B&B Transcript Wednesday 2/24/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 2/24/21


Episode #8466 ~ Finn lays down the law to Liam with a new set of boundaries for Steffy. Thomas becomes concerned for Steffy and Hope over their current situation.

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Hope: Live with it? That's your solution?

Steffy: No. I--I didn't mean it like that. Hope, I'm gonna love this child. I mean... I already do. But if I could snap my fingers and make finn the father, I mean, yeah. I'D...

Hope: [ Scoffs ] Better yet, snap your fingers, so that liam was never even an option.

Steffy: Look, liam and I wish we could've done things differently. We do. But we can't go back. All we can do is just... move forward. I regret hurting you. I regret hurting finn. You got to believe me.

Hope: Well, it seems like finn does. Isn't that what really matters?

Steffy: [ Sighs ]

Liam: All right. Okay. You wanna back off a second? Steffy doesn't need protection from me.

Finn: Hey, how can you even say that with a straight face? And with everything that you've put her through.

Liam: I got it, okay? I got it. You're the new man in steffy's life, and you're marking your territory. I got it.

Finn: It's not what I'm doing.

Liam: Uh, of course, that's what you're doing. You're furious the baby's mine, and this is you, trying to put liam in his place.

Finn: Furious doesn't even describe-- the fact that you two were together, I'm doing my best to move past that, so steffy and I can move on with our lives, but the key to that is you learning to respect some boundaries.

Liam: Hey, john. I wanna move on with my life too, with hope. Trust me. You can drop the whole bodyguard thing. I'm not gonna be interfering with you and steffy.

Finn: Right. You say that. You--you might even think it's true. But the fact is that you can't help, but put yourself in the middle of these two women. I'm putting a stop to it. Steffy deserves better. And frankly, so does hope. They both deserve better than you.

Thomas: Vinny couldn't have meant...

Vinny: Uh, I told you. I've been working at the lab for a while now.

Thomas: The same lab that...

Vinny: You'll finally have the chance with hope. And when that day comes, you're gonna think back to this conversation, and you're gonna thank me.

Thomas: Why, vinny? Why would I need to thank you?

Liam: Okay. All right. And let me ask you something. Do you honestly think that you're the guy I need to hear this from? Like, you're the one who's gonna come along, and give me the big "aha" moment? There is nothing you could say to me right now, that I haven't been saying to myself. Trust me, I have enough regret about the pain I've caused hope and steffy without your input. Thank you.

Finn: Uh, if you ever truly felt regret, ever, you'd stop hurting them.

Liam: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just not in the mood to be lectured by a guy who is brand new to the scene.

Finn: Maybe this is exactly what you need, to finally see what you've been doing. Someone new to show you all the crap that you put these women through. Because you obviously haven't listened to anybody else.

Liam: No, I'm listening. I'm listening. I'm listening to the two people who matter most, and that's hope and steffy. And thankfully, they both understand that I regret what I've done.

Finn: Uh-hmm. You've said it to them. But is there meaning behind it? When you apologize to them again and again? Year after year? But I want you to say it to my face, man to man, that what you did was wrong.

Thomas: Is it possible? Could vinny have...

Steffy: Thankfully, yes. Finn knows how awful I feel. And despite this huge betrayal, I think--I mean, I-- I hope we're gonna get through this. He's hurt, but... he's gonna stand beside me.

Hope: That's admirable.

Steffy: He's a remarkable man.

Hope: He certainly is. To stand by you, even though you're... carrying my husband's baby. The circumstances o stay together.All I ask,

Hope: I'm happy for you, steffy. That finn is being so understanding because it's not easy. It is... a lot to process from our perspective. The ones you betrayed.

Steffy: I know. All I ask, if you and liam can't recover from this-- I mean, oh, god. What am I saying? I mean, you--you and liam, you have to recover from this. You have a family, and you need to fight. You need to stay together. What I'm asking is, however much you resent me, please don't resent this baby.

Hope: Steffy, I could never do that. Your baby had no say in how it came to be. And as much as I hate the circumstances surrounding it, I could never resent an innocent child. I promise.

Steffy: Thank you. I know I'm asking a lot.

Hope: Steffy, I know you wanted the baby to be finn'S.

Steffy: I was positive it was.

Hope: Oh, and I wanted your motherly intuition to be right. I wanted it so bad, so that I didn't have to just... start questioning everything, but it made it real. And I'm trying. I am trying so hard to be strong for my family. I just-- I don't know if we can get through this. Every time I think about what the future holds, and that you're going to be having liam's child again, it just-- it solidifies that betrayal. And just, I don't see how-- how are liam and i going to survive this.

Liam: You may not wanna believe this, but I actually want us to get along.

Finn: Sure.

Liam: You are important to steffy, are you not? You two are building a life together, are you not? That means you're gonna be important to my daughter. Not to mention this new kid on the way.

Finn: Yeah. I'm aware.

Liam: Yeah, but you-- you're angry, and you're hurt. And I caused it. Okay? I'm at fault. But I'm--I'm telling you, I'm sorry. Look into my eyes. I'm sorry. I know what I did was wrong.

Finn: I hope so. I hope you truly regret what you've done. All the upheaval that you have caused to my relationship, to yours, and most importantly, to this innocent child. A child that should've been mine.

Liam: I know. I know. You wanted me to say it, right? Man to man. Well, I'm about to say it, so hear me. I did you wrong. I did us all wrong. And all I can do-- uh, all I can do now is be better, and just pray that we can get through the other side of this. You and steffy. Me and hope. If nothing else, for the sake of the kids.

Finn: Well, that's easy for you to just dream about forgiveness, and us coming together, it's not so easy for me. Knowing that steffy's not carrying my baby. Tell me something, liam. Am I ever gonna be able to look at that kid, and not think about how he or she is not mine?

Thomas: Free floating fetal dna, compared with the mother's isolated--analyzed, possible. Sdrs provide high sensitivity, below specificity, using large number of a series of polymorphisms. I-- I don't really understand this, but vinny sure seemed to.

Vinny: Everything lines up. All the markers are there. The fetal dna doesn't match finn's, that makes it liam's kid.

Thomas: What did you do, vinny? What did you do?

Hope: Thomas? You okay?

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, fine.

Hope: What's going on with vinny?

Thomas: Vinny? What-- what do you mean?

Hope: What is it you think he did?

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Knocks on door ]

Finn: Hey. It's okay to interrupt?

Steffy: Always.

Finn: Hope's gone?

Steffy: Yeah. You didn't have to run off earlier.

Finn: No, I just-- I felt like the two of you could use some time. Was it productive?

Steffy: I hope. It's a tough situation. I don't blame her for hating me.

Finn: She hates what happened. I don't think she hates you. Especially since you've been so genuinely apologetic. Your--your regret is clear.

Steffy: Maybe regret isn't enough. Considering the pain she's in. The same pain you're in. You know exactly how she feels.

Finn: Well, maybe not exactly, but I can...

Steffy: I wish there was something more that I could do. You know, apologize again? I'll apologize for the rest of my life if I have to.

Finn: You know what? I don't want you doing that.

Steffy: No, I want to. I--I wanna make this right. I feel terrible. All the shame I'm feeling.

Finn: Look, this isn't good, if you're not okay, and most importantly, it isn't good for the baby. I mean, you got to rise above it, and forgive yourself for the baby's sake. The baby is more important than your shame, hope's anger, my disappointment. You understand that, right?

Steffy: I do. I also understand how special you are. How sensitive and caring, even towards this child, who--who isn't even yours.

Finn: Well, I-- I thought it was, you know, mine. I thought I was gonna be a father, and that's-- that's all it took for me to... fall in love with our-- oh, with your baby. It's not my blood. But... it's a part of you. So damn right, I care. My child or not, I will always care.

Hope: Is vinny in some kind of trouble?

Thomas: Not that I know of.

Hope: Okay. You just seemed concerned about him like he did something.

Thomas: Right. Uh, yeah, it's just that, sometimes vinny doesn't think before he acts. It's--it's probably nothing. I'll--I'll get to the bottom of it.

Hope: All right. Well, let me know if I can help.

Thomas: Thanks. But, uh, you got a lot going on. How are you holding up?

Hope: Uh... the best that I can. Which isn't saying a lot. It's just, um... it's all been a lot.

Thomas: I can only imagine.

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Actually, just had a bit of a run-in with steffy myself, and, you know, we tried to keep it cordial, but I mean, what am I supposed to do? She's having my husband's baby. I was just... I don't know--I don't-- I don't think liam understands just how difficult this all is.

Liam: I can't say I blame you.

Hope: You weren't supposed to hear that.

Liam: No, it's okay. It's okay. Please, don't ever think you have to hide your feelings from me.

Hope: How can I hide the fact that I am completely gutted, and my world has been turned upside down by the fact that steffy is having your child?

Liam: I hate that I'm putting you through this.

Hope: And I hate being in it. But what can we do? I mean, this is our reality now.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah, it is. But it's a reality that we can learn to accept, maybe even embrace, if we do it together. Just--just tell me you think it's possible for us to move past this.

Thomas: Oh, uh, tell him after I leave. I'm clearly in the way.

Hope: No, thomas. You--you don't have to go.

Liam: I know this is hard. So much pain could've been avoided if the test had turned out differently. It's one test that changed so many lives.

Steffy: I feel so lucky having you in my life. Having you in my child's life. You could've walked away. And here you are, dealing with the unthinkable. And I know it's not easy for you.

Finn: Yeah. I thought I was gonna be a father. And just a thought of a little one, and a version of us in this world, I got excited. It's just the thought of, uh, what the best part of you and best part of me might look like. I wanna meet that kid.

Steffy: Yeah. I do, too.

Finn: But, um, it wasn't meant to be. And I accept that. I accept your baby, and I'll love it without resentment. Any anger that I ever feel, I mean, I would never direct that at the baby. You know that, right? If I have anyone to blame for the grief, it's liam. I mean, I want you to be clear on that. And I think liam is after the conversation we had.

Steffy: That's where youwent earlier? To see liam?

Finn: Yeah. I needed him to understand what he did. His narcissism, his belief that you and hope just belong to him, or he can bounce back and forth, that has ruined so much. But yet, he says that he's sorry, but is that enough, from what he stole from us? I mean, we are robbed, steffy. This should be our child.

Thomas: Come on, vinny.

Vinny: Oh, tell me. Tell me. I'm--I'm here. I'm here. I got your text.

Thomas: Okay, man. Close the door. Get in.

Vinny: Okay. I'm late for work, what is wrong?

Thomas: I--look, I'm trying to make sense of some things that you said.

Vinny: Oh, okay. What things?

Thomas: About steffy's pregnancy. About my chance with hope?

Vinny: Oh, man. I was just being a friend. Uh, supportive and encouraging you--

Thomas: Right, right. Supporting, encouraging me with words, or was there more to it?

Vinny: What? What are you saying, man?

Thomas: No, no, no. What have you been saying lately, you've been saying, uh-- uh, you can make things happen? And where there's a will there's a way, all that stuff.

Vinny: Yeah. Those are things you say to a friend when you're trying to keep his spirit's up.

Thomas: Okay. You--you said I would thank you. Thank you for what?

Vinny: Okay. Are you accusing me of something?

Thomas: I don't wanna think that you would actually-- maybe you would, if you thought you were doing me a favor. You--you do work at the lab, it would be easy enough...

Vinny: What is it you think I did?

Thomas: Just tell me the truth, okay?

Vinny: The truth about what?

Thomas: Did you do anything to mess with steffy's paternity test? Answer me. Did you change the results to make it look like it's liam's baby?

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