B&B Transcript Thursday 2/4/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Thursday 2/4/21


Episode #8456 ~ Off the heels of her conversation with Carter, Zoe hurls accusations at Zoe. Steffy confesses to Ridge about her night with Liam and her pregnancy.

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Brooke: I passed liam on my way down here and he said something about a doll that beth was missing up at my house?

Hope: Yes. Did you happen to see it? It's the one with the braids, I mean, it's her favorite.

Brooke: No. But if liam doesn't find it, I'll be sure to issue an apb. Speaking of my granddaughter, is she in her bedroom?

Hope: Oh. No. Actually, she and douglas are on a little outing with aunt donna.

Brooke: Well, that should be fun. Are you okay?

Hope: Well, I have to be, right? I have the kids to think about. You know, they deserve a loving, stable home even with everything going on.

Brooke: I know how difficult and how painful this is for you, honey. I know how much you love liam.

Thomas: What's going on?

Liam: Oh, hi. I'm--I'm looking for beth's doll. You haven't seen that, have you?

Thomas: Blonde hair, blue dress?

Liam: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah. I--I just saw it in the kitchen. She and donna were--were having a little tea party yesterday and I guess she left it behind.

Liam: How did you know that? About the--the tea party?

Thomas: Um, I--I live here now, remember?

Liam: Well, yeah. But that's while you were recuperating. Wasn't the whole deal that once you recovered, you move back to your apartment?

Steffy: I've got those rendering somewhere. The architect dropped them off. He's gonna incorporate those changes that we made to the forrester boutique, making them more contemporary and stylized. But it is gonna be costly. Where am I going with this?

Ridge: Yes, that I'm not the only one loses train of thought. You okay? You need to take a break or something?

Steffy: Actually, there is something I have to tell you, dad. And I hope you won't be disappointed in me.

Paris: The forrester foundation is very proud of our partnership, too, mrs. Mcclelland. Uh, the statistics and domestic child and household food insecurity are staggering. But thanks--

Zoe: Hang up.

Paris: I'm on a call for the foundation.

Zoe: Okay. Then tell them that you'll call them back. Do it, paris.

Paris: Hi. Uh, mrs. Mcclelland, something just came up here. Can we finish this up a little later? Great. Thanks for understanding. I wish you wouldn't do that. I was on an important call.

Zoe: Well, I don't care because we're going to have this out right now.

Paris: What are you talking about?

Zoe: Carter. He is this close writing me off me forever.

Paris: What happened?

Zoe: Don't act like you don't know.

Paris: Just tell me.

Zoe: Well, uh, ridge found me and zende at the forrester estate. He didn't like what he saw and heard. So then he went to carter.

Paris: Well, what exactly did ridge see and hear?

Zoe: Paris, that--that is so besides the point. The--the fact of it is carter, he--he just wants to end all of this, the engagement, the wedding, spending our life together. I--I can't believe I had this incredible man who is devoted to me and I screwed it up.

Paris: I'm--I'm sorry.

Zoe: No. You're not.

Paris: Zoe--

Zoe: No, no, paris. And you know how I know that you're not sorry because you're the one who went to ridge and told him that I was with zende. Because you knew that he would run on over there and catch us. You set this whole thing in motion, didn't you?

Brooke: I still can't believe what steffy and liam did.

Hope: I'm still trying to cope with it myself.

Brooke: Steffy should've sent liam home. But she didn'T. It's not like I'm justifying what liam did because I'm not. But he saw or he thought he saw his wife kissing the man that he despises more than anything in this world. And he was distraught. Steffy knew that, and she took advantage of the situation. She saw an opportunity and she took it. As far as I'm concerned, steffy is to blame for everything that happened.

Ridge: All right. What is this about, you and finn?

Steffy: Yeah. But... it starts with thomas and the night liam thought hope was with him.

Ridge: Yeah. I know all about that. I don't even wanna think about it.

Steffy: But there's something you don't know. Liam was hurting and he--he came to my house and he--he spent the night.

Thomas: I'm here because I had surgery, I needed a place to recover and-- and brooke gave me that place.

Liam: Yeah. No. Yeah. I get that. But you are recovered now, right? I mean, everybody's relieved about that obviously.

Thomas: Except you.

Liam: No. Thomas, I--I'm glad you're okay. Genuinely, I am. But, you know, you're back on your feet, right? You're doing all the same things you were before the surgery sidelined you and I just-- I just thought the deal was once that happened, you would move back to your apartment.

Thomas: And away from hope, you mean? Feeling stressed in your skin?

Paris: Zoe, you've got it all wrong.

Zoe: Right. Okay. Then how did ridge find out that I was with zende?

Paris: He had a hunch. And the more he thought about it, he knew you were there. He knew zende was home. He followed his intuition.

Zoe: You wanted ridge to find us and catch us there. Well, you got your wish, little sister, because now, carter is heartbroken. Ridge is absolutely furious with me. And now, I'm gonna be persona non grata around forrester. Yeah. Just like I was after the baby beth situation. My life is in shambles. So, I hope you're happy.

Thomas: You can't find, like, one little bit of yorself to--to maybe possibly think that I've changed?

Liam: Thomas, the last time we had this exact conversation, it turned out you were lying to me. So what--what do you expect from me?

Thomas: So you think I'm just as obsessed with hope as I ever was?

Liam: I think that you have a very strong incentive to convince everyone you're not obsessed.

Thomas: Okay. So I'm putting on this fašade and you're not buying it.

Liam: No.

Thomas: Liam, even after I--I told hope to forgive you for what you did with steffy. I mean, I--I have to ask this question, why would I do that? Liam, why would I tell hope to forgive you?

Liam: Because it makes you look good. But thomas, I can't-- I can't do this with you right now, man. My focus has to be on hope. You understand that.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. You wanna look after your wife even though steffy maybe pregnant with your child.

Ridge: Well, I already know about that night. It's not news to me.

Steffy: There's more.

Ridge: Okay. What?

Steffy: Liam didn't just spend the night. We slept together.

Ridge: [ Laughs ]

Steffy: I know. We were drinking. I was stupid. I--I know it's not an excuse, dad. But...

Ridge: Does hope know?

Steffy: Yeah. She knows everything.

Hope: One night. One night and everything is different.

Brooke: Not everything, honey. You and liam still love each other.

Hope: Yes. But that love is certainly getting tested.

Brooke: Well, you're still living together, hasn't pulled you apart.

Hope: Yeah. But it's not the same. I mean, we're sitting here waiting around to see if liam fathered another baby with steffy.

Brooke: A baby is a gift. A precious gift. And I know the situation isn't ideal, honey, if it is liam'S. But he will love it. Just like you will because that's the kind of person you are. You're infinite capacity to love and to forgive. And that is what's gonna hold you together. And I believe that's what gonna hold you and liam together even if you find out that steffy's baby is your husband'S.

Hope: I hope you're right, mom. I pray you're right.

I'm erin.

-And I'm margo.

Paris: Zoe, of course, I'm not happy. All right. We're family. I never wanted this to happen to you. But your behavior with carter was awful.

Zoe: Oh, paris, would you just stop? Okay. I don't need you to be judging me.

Paris: That's not what-- zoe, I am truly sorry that this happened to you.

Zoe: Okay. You know what, paris? You may not believe this, but I--I actually care about carter. I want a life with him.

Paris: I sure you do as soon as you knew a life with zende wasn't an option. I mean, you have to see how wrong that is, zoe?

Hope: Feels like time has stopped. It's not going to start again until we get those results back. You know, I'm--I'm actually-- I'm gonna go up and help liam look for that doll.

Steffy: I know this is a shock.

Ridge: For hope, too, I'm sure.

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: What about finn? Did you tell him?

Steffy: Uh-hmm. Brooke knows too. She confronted me, said all the things. I knew she would.

Ridge: When was this?

Steffy: Yesterday.

Ridge: She didn't say anything to me.

Steffy: Because I told her not to. I wanted you to hear it from me.

Ridge: [ Sighs ]

Steffy: This could really affect so many people's lives, dad.

Ridge: Why do you-- okay. All adults here. I'm--I'm not sure finn will forgive you and hope will find a way to forgive liam or work through it and just do what we need to do to make it... be normal again, I guess.

Steffy: I wish we could find a way to move forward. But... it's not that simple. We can't just put that night behind us, dad.

Liam: Listen, it is not even possible for you to make me feel any worse than I do about what happened.

Thomas: That's not what I'm trying to do, liam. I'm trying to help you grasp the amount of heartache that you've created.

Liam: Yeah. You want me to grasp it because you want me to feel worse. Trust me. I grasp it. I'm totally responsible for this. Now, that this, right here, this isn't helping. You're not helping. If you've really changed, prove it by staying out of this.

Thomas: It does help, liam, for you to recognize the things that you've done wrong so you can fix them.

Liam: Yeah. I--

Thomas: Look, you--you could have walked in to the apartment and seen that I wasn't with hope or been a husband. Gone home and you would've seen that hope was there. She wasn't with me. She was waiting for you. But she didn't do any of that. You rushed straight over to steffy's, knowing she's vulnerable to you and ended up in her bed. You're married, liam. You're hope's husband. You made vows and now steffy is pregnant with your child possibly. How do you think hope feels about that?

Hope: [ Clears throat ]

The flu can hit you hard

with fever, aches and chills,

Zoe: No. No. I--I won't forget this, paris. I will not forget what you've done to me. I mean, seriously, all you had to do was give me a heads up that ridge was on the way.

Paris: I--I did. I texted you.

Zoe: Yeah. Well, obviously, you didn't try hard enough. Okay. You could've called. You could've kept texting, anything, to stop what happened from happening. But you didn't, paris. And that hurts. That hurts a lot.

Ridge: Well, your relationship with hope is complex. It's complicated. We have to try to put this night behind us somehow, right? You and finn are doing okay? You are doing okay. And hope and liam, they have a family, so we gotta try and work for it--

Steffy: Dad, dad. You don't understand. It's not just about that night what happened between liam and me. It'S... there's something else. And it could complicate things especially if--

Ridge: If what?

Steffy: I'm pregnant, dad.

Ridge: And you think this could be liam's baby?

Thomas: I'm--I'm sorry. I--I didn't mean for you to hear that. The last thing I wanna do is upset you.

Liam: You know what? For once, we agree. Do you--do you want us to go?

Thomas: No. Um, I'll go. You guys deserve to have some space.

Hope: No. Thomas. You asked a question. And that was how do I feel about what happened with liam and steffy. And the truth is, I don't know how I feel. I tried to put on a brave face for beth and douglas. I tried to just keep busy and get my mind off of things that would just stops going back to that place of you and steffy, and that night, and her pregnancy. And we're going to find out the paternity results soon and we will finally know who the father is to steffy's baby, if it's you or if it's finn'S. And I pray that it's finn'S. But if it's not, I'm not sure what my future will look like. Liam, I love you. I will always love you. I look at our baby girl and I see so much of you in her. But I'm not sure I can get past this pain. Or if I can even be that forgiving. You know, in spite of the test results or whatever the outcome may be. I'm not there. And I'm not sure I ever will be. And, uh... that's about as honest as I can be right now.

Liam: I think maybe it's time for me to be honest too. Not--not-- not with you, with my myself. And I--and I--I have to be able to do this even with thomas standing there. I--I have to do that. Over and over again, I keep telling you how much I regret what I've done. And over and over again I keep asking for your forgiveness, and I have to recognize it, there's no speech I could give. There's no declaration of-- of love or remorse that would prove to you that we're not gonna end up back here again. I mean, you need to know. You need to really know that the liam who thought it was even possible to find you in his arms doesn't exist anymore. The liam who would run to steffy after a moment of insecurity doesn't exist anymore. But that's something I gotta earn. And I'm not gonna do it-- I'm not gonna do it with words. I have to do it with my actions. A lifetime of them. So I'm not-- I'm not asking you for forgiveness. I won't ask that. But I will ask for you to give me the chance to prove I'm worth forgiving. And if you can give me that, it would make me the happiest man in the world.

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