B&B Transcript Monday 2/1/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Monday 2/1/21


Episode #8453 ~ Busted by Ridge, Zoe informs Carter that she's ready to set an immediate wedding date. Brooke is furious when Hope confides that Steffy may be pregnant with Liam's child.

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Steffy: Are you sure emilia took kelly's hat?

Finn: Yeah, she put it in the bag before they left.

Steffy: It's gonna be breezy later. I just wanna make sure she has it.

Finn: I'm sure. All right? But if you wanna call her, you can call her.

Steffy: No, I--I-- I trust you. If you say she has it then she has it. I'm--I'm sorry.

Finn: Oh, hey, it's fine. Everything's gonna be fine.

Liam: Hey, hi. Sorry. Probably should've knocked.

Steffy: No, it's--it's fine. We were expecting you.

Liam: Yeah. So what's going on?

Steffy: I wanted to talk to both of you before my appointment.

Liam: The paternity test.

Steffy: Yeah, we'll be one step closer to knowing who the father is.

Hope: Beth and douglas are out with the sitter. Sorry. Things got a little crazy before they left as you can see.

Brooke: You know, honey, if you and liam need an afternoon, or if you would like some time by yourself.

Hope: Thanks, mom.

Brooke: I only bring that up because I noticed you've been a little bit down lately, like something's bothering you.

Hope: Uh, well, you know, I got a lot of going on. I've been busy with work and--and the kids.

Brooke: And liam? Are you and liam having problems?

Zoe: Now which one of these do you like best?

Carter: Are those for the new line?

Zoe: For our wedding.

Carter: You're--you're getting right to work, huh?

Zoe: Yeah. I mean, since we picked a date, we have so many decisions, so many choices.

Carter: I already made the only decision that matters.

Zoe: I feel the same way. And I hope I made that clear last night, you know, when we celebrated after picking our date.

Carter: Oh, yeah. Yeah, you did.

[ Laughter ]

Zoe: Well, carter, I-- I can't wait to be your wife.

Zende: Did hope order the blue sustainable silk?

Donna: Yes, but it didn't come in. Oh, but the recycled lace came in this morning.

Zende: Thank you for helping me out with this, donna. I usually do this with zoe but she was busy.

Donna: Yeah, yeah, hiding away in carter's office, huh? But, you know, who can blame them after the big night last night. Have you heard?

Zende: Been pretty busy myself.

Donna: Well, apparently, they might've picked a wedding date. Yeah. And I hope it's soon because I personally love weddings. And zoe, oh, my god, she's gonna be such a beautiful bride. Don't you think? Zende? Yoohoo, zende?

Zende: Sorry. I just, um--I have a lot on my mind. Have you seen ridge today?

Zoe: I'll admit, I am-- I wasn't in a rush to plan a wedding at first.

Carter: I might have been a little too excited to get the ball rolling.

Zoe: No, no. I'm the one who was, you know, getting so worried and caught up in all the what ifs, when really I should've just been focused on our future. And now I--I just want that future to, like, start right away.

Carter: Me too.

[ Phone chimes ]

Zoe: I'm sorry. Okay. Yeah, unfortunately, they need me downstairs right now. But I'm gonna need your opinion on these when I come back, okay?

Carter: Yes, ma'am.

Ridge: I guess I just missed zoe.

Carter: You mean the soon-to-be mrs. Walton? Man, we had a big night last night. Opened up that bottle you gave me for the promotion. We opened up a calendar and we picked a date. Hope you're ready to be my best man.

Brooke: Honey, I know that look.

Hope: Okay. Yes. There is something but we're dealing with it.

Brooke: Okay. Is it thomas?

Hope: Kind of but not really. Thomas isn't the problem, all right? It was just a misunderstanding that somehow turned into-- I don't know. I don't know. I don't know how we even got here because I thought everything was going so well for us.

Brooke: Something happened?

Hope: Between liam and steffy.

Liam: So this is actually happening today? Because you asked to do it before.

Steffy: Well, dr. Campbell said this is the earliest I can take a paternity test but because it's so early, the results are gonna be a little longer. I'm gonna see if we can speed up the process because honestly I--I can't take it any longer. I need them to tell me what I already know, that our lives aren't gonna be turned upside down by this pregnancy and that finn is the father. Nefertiti: As a young girl

Liam: So you're headed to the appointment right now?

Steffy: Yeah. I wanted to talk to you before I left.

Liam: Wow. Okay. Well, if you need somebody to go with you...

Finn: I'm going with her.

Liam: I know. I'm--I'm just saying, okay? Relax.

Steffy: Okay. Now can you guys please just-- can you stop? I--I wanna be clear about something, okay? You guys just need to stop this. Stop. Look, I already love this baby. And as a mother, it is my duty to nurture and protect it and that starts now, so I'm not gonna put up with any animosity between the two of you. We don't know what the results are gonna be but we can control how we react to them. We have to remember that this child is innocent. I don't want this pregnancy to disrupt our lives, especially your marriage to hope.

Brooke: Okay. So I think what probably happened is liam went over to steffy's to cool down. And then when he saw you the next day, he realized he made a mistake.

Hope: No. I actually was the one who put the pieces together that he saw thomas with the mannequin, and I thought that that would be the end of it but that was not the only mistake that liam made that night.

Brooke: What do you mean? I mean, I'm sure that steffy and liam didn't-- no. No.

Hope: He thought we were over.

Brooke: Honey, he knows how much you love him. How devoted you are to the children, to the family.

Hope: Yeah, I thought he knew that too but...

Brooke: So he slept with steffy?

Hope: Yeah, he's begged for forgiveness and, you know, says that he never meant to hurt me but he did. A lot.

Brooke: I'm sorry, honey.

Hope: Mom, I'm not-- I'm not telling you this to, like, look for sympathy or to get you to take up for me or defend me or anything like that. It's not like that.

Brooke: Okay. Okay. I'll just--I'll just listen if that's what you'd like.

Hope: Mom, I know there's no excuse for what liam did. But we both know how much he hates thomas and for liam to think that I was turning to him, he--he was devastated.

Brooke: I don't doubt that. But have you forgiven him? There's a lot at stake here, honey. You have to think about the children.

Hope: It's really complicated. And I'm struggling to decide what's best for me and what's best for my family. And I can't even really do that yet. I mean not until-- not until we know.

Brooke: Know what?

Hope: Steffy's pregnant. And liam could be the father.

Zende: This was the last set?

Donna: Yeah. We are all done. Hi. We were just talking about you.

Zoe: Really?

Donna: Yeah. Yeah. Did you do it? Did you and carter finally pick a wedding date?

Zoe: We did.

Donna: Awesome. Oh, my god, I-- I'm so happy for you. And hey, if you need any help planning, just-- just call me, okay?

Zoe: Thanks, donna.

Zende: Yeah. Thanks, donna.

Donna: Oh. Anytime, babe. And congrats.

Zoe: Thank you.

Zende: So, everything's okay?

Zoe: Yeah. Yeah, I--I told carter that I want to get married as soon as possible. And there's no question that pmy future is with him.

Ridge: Did zoe mention running into me yesterday?

Carter: No. Why?

Ridge: I like seeing you happy. Makes telling you what I have to tell you even more difficult.

Zende: Ridge didn't tell carter he saw us together?

Zoe: No.

Zende: Good. Zoe, I really don't wanna mess this up for you. If ridge tells carter that you were flirting with me...

Zoe: And I--I know I shouldn't have even done that. And you were right. I think I was just reacting to the stress of picking a date.

Zende: You doing it soon?

Zoe: Yeah. Yeah. I'm a hundred percent committed with going through with this marriage. This wedding will definitely happen.

Carter: That's a nice try, man. That's a nice try but I'm not falling for it. I have something to tell you.

Ridge: Is that my voice?

Carter: [ Laughs ]

Ridge: Listen, you're my best friend. And it--it makes it so hard but I got to be honest with you.

Carter: I'm not biting. No, man, you made me think that I was getting fired when you made me coo. No, I'm not falling for it again. Now we set a date and zoe and I, we are full steam ahead.

Ridge: Last night? You did that last night?

Carter: Yeah.

Ridge: I thought she was dragging her feet?

Carter: We had a much-needed honest conversation and now she's on board. In fact, she'd have us get married this afternoon if we could.

Ridge: Sure she would.

Carter: Okay, ridge, what's going on? What is it?

Ridge: I don't think you know zoe as well as you think you do.

Brooke: Steffy is pregnant?

Hope: Yes.

Brooke: I can't believe this. Ridge never said anything to me.

Hope: Well, I--I don't think he knows.

Brooke: How long have you known?

Hope: Not long.

Brooke: Is she sure that it's liam's?

Hope: No. I mean, it could be finn's but we won't know until steffy takes a paternity test. And until then, I just have to keep waiting around and wondering how high this hurdle is going to be, you know, whether it's one that liam and i can get over or not.

Brooke: Oh, honey. I knew something was wrong. I could see the weight on your shoulders. I'm glad you told me.

Hope: Just please, please, please do not tell ridge, at least not yet, okay? Steffy, she's going to get the paternity result soon and then we'll know what to do or at least where to start.

Brooke: Oh, god, I'm so sorry, honey.

Hope: I mean, I was finally really comfortable and confident in my marriage and at my job and here at home with the kids and--yeah, I don't know. I've been really all over the place with this and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do. I'm just praying that liam isn't the father.

Steffy: Oh, dr. Campbell, thank you for squeezing us in. I'm--I'm sure your staff was tired of me calling every day, seeing if there was a cancellation.

Dr. Campbell: You must be finn.

Finn: Yeah, hi. Nice to meet you.

Steffy: You said today was the earliest possible day we could do this. So here I am. I wanna do the paternity test now. This is the sound of an asthma attack...

Zoe: I never meant to make things awkward between us.

Zende: You haven'T. We're fine. I hope you and carter will be too.

Zoe: Yeah. I know I dodged a bullet. As long as ridge doesn't say anything, carter will never know about you and me.

Carter: I know everything I need to know about zoe.

Ridge: You don'T.

Carter: Okay. Like, I don't know what's going on with you, but I know what I'm doing. Ridge, I'm marrying the woman of my dreams. I just want my best friend there to stand up for me when I do it.

Ridge: I'm not sure that I can.

Carter: Why not?

Ridge: Carter, this is gonna be hard to hear--

Carter: Why not?

Ridge: Be--I don't think you know her as well as you think you know her.

Carter: You keep saying that. What are you talking about, because she didn't jump at the chance to set a date? This is new for her. She's never been married before. And the last time she tried, it wasn't the happiest day of her life.

Ridge: I walked in on her. I--I saw her and zende.

Carter: Okay. They work together. She's a model, he's a designer. You should know this.

Ridge: At the house. I saw them at the house. And it seemed like zoe was making a move on him.

Hope: You're back.

Liam: Yeah. Kids home?

Hope: Out with the sitter.

Liam: Ah.

Hope: So, steffy wanted to see you?

Liam: Yeah. Yeah, finn was there too actually.

Hope: Is she still going through with the paternity test?

Liam: Actually, she might be taking it right now. She just--she just wanted to talk to us before they-- they went to the doctor.

Hope: How is she?

Liam: Resolved. Nervous. I mean, that's dumb. We're all nervous. But, you know, once she takes this test, we're one step closer to answers and then hopefully we can all-- we can all move on. I--I still want that more than anything. I love you so much and I never meant for any of this to happen. I was focused, you know. I--I--I really--I was focused on our--our--our life and our--our kids and our future and that one stupid night just threw everything into question for me and it shouldn't have. That was so dumb that I--a--a-- and I'm so sorry for that. I--but I'm still dedicated to you. I--I--I still-- I want you and I wanna be with you. And I just--I don't know. All I can do is pray that you feel the same way, and that you believe me when I say there's a way through this for us.

Dr. Campbell: As you know, it's a relatively simple process. I'll just need to get a sample of steffy's blood and a swab of your mouth.

Steffy: How accurate is this test doing it today versus a week from now?

Dr. Campbell: It'd be the same. It's 99% accurate. We're using a very sophisticated test to ask a simple yes or no question. Just need to wait for the results. You ready to proceed?

Steffy: Yes.

Dr. Campbell: I'll get everything ready.

Finn: A simple yes or no question.

Steffy: I hope it's a yes. I hope you're the father. That's all I've been thinking about, what we could look forward to, what it could mean for us, an even richer future. Finn, I am praying that this baby is healthy. And I am really praying that you're the father. It's very common to have both . .

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