B&B Transcript Friday 2/19/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 2/19/21


Episode #8463 ~ Zende begs Paris for a second chance and a fresh start after Carter issues her a warning; the Logan sisters come together as Brooke and Donna weigh in with Katie about her relationship with Dollar Bill.

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Zoe: Paris has nothing to do with this, carter.

Carter: She's seen you with zende.

Zende: Zoe explained that already. She loves you, carter. She wants a future with you.

Carter: I wasn't talking to you. Paris, should I trust her? Is zoe being honest with me? Should I believe your sister?

Eric: This is nice, ridge. Very nice. Very expressive. You know, we can really lengthen this line all the way to the shoulder, if you wanted lengthening in, just the whole effect.

Ridge: You know what, dad? It's funny. After all this time, you are, and you always will be the one with a vision. You're right.

Eric: Thank you. I think my children all have wonderful vision, too.

Ridge: Yeah.

Eric: And my grandchildren. How's steffy? I was thinking of giving her a call today.

Ridge: Uh, I think maybe we should give her a little more time. Finding out that liam is the father of her kid has really thrown her for a loop.

Eric: For liam and hope, too.

Ridge: Brooke is very concerned about their marriage.

Brooke: I'm just checking in with hope.

Donna: Well, if--if you need to go down to the cabin, that's fine.

Brooke: No. She knows I'm here, if she needs me.

Donna: We all are. I just--I just can't believe it. I mean, steffy and liam having another baby? It's-- are you sure this isn't gonna cause problems with you and ridge?

Brooke: We'll be fine.

Donna: I just want everyone to be happy.

Brooke: That's why we agreed to talk to katie.

Donna: Uh, can you believe it, bill coming to us, asking for help?

Brooke: He just wants his family back.

Donna: Yeah.

Brooke: And I think- that katie wants the same thing. She just wants to know that it's real this time.

Katie: Hi. Uh, I got your text that you wanted to see me. Donna?

Donna: Hi.

Katie: What's going on, you two?

Carter: Zoe says she loves me. Wants to marry me. Should I believe her?

Zoe: You don't need paris to tell you that. She can't be objective anyway. She's upset with me right--

Paris: Yes. I do believe zoe really loves you, carter. But what I think shouldn't matter. The real question is, do you believe her?

Ridge: The situation is gonna put a lot of stress on steffy and hope's relationship.

Eric: And yours, too. I assume you and brooke have very different opinions about this pregnancy?

Ridge: You know what? We just want what's best for the kid. Wanna be happy and healthy. And the rest, we'll work out together. I have to set an example for the children in our family.

Brooke: We wanted to see you, and talk.

Katie: Okay. Well, clearly, this isn't a social visit, so what's going on? Is this about liam and hope? You're worried about them?

Brooke: Yes, we are. But I'm also concerned about you.

Katie: Will and I are fine.

Brooke: Yeah. You are on stable ground right now, and you wanna protect that.

Donna: Something is missing, somebody who loves you both very much.

Brooke: Katie, we wanna talk to you about bill.

Eric: I'm relieved that you and brooke are facing this together.

Ridge: Well, we have to because we don't want it& to affect the company.

Eric: Well, you worry about your family, and get carter to take care of that company. He's doing a great job as coo.

Ridge: Yeah, he is.

Eric: You have concerns?

Ridge: Not about that. But, you know, he--he, uh--he and zoe got engaged, they're planning a wedding.

Eric: Yes, I know. I'm happy for them.

Ridge: I'm happy for them, too. Uh, he asked me to be his best man.

Eric: No surprise there, that you're like brothers, the two of you.

Ridge: That's why it's very difficult to decline.

Eric: Decline? Why?

Ridge: Uh, it seems that zoe's feeling for carter are not the same feelings that he has for her.

Eric: Is she having second thoughts about the wedding?

Ridge: I don't think so. I hope he is. I don't want him to get hurt again, dad. I need carter to know that I have his back.

Carter: I wanna trust you, zoe.

Zoe: You can. And--and--and paris, she-- she said that she believes me.

Paris: I'm not gonna tell carter what to do. He's the only one who can decide if he wants a future with you.

Zende: And you do, man. That's why you proposed.

Carter: Maybe it was too soon, you know, went too fast. I just didn't see a reason to wait. I was-- I was so certain you were the only woman for me, zoe.

Zoe: Please, carter. Don't lose faith in me. Look, I--I--I was just-- I was confused. You have to understand, that the man in my life, the ones that I trusted, the ones that said that they loved me, they all let me down. And I've made so many bad choices when it comes to love in my life. And I--I just started feeling like I couldn't even trust myself anymore, when I should've realized that you, you're different. Carter, I--I don't wanna take this ring off. I--I don't want anything or anyone else. I just--I wanna be your wife.

Carter: You broke my trust, zoe. Made me question your commitment to me. And you say it was a mistake that you wanted to be sure, but now I'm not. Now I need time. Thank you, paris. I put you in a difficult position, and I appreciate your honesty.

Paris: That's all you'll get from me.

Carter: I'll return the favor. I don't know what's going on between you and zende, but I'd be careful with him.

Katie: I shouldn't have to tell you why I'm wary about bill.

Brooke: You're being cautious.

Donna: And we support you on that. A hundred percent, we are on your side, always.

Brooke: But since bill was reaching out, we just-- we were wondering what you were thinking about the relationship.

Katie: We're will's parents. That's pretty much the extent of our relationship these days.

Donna: But there was a time that you were more than that. You guys were happy together.

Katie: I thought that we were. But I'm not willing to compromise for a man who's not 100% committed to me.

Brooke: But he told you he is.

Katie: Well, excuse me if I've heard those words before.

Brooke: I really don't think that he would lie to you.

Katie: I don't think pthat he is lying to me. I--I--I believe him when he says that he--that he wants me back, that he misses his family, and that what we used to have. I--I believe that those feelings are real. I just don't know how long they're gonna last.

Brooke: But what if they can? I know that you miss him, too.

Katie: Of course I miss him. Will misses him. Uh, I miss what we used to have together, but, uh, why are we talking about bill, I mean, what is going on here? Oh, let me guess. He put you up to this. Darrell's family uses gain flings now so their laundry

[ Knocks on door ]

Zoe: Hey, ridge? Um, I--I know I'm probably the last person you wanna be speaking to right now, but, um, if you-- if you just have a minute.

Ridge: Is this about work?

Zoe: No.

Ridge: Well, then, you should be talking to carter, not me.

Zoe: Ridge, look, I--I--I know me flirting with zende and--and treating carter with, uh, disrespect, and it was--it was wrong. And I know that carter deserves so much better.

Ridge: Yes, he does.

Zoe: I messed up. But I--I know that I can make it up to him. If he were to just, you know, give me the chance. And I've--I've tried, ridge. I have, but maybe it would mean more, coming from someone like you.

Ridge: Coming from me? I'm the one who told him to call off the wedding.

Zoe: Yeah. And he did. But, um, maybe if you told him how much I hate what I did.

Ridge: Why would I do that?

Zoe: Because it's true.

Ridge: Okay.

Zoe: I'm--I'm just asking for the opportunity to prove myself. Because at least if--if--if I can't, or if he can never forgive me, I'll know that I tried.

Ridge: Can I ask you a question? How do you feel about zende?

Paris: I feel for carter.

Zende: Me, too. I do. I totally understand why he's disappointed in me. I'm disappointed in myself. We're friends.

Paris: Well, if that's how you treat your friends, I'm glad carter warned me about you.

Zende: You think I'm pretty shady, huh?

Paris: Flirting with your friend's fiancee? I mean, if ridge hadn't found you...

Zende: It wasn't like that. It wasn'T. Now I'm not trying to justify what happened. Things got completely out of hand. True. But your sister was really struggling. I mean, do you remember what happened the last time she rushed into an engagement? Uh, she wasn't sure she could trust herself. She just wanted to be certain.

Paris: What did you want?

Zende: Not this. I hate that I hurt carter, that I blew up his future with your sister. And... I hate feeling that I lost your respect. I messed up. If I could do things differently, I would. And not just with zoe. With you. I wish we could just start over. That we could go back from the very beginning. And I could just be that guy you were raving to donna about. No secrets. No major life decisions on the line. Can we do that? I wanna show you that I really am a nice guy, paris. Will you give me the opportunity to prove it to you?

Katie: So bill asked you to talk to me.

Donna: Yeah. We couldn't believe it either. He just showed up here.

Brooke: He wanted our help. Look, we know you put up boundaries where bill is concerned, and we respect that. I mean, we're not here to try to ambush you. Or push you into this relationship.

Donna: Oh, no. We would never just-- we just want you to know that he sounded serious.

Katie: Serious about what?

Donna: Serious about you. About reuniting the family.

Brooke: Losing you changed him. He realized that without you by his side, life doesn't make sense. When it comes to laundry,

Zoe: I think I got swept up in zende. And that I--I will admit that. Um, a part of me feels like I foolishly sabotaged my engagement with carter. It sounds ridiculous to say this now, but I--I just-- it felt, like, good things and--and good men like carter, they don't really ever happen in my life. Ridge, things were just happening so fast, you know, I--I started freaking out, and I was-- I was questioning everything, including my feelings for him.

Ridge: So zende was, what, some kind of stress test for you?

Zoe: No. Zende was-- zende was an out. I felt like if carter were to, like, come to his senses, and--and just disappear from my life, then I could just tell myself that I wanted to be with zende anyway.

Ridge: And did you wanna be with him?

Zoe: I was just-- I was confused. I was scared after what happened with thomas. The idea of marriage kind of threw me. You know, it start triggering up all these old fears, and--and--and doubts. And all on myself, of course. Not--not carter. I mean, he is an incredible man. He's amazing. And I--I love him. And I wanna be his wife. First, I--I have to prove myself. I know that. And I--I need to regain his trust again. And so, I'm asking for your help. Because you're the only one who can really help me. So, could you, uh, talk to him? You know, like, uh, as his best friend? Please? Could you, uh, please convince him to give me and our engagement another chance?

Paris: Why does it matter what I think of you, zende? You don't need to impress me. You're talented and successful.

Zende: And none of that matters to you as much as my character.

Paris: I'm weird that way.

Zende: You're beautiful that way. Paris, I care about what you think because I care about you. And I hope to be the kind of guy you can care about, too. I haven't been. Zoe and I, we did not show the best side of ourselves, and we might end up losing a lot because of it, a whole lot. Now I hope that doesn't happen. I hope that carter gives zoe another chance. And I really hope, I really hope that you'll give me one, too. Let me show you that I can be good for you.

Katie: I know bill loves me. And I appreciate everything you're trying to do. I know you mean well. And I--I believe that he's sincere when he says that he wants me back, and he misses our family, and--and that he's learned a lot since we split up. I've learned a lot, too. I spent a lot of my life living in--in your shadows. And when we were younger, and you had your boyfriends, and your ambitions, and--and I--I know that I was just a kid, and I know that you love me. But I--I just always felt like the odd one out, and I felt, like, I had gotten past all that. So it--it was devastating to feel that way within my own my relationship, to feel like I was just this person standing in the way of--of bill's perennial love affair with you.

Brooke: Oh, katie.

Katie: No, I--I'm--I'm not saying this to hurt you. I'm really not. It's just--it's just how I feel.

Brooke: I know, but it kills me. It kills me to know that I hurt you, that I damaged your family. Bill does love you, and bill is committed to you. Now if you could just open your heart, and let the love in, all those wounds would just melt away. And think about what that would mean to will, to you, to reunite your family. I know what it would mean to me. I don't wanna be selfish. But it would mean that you and i could heal our wounds, and move past this. We could support each other. We could trust each other, love each other. Be logans again. And celebrate all those wonderful moments together.

Katie: I miss that.

Donna: Me, too.

Katie: I love you guys so much.

Donna: Oh, honey. Katie: I need you in my life.

Brooke: I love you, and I miss you. And you know what? Bill does too. So just let him in, okay? Just let him come home. Reunite your family.

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