B&B Transcript Wednesday 1/27/21

The Bold and The Beautiful Transcript Wednesday 1/27/21


Episode #8450 ~ Zende covers when Ridge comes on strong about Zoe's relationship with Carter. In love with Katie, Dollar Bill falls on his sword in an attempt to win her back.

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Bill: You're right. You do deserve better. And that's what I'm going to prove to you. But you've got to let me in to be able to do that, katie. I can do better. I will do better for you, for will, for our family. Please believe me when I tell you that I want our life back. Let me come home.

Zende: You said it's about zoe? What's up?

Ridge: Probably nothing. You tell me.

Zende: Can you help me out a little? You said it's not about her work on hope for the future.

Ridge: No, it's not. Not about at work for hope for the future. It's about her engagement to my friend, carter.

Paris: Are you being serious? What are you thinking right now?

Zoe: I--I don't have to justify myself to you, paris.

Paris: There's nothing to justify, zoe. You're playing carter and zende. I thought you'd changed. But this is inexcusable. It's tacky. And more than anything, it's disrespectful to carter and to me.

Ridge: I'm sorry, zende. I'm--I'm sorry from coming on a little strong about carter and what I think he needs. But he's my friend and I--I want him to be happy. And he's your friend too, right?

Zende: Of course.

Ridge: Of course. He found something special, something that I think he's been looking for, for a long time. And I-- I just wanna make sure that that special someone doesn't wanna be with someone else. We understand each other?

[ Phone rings ] Go ahead. It's okay.

Zende: Hello?

Zoe: Hey. What are you up to? I was hoping we could finish our conversation from earlier.

Zende: I was, um, probably just going to head home. Eric and quinn are out of town. I think I'm just gonna order in and crash early.

Zoe: Sounds lonesome. Kidding. All right. Well, I'll see you later.

Paris: Okay. I know that look.

Zoe: What look?

Paris: That look, zoe. Just come on. Tell me. What-- what are you up to?

Katie: Listen. I--I really do have to go. I just stop by.

Bill: Oh, no. Katie. Please. Please. Just stay--stay a little while longer. Listen. I'm not saying all this stuff to you because you drop by today. I've been wanted to tell you this for weeks. Or ask wyatt, ask justin. I'll--uh, ask the janitorial staff. You taking me back is all I've been talking about. And--and you know me, right? Pleading is not in my nature. I mean, if this is business, I would move on, right? Next venture. But for some reason with you, I--I just can't do that. I can'T. And I'm sorry-- I'm sorry for taking me this many screw ups to fully realize that. But the bottom line is, I'm-- I'm not going anywhere. Uh, I will keep asking you and asking you and until you will give me a chance to put our family back together the way it should be.

Katie: Don't you think I want that? More than anything for things to just go back to normal, for will to have his parents living under the same roof. I mean, I just hope and pray that--that we're not messing him up with all of this.

Bill: I think we've done, uh, a pretty good of--of--of shielding him from this. And--and, you know, he's a-- he's a tough resilient kid because he takes after his mother.

Katie: Yeah.

Bill: I was hoping this time apart would make you miss me, too. Because we're really good together. When I'm not screwing things up. You can't deny that. And we have had some incredible times together. And I'm not talking about all the lavish stuff and the grand gestures and all of that, I'm talking about... the moments that really matter to me. I'm talking about the day that we got married in the park by your childhood home. You were so beautiful and happy. You bringing will into this world, against all odds and against all doctor's advice. You gave me will... and that was nothing short of a miracle. And we've had our challenges and, uh, I've almost-- I've almost lost you... twice. But I am not gonna lose you now. I'll do whatever it takes to keep us together because that's what I want. I want us back. I want you back. Tell me you want that too, katie. Hi, I'm pat and I'm 75 years old.

Paris: You're not gonna tell me what you're planning are you?

Zoe: Why? So you can be petty and tell me what an awful person I am?

Paris: Oh, if that's what you're hearing, then you're not listening. Zoe, I care about you. You're my sister. And if I feel like you're going down a wrong path--

Zoe: The wrong path? You're the one going down a wrong path. You don't know all the details, the complexities with carter or zende.

Paris: Okay. Then please, tell me. Because right now, it sounds like you're lying to yourself and justifying to me. Uh, but you know what, fine, fine, don't--don't tell me. It's not surprising. Just more secrets. But at least I've been honest and open with you about my feelings for zende and we even kissed. And then I find out this whole time you've been flirting with him while being engaged to carter.

Zoe: You're not gonna tell anyone about that. Look, see. This is exactly why I didn't want you working here because I knew, I just knew who you would be getting all in my business.

Paris: Oh, really? I thought you didn't want me working here because you built a career for yourself. Having the forresters give you a second chance trusting you. I'm not the one threatening to ruin all of this for you. That's all you, not me. I--I'm just looking out for you, zoe. All right. I've seen you do this before. I know it may be exciting to have two guys on the hook, but it's gonna blow up in your face.

Zoe: Right. And says the girl who just admitted to crushing on zende. Yeah, totally unbiased opinion. Look, I'm warning you. Stay away from him. Or I'll make sure that you're out of here. And don't think that I can't make that happen. I am engaged to the coo.

Paris: Yeah. I wasn't sure you remembered. But then again you won't let me forget.

Katie: You're so good with your apologies. You always, always know exactly what to say. I just wish they weren't always directed at me. And you're right, of course. Of course, I miss you. But then I remember why I'm in the position to miss you and--and... what happened with brooke in the cabin, that--that kiss and you saying that you will always love her.

Bill: I won't make any excuses for that.

Katie: Good. Because we've been here before. And the truth is, bill, I don't know. I don't know that I can trust you with my heart... ever again.

Ridge: You know I need anything. Okay. All right. I love you, too. Bye. Hey, paris.

Paris: Ridge, hey.

Ridge: Hey, you got a minute?

Paris: Of course. What's up?

Ridge: We didn't finish our conversation about your sister.

Carter: Zoe buckingham, meet zende forrester dominguez.

[ Guitar music playing ]

[ Guitar music playing ]

Zoe: The text that you sent me the first night that I spent with carter.

Zende: But how?

Zoe: I--I don't know. It--it just drops. But you wanted to stop me. You didn't want me to commit to carter because you have the same feelings for me that I have for you. And you can't deny it anymore.

Zende: Zoe?

Zoe: Hey. You know, when you, uh, told me that you were gonna be in this big house all by yourself, I kind of figure it was more of an invitation. So I'm here to keep you company. Where can a healthier heart lead you?

Paris: This is about my sister.

Ridge: This is about your sister and her relationship with carter. So he just made me his best man, so I feel I owe it to him.

Paris: Owe what to him exactly?

Ridge: Owe to him to make sure that zoe is as committed to him as he's to her.

Zoe: Looks like you were expecting me.

Zende: Funny. Just about to take a swim.

Zoe: Yeah. I can see that. Perfect timing. And I would love a dip, too. But I didn't bring anything to wear. Though we shouldn't let that stop us.

Zende: What are you really doing here?

Zoe: I told you. You said that you were gonna be all alone. And I thought, "what a shame, you know?" Might as well keep you company.

Zende: That is not what I meant.

Zoe: Yeah. Well, I'm here now.

Zende: You're also engaged.

Zoe: Look, if you're saying you would feel comfortable if I took the ring off--

Zende: Zoe...

Zoe: But carter, he is a wonderful man. He's incredible--

Zende: You're really making my point.

Zoe: Yeah. But everything happened so fast with him. I mean, you just came along in the middle of it all, barely any time to think. And then I find out that you sent that text about taking things slow with carter. I mean, don't we owe ourselves this opportunity... see where it leads?

Bill: Katie, you can't give up on us.

Katie: I don't want to. But that's what you've done over and over again.

Bill: Yes, it's true. I--I--I have--I have broken your trust and your heart one, too many times.

Katie: Of course, I miss you, bill. Uh, I mean that. And I'll look at will and I--I know how much happier he would be if his parents were back together.

Bill:And that could happen if you let it. But katie, you--you got to give me a chance, just one more chance. I'm lost without you. I am lost without our family. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. There was a time when I never would've said it but it's true. That's what I know after all this soul searching. You ground me. And I push you and together, it's perfect. There's balance. And when we're not... I need you. And I think you need me, too.

Katie: How? I--how-- how can I ever trust you again after everything you've put me through, bill? I mean, how could that ever happen? But I--I hear you and I do believe that you are sincere. At least I think you are.

Bill: I am. Of course, I am.

Katie: If there is a chance for us and I have to stress if, you have to prove to me that you are worthy of my love and my trust. I have to be absolutely 100% certain that I am the love of your life.

Bill: You are.

Katie: It's gonna take a lot more than just pretty words, bill. And a lot more than... fancy jewelry.

Bill: More than a tiara?

Katie: Much more than a tiara.

Bill: Even with all of those diamonds?

Katie: Even with all those diamonds. You say you need me, bill. But what I need... is to be loved and respected, and wanted and cherished. That's what I need and that's what I deserve. And not just from you but from any men.

Bill: You're a thousand percent right. And you will be loved and respected, and wanted and cherished. And not just by any men, by the man.

Katie: Oh. [ Chuckles ]

Bill: By me, katie. By me.

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