B&B Transcript Wednesday 3/3/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 3/3/21


Episode #8471 ~ Flo receives an unexpected gift from Brooke, Katie and Donna. Zoe attempts to fix what's broken between her and Carter.

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Katie: Brooke, are you okay? Is this about flo?

Donna: I hope that you didn't feel too pressured by us the other day. We both know that you're uneasy about forgiving her and accepting her as our niece and part of the logan family.

Brooke: For good reason.

Katie: Absolutely. I just hope you're not having second thoughts.

Flo: I have been smiling so much my cheeks are starting to hurt. It's all because of you.

Wyatt: Well, I just, I like to see you happy. And it--it kind of felt like you needed a win.

Flo: Yeah. I honestly don't know what I would do without you.

Wyatt: I don't even want to imagine.

Flo: You are just so sweet to me all the time. And it's not just the little gestures, like, the big things, too. It's going to bat for me and talking to my aunts and helping me get back in with my logan family. It means a lot.

Carter: I amended the consideration clause on page three. Besides that, the contract is exactly as we discussed.

Ridge: How are you doing?

Carter: Well, uh, drawing up these contracts can be mind-numbing after a couple hours.

Ridge: How are you doing? Where are things with zoe?

Carter: Honestly, ridge? I don't know how to get past zoe throwing herself at zende.

Paris: Oh, I cannot wait to get this off of the ground. And did I mention that hope and katie were so impressed with my ideas? Zoe? You're just letting your sister talk to herself over here?

Zoe: Sorry. I keep thinking about carter. How I might've just ruined this whole future that we've been planning together.

Paris: Yeah. I still don't get that. You are so excited to be engaged to carter.

Zoe: I am.

Paris: Why did you jeopardize all that by flirting with zende?

Ridge: Have you talked to zoe?

Carter: She tried. I see her at work. Try to keep it professional.

Ridge: And?

Carter: At this point I can't tell her what she wants to hear.

Ridge: That all is forgiven.

Carter: I'm just not sure I trust her enough to give our engagement another chance.

Zoe: I--I messed up. I messed up. I--I took carter for granted, I self-sabotaged, and now I'm paying for it.

Zende: I'm sorry.

Zoe: It's not completely your fault, zende. It's just crazy that one text I--I didn't even know about could just flip my entire world upside down.

Paris: I wouldn't give up on carter just yet.

Zoe: I'm not. I'm more determined than ever to win his trust back.

Flo: You didn't have to stand up for me, but you did anyway.

Wyatt: Flo, I will always fight for you. Besides, I--I feel like the rejection had gone on long enough. You are such a wonderful person. You deserve to be accepted by your family.

[ Knocks on the door ]

Shauna: Can I come in?

Flo: Mom. Hi.

Shauna: Oh, feels like I'm interrupting a special moment.

Flo: No, I was just, uh, telling wyatt how grateful I am for him. Thanks to him I'm finally gonna have a relationship with my aunts and cousins.

Donna: Have you changed your mind about flo?

Brooke: It's hard for me to just forget about everything. But you're right, it's time to move forward and flo is storm's daughter and he would insist.

Katie: I'm happy to hear you say that. Because I have an idea, a way to show flo that we're serious about welcoming her into the family. (Clucking noises)

Zoe: I just, I-- I feel terrible. I--I broke his heart, lost his trust, his faith in me.

Zende: We all make mistakes.

Zoe: No, but I'm his fiancée, you know. We're supposed to be planning our wedding together. And then here I go and--

Paris: Zoe, I bet he'll come around. And in the long run, this would probably end up turning out for the better.

Zoe: How?

Paris: Before you had your reasons for not being ready to commit. But now, now you are.

Zende: The guy is completely in love with you. He'll probably just need some time.

Zoe: Just I'm--I'm praying that there's still hope, that I haven't totally ruined things with him.

Ridge: So you do-- do not think that you and zoe could have a future together?

Carter: I don't know. I don't know how to make that happen. Uh...

Ridge: Ball's in your court. And just remember, you've been waiting for the right woman for a very long time.

Carter: How was the ball in my court? I ended it.

Ridge: Did you end it? I didn't think it means it's over. It doesn't seem like you think it's over.

Carter: Oh, yeah. It's tough. I still care about her and she feels terrible about what happened. Said she got scared we are moving too fast.

Ridge: Then why did she accept your proposal?

Carter: Because I'm hard to resist.

Ridge: You--you're an odd piece, you are. Yeah, look. You work out, you eat right. You know what you deserve? You deserve a woman that puts you first and is committed to you a hundred percent.

Flo: Well, it's not lost on me how supportive you two are being.

Wyatt: Look, it's--it's-- it's time for the logans to try and--and put the past aside.

Flo: Yeah. And I think-- I think that they finally are. They'll never gonna forget. And I wouldn't expect them to. But I think we really did round a corner.

Shauna: You need this, honey. You never got to know your father and nothing can bring him back. But you and your aunts can honor his memory by reconnecting with one another.

Flo: Yeah.

[ Phone rings ]

Flow: Oh. It's katie. She-- she wants me to meet her at forrester creations again.

Wyatt: Really? Now?

Flo: Yeah. Do--do you think that they changed their mind?

Shauna: No. No. I'm sure everything's fine.

Wyatt: Yeah. Uh, I'm sure your mom's right. Okay? The--there's nothing- to worry about. Okay. You go this. Besides, no matter what happens, you will always have me. You always have us.

Flo: You're right. And for that I'm a very lucky woman.

Katie: Okay. I just asked flo to come over.

Brooke: Why?

Katie: Well, now that I'm sure you're 100% on board, I wanna take this a step further.

Brooke: How?

Donna: Okay. What are you up to, katie?

Ridge: Hey, everyone. Katie, I got your text. What's up?

Brooke: Is ridge involved?

Ridge: Involved in what?

Donna: That's what we're all trying to figure out.

Brooke: Katie is being very mysterious.

Ridge: Am I in trouble here? What happened?

Katie: No. No. This is about flo.

Donna: Uh, the three of us decided to forgive her.

Ridge: Is that right?

Brooke: After hearing flo out yesterday, I thought it was time to put all that in the past.

Ridge: Hmm. Because I don't remember you saying anything at the house.

Brooke: Yeah. I know. I'm just letting it all sink in.

Ridge: I see. And all the stuff that happened with beth, you okay with that?

Brooke: This is what stormy would want.

Donna: Holding onto that kind of resentment isn't really healthy for anyone, is it?

Ridge: I guess not.

Katie: Good. I'm glad you agree. Because, uh, flo is on her way over.

Donna: Okay. Do you wanna tell us what's going on here?

Katie: I want to offer flo a job here at forrester creations.

Managing type 2 diabetes?

Paris: Zoe is really freaking out. She's so upset about carter.

Zende: Hmm. You're worried about your sister.

Paris: I can't help it, zende. I've seen this behavior from her in the past.

Zende: And?

Paris: Well, technically she's still engaged to carter, so I'm trying to be optimistic about everything. But I just really hope she hasn't completely screwed things up. You know, carter, carter would be an incredible husband to zoe and amazing father to their kids. I just really want it to work out.

Zende: That's big of you. She wasn't exactly supportive of you working here.

Paris: Eventually, she'll lighten up. And someday maybe she'll enjoy having me here.

Zende: I'm sure a piece of her already does.

Paris: You think?

Zende: Yeah, I do. But seriously, no one and I mean, no one would judge you for not having much sympathy for zoe. But instead, you're doing the exact opposite.

Paris: That's my only sibling. I'll always want the best for her. And hopefully that's carter.

Zoe: Hey. Um, I've been trying to call you and text you just to find some time for us to be alone.

Carter: I have a lot on my plate.

Zoe: Yeah. Yeah. No, I know. Uh, really busy. And I know you're always in meetings, never answering your phone. Look, I--I can tell that you're avoiding me.

Carter: I'm not sure what you want me to say, zoe.

Zoe: Okay. Look, I--I have no right to have any expectations of you right now. But I do wish things were different between us. I wish I--I never hurt you. I wish that you weren't so disappointed in me. I wish you would let me come back.

Carter: Zoe...

Zoe: Look, carter. Can we please--um, please, can we just have a moment together, just to talk about our future, us? Please.

Shauna: I sure hope this means something positive for the future.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, it's-- it's kind of hard to tell though, right? I mean, katie's text was so vague. She just said to come down.

Shauna: I have--I feel like my daughter's been called to the principal's office.

Wyatt: Right? Especially since she was there yesterday.

Shauna: Yeah. I wonder what flo's walking into this time.

Brooke: So you want flo to work here at forrester creations?

Katie: I mean, I don't wanna be presumptuous. I know that I don't have the power to hire anyone but she is bright and she's talented, and she is a logan. She's one of us and we take care of our own. Just think of what it would mean to storm.

Ridge: She's also the woman that upended my daughter's life and hope's life.

Donna: No one's forgotten about that, ridge.

Katie: I'm not trying to excuse what flo did.

Ridge: What about you? I mean, forgiving someone is one thing but giving a job here.

Brooke: I have to say I'm surprised. I mean, yeah. I did agree to let go of that pain and move forward and I know that's what stormy would want. But to have her work here every single day and see her every day, how would hope and steffy feel about that?

Katie: Well, hope is already working with zoe and thomas. She's been able to forgive them.

Donna: Why can't the same be true for flo?

Katie: Who benefits from shutting flo out? No one. We have to lead by example, if we're not able to give flo a break, then how are hope and steffy ever gonna be able to forgive her? Listen, I know that this is up to you, ridge. I did mention it to eric but he deferred to you.

Donna: Uh, I think it's a really meaningful gesture and something that we should all seriously consider.

[ Door opens ]

Flo: Oh. Um, you wanted to see me? How great is it that we get to tell everybody

Carter: The two of us?

Zoe: Yes. The two of us. Uh, our future.

Carter: Future?

Zoe: Okay. Look, you--you don't have to make any decisions right now. You don't even need to have any answers for me.

Carter: Honestly, zoe. I'm not sure if we even have a future.

Zoe: Okay. Um, I don't blame you for saying that. Because I did hurt you. I betrayed your trust. I disrespected our relationship and you've been nothing but wonderful to me. And I'm sorry, carter. I'm sorry but I--I can't go back and fix those things. But what I can do is promise you, promise you that it will never ever happen again. I promise that and I need you to believe me when I say that. This--this feelings that I have for you, they're still there. The same feelings that-- that made me so happy the day that you proposed and put this ring on my finger. But now it's just like, they--they're even stronger. Because I've gotten a taste of what it's like to lose you. I don't wanna live that way, you know. I--I wanna be with you. Carter, I've never been more certain of anything in my life. Look, what I--I did to you was so incredibly wrong. I broke your heart and I'm-- I'm sorry. But I'm also standing here and I'm asking, I'm begging for your forgiveness. Please, carter. Can you please just give us another chance?

Paris: I love my sister. If zoe's happy, I'm happy. You know, that's the way family should work. If one of us is down, we're all down.

Zende: And you'll do anything you can to lift her up.

Paris: A thousand percent.

Zende: Even if she wouldn't do the same for you.

Paris: Zende, why do you think I got into social work? It's a thankless job most of the time, but, hey, we can't do things and expect something in return. We do things because it'll improve someone's life and I think carter makes zoe's life better. It's simple when you really break it down.

Zende: Wow. I am glad you're here. That you decided to come to los angeles. And I'm really glad that you decided to stay.

Paris: Yeah. Me, too.

Zende: In fact, I have a little something in store to show you how thrilled I am that you came into my life.

Flo: What did you all wanna see me about?

Brooke: I meant what I said yesterday, flo. Forgiveness may be hard for me at least right now. But acceptance, that's something that your father, our dear brother would want. So I do believe that that's possible. But words are words. And actions speak louder than words. And katie came up with this great idea to welcome you into our family by welcoming you here at forrester creations.

Ridge: This is a family business and the logans have been part of that family for a long time.

Katie: And now you're part of the family.

Flo: The--does this mean that you're offering me a job here at forrester creations?

Ridge: We haven't forgotten what happened in the past. But I stand by my wife and if she and her sisters think that's a good idea to have you here, that it can help heal some wounds then, yes, we're offering you a job.

Katie: I thought it would be nice if you could work with me in pr.

Donna: Would you like to join the team?

Katie: What do you say?

Flo: Yes. Yes. Yes. I would-- I would love to work here. I would--I would be honored to work here. Thank you. I--I can't believe this, this is not what I-- wasn't expecting. I am-- this is--this incredible. Thank you.

Brooke: Congratulations.

Flo: Yeah. I, um, it feels really amazing to be welcome back, it's my father's family and now to continue his legacy. It's like I can, um, feel him looking down. I can feel his love and support right now.

Katie: And we can all feel it.

Flo: Thank you. Thank you for believing in me and I--I promise that I will make you all and-- and my father very proud.

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