B&B Transcript Thursday 2/18/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/18/21


Episode #8462 ~ Carter demands answers from Zoe and Zende. Eva, the Forrester International publicist, gets to work with Katie and Paris.

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Flo: You're gonna be a grandfather again. Congratulations.

Bill: Yeah. That's a hell of a thing. I thought for sure it was the other guy'S.

Wyatt: Yeah. I mean, obviously we're happy for liam, but this is just gonna complicate things so much more.

Bill: Yeah. I spoke with your brother earlier, but he is determined to keep his marriage together.

Wyatt: He said the same thing to me, too. So...

Bill: That's gonna be tough. But family is worth fighting for.

Wyatt: I'm guessing all of this is making you think about your family with katie?

Donna: Just one night with liam, and--and steffy is pregnant with his child?

Brooke: How could they even let this happen? It's devastating. I mean, we all wanted the baby to be finn'S.

Donna: Poor hope.

Brooke: I really don't know how much my daughter can endure. She's completely heartbroken.

Katie: Well, I have to admit. I like a girl who stands up for herself.

Paris: I promise you, katie. We cannot go wrong with this layout.

Katie: Okay. I trust your instincts. Plan b it is.

Paris: Look at us. We are on a roll today.

Katie: I know. Maybe we should do lunch.

Paris: I must say, it is so nice working with someone who makes me feel so welcome.

Katie: Oh, I'm sensing there's still tension between you and zoe?

Paris: Oh, yeah. She even, uh, wrote up a resignation letter on my behalf.

Zoe: Carter.

Carter: There's nothing more to talk about, zoe.

Zoe: Could you please just hear me out? I'm--I'm sorry. And I was just-- I was feeling overwhelmed about getting married. And carter, everything was happening so fast.

Carter: Then you tell me about it. You don't sneak around with zende to see if he can give you something better.

Brooke: I saw hope earlier.

Donna: How's she holding up?

Brooke: She's still very raw, trying to figure out what to do with the fact that her husband is having another child with steffy.

Donna: I am so sorry. I--I just-- if there's anything at all that I can do to help, please.

Brooke: Thanks, honey. Ridge has been a big help. I'm just grateful that we're back on solid ground again. I wish I could say the same for hope. Not to mention, bill and katie.

Bill: All right. Uh, to be continued. I am heading off to genoa city. Got to hammer out this deal with summer newman.

Wyatt: Something tells me the business is the last thing on your mind right now.

Bill: I am worried about your brother, his--his marriage. And, yeah, of course, it makes me think about my own family.

Flo: Any updates from them?

Bill: I've continued to reach out to katie. Told her I'll do whatever I have to, to win her back.

Wyatt: Look, if I see her, I'll--I'll put in a good word for you. Do what I can.

Bill: Appreciate that, wyatt. Now I really do have to get going. There's, uh, one stop I have to make on my way to the jet. I have to see somebody who was just about as invested in my reuniting with katie. So, yeah.

Katie: Excuse me? She wrote a resignation letter?

Paris: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, no, no, no. You cannot let her boss you around. Take it from me. I have two older sisters. I've spent way too much time living in their shadows. I have had to stand up for myself constantly. But I didn't give up. And you can't either.

Paris: Thank you, katie, for the encouragement. And you're right. I have too much self-respect to let myself be bossed around. Which is why I tore up the resignation letter right in front of zoe.

Zoe: There was this text message that never went through.

Carter: What?

Zoe: Okay. Look, uh, it was the first night that you and I spent together at your place, and--and zende, he sent me this text, asking me to wait. To give him a chance. Okay. Look, uh, I didn't even get that text until just recently.

Carter: Speak of the devil. Zoe just filled me in. Apparently the move you made goes a lot deeper than I thought. That how you treat a friend, zende? You go after my fiancee? Ritz cheese crispers are so bold and cheesy.

Katie: You tore up the resignation letter?

Paris: I--I had to. There's no way I'm giving up a good thing.

Katie: Good. I'm proud of you. It's not always easy standing up to your older sister.

Paris: Not easy. But necessary.

Katie: Hi. Oh, um, eva. You've met paris, right?

Eva: No, actually, I haven't had the pleasure. But I have heard all about you.

Katie: Eva is one of our extraordinary publicists.

Paris: Oh, right. Nice to meet you.

Eva: You, too. I'm actually really looking forward to collaborating on the forrester foundation.

Katie: Yeah. Paris was just telling me that she is ready to 'tear it up.'

Eva: Uh, well, I have no doubt. I have seen your resume. Lot of experience for someone fresh out of college. The foundation is really lucky to have you.

Paris: Oh, it's an honor to be on the team. And I can't wait to start implementing some fresh ideas.

Eva: And you get to be close to zoe. How great that you're gonna get to work with your sister.

Zende: I've been looking for you. I owe you an apology.

Carter: An apology? Wow. I trusted you. We were friends. Then I hear about what you're doing behind my back.

Zoe: Hey, carter, please do not be blaming zende. This--this isn't his fault.

Carter: So what, you're a player now? All flash and swagger. Where's the integrity? Where's the substance? You had nicole. You had a beautiful wife. And you dumped her.

Zende: That is not what happened.

Carter: I don't know what's true with you anymore. I used to take you at your word. Having a hard time doing that, knowing you've been pursuing zoe and leading her on.

Zende: It is not like that, carter.

Carter: Really, it's not like that? So you didn't text her, begging her not to spend the night with me? Begging her to give you a chance? I invited you in my home. You congratulated me on my engagement. Even seemed happy for us, and this whole time, you've been making a move on her? But you know what? Go for it. Like I told zoe, if you two want each other, have at it.

Wyatt: You know, he-- he's miserable without her.

Flo: Yeah. He does seem to miss katie a lot.

Wyatt: You know what's worse? I'm miserable without her because I have to deal with that guy all day, every day when he's like this.

Flo: I will say, it is-- it is kind of sweet, how eager he is to recommit himself to her.

Wyatt: Yeah, but is it too late? That's the question. I mean, katie's given him plenty of chances over the years, and I just-- I mean, I know will wants them all together though.

Flo: I'm sure katie does, too. It's just getting over that first hurdle, you know. It's--it's hard to make yourself so vulnerable around someone who's hurt you in the past.

Wyatt: Yeah. My dad's got a lot of-- a lot of work to do though. I mean, that's if katie is even gonna give him another shot.

Flo: It kind of sounds like the door hasn't shut completely though.

Wyatt: But it's like, come on, man. Like, uh, how come you couldn't figure it out how invaluable katie is to you before he got swept up at brooke?

Brooke: Bill adores katie. We know that much is true.

Donna: But I just don't wanna see her getting hurt again. I mean, katie--katie deserves to be treated like a-- a princess. And--and if he can't commit to her a hundred percent, he should not...

Bill: Hey.

Brooke: Bill.

Bill: Don't worry, I made sure ridge was gone before I came over.

Brooke: I didn't realize you were coming by.

Bill: Well, I'm still full of surprises. And speaking of surprises, steffy's pregnancy.

Brooke: Another child with your son.

Bill: Yeah. I'm sure this is very difficult for hope. Understandably so.

Donna: Her whole world's been turned upside down, bill.

Bill: No doubt about it. But I'm hoping they can work things out.

Brooke: It's not gonna be easy, if they can.

Bill: No, it never is. But family has to come first. And that's actually why I'm here. You have been katie's and my biggest advocate to get back together.

Brooke: Uh, yeah. But only if you're completely ready, bill.

Bill: I'm ready. I want my family back. I want katie back.

Eva: How awesome that the buckingham sisters get to work together. Just like the logan sisters.

Katie: Yes. We're all very happy that paris has decided to start her long, and rewarding career here at forrester.

Eva: Zoe must be so proud of you.

Paris: She thinks it's something else.

Eva: I bet. Must be nice being so close to family. It makes me miss mine. I guess I'll, uh--I'll just have to live vicariously through you and zoe.

Paris: Yeah, I--but I don't even think we'll probably see each other that much at all.

Katie: Well, you're working in different arms of the company.

Eva: Well, it's--it's still nice to know you have a supportive sibling nearby.

Paris: Yeah. I'll probably be focusing a lot on work. And I'm sure zoe will be, as well. But you're right. We're family, at the end of the day. But I think it's important for us to give each other enough space to get our job done while still being there for eachch other as sisters. I believe we'll be able to do that.

Zoe: I'm sorry for betraying your trust. But you--you have to believe me when I tell you that I only wanna be with you. And I--I regret ever going behind your back.

Carter: What about you, zende? You should have said no when zoe first thought of showing interest. Should've told me what was happening.

Zende: And what? What? Throw her under the bus? Just rat her out? You and I are friends, carter, but we are not that close. Look, man, I just--I did not wanna get in the middle of this. I didn't wanna cause more problems. Your relationship is your business.

Carter: And you got in my business. You could've shut it down, but you didn'T. You welcomed the attention. Why? Why did you make her believe there was a future with you? Unless it's something you both want.

Zoe: No. No, carter. I--I wanna be with you. I--I want this life that we've been planning, and--and talking about together. Okay. Look, I-- I wasn't ready before. But I am--I--I'm ready now. I'm ready to be devoted to-- to you, to us, to our future. To being your wife.

Bill: My life is empty without katie.

Donna: Bill, we've heard you say this so many times.

Bill: Yeah. I--I know. I know. And why should you believe me this time.

Donna: I mean, you've broken her heart so many times.

Bill: It would kill me if I ever broke katie's heart again. It won't happen.

Brooke: We know you love her. But what's different this time?

Bill: Me. Me. I'm different.

Brooke: How?

Bill: How? How? I-- I--I realize how--how lucky I am that--that--that fate smiled upon me and brought katie into my life in the first place. That she--that she married me, that she gave me a kid. I mean, look. This--this time is very eye opening for me. You--you might even say humbling, I've allowed myself to--to feel what--what--what my life is like without her, who I am without her. And I don't like it, and I don't wanna be that guy anymore. I don't want my son to spend one more moment without his parents together. I--I--I wanna reunite with katie. I wanna put my family back together. But I need your help. Can I count on you?

Katie: Well, eva, I always appreciate your input.

Eva: Of course. We'll have to catch up more later.

Katie: Anytime.

Eva: Katie...

Katie: Uh-hmm.

Eva: ...I don't mean to pry, but, uh, how are things with you and bill? Any progress there?

Katie: You know, that's an interesting question. I'm gonna have to get back to you on that.

Eva: Got it. Well, if it means anything, I am really hoping you and bill find a way to reconcile. You two really were a great couple. Advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything.

Zoe: I know what I did was horrible. And I--I hate that I hurt you. But carter, I'm--I'm--I'm standing here, and I'm owning my mistakes. And I'm asking for your forgiveness. And I--I promise you that I will restore your faith in me, in us. So, please, just--just trust me. As harder as that may be, trust me when I say that I'm--I'm fully committed. I'm--I'm ready to share everything with you.

Carter: You heard your sister, paris. You're the one person here I believe. Do you think zoe is being honest with me?

Flo: You know, hearing about all these relationship troubles really does make me appreciate you even more.

Wyatt: Yeah. Aren't we lucky that our biggest problem these days is who's controlling the remote?

Flo: I mean, that is quite a point of contention for us.

Wyatt: Oh, I know. I--I like to watch when I like to watch, especially during hockey season.

Flo: Oh, I know. I know. But I mean, uh, it's nothing compared to what your dad and liam are going through. I mean, I--I don't envy their struggles at all.

Wyatt: Nor do I. I wouldn't trade our life together for the world.

Bill: Katie is my world. I want her back. I need her back.

Donna: Yeah, brooke and i have been talking to katie. And we know that you've been pleading to her for you to come home. But you can't blame her for being guarded.

Bill: I don't, at all.

Brooke: Oh, I--I feel like part of this is my fault. I hate that I hurt my sister the way I did.

Bill: Oh, so do I, brooke. But it's in the past. And there is no point dwelling on it. Time is too precious. I don't want any more of it to go by, all right? It's not good for us, it's not good for will.

Brooke: We all want will to be happy, but this can't just be about him, bill.

Bill: This isn't just about him. I swear it isn'T. I want katie back. I need her back. And I promise to be true to my word. Look, you guys, I--I have everything in the world money can buy. I have properties. I have cars. I have jets. I have yachts. I have it all, and it doesn't mean anything. It's garbage if I don't have my family. Now katie respects you, guys. And if you trust me, then maybe, maybe, she will trust me again.

Donna: Okay. Yeah. Uh, look, bill, I--I can tell that you're being sincere. Okay?

Bill: Thank you, donna. What about you, brooke? Can I count on you?

Brooke: Well, I know that katie loves you, and she loves your family together, and I don't think she's gonna be at peace until you're all reunited. So, yes, I do agree with donna. I think that you are sincere, and that you love our sister. And I think that you can be the man that she needs.

Bill: Thank you, brooke. I appreciate this so much, and it--it means so much coming from both of you.

Donna: We'll do what-- what we can to help.

Bill: I have to go out of town on--on a quick business trip. Please talk to her while I'm gone. I'm determined to reunite my family, and to prove to katie that she was, she is, and she will always be the one true love of my life.

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