B&B Transcript Friday 1/29/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Friday 1/29/21


Episode #8452 ~ Ridge angrily demands answers after busting Zoe and Zende. Paris decides that it's time to tell Carter the truth about Zoe.

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Ridge: [Sighs] I heard what you said. Did you mean it?

Zende: Ridge, it's not what--

Ridge: Stop. When you left the office today, I had this sinking feeling you're gonna end up right here.

Zende: We were just talking.

Ridge: I heard you, talking about your relationship, talking about the undeniable heat between you, and what to do about it. Not exactly the words you wanna hear from your best friend's fiancee. Carter, you remember carter, the guy who proposed to you, and you accepted it, right? So, I'm confused. If you don't wanna do this anymore, if you don't wanna be with him, go, go find him. Go talk to him about it. Don't come here and talk to zende about a possible future.

Carter: Zoe and I will start planning our future tonight.

Paris: Sounds like you got some big plans.

Carter: Now I know a wedding could be stressful. But it should be fun, right? Romantic. It's a big moment in our lives, committing ourselves to each other forever.

Paris: It--it's a lot. Forever is a long time.

Carter: Like, I thought I'd be a little anxious, but I'm not, like, at all. I'm just excited. That's when you know you've found the right person.

Paris: She should be so grateful to have a guy who loves her so much.

Carter: We spent some time to build a solid foundation, and I know it seemed like it went fast, but it took patience, and a whole lot of trust. But we have never been in a better place.

Paris: Okay. Carter, I'm so sorry, but... there's something you need to know about my sister.

Paris: I just can't be quiet anymore.

Carter: Paris, what are you talking about, some secret about your sister? If this is about the trouble she got into because of your father, we already talked about that extensively. She's been forgiven by liam and hope. And I'm proud of her for being able to put it behind her. Showed incredible resilience.

Paris: Okay. You're right. She's all that. But that's not what I'm getting at. It's what she's doing right now, as we speak.

Donna: Oh. Hey, you two. Um, I was just actually looking for zoe for a quick interview with eye on fashion. Um, do you know where your sister is?

Zoe: It's not what you're thinking.

Ridge: No. It's exactly what I'm thinking. Standing right there, I saw you leaning in to kiss him, talking about this is the chance. Tonight is the opportunity. What about you? Carter's your friend, right? He helps you, he's there for you, and this is how you thank him when his back is turned?

Zoe: This is not zende's fault.

Zende: I know how it must look, but nothing happened.

Ridge: Do you really think I care who's to blame in this? I don'T. I felt bad for you, for what thomas did. But doing this to carter is just as bad.

Zoe: Ridge, it's not--

Ridge: How long has this been going on anyway? Was it before the proposal or after the proposal? Carter is a good man. He's been nothing but kind to you, and this is how you thank him, by cheating on him? Shame on you. One of the worst things about a cold sore

Donna: Obviously, you guys were talking shops. So, um, you know, I don't wanna keep you, mr. Coo and forrester foundation's newest hire.

Carter: No. It's fine. It's fine. Paris was just about to tell me something about zoe.

Donna: Siblings. Who would we be without them, keeping us honest?

Carter: Paris, at this point, nothing can shock me. No embarrassing story, no silly memory. When it comes to zoe, I'm all in.

Donna: Now, this is the kind of devotion us women swoon over. Am I right? I mean, gosh, hats off to zoe for winning the heart of such a handsome man.

Carter: Well, thank you, donna. Now, we just have to find one for you.

Donna: Oh, from your mouth to god's ears, right? Yeah. Well, listen. I--I better get going because, uh, I don't wanna keep you, um-- I'm assuming you don't know where your sister is or what she's up to. You know, it's all good. It's all good. I'll just reschedule it for tomorrow, and, um, good luck, planning with zoe tonight, right?

Carter: Look, paris, I know you're eager to tell me something about zoe. And whatever it is, honestly, I rather not hear it. I wanna discover everything about zoe on my own. We have our whole lives to reveal ourselves to each other. You know, that's-- that's the exciting part. It keeps it interesting. I don't wanna rush you out of here. Uh, I'm sorry. But I--I do have a conference call to make, and--

Paris: It's--it's okay. I have some somewhere I should be.

Carter: Okay. Cool. I'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Paris: Yeah.

Carter: Yeah, yeah. This is carter walton returning the call.

Zoe: I'm not cheating on carter.

Ridge: It seems like to me.

Zende: It wasn't like that, ridge. I promise.

Zoe: Yeah. We were just having a conversation.

Ridge: Conversation? Yeah, I know. I heard it. But it was a conversation about who you guys are to each other. But carter's out there, planning a wedding, planning a--a whole world for just the two of you. If you don't wanna be with him, you got to tell him. And--and don't just humor him because you're waiting for a good opportunity to make a move on this guy.

Zoe: Look, I understand that you are concerned.

Ridge: Concerned? I'm concerned? I'm--I'm not-- I'm-- yeah, I'm concerned about taxes. I'm concerned about global warming. I'm concerned about this. I'm disappointed, disappointed in you, and in you, and your-- your complete lack of respect for another human being. If you don't wanna be with him, just tell him. But you're not gonna get to do with this. You're not gonna play around, and--and find out who he is to you. You should have done that before you accepted someone's proposal.

Zoe: I understand that this looks terrible, zende and I being here alone, but I promise, ridge, nothing has been happening between us.

Zende: She's telling the truth. We didn't cross the line or anything like that.

Ridge: You didn't cross the line in whose book? In whose book, zende? You don't think what you did was bad enough?

Zoe: You know what? You're right. I should never even put us in this position. But I--I guess, I just-- I got scared.

Ridge: Scared of what?

Zoe: Of how fast everything's been going, uh, of being vulnerable. It's like when things start to go well, I just always end up ruining it. And I don't wanna do that again. I--I love carter. I--I do. He is an amazing man. And I--I don't-- I don't wanna lose him, ridge.

Ridge: I understand. You don't wanna lose him because zende has just turned you down. Ten minutes ago, I heard you just pouring out your heart out to him. So, you know what I think? I think the thing that you're scared of is me going to carter, telling him what I saw here today.

Zoe: Please do not tell him. It will only hurt him.

Ridge: He is my family.

Zende: I know you feel a strong sense of loyalty for him. And believe it or not, I do, too. But maybe you should just let zoe handle this. I mean, ultimately, it is between her and carter.

Zoe: Look, zende and I, we--we are just friends. And I--I--I thought that there was some type of connection, you know, between us. And I--and I--I thought that maybe I just needed a moment so I could figure out what I was feeling, just to know if there was anything actually there. I--I--I don't know. But it doesn't matter because it doesn't change how I feel about carter. He is everything to me, ridge. Now more than ever! And we both know what I mean to him. So, please, ridge, please, don't--don't tell carter. It will break his heart.

The flu can hit you hard

with fever, aches and chills,

Ridge: Donna, hey.

Donna: Hey. Uh, ridge, I was-- I was just dropping off one of the finalized promo cards. What do you think? Doesn't zoe look fabulous?

Ridge: Well, zoe always looks fabulous. I remember saying that from the first moment time I saw her, but... what I don't remember is approving those.

Donna: Uh, well, I hope you like them because they're going out first thing in the morning.

Ridge: Did steffy see them? No? Maybe? Okay. Whatever. It's fine.

Donna: Can I help you with something?

Ridge: Have you seen carter?

Donna: Yeah. He was here earlier, running a conference call, but, you know, I haven't seen him since he left.

Ridge: So, you don't know where he went?

Donna: Um, well, I assumed he went home. Oh, you know, he--he-- he has this big night planned with his fiancee. Oh, okay. I'm not one to gossip or anything, but, um, this is just too cute to keep to myself. Do you wanna know what they're doing? They're picking a wedding date. Yeah. Carter and zoe might be husband and wife very soon.

Zende: Paris?

Paris: Hey. Did I catch you at a wrong time?

Zende: Um, no. I just didn't realize you were coming over.

Paris: Yeah. Honestly, I wasn't planning on it. And I wish I was here to go swimming or use the tennis court, but instead, I'm here, trying to run interference. So, um, do you know where my sister is? Is she here?

Zende: Zoe? Uh--

Paris: Don't pretend like she wasn't here.

Zende: She left.

Paris: Okay. Well, look. I know what's going on, zende.

Zende: What's going on? What do you think is going on?

Paris: Why was she here?

Zende: She came to see me.

Paris: And we both know she wasn't here to use the pool or the tennis court either.

Zende: I don't know what you think happened.

Paris: I know my sister is into you.

Zende: She is engaged to carter.

Paris: Exactly. Which is why this so messed up. Carter is a wonderful man.

Zende: Yeah, I agree. I consider him a friend and a colleague, which is one reason why I would never move in on his fiancee. Did zoe imply that something happened?

Paris: No. But I think she's hoping it will.

Zende: Well, hoping and something actually happening are two very different things, paris.

Paris: Either way, my sister is crushing on you. And carter is getting played. And you're not doing much to stop it. Are you?

Carter: There you are.

Zoe: Carter. I'm--I'm glad you came.

Carter: Of course. Though I thought you might be already headed home. I got your text. You said it was important.

Zoe: It is. It is. It couldn't be more important. You couldn't be more important.

Carter: Zoe, why are you so worked up? Is everything okay?

Zoe: Um, well, I-- I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I know that you've been wanting to set a date for our wedding.

Carter: Yeah, I do. But I don't want you feeling pressured. I mean, is that what this is about? Zoe, our wedding shouldn't be causing anxiety. It should be enjoyable, you know, picking a date. Wait. Is--is that the part that's stressing you out? Zoe, I'm--I'm okay with waiting if that's what you need.

Zoe: No, that's the thing. I--I've changed my mind, carter. I wanna pick a wedding date. Tonight. Get this, I have my stouffer's bowl-fulls

Paris: I get it. You know, you're a guy, it's flattering when someone shows interest in you, but, come on, zende. She's wearing carter's ring.

Zende: I know. You're right. I probably could have shut it down sooner than I did, but I promise you, nothing happened.

Paris: It's not that zoe didn't try. All right. Don't-- don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying that she's not into you, because clearly she is. But I think it's her freaking out, that she's gonna get married.

Zende: No, I get it. Her life is about to change in a major way.

Paris: Yeah. And my sister, you know, no matter how ironic this may sound, deep down, you know, she's just scared of getting hurt. Especially after what happened with thomas.

Zende: Yeah. I-- I kind of got that feeling, too.

Paris: And she has a tendency to act out. Self-sabotage. I'm just trying to keep her from doing it again.

Zende: Well, for what it's worth, I'd always encouraged her to focus on her future with carter.

Paris: Well, good.

Zende: Yeah. I made sure the door was shut. Now, I told her that she and i weren't an option. I hope you believe me, paris. You know, I really admire you. I'd hate for you to think poorly of me.

Paris: I'm not mad at you. How could I be mad at a face like that? I mean, I like you. You have to know that. I even kissed you. Uh, and look, I'm not asking for anything from you. All right. We're not even together. But letting zoe vamp you up like that? Really?

Zende: You're right. You're right. I put an end to it. All the games and flirtations, they're over.

Paris: Okay. I--I hope so. And don't get me wrong, I love my sister. But I think carter deserves to be treated better.

Zende: You're right. You deserve to be treated better, too.

Paris: So, what do you want? And be real. Be honest. Do you want my sister?

Zende: You wanna know what I want?

Paris: What?

Zende: You. I want to get to know you better.

Carter: You wanna nail down a date?

Zoe: Yeah. I do. I--I wanna get married right here, right now.

Carter: Wow. That--that's-- that's great. That--that works for me. Um, I'm a little shocked. You were so reluctant to set a date, and I didn't wanna push. I mean, we're talking about the day we become husband and wife, and I didn't want you feeling rushed, you know. I want you to be as eager as I am.

Zoe: Yeah. Yeah. And I guess I was just having some conflicting feelings, you know, a wedding. A marriage. It's a really big step. Especially for someone who feels like a lot of the men in my life have just let me down.

Carter: I'm not like that, zoe. I will never let you down. I'm 100% committed to you, and I always will be. Just like you're thoroughly and completely committed to me.

Zoe: Well, look. I am ready, carter. You know, I wanna do this. I want us to start our life together. So, please tell me that you still want us to get married right away, too.

Carter: Yes. Yes. Of course, I wanted to get married right away.

Zoe: Okay. Great. Because I--I don't wanna wait. Not another minute. I wanna get married as soon as possible.

Carter: Oh, zoe, I-- I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.

Zoe: You are the man for me, carter. I mean, you are the man I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life with. And I know that for sure now. You know, before, I--I didn't know. I didn't know if I could really be what you needed. And honestly, I was just being selfish, you know. I was scared of getting hurt again. But loving, and-- and being loved, it is scary. You know, there's so much responsibility that comes with it. But... I don't wanna be afraid anymore. I just--I don't even wanna think about anything else. I--I wanna just be with you. And--and never let you go.

Carter: I love you, zoe.

Zoe: I love you, too, carter. And you've already given me so much of yourself. And I promise--I promise, I will give you all of me. I will be a loving, a devoted wife. The kind of woman you deserve.

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