vinny went off about how--how paternity tests can be disputed and all this fetal markers and things like that. And I'm like, "how does vinny know so much about paternity test?" So I asked him and he tells me he was working at the lab which just set an alarm bell off. And I--and I started paying closer attention to what he said and that's when pieces started falling into place.

Hope: So you're saying that vinny had a hand in steffy's dna test results?

Thomas: He ran the tests and he altered the results.

Hope: What?

Thomas: What you've been praying for is actually true and I know it's hard to believe. But steffy isn't having liam's baby. The child is finn'S.

Steffy: And I've always loved the way you talk to me. All the wonderful, romantic things you say. You make me believe anything is possible.

Finn: Look, anything is. I know that for a fact.

Steffy: Not this, finn. And you trying to convince me otherwise is just making it more difficult. I didn't come to this decision lightly. It would be so easy to stay here with you. But I foolishly let my guard down that night and... here we are. You're gonna be an incredible father, finn. And my biggest regret is that I'm not gonna be a part of that.

Finn: Are you done? Because I need you to stop talking now.

Steffy: I'm sorry, what?

Finn: This is what I've been trying to tell you. I'm not letting you go.

Steffy: [ Gasps ] Finn, what are you doing?

Finn: It was my mother'S. I've--I've had it for years.

Steffy: It's beautiful.

Finn: I want it to be yours. I've always had an idea in my head of the perfect woman for me. She's not a perfect woman but she's perfect for me. And she's funny and smart and warm and loving, and she wouldn't mind my crazy schedule because she would have a full life of her own. And she'd challenge me and inspire me to be worthy of someone so rare and remarkable. And here you are. You're everything I could ever dream of and then some. Because I--I mean, I couldn't imagine how heart-stopping it would be to wake up every morning to such astonishing beauty. And not just with that gorgeous face but who you are on the inside. Your warmth and humor. The way you love so openly and honestly. I mean, I'm here for the long haul. For the rest of our lives. So, say yes and let me put this ring on your finger and make me the proudest, happiest man in the world. Steffy forrester, will you be my wife?

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