B&B Transcript Thursday 3/4/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 3/4/21


Episode #8472 ~ Zoe puts her plan in motion to get her man back. Zende takes Paris outside of the office for some fun and romance.

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Shauna: I know I'm keeping you from work, but I wanna be here when flo comes back.

Wyatt: No, no, no. Come on. It's--it--it's totally fine. I probably wouldn't be getting much work done anyway.

Bill: What is this? How come every time I walk in here, you're--you're-- you're just hanging out? Like, this isn't the beach house, moon doggy. Or you don't come here to wax your surfboard.

Wyatt: We're waiting for flo.

Bill: Oh, we're waiting for flo? Great. Great. Why don't we just fill the whole room up with fultons? I mean, it's not like you have anything better to do, like, I don't know, your job, friendship.

Wyatt: Katie called flo over to forrester creations just now.

Bill: What for this time?

Wyatt: We don't know. That's the thing. We don't know. She just said to come by. We don't know why.

Flo: This is the last thing I expected to happen.

Katie: Well, you said you wanted the opportunity to get to know your family.

Flo: Yeah, but I wasn't expecting you to offer me a job at forrester creations. This is just--I am-- I am very grateful. And not just to the three of you, but to you, too, ridge.

Ridge: Happy to help any way I can.

Flo: I'm very excited to get started.

Carter: Ridge, oh. You're busy.

Ridge: No. Carter, come on in. Meet the newest forrester hire.

Brooke: And the newest full-fledged member of the logan family.

Paris: Sorry.

Zende: Should I be jealous?

Paris: No, it's work. The forrester foundation is getting so many grant applications and I'm super excited about a few of them.

Zende: Oh. So I should be impressed?

Paris: No.

Zende: Well, I am. You are so passionate about your work, paris. That's beautiful.

Paris: Zoe?

Zoe: Well, this is just great. Yeah. It's exactly what I need to be seen right now.

Paris: You sound upset. What's going on?

Bill: You don't know why flo's at forrester? You didn't set that up?

Wyatt: No.

Bill: Maybe the logans changed their minds.

Wyatt: No. Why would-- why would you say that?

Shauna: Bill, katie and her sister's embraced my daughter. And thanks to wyatt, he made katie see how desperately flo wanted to be accepted by her aunts and it wouldn't have happened without him.

Bill: Bold move. Telling the logans what to do.

Shauna: Well, a man will do crazy things when he's in love.

Wyatt: Look, I just knew how much it would mean to flo to be fully accepted by her father's family.

Katie: Carter is the company coo.

Ridge: It's okay to look surprised.

Brooke: The job offer surprised flo, too.

Flo: Yeah. I think I'm just a little in shock about the job still, um, and being accepted by all of you. I just feel, uh-- I feel very lucky right now.

Carter: It was always nice seeing a family come together. So what will you be doing here, flo?

Katie: Well, with paris spearheading the foundation's initiative, I thought that flo could help me on the pr sort of things.

Donna: Yeah. Paris and flo could work really well together.

Ridge: I agree.

Carter: Paris is doing a great job, but I don't think she'd mind a hand.

Flo: Yeah. Well, I've heard a lot about the foundation and I would be honored to work on it.

Ridge: Good. Well, maybe you get to know paris a little better.

Brooke: Why don't we show flo around and make some introductions?

Katie: That sounds like a great idea.

Flo: And ridge, thank you so much again.

Ridge: Are you okay?

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. I spoke to zoe. Well, you wanna tell me how that happened?

Ridge: Uh, wait a minute. You spoke to zoe? So what happened? Did you make a decision?

Paris: Wait. Zoe, what's going on? What's wrong?

Zoe: I--I--I talked to carter. Okay? I really messed things up. I mean, uh, my relationship with him, my future is this close to being over. I mean, I have to find a way to--to fix this, to convince him somehow not to end our engagement. (Geri) I smoked and I have copd.

Bill: Katie can be very persuasive.

Wyatt: Yeah, but katie only convinced brooke to--to listen. Flo had to make the rest of the case herself.

Shauna: Yeah. She can make the same case to you if you still need her to.

Bill: I have a rule in this building. What do I always say, wyatt?

Wyatt: Huh?

Bill: I always freaking say it, wyatt. What do I say?

Wyatt: I...

Bill: "Don't give me lip service, just do it."

Wyatt: Just do it. Yeah, he says that.

Shauna: All right. Well-- well, good. Because I really do hope you give my daughter another chance because I think it's only a matter of time before wyatt pops the question and we become family.

Wyatt: Okay. Guys, look, there--there are a lot of great things happening right now for flo and the logans and--and the--I--I know flo would want us to just focus on that. But this is something she's wanted for so long. This is something she's wanted more than anything else.

Zoe: All I want is a future with carter. You know, I--I just-- I don't wanna lose him. And I won't let that happen.

Paris: Then you have to show him how much he means to you.

Zoe: Yeah, but I've already tried. It's just--it's not enough, you know. He doesn't trust me.

Katie: Oh, look. Just the people I was looking for.

Zende: Hey, katie.

Katie: Hi.

Zoe: Flo?

Flo: Hey, zoe.

Zoe: Hey.

Katie: Flo, this is paris. She's zoe's sister. And she is an important part of the forrester foundation's new work.

Flo: Oh, you two are sisters, huh?

Katie: And this is zende, he's one of our lead designers on hope for the future.

Flo: Well, it's really nice to meet you both.

Katie: Flo just joined us here at forrester creations.

Flo: Literally, like, five minutes ago.

Katie: And she's also my niece. So, brooke, and donna and i are showing her around. She's gonna start with me in pr, so I thought that she might be able to assist you, paris, on that side of the foundation's work.

Paris: Yeah. That sounds great. There's always so much to do.

Flo: Yeah. Um, I'm really excited to start. I've heard a lot of great things about the foundation.

Paris: And with your help, we'll be able to do even more. Welcome to the team, flo.

Flo: Oh, thank you.

[ Phone rings ]

Katie: Oh, oh. Brooke says that they are ready for us in hr, so we'll see you guys later.

Flo: Well, it was very nice to meet both of you. And it was really good to see you, zoe.

Zoe: Yeah. You, too.

Paris: Wait. Zoe, is that flo? Like, the one who...

Zoe: Yeah.

Zende: Which just proves how forgiving people around here can be. I mean, if flo can get the logans to giveer a second chance,zed. I've--I've made the promises. It's like it doesn't make a difference. And I--I know that carter has feelings for me. I know that there's a part of him that hasn't given up on us. But I just--I need him to understand that I haven't either. I--I need to show him. You know, I--I need to do whatever it takes to get him back.

Ridge: I'm not trying to put you on the spot.

Carter: I know.

Ridge: I'm just concerned about my friend.

Carter: I appreciate that, ridge. I do. Don't know what to tell you though.

Ridge: Look at me. What do you want?

Carter: What I want? I wanted to marry her. I wanted her to be my wife, ridge. I was thrilled when she said yes and now, ridge, I--I-- I don't know what I'm supposed to feel. I know that's not what you're looking for, that's not the answer you want, but I don't know.

Ridge: Hey, I'm not looking for any answers to see and help my friend.

Carter: I was doing all right, man. And she came and she talked to me. She talked to me and she apologized. She pleaded with me not to end our future.

Ridge: You knew that was gonna happen.

Carter: I know she's sorry for what happened. She wants me to--to give her a chance to show me how much she loves me.

Ridge: I know what she want. What do you want? You wanna give this engagement another shot?

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Bill: Still no eta on flo?

Shauna: No. And--and I don't understand it. She always text me right back. Yeah. I--I hate to say this but what if you're right?

Wyatt: Oh, god. Please don't encourage him.

Shauna: No, I'm serious. I mean, what if the logans changed their minds? Because they were all assuming that, you know, hope would be okay with this because she's been so accepting of thomas and zoe, but what if she's not?

Wyatt: Well, I mean, hope does have other pressing things that she's dealing with right now.

Shauna: Okay. Well, maybe brooke had second thoughts.

Flo: Oh. Bill, hi.

Bill: Hey.

Shauna: Flo? What is going on? You haven't returned any of my texts.

Flo: I'm sorry. I just-- I wanted to tell you in person.

Wyatt: Okay. What--what-- what happened?

Flo: You're not gonna believe this but, um, you're looking at the newest employee of forrester creations.

Shauna: What? They offered you a job?

Flo: Yeah. Yeah. Uh, that's why katie wanted to see me. It was all her idea and everyone agreed and then ridge just offered me a job right there on the spot. I'm gonna start out working in pr for the foundation.

Wyatt: Oh, my god. That's incredible.

Bill: Yes, that is incredible. You're a flogan and you get a job at forrester in the span of a couple of days. Let me be the first to congratulate you. So I can get back to work and so can he. Don't turn this into a party, wyatt. All right? Save that for the house.

Shauna: Don't mind him.

Flo: Don't worry. Not even bill can get me down right now.

Shauna: Oh, flo. I am so happy for you. This is incredible news. And I fully support it. And you deserve to feel every bit of joy you're feeling right now.

Flo: Thanks, mom. I really believe she wants to marry carter and they'd be so happy together.

Zende: Zoe's a fighter. If she wants this, she'll make it happen. So, I don't want you worrying about that or anything else for the rest of the day. Remember when I said I had something planned for you? It's a surprise.

Paris: What kind of surprise?

Zende: A good one.

Paris: Zende.

Zende: Come on. Let's go.

Paris: Where are we going?

Carter: Part of me just wishes I can just put it behind me, move on.

Ridge: No one would blame you.

Carter: The woman I love has feelings for someone else. Willing to risk her future with me and she says it was because she was scared we were moving so fast. That she was hurt in the past, but she could've talked to me about it. I wasn't playing games, ridge. I admire zoe for a long time. Her passion, her beauty, her--her resilience. When things started finally happening for us, I was convinced that she was the one. You know, I started--I started-- I started making up these things in my head first about our future, you know. I wanted a life with her. And zoe wanted to see if she could have a future with zende.

Wyatt: So... how do you wanna celebrate?

Flo: I don't know. I--I still think I need to let it sink in a little bit. My life just got so much better so quickly.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Flo: Not like it wasn't great before. I mean, I've been living with the man I love. The man who loves me so much that he went to bat for me and my family. I still can't believe you did that.

Wyatt: Oh, I just--I knew you would probably be never fully forgive yourself until you tried. So--and I knew you needed it.

Flo: I honestly didn't think it would ever happen. I, kind of, gave up on it actually.

Wyatt: Well, it's good thing that I am as stubborn and bull-headed as my father sometimes.

Flo: I don't believe that's it. I-- I think you're an optimist. I think that you believe in second chances. I mean, why wouldn't you? Look at us. Everything in life drove us apart and we somehow found our way back together. And now here we are, back in love, making a future. And look, I didn't know what would happen with the logans but the one thing I was sure about was you and that we're gonna have this big, beautiful life together. Kids one day, maybe a couple of dogs. I was even thinking we can get a minivan.

Wyatt: What? Minivan?

Flo: Yeah. It can be, kind of, fun. We'll have this big, loud, fun family driving around in a minivan. I think it sounds perfect.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Paris: This is your big surprise?

Zende: Yup.

Paris: This is your grandfather's house.

Zende: That's right. I've been staying here. But today, it's one hundred percent ours.

Paris: We're the only ones here?

Zende: I want you to consider this your oasis. You've been going non-stop since you started at forrester. Doing great work, worrying about your sister. I want you to put all of that out of your head. I checked with donna and she assured me that there was nothing on your calendar. So just focus on you.

Paris: Thank you, zende. This is very thoughtful of you.

Zende: Well, I have to confess my motivation. It's not completely selfless. I wanted to spend some alone time with you.

Paris: I'm good with that. This is a very sweet surprise.

Zende: Well, I'm glad you feel that way, because there are more coming.

Zoe: Welcome home. You're surprised to see me.

Carter: I am.

Zoe: Well, you shouldn't be.U did give me a key. You asked me to share this apartment, a life with you. In fact, you actually proposed to me right here. And I said yes. Remember that?

Carter: How could I forget?

Zoe: I know. There were smoke alarms and everything.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah. Maybe that was a sign?

Zoe: I mean, I-- I think it's more of a untimely interruption. Just like this time apart from each other has been an untimely interruption in our relationship. But it doesn't have to mean the end. I mean, it can't be. I love you, carter. I never would have accepted your proposal if I didn'T. I'm so sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry that I just-- I couldn't trust myself enough to be certain. You know, let go of all the insecurities and just embrace our future the way that you did. I never ever doubted your love for me. And I know deep down that you still love me. You know, carter, we can still have this life, this future, everything that we've been talking about and planning. It can all begin right now.

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