B&B Transcript Monday 3/8/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 3/8/21


Episode #8474 ~ Zende and Paris exchange gifts. and a relationship once-promising comes to an end.

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Steffy: Hope must be thrilled that this fashion show is really coming along.

Thomas: Yeah, the fashion show, it's definitely, uh, a lot of work. I'm glad I don't have two things on my plate right now, my work and my son.

Steffy: I'm proud of you, thomas. The choices you've been making, seem to be doing really well.

Thomas: I am. Thanks. How are you doing? Are you okay?

Steffy: Yeah. I'm--I'm feeling good. Thanks for asking. I'm taking care of myself for the baby's sake. I mean, this little life inside of me is my top priority along with kelly, of course.

[ Sighs ] I just--I can't wrap my head around and I can't believe I'm having another child with liam. I try not to feel guilty about it but, I mean, it gets overwhelming sometimes.

Thomas: Did you mess with steffy's paternity test and make it look like liam's the father? If you did, I'll never forgive you.

Steffy: I just have to push past the regret. Accept what is, because really there's no disputing the test results.

Zoe: I can fix this. I promise!

Carter: How? I don't trust you anymore. If there's no trust, then how can we ever...

Zoe: I'll earn your trust back. Carter, I--I--I don't care how long it takes! I just--I need you to give me a chance! Please, carter! Don't give up on us!

Paris: Oh, that was hands down the best thing that I've ever eaten. Oh, thank you for going all out of your way for me. Private, catered meal in your family home and not to mention this beautiful dress you designed just for me. God, I mean, come on. A girl could get used to this.

Zende: [ Laughs ] My evil plan is working.

Paris: Evil? Oh, no!

Zende: Yes. Luring you in here with dresses and catered food.

Paris: Oh, okay. So what exactly am i being lured to?

Zende: Many more moments like this, I hope. Getting to know each other, making memories.

[ Laughs ]

Paris: Oh. [ Laughs ]

Zende: If that dress looks half as good on the runway as it does on you, it's gonna be a huge hit.

Paris: Wow, that's not something I've ever imagined, my dress on the runway, the fashion press going wild.

Zende: Do you think they will?

Paris: How could they not? Look at me. This dress is beautiful.

Zende: Oh, I'm looking. But trust me. The beauty is inside the dress.

Paris: Well, speaking of the show, you should probably get back. I know you have a lot of work to do. But I had a wonderful time, zende. I don't know how to thank you.

Zende: Well, really? It's a good thing I'm here then, because I know exactly what you can do.

Thomas: So have you, um, you thought about getting another test, you know, like, just in case?

Steffy: No, no need. It's not the kind of thing that's open for interpretation. I mean, finn wasn't a match. So liam has to be the father. It's okay. I'm--I'm trying to make peace with it. And find the positives.

[ Door opens ]

Ridge: Hey, guys.

Steffy: Hey.

Ridge: I know carter has left the building. Any idea where he went?

Steffy: No.

Ridge: What about zoe?

Thomas: Haven't seen her.

Steffy: Is something wrong?

Ridge: No, I hope not. Just, uh, if they are together then, probably for the last time.

Carter: Zoe, you've been saying all the right things since I found out. Your words and tears, they seem sincere. I just wish I could believe you.

Zoe: But you can! And I swear! So please just-- just give me the chance to be the kind of woman that I know that you deserve. Okay. Carter, we can-- we can still do this. You know, let's-- let's get married! As soon as possible. I just--I wanna be your wife. You know, I wanna stand by you, hand in hand. Forever!

Lean cuisine.

Ridge: I'm sure carter will make the right decision. I just want him to take his time. I just want my friend to be happy. And my kids to be happy, I'm sorry, of course, and my grandkid. How's that going?

Steffy: Growing bigger by the day. And doctor said everything's coming along just fine.

Ridge: Just what I want. Nice little controlled waddle to the finish line. No complications.

Thomas: Um, yeah, I just remembered I have someone I need to talk to. You know, I--I hate to run, but, uh, it's, kind of, important so, I'll see you.

Paris: You know how I can thank you? Okay. This should be interesting.

Zende: There are two things, actually.

Paris: Well, well, well, two things. All right. Lay 'em on me.

Zende: Number one, I want you to teach me.

Paris: Teach you?

Zende: Yeah. I want to learn about your work, what you do, your passions. Next time that you visit one of the charities that the foundation works with, will you take me with you?

Paris: Of course. I'd love that. Okay. And the second one?

Zende: I want you to sing for me.

Paris: [ Scoffs ] Seriously?

Zende: Yeah. I'm dead serious. I keep thinking about christmas eve. I mean, you have such a beautiful voice. You practically burned the house down. You impressed everyone. So, yes, I wanna hear you sing again. But this time, just for me.

Paris: [ Sighs ]

Zoe: This life that we've been planning it's, uh, it's still possible. Carter, please, tell me that we can survive. You love me. I know you do!

Carter: Of course, I love you. But I can't get past what you did.

Zoe: Carter, please don't!

Carter: I gave myself to you completely. I thought you were doing the same zoe when I found out you-- look. As much as I hate saying this, we're not gonna happen, zoe. We had our chance.

Zoe: No! I'm not--

Carter: It's over!

Zoe: It's over?

Carter: How can I ever completely trust you the way a man is supposed to trust his wife? Ever forget what happened with zende?

Zoe: Yeah. But carter, we talked--

Carter: It can happen with anyone else. The games you were playing, I can't--I can't forget that. I can't live with that doubt. Look, keep the ring. It's yours. Should take it off so there's no confusion.

Zoe: You know, I might not deserve it right now, but... someday I will earn your trust back. I can promise you that. Where can a healthier heart lead you?

Paris: So you want me to sing for you here? Now?

Zende: Sure. Why not?

Paris: [ Sighs ] Okay. I guess a song is the least I could do. Any request?

Zende: Lady's choice.

Paris: All right. I don't wanna go if you're not going with me and I don't wanna fall but you're not making it easy these are the things that keep me up at night thinking of you but I don't wanna wait on you either way I win and lose 'cause you're irresponsible if this is right or wrong I can't decide at all but ain't no going back I know the sun don't shine without your love and we can't do this all for nothing 'cause you look too damn good on my pretty brown skin pretty brown skin yeah

[ Applause ]

Zende: What?

Paris: [ Laughs ]

Zende: You--I mean, you're so talented. Did you write that?

Paris: Yeah. I did. I'm happy you liked it. I'm flattered. And--and thank you for this time we spent together. I know you're a busy guy especially nowadays. But you made me feel pretty special setting this all up.

Zende: Well, you are pretty and special, so. But, you're right. Unfortunately, I probably should be getting back to work.

Paris: Hope's counting on you, after all.

Zende: Yeah. Well, I think hope will be happy because I'm feeling like I'm on fire right now, I have the biggest smile on my face and the sweetest song in my head, all thanks to you.

[ Knocks on door ]

Zoe: Ridge?

Ridge: You're here. I thought you'd be with carter?

Zoe: I was. Do you mind if I, uh...

Ridge: He called off the engagement, didn't he?

Zoe: I'm sure you're happy about this.

Ridge: Think I'm happy about that? You think seeing my friend in pain makes me happy?

Zoe: I mean, he doesn't have to be! And I asked you before but I'm asking you again if you could put in a good word for me. You know maybe help change his mind. Ridge, I-- I don't wanna lose him.

Ridge: Zoe... you messed up. Deal with the consequences.

Thomas: There he is.

[ Knocks on door ]

Thomas: Vinny, my man. Hard at work. What's new and exciting here in the lab?

[ Door opens ]

Paris: Zoe, are you okay?

Zoe: Do I look okay?

Paris: What's--what's wrong?

Zoe: Paris, he--he did it.

Paris: He?

Zoe: Carter!

Paris: Carter-- carter did what?

Zoe: He--he called it off. It's over. He called off our engagement and it's all because of you!

Expertly tailored eye care.

Zoe: I mean, I begged carter for a second chance. But he--he just-- he doesn't trust me!

Paris: And you're blaming me?

Zoe: Yes. I mean, seriously, he would've never even called off our engagement if it weren't for you! My little sister always screwing everything up!

Paris: Zoe, will you just stop? I have been focusing on myself. I've been trying my hardest to avoid you and steer clear of you. You always think that everything is about you and it isn'T. I've been living my own life.

Zoe: [ Scoffs ] You've been trying to live mine! And seriously paris, you like follow me around like a needy puppy!

Paris: How do you think this is--

Zoe: How? You're working here and you get so close and comfy with the forresters, pushing your way in any way that you can. Paris, we did the whole la visit and it was nice. Right? We did the sister bonding. But now we're talking about my life, my future. And I--I can't take it anymore. I want you gone. Today.

Paris: [ Scoffs ]

Ridge: Hey. Expect to see you. Why you back so soon?

Steffy: Marketing wasn't quite ready for me.

Ridge: They weren't ready for you? So what happened? Did the angry ceo come out and take the hat off?

Steffy: No. I sweetly gave them an extension. It must be the hormones.

Ridge: It must be? Softie or not, pregnancy looks good on you.

Steffy: You think?

Ridge: Yeah. My beautiful daughter, another kid. Say something wrong?

Steffy: No. It's just... another baby... with liam.

Vinny: Hey, buddy. What do you, uh, doing here?

Thomas: I had an appointment. Thought I'd stop in, and say hey.

Vinny: Got you. Well, you know, you're not really allowed to be down here. Uh, I'm sure it's fine. Hey, just don't touch anything. Please. Please.

Thomas: Okay.

Vinny: You know what, I--I could take a break. We can get out of here if you just give me a minute to wrap up, all right?

Thomas: You know, vinny, I'm--I'm impressed. You're working a 9:00 to 5:00 job like this, here in a lab. I mean, that's kind of intense. It has to be like life or death sometimes, right?

Vinny: I mean, it's a little intense when you put it like that, but I--I do like it.

Thomas: You know, I, uh, actually, I saw steffy earlier.

Vinny: Oh, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah. She's really excited for this baby she has on the way.

Vinny: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I bet, man.

Thomas: She's still taken aback though because, you know, she was so--so sure the baby would be finn'S. But you proved her wrong, didn't you?

Vinny: Yeah, not me. Science did. Paternity tests don't lie.

Thomas: You're right. Yeah. But the person administering the test could though.

Vinny: Oh, come on. We've been over this, man. I--I already told you.

Thomas: I know what you told me, vinny. And I-- I really wanna believe you, I do. And not because I wanna believe the story, I don't wanna believe that, you know, liam is gonna be with steffy and I'll have a chance with hope again, no. I--I wanna believe it because I wanna believe my friend, a friend that has always had my back.

Vinny: And I always will. I--I'd do anything for you, man.

Thomas: Like in high school, you remember you stole the answer sheet right off the teacher's desk under her nose.

Vinny: Yeah, see. Exactly! Anything.

Thomas: Yeah.

Vinny: We aced that.

Thomas: Yeah. And a few weeks ago... when you changed steffy's test results in a misguided attempt to get me hope.

Vinny: Let it go. All right. Come on.

Thomas: I--I assume all the results are here on this computer, right?

Vinny: Yeah, they are.

Thomas: So log on.

Vinny: No. I'm not gonna do that.

Thomas: Prove to me what you're saying that you didn't mess with steffy's results.

Vinny: No way, man.

Thomas: Why not? If you're telling me the truth--

Vinny: Dude, have you ever heard of patient confidentiality? I--I would get fired.

Thomas: What confidentiality? Steffy's already told everyone who the father is including me, you know that so...

Vinny: Thomas, you're not even allowed to be down in this lab right now let alone asking for lab results.

Thomas: Why are you so defensive?

Vinny: Because right now you're putting my job on the line.

Thomas: Just show me the results.

Vinny: No.

Thomas: Show me, vinny. I need to see the results. I need to know that you didn't change them. You didn't make it so liam is the father of steffy's child. Show me, vinny. Show me now!

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