B&B Transcript Tuesday 2/23/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Tuesday 2/23/21


Episode #8465 ~ Steffy delivers a powerful speech to Finn and Hope about her feelings for Liam. Bill and Liam lean on one another about their relationships with Katie and Hope.

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Liam: So how was your trip to genoa city?

Bill: Cool and productive. I think this collaboration with summer newman and jcv is going to be beneficial for both companies. What's going on here?

Liam: Come on, dad. You haven't been gone that long. How many crises could I generate?

Bill: Yeah. At least one that I know of. The night with steffy, the pregnancy, your marriage. You have a lot going on, liam.

Liam: I've made a mess with things. What I regret most is-- is hurting hope. I, um... I feel terrible what I'm putting her through.

Bill: What about steffy? What you're putting her through.

Steffy: You said you felt it too, that this baby is yours, that we were having a child together?

Finn: Yeah. Yeah, I really did. Right until dr. Campbell said it wasn't possible and my dna doesn't match. But steffy, just because I'm not the biological father, doesn't mean I'm not invested in this pregnancy. I'll always care about your baby and because of my commitment to you. I love you. Nothing is gonna change that. It's important you realize that.

Steffy: I love you too, so much.

Finn: Like I know you say that and I believe you. But there's another man in your life, too, steffy, and I--I need to know how you really feel about liam especially now that you're carrying his child.

Thomas: I don't need this right now, vinny.

Vinny: I'm telling you, bro, it's only a matter of time. Your sister is pregnant with liam's kid, mr. Waffle man. Now's your chance, just make your move, get hope for yourself. It's what you deserve, man.

Thomas: You've said that before. How I deserve this. I deserve what exactly?

Vinny: Hope, man. She'd be so much happier with you.

Thomas: Well, I can't exactly deny that. But--

Vinny: But nothing, man. How many hours have I heard you go on and on about liam, how he disrespects both hope and your sister, he's got kids with both of them, and now, he's got a second one with steffy. That's the ultimate game changer. And you got modern medicine to thank for that. That paternity test should be a lifetime ticket to happiness for you, dougie, and hope.

Ridge: What's going on?

Liam: No. I hate what I've done to both hope and steffy.

Bill: Well, you didn't do it on purpose, son. And there were extenuating circumstances.

Liam: Yeah. Yeah. It doesn't really excuse what I did though or didn't do. Honestly, if I had just walked in and confronted thomas, none of this would be happening. My marriage would still be intact and steffy--

Bill: Would still be with finn and steffy is still with finn. See, you didn't wreck that relationship.

Liam: Yeah. Okay. Where--where are you going with that?

Bill: Where I'm going with it is that you're sitting here beating yourself up, liam, but the fact is that the world didn't come crashing down. You may feel that way. Look, um, I suggest that you stop looking to the past and start looking ahead to some very special things that are going to be happening, like the arrival of a new baby. Well, a me really.

Liam: A baby is a you?

Bill: Well, he or she is going to be a spencer, an extension of you, you are an extension of me, so it comes full circle.

Liam: All right. All right. Touche. Well, that new you is a priority for sure. But I also have to prove to hope that she can trust me, that I'm--that I'm not gonna fail her or our marriage ever again.

Finn: No, I know your history with liam, and the love story that you two share. Not to mention that little girl that came from that love story, and now you're having another baby with him.

Steffy: Finn, I want a life with you. This doesn't change how we feel about each other.

Finn: No. No. But it's not your feelings for me or mine for you that I'm asking about, it's your feelings for liam. And now, that he's your baby's father. Just be honest, if it were possible, would you want to reunite your family with liam?

Hope: I would like an answer to that too.

Feel the clarity of

non-drowsy claritin.

Finn: I don't wanna put you on the spot if you're uncomfortable answering.

Hope: In front of me. Except this answer does involve your feelings for my husband. And before you say it's complicated--

Steffy: It is complicated. You know, the one thing that isn't, is how I feel about you, finn.

Hope: Okay. But that wasn't the question, steffy.

Finn: Hope, just--

Hope: Okay. You're trying to find out if the paternity test results have brought back steffy's desire to reunite with her family with her children's father and I would like to know that as well.

Steffy: Finn, when I opened my eyes for the first time in the hospital after the accident and I saw you standing over me, who would have known, you'd be the man to make me believe and love again. You painted this fabulous picture of a life together and did everything possible to make it happen and you're still doing everything possible to make it happen even though I--I made a mistake that night, still hasn't changed how you feel about me because you believe in us. Finn, I love you. And I want a life with you. I want a future with you. I want to give you a child of your own one day. I want you. You and only you.

Thomas: We were just talking about steffy and the baby.

Vinny: You're gonna be a grandpa again. How do you feel, mr. F?

Ridge: Another kid to spoil, not a problem for me.

Vinny: This one kind of came out of the blue though, right? I mean, steffy getting knocked up with liam's kid--

Thomas: Vinny, shut up.

Vinny: Sorry. I was just--

Thomas: You were talking about something you know nothing about.

Vinny: Okay. I didn't mean anything by it. I know these things happen. It just--you know, liam and steffy maybe being a thing it turns everything on its head and that could payoff big time for you.

Ridge: Payoff for thomas, how?

Vinny: Well, we all know how tommy feels about hope and dougie adores her and steffy and liam maybe being a thing, well, hope and thomas might finally work out the way it was always supposed to.

Ridge: Now, vinny, I appreciate you're not putting crazy thoughts into my son's head. He's been doing a lot of progress. He's been doing well. And hope and liam are still married, you're aware of that, right?

Vinny: Yeah. But for how long? How many times can liam betray her before she realizes that there's another guy out there who never would. Who'd be totally committed a hundred percent to her happiness. We'll see how everything plays out. But sometimes you gotta nudge things, make sure it works out the way you wanted to. Am I right, mr. F, or am I right? Okay. Well, I need to get back to the lab. Good luck, buddy. And remember, your old pal vinny is pulling for you.

Thomas: Thanks, vinny. See you.

Vinny: Later, mr. F.

Ridge: Not sure if vinny's the person who I wanna be taking advice from. Liam, hasn't given up on his marriage, neither as hope.

Steffy: I hope you believe me, hope, that my feelings for finn are genuine. I want a life with him. He makes me happy. Finn is my future, not liam.

Bill: I'm proud of you, son. You just screwed up, yeah. Big time. But hell, who of us hasn'T. I mean, god knows I'm the poster child for screw-ups. Now, listen to me. I want you to keep doing what you're doing. Fight the good fight, own your mistake, and fix what can be fixed.

Liam: Like what you're doing with katie.

Bill: Yeah. I mean, I guess so. I keep telling myself that I have done everything I can, that I've said everything I can to katie and--and--and god, I'm--I'm just trying to get her, to give our relationship one more try, to put our family back together and--and yet, we're still apart. So I've called in the cavalry. I spoke to brooke and donna, and I asked them if they would talk to katie on my behalf. Now, if they could trust me again, maybe katie can trust me again.

Liam: I mean, I gotta say there's a perverse kind of logic to that but it does make sense. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Bill: [ Laughs ] Thank you, liam. But I think you have your hands full.

Finn: Yeah, I think he does too.

Liam: Finn, what are you doing here?

Finn: I wanna speak to you, privately.

Finn: Tell me something. Do you truly understand the mess that you have made of so many lives or is that just what you do? You screw up and everyone else pays the price. We're for those who love to discover.

Finn: Well, you get why I'm asking. Look, at the damage that you've done or do you even see it?

Liam: Yeah. Of course, I see it. I hate the pain that I've caused.

Finn: By cheating on your wife, getting the woman that I love pregnant, you realize an innocent child is gonna be brought into all of this chaos and heartache that you've caused?

Liam: Yeah--yes. Yes. And I've told you, I'm so sorry for what I've done.

Finn: But are you? Really? There's no part of you that secretly relishes and keeping steffy and hope tied to you forever?

Hope: I want to believe you.

Steffy: You can. My future is finn. Your future is with liam. He loves you so much.

Hope: Ugh. Well, it's just--it's so much more complex now--I mean, especially because of the child you're carrying.

Steffy: We can make it work. We did it with kelly.

Hope: But the circumstances aren't the same.

Steffy: Yes, I realize that, but--

Hope: Look, steffy, I just

[ Sighs ], I just want to know what now? Where do we go from here?

Thomas: Don't treat me like I'm a kid, all right?

Ridge: I'm not. But I don't want you to have unrealistic expectations.

Thomas: I don't have unrealistic expectations. I--I see that hope and liam are in a marriage together. But that doesn't mean vinny doesn't have a point.

Ridge: Vinny's been a loyal friend to you. I know that.

Thomas: Yeah. I've always had his back and he's always had mine, so there's a problem with that?

Ridge: Gives you bad advice which is what's happening here.

Thomas: Okay. No one understands the depth of commitment in their relationship hope and liam more than me. I get it, all right? But I think that that depth of commitment is a little bit more on hope's end than it is on liam's, with him and his latest infidelity running off to steffy. And I don't understand, what kind of guy sits there in that situation, doesn't walk into the room and address it, he--he just runs away into steffy's apartment--

Ridge: Hope and liam are trying to figure it out. Steffy and finn, they're trying to figure it out. Whatever happened, happened. Anything we can do now is--

Vinny: We'll see how everything plays out. But sometimes you gotta nudge things, make sure it works out the way you wanted to. I need to get back to the lab. Good luck, buddy. And remember, your old pal vinny is pulling for you.

Ridge: Thomas. Did you hear what I said? Stay away from vinny. He's not doing you any favors.

Trelegy for copd.

Vinny: Everything lines up, all the markers are there. The fetal dna doesn't match finn's, that makes that liam's kid. Dude, I--I told you, I've been working at the lab for a while now. Look, I--I know you think I'm dumb, but I'm not that dumb. I know how blood tests work.

Liam: Okay. Look--

Finn: No, liam. You look. Hey, I realize that everyone says that you're a nice guy. You're--you're mister truth and honesty and all that, but if that's really who you are, why are there so many people hurt by your actions? And why do steffy and hope feel like they've been played for years?

Liam: Hey, you know what? You don't know what you're talking about.

Finn: I think you also maybe string hope and steffy along because you need so much affection and adulation from women. But whatever the hell that you got going on, I don't care that this baby is yours. I'm putting you on notice. You are not gonna hurt steffy again. You got it, liam? Not again.

Steffy: Where do we go from here? I can't answer for you or-- or liam. But I'm praying things are gonna work out for finn and me, that our relationship will survive. But whatever happens, this cycle of you, me, and-- and liam, it needs to end, that I honestly thought it did. But then I got in a motorcycle accident and I got addicted to pills. But the one thing I didn't realize was not only was I trying to numb the pain of my body, but I was trying to numb the pain in my heart. Thankfully, I got through it. Finn helped me through it. He took me away from all the drama and I felt happy and alive again. And then I made a mistake. Liam and I, we made a mistake. And now, I am pregnant, okay? I'm sorry, hope. I'm so sorry. But the one thing I'm not sorry about is this innocent child growing inside of me. Yes, I thought finn was the father, I was positive. But then we got the paternity results and now we know the answer and we're just gonna have to live with it.

Vinny: That paternity test should be a lifetime ticket to happiness for you, dougie, and hope. The whole point is it's liam's kid, which means he's gonna go running back to steffy because that's what liam does and when he does, the tides turn for you. You finally have a chance with hope. And when that day comes, you're gonna think back to this conversation and you're gonna thank me, your friend, vinny. Well, I gotta get back to the lab. Back to the lab. Back to the lab. Back to the lab.

Thomas: No. It can't be. He wouldn'T.

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